I See Right Through You- Chapter 23



Maan slowly walks up to her. She was so drained, her faced marked by trails of dried tears. She was still weakly yanking at the handcuff trying to break free as she absent mindedly stared at nothing.
“Geet,” he whimpers trying to hide the pain from his voice. But she doesn’t budge. She continued to stare at nothing.
“Geet,” he places his hand on her hand, his familiar touch jolting her awake.
“Shabash Mr. Khurana, look at what state you have brought Geet Handa. I underestimated you. You are a little like me who would have thought!” She weakly chuckles looking at him from the corner of her eyes.
“Guess I have to blame myself for that. I was the one who broke your heart, but I am still going to fucking finish you once I break free.”
Maan couldn’t help but chuckle back in response.
“I am glad you find this amusing you bastard.” She grins feebly. “But I don’t have energy to fight with you so get lost”
“That’s one thing I always loved about you. You’re so strong. Never let your guard down. I like your confidence.  And just to let you know I will be waiting for you to fucking finish me. I accept your challenge.” He whispers softly, winking at her.
” you got to be kidding me” she laughs softly.
“You call this vulnerable drained state I am in not letting my guard down? If I didn’t let my guard down I wouldn’t be here right now. I wouldn’t have let you get inside my head and fall into your trap. I wouldn’t have let you get under my skin with that dance of yours in the rain. I wouldn’t have let you manhandle me and hold me captive. Hell, I wouldn’t even be talking about how I feel right now with you like this when all I want to do is slap you mercilessly across your face until the fire burning in me dies out.” She blurts out so dryly looking straight at his eyes.
“really? Is that how you feel right now? You want to slap me black and blue.” Maan raises an eyebrow.
“that and much more. For that you will just have to wait once I break free from here,” she halfheartedly grins.
“The last time I checked only one hand of yours is handcuffed, not your other one.”
Geet looks questioningly at him? What was he asking her to do? To slap him?
“You know for someone as bright as you to be able to trap Geet Handa, you sure have more mood swings than a pregnant lady.”
Maan laughs out really loud. “Is that how you see me? More hormonal than a pregnant lady? I am trying to be nice here and let you fulfill your hearts desire, but here you are wounding my ego. Ouch!” He pouts a little and then smiles.
Geet smiles back, his smile was contagious.
“Oh the things I want to do to you bastard! You don’t think I know what you are doing right now? Taking advantage of the weak and vulnerable state that I am in. Your one lucky bastard to see this side of me tonight. I don’t blame you for taking advantage of it because there won’t be a next time.”
“I kind of miss your other side though. In fact I can’t wait for it to come back. It’s fun fighting with you. You are so boring when you don’t fight back to be honest.”
“Mr. Khurana you are such a liar! I can tell you’re lying.” She smiles.
“Oh yeah and how exactly can you tell I am lying?” He whispers coming closer as he runs his nose along her jaw line and Geet’s hands unknowingly moves to his hair, yanking his head up, so their eyes were boring into each other.
“Because you never fell for that girl” She whispers looking deeply into his eyes as if she wanted him to see through her. Help find that girl that she buried away a long time ago.
Maan breath hitches. He was taken aback. Was this the Geet buried in her talking or the Geet Handa acting? She looked so vulnerable, it pained him to see her like this.
“You hate that girl with a passion,” she whispers.
“We have a lot in common after all. . .who would have thought?”
“Geet.” a whimper of longing escapes from Maan’s lips, a whimper to want to kiss all her pain away. He comes closer grabbing her face between his hands, forcing Geet to look up into his zealous warm eyes.
“Don’t.” she says panting against his proximity with eyes searching his. But it was too late. She gasps as his mouth swoops down, kissing her slowly.
“Don’t what Geet?” He groans into her mouth, his hands framing her face, holding her to his lips as their tongues thrash against each other.
“Don’t. let. Me. Go. Please.” She breaks from the kiss and looks straight into his eyes.
“Oh Geet.” Maan slams his lips back onto her lips, claiming and possessing her and she reveled in the force he used. The nanosecond when their lips touch, the nature of the kiss changes. It was like wildfire spreading through Geet’s veins from this intimate point of contact, driving her to him. Maan could feel her need, her anxiety, her thirst.
Suddenly Geet realizes what she is doing and instantly shoves Maan off her.
” oh for fuck’s sake! Why are you here Maan!” She fumed, while still trying to catch her breath.
“I came . . I came to bring you food and bandage your wrist.”
“What is it? Prisoner food? Thanks but no thanks! And my wrist is fine.” Geet says coldly not meeting his eyes.
She was frustrated with herself yet again! Why did she let him kiss her? She wanted to say Don’t kiss me, but instead she says don’t let me go. “Ughhh” she mentally grunts!
“Eat Geet!” Maan says sternly. ” I am not asking anymore!”
“Make me!” She hisses purring close to his face.
“I guess you didn’t learn your lesson the first time. No worries I am here to teach you.” He smirks before putting a spoonful of pasta in his mouth and crushing his lips against hers.
She had no time to protest, he used his hips to pin her against the wall. His mouth softly closes on her lips, coaxing, coercing her lips apart slipping the pasta into her mouth with his tongue. She lets out a soft moan. Again her body defying her!
He assaults her lips repeatedly with pasta, and all she did was close her eyes as her insides uncoil and melt against his touch. Her blood heats immediately, and even when the plate of pasta is wiped clean, Geet doesn’t notice and is returning his kiss with her own passion. Every single muscle south of her naval clenches hard! She wanted him. . .right now and then!
Suddenly someone walks in not knowing these two were getting it on.
“Oh shit!We uhh. .We are sorry!” Meera blurts out turning around covering her eyes and giggling with Pinky.
“ummm. . you guys continue.” Pinky manages to blurt through her giggles.
“You bastard!” Geet shoves him off herself!
“I can charge you for sexual assault!” She fumed as she panted.
“Umm Geet I think Maan could charge you from the way you were eating his lips,” she bites her lip trying hard not to laugh.
Maan smirks. Not a second did he move his gaze away from her eyes as his hand reaches for her pallu and pates it against his lips, using it as a handkerchief. Geet tugs on her pallu and grabs it away from him. He grins then moves his hand and wipes the empty bowl with his index finger, “All clean. . .boy were you hungry Geet. I’m just a holler away if you still need my services to eat,” he teases before walking away passed Pinky and Meera leaving with the first aid kit. He would come back for that later.
“oh this is just fucking great! Yeah just walk away you bastard! That’s just what I need” She yelled, yanking that damn handcuff. She gives up all irritated, frustrated, and aroused!
Meera and Pinky burst into a fit of laughter again!
“Ha ha! I am glad I am amusing to you guys!” Geet blurts out irritated.
“I don’t get you both at all. You love just like you hate each other.” Meera giggles.
“One second you are at each other’s throat and the next second dancing in the rain or licking and eating from each other’s mouths! Which by the way was gross .. .ewww Geet! I am scarred for life now thanks to you.” Pinky makes a disgusted face but couldn’t hold her laughter in either.
“Shut up.” Geet closes her eyes and ears with her hands.
“Are you blushing Geet?” Meera asks shocked.
Geet flutters her eyes open and gives both of them a dangerous glare.
“It’s called rage!You two are lucky I am chained to this damn pole or else my nails would be on your faces right now” she hissed.
“We saw what your nails can do Geet. Poor Maan it’s like he has been attacked by a werewolf” Pinky teased.
“I don’t remember forgiving you both. So scram,” she yelled, but she didn’t sound scary or if she even meant it.
“Geet, you started this war with him. And right now it’s so obvious you’re attracted to him. Your dance in the rain. . .I can’t even explain how filmy and romantic you both looked! And then after all the crazy drama between you both and you getting handcuffed, you guys were getting it on with PASTA! Hot and disturbing, but still HOT!” Meera giggles.
“All this anger you have is because you’re falling for him Geet.” Pinky says putting her hand on her hand, trying to comfort her.
“Bullshit! Please spare me this lecture. I don’t believe in this love crap!You very well know it’s not my thing,” she scoffs.
“Ask us Geet. We have seen you with your so-called boyfriends over the years, but you guys have the potential to charge a huge room with your  electricity that attracts you both to each other.”
“She is right. I am getting goosebumps sitting here Geet.” Pinky giggles.
“Admit it Geet,” many voices say at once.
“yeh lo! Sirf yeh bakhi ti!” Geet rolls her eyes.
” Why are you guys standing in the corner.  Join the circle,” Geet forces on a fake smile.
At first Geet thought it was 2 or 3 people, but it turns out it was the whole group of 30 guys and girls, not including Maan, Dev, and Vicky.
“Come on Geet. He likes you , you like him, case solved! If you admit it, maybe we can get you out of these handcuffs and enjoy the rest of the night” Vicky says joining in.
Geet rolls her eyes again. “You guys are unbelievable. I don’t like him! Get that in your heads!  Geet Handa doesn’t do romance!”
“Did you hear that guys? She doesn’t do romance!” Raj mocked in a teasing tone.
Everyone starts to laugh. Geet eyes enlarge with rage, which usually would make a person shut up, but not today.
“Show those eyes to Maan, not us Geet! He knows how to melt them,” Pooja teases along.
“Chalo show her the video and pictures of her little flimy Yash raj moment in the rain,” Simran gushes!
“You guys didn’t! Omg some friends you guys are!” Geet fumed and pouted her lips.
“Come on Geet. Watch it!” Emraan teased, but Geet just looked the other way.
“Fine. Bring the projector guys. We have something to show Miss Geet Handa,” Vicky smirked!
“OMG nooo! You guys are so lucky I am chained to this damn pole otherwise you would get it!”
“I know Geet. You are so unlucky. I bet you still wished to be chained to Maan,” Adi says nervously laughing.
Everybody whistled and cheered, not being able to believe that came from Adi’s mouth!
“ENOUGH!” a voice roared and silenced everyone.


Lights are out!
Maan has Geet pinned Geet and encaged her between his arms, with only the flame of a lighter between them! Mr. Maan Singh Khurana is hungry for some answers!

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