I see right through you- Chapter 24


“Confessions ya dhoka?

Everyone made space letting him get through as he deadly approached Geet. She could feel his intense gaze burning through her, but neither did she flinch or look at him. He bends down towards her, but she turns her face. He sits down besides her, but she still continues to face the other way. Suddenly she hears a tinkling sound of metal being scraped.
“Agar koi aur farmayesh baqi hai toh bata dena. . .paagli,” he huskily whispers grazing his nose across her ear and hair.
Realization hits, Geet turns around immediately and sees she is now handcuffed back to him.
“Oooh!” Everybody cooed, whistled, and cheered.
Geet just rolls her eyes, but then in a split second she had Maan’s arm twisted around his back and shoulder. “Give me the keys Khurana” she seductively hissed near the edge of his earlobe.
“oh damn. A showdown.” Sameer nudges his friend.
“Fight . . fight . . .fight,” everyone said together.
“So what will it be Mr. Maan Singh Khurana?” She smirked.
“Keys” she purred.
“or death,” she closes in on his neck putting the frame of her teeth on the nape of his neck, gently putting pressure on it.
“This girl has no shame.” Meera looks at her shockingly, but couldn’t help giggle.
“One second she is a werewolf the next second a vamp,” pinky chirps.
“Take some tips.” Sharad teases Simran who blushes into his arms.
Geet brings the gaze of her eyes back to Maan, but in the next split second Geet had herself pinned to the wall.
“The things I want to do to you right now, but unlike you I don’t like putting on a show for everybody.” Maan let’s her go.
“Awwwhhh. .. booo!” Everyone makes a sad face.
“Maan you always leave her when it’s just about to get fun!” Vicky says shaking his head.
“What trick in the book is that?” Dev comes in finally joining them.
“I will let you know if it works,” Maan says as he looks towards Geet from the corners of his eyes with a small grin.
“Anyways since we are all trapped in here for the night. Let’s get the party started!” Vicky eyes glisten with naughtiness.
“Let’s show Geet how she romances!” Raj brings in the projector.
” I never knew making fun of me was such entertainment for you guys!” She rolls her eyes in annoyance.
“oh come on Geet. Don’t be such a spoil sport.” Meera retorts back, silencing her momentarily.
The clip starts to play. “Popcorn with or without my service,” Maan naughtily whispers.
Geet just rolls her eyes and turns her face the other way.
” Suit yourself!” He smirks throwing a couple of popcorns into his mouth.
Even though she wasn’t looking she could here the clip. The part where Maan starts to sing for her arrives, and her toes curl in response.
She turns back looking over to Maan. The room was dark and the projector lights were lightly hitting his face. Gosh, how much she hated this man, yet the way he did things to her body felt so foreign to a person like her.
 “Damn his Khurana genes! He is so good looking that’s why!” she thought.
It made her hate him more! Why couldn’t everyone see how much she hated this man!
Maan turns his face, and his eyes lock with Geet. The clip finishes and the lights turn on, but they were still staring deeply at each other.
” wah! Sach mein! Rab ne bana de jodi” Pinky says as she had her face in her palms and admiringly looked at the lovey dovey couple. Giggles start to erupt amongst the crowd.
Geet and Maan both snap out of it, looking everywhere except at each other.
Wow Maan!I thought that day you were lip syncing when you danced on stage, but in reality you have such a beautiful voice and also can dance very well,” a girl named Tasha comes near Maan and tries to flirt with him.
Geet rolls her eyes ” hayyye. . .tujhe naazar na laage.” She gets a bit of her kajal and puts it behind his ear with a forced smile on her face. Laughter erupts amongst everyone and Tasha falls back, not willing to mess with Geet Handa’s man. She knows where that will lead here.
Maan pulls her with her handcuff, faces millimeters away, ” your nazar already lagaya hai mujhe. . ..thus the rainstorm and here I am handcuffed with you. . .how worse can my luck get!” His voice cold, but his eyes boring into her’s was warm.
” You know what for once I am not gonna say anything. I don’t have the patience to fight with someone who has more mood swings like a pregnant lady.” Geet brushes it off.
“God help me for when you decide to do say something!”
“W don’t you start. Besides we are here all night. So go ahead as an added punishment for losing the bet, you will be forced to tareef about us.”
“Oh don’t remind me! I already have to go on a date with you, but now you want me to compliment you! Why didn’t God take my life before I had to see such a day where I would have to Compliment the GEET HANDA” Maan says dramatically, holding back his grin.
“Whatever! Say all you want to save your izzat now, but you said a lot under the rain.”
“It wasn’t the spark in your eyes that hypnotized me. .. but the lightening which made me confuse you for naintara.  .. sorry darling the moment I realized it was you and not her I left you when you were all kiss me kiss me Maan.”
Maan knew that was a low blow, especially since it was toward Geet Handa, but he wanted to see her reaction.
“Good. All you said was a bunch of baqwas anyway! For a second I got scared, if you fell for me again toh ? ufff I just hate clingy guys like you! They just bring out the worst side of me.” She says unaffected by the blow he threw at her, however Maan felt her body stiffen the moment the words escaped his mouth, and that was enough for him to see through her.
“Wait.. .You have a better side??” Maan mocks by gasping in shock.
“That’s not what I meant!”
” oh don’t lie.”
” She does. She can turn any situation you throw at her, and turn it too so funny that you can’t help but laugh at your situation, even though its such a bad situation. Surprisingly she hides her strong sense of humor under that seductress face of hers.”
“Plus she is a really good dancer. She won the college many trophies.” Pinky adds in.
” She has the voice of a super star, but just the face of a villain, which is why you can’t see her good side.”
Geet just laughs irritatingly. “Really wow. . these are things I never knew about myself even. Thanks for letting me know”.
“But you all know why I am so good. Where I get my practice from and what I use it for?” She raises an eyebrow and everybody starts to feel awkward.
Maan had been noticing this quite a lot. When people get too close to her, she pushes them away by making them feel awkward about the things she does and the image she upholds. This fact irritated him! Why does she do that? Something he added to the list the Geet Handa’s mystery he had to solve.
“Don’t bother wasting your time! There is only one side of Geet Handa, which you know very well.”
” Don’t worry Geet. As if I believed them.  How can someone so conniving as you, be so lighthearted and easy-going.” Maan says knowingly exactly what strings to pull with her to make her do what he wanted.
That pissed Geet off for some reason. Everything that comes out of his mouth, pisses her off lately!
“For your information it’s the same way as how easily I fooled you into falling for me. It’s as easy as breaking your heart among so many other hearts. I am a super star in my own world.”
“Prove it!”
” I am tired of proving myself to you Khurana. Believe it or not. . . I don’t give a fuck!”
Maan chuckles. “Dargayi. . . I always knew behind that hot-headed arrogant spoiled brat feisty image of yours you garnered a fear. Which is why you hate me so much, because I bring out that fear in you. I bring out that side you don’t want to see in yourself.”
 “NO!” Geet retorts.
” Then why did you turn your face away from me and say No! Scared I would read through your lie!”
This time it was Geet who had Maan pinned deadly against the wall, “Geet Handa is not scared of anything. Not even God, so who are you for me to be afraid of.” She glares with eyes raging.
Suddenly the lights go out.
” Damn this storm! Looks like it blew out the fuse!”
” I will go out and fix it.” Dev volunteers. He needed some space, from the two of them.
“Yeah we will all go to help you.” Meera volunteered.
“Yeah and some of us will try to go find some candles.” Pinky leads a few other people out.
Soon everyone had gone to help, leaving Maan and Geet alone.
Geet all frustrated and irritated let’s go of Maan. Forgetting that she is handcuffed to him she suddenly stops in her tracks. She couldn’t even move forward if she wanted to. With one tug she comes twirling inside his chest.
 “Then explain the reason of your racing heart Miss Geet Handa?” Maan says sternly holding a flame from a lighter between them. Holding her eyes captive with his intense gaze, no longer playing anymore games.
“Either you are lying and you’re really scared or being near me does things to you, you feel attracted to me,” Maan bluntly blurts out, inching closer to her face, sending shivers down her spine.
“Which one is it?. . .bolo. . .jawab do mujhe Geet,” he huskily whispers as he comes closer trapping her between his muscular arms, dangerously inching closer.
“Admit that you hate me only because I ignite feelings in you that are foreign, that you consider forbidden! That’s why your body stiffens when I come near you, your breath hitches, and your heart beat accelerates.” He broodingly whispers trying to tear through her with his words and gaze.
“bolo Geet! Admit it! Admit how-‘”
“haan” a whimper escapes from her quivering lips cutting Maan off.
Maan’s face falls as if relaxing and jaw drops a little in shock. Did she just confess her love?!
“Checkmate paagli” he mentally applauds himself.

She gives him the signal with her eyes to unlock the handcuff. He complies. Suddenly Geet runs her hand up his chest to his shoulder, ripping his sleeve off in a blink of an eye. Maan gasps silently, but watches her amused. 


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