A Goodbye kiss Vs. An Eternal Kiss

Geet comes out of the car and just freezes in place, standing outside in front of her college letting the memories flow. She had so many good memories from here, but now they would torment her, remind her of the dreams that could have been.

There was a college function tonight for raising money for the hungry. Her friends Meera and Vicky were going to perform in front of everyone and she was helping in backstage. As she was about to step away and go inside the school someone holds her by her wrist. She freezes and cringes within his touch. She wanted to run away. She just hated it. Hated his touch on hers. Only he could touch her, no one else. Dev pulls her closer and she just looks down.

” Hey you were going to leave me without a goodbye kiss,” he says as he nuzzles her neck.

“Not here dev. Someone will see”, she says fighting back the lump of emotions building in her throat.

” So what? You will be mine in less than two weeks anyways. You will be Mrs. Geet Dev Malhotra,” he says caressing his lips up her cheekbone.

“Dev I said not here. Let me go”, she whines , but Dev was relentless and just held her harder.

“or else what? Why don’t you understand you are mine and I can do whatever I want with you”, he hissed pulling her wrist harder, breaking a couple of her bangles in the process. She winces in pain, in her mind, her soul just screams out, “MAAN” and before she knew it when she opens up her eyes Dev was pushed up against the car with Maan about the pound the living hell out of him.

” If you ever touch her against her will again you will not to live to see another day, samjhe tum!” he fumed with bloodshot eyes.

” Geet I didn’t know you had a personal body guard. Why don’t you back off dude she is my fiancé”.

So it was him Maan thought to himself. Maan looks over to Geet, who just covers her mouth trying to control her tears. What crossroad was she in? Everyone starts to circle around them and watch the bitter truth of the reality she had to deal with everyday now. Yes, this jerk of a guy was her fiance.

Not being able to take the pain anymore she turns around and leaves. More like run away from the bitter and ugly truth.

Maan just watches her pain struck eyes looking at him, expressing her helplessness, the same pain she has been trying to hide from him but in vain. He watched her disappearing figure try to pass through the crowd, but till when will she run away from the truth that she still loves him. He hasn’t done anything till now only because of her, except till when will she put his self control to the test?


She was letting her tears spill out as she looked out to the full moon. She wanted to be in Maan’s arms , wanted to feel Maan’s skin against hers not that bastard’s who every second was ready to force himself on her. She didn’t know for what mistake God was punishing her for? For what reason she was in this crossroad? She never imagined herself being the one to break his heart, to tear his soul apart with her lies, but what other choice did she have. Fresh new tears cascaded down her cheeks, but this time they didn’t touch the ground. A hand had caught her tear in the nick of time.

He knew she would be here. It was there place.

(View of Geet from from the college Gazebo )

He gradually starts to stand up bringing his finger with the teardrop up. Geet quickly turns around wiping her tears away before facing him. Maan turns her around with his other hand and makes her look at the teardrop.

“What is this Geet? These tears are to precious for you to be wasting for a guy like him.”

“I was not crying something just got caught in my eyes and was irritating my contacts.”

” How much more lies will you add to the list Geet. Who are you? You are not the same Geet anymore. She hated people who lied, but today she herself has become a liar” he turns around frustrated.

“Geet Handa never lies.”

“When did I ever say Geet Handa lies? Mrs. Geet Dev Malhotra apparently does.”

“Maan please don’t ruin the friendship that we at least have. I don’t love you anymore. I thought we agreed to stay friends.”

“Agree?” Maan mocked.

” When was I ever a part of your decision Geet?” Desperation and anguish echoed through his voice.

The last time I remember was you breaking my heart with the sentences you call words, but I call daggers filled with poison that now is running through my veins. Except it is too cruel to end my pain and take my damn li-“

Geet immediately covers his mouth with her hand not letting him finish his sentence.

” Don’t you ever bring something stupid like that to your lips samjhe tum”, she said with a certain pain that was masked in a possessive and an authoritarian tone.

Maan bates his eyes slowly letting himself feel her touch against his, not knowing when he could ever get such a chance again. “Geet”, he moans out kissing her fingers that covered his mouth.

Before Geet could lose herself she tries to move her hand away with the little amount of self-control she had. But Maan catches her hand and just brings her closer.

” Why are you doing this to me . . . to yourself? Why are you pushing me away when we both immensely love each other Geet! Kyun?” he asks her as he inches closer along her neck and plants a kiss there setting every nerve and fiber on Geet’s body on fire with desire.

Still Geet couldn’t bring herself to tell the very person for the reason of her existence the truth, the pain that was eating her from inside. She was sacrificing her happiness for him. She would put herself on the battle front line, before letting anything touch him. Yes she loved him, more than her life! But sometimes there is no happy ending. She can’t live without him either and does not plan on living without him. She. . . .

” Maan”, she moans out.

She cut her thought process short as it was getting harder to be able to think clearly. Maan had cornered her to the pole of the gazebo and was planting wet kisses everywhere and even leaving the sign of his overflowing love on her body as he bit her neck and as a result a moan of his name escaped from her dry mouth. She tries to escape but he entraps her between his muscular arms.

“Maan. . .please. . . stop” she says in 3 sentences. She can’t let her guard down it would ruin her whole plan and make Maan drown with herself in this pain.

Maan moves his lips and pauses millimeters away from her lips.

He opens his eyes and murmurs in anguish, “I hate how he touches you Geet. You are only mine. Sirf Meri! I can’t live without you Geet. I just can’t. I need you Geet. I want you right now. I want to feel you and your lips against mine. I love you Geet. Please don’t do this to me. . . Please”.

Geet couldn’t take it anymore. She couldn’t hear him in pain because of her. She also wanted him right now. His breath fanning against the side of her face was making it hard to think, making everything hazy. At the moment she just wanted his lips to crush against his, “Kiss me, Maan,” she whispers.

With no second thoughts, no hesitations he cupped her face and took her lips in. For a long time they just stood there, Geet letting Maan devour, tease, and bite her lips driving every nerve on her body off the edge of insanity. Maan started to get a little more aggressive pushing her up the pole, Geet returning with same passion as her hands had a mind of their own. Pulling and tying knots in his hair bringing him in closer, if that was even possible, and letting herself taste him and take in his intoxicating mouthwatering scent.

Maan lifts her up against the pole and Geet could feel him hardening against her parts. “Ohhh Maan”, she moans into his mouth biting his lip making it bleed a little. She licks it with her tongue and caresses her top lip with her tongue seducing and unleashing the animal in Maan. Maan could not describe the sensations that Geet was coursing through him and empowering him with. He couldn’t take it anymore and brings her lips against his. Geet lets herself engulf his lips in, suppressing her moans into his mouth. His hands start to travel down her shirt down to her beautiful curves. Oh sweet lord how he wanted to feel those against his lips.

*Ring RING ring*

Maan’s phone rang, bringing both of them out of this trance. Maan answers the phone, but places his forehead against Geet’s forehead in a romantic way making sure she goes nowhere.

“Hello?” Maan tries to say through his hoarse voice.

” Maan where are you? There is a complication”, Romeo says in a trail of panic.

” I will be there in 5 minutes.”

Maan was the director of the performance tonight so he had to go see what was up. The whole time Geet was just thinking about how she went to far with Maan. How was she going to cover this up?

“Maan . . “

” Haan Geet” he moves in closer, nuzzling her neck and goes up and bites her ear leaving his love mark.

Geet hisses at first with the desire that he was coursing through her, but then gathers enough strength to do was she had to do.

“Goodbye”, she utters as she tries to make a run for it but he grabs her by the wrist her breath getting caught right in between her throat.

“What do you mean good bye for gods sake. . . we just kissed Geet?

Geet: I couldn’t see you in pain. That was a good-bye kiss Maan.

As shock runs through him Maan lets go of the hold he had on her. Seeing the pain he was going through she forgot about her own pain and just walks up to him and kisses his cheek.

She murmers, “I’m sorry Maan. Good-bye”, before running off and her tears gave her away.

Maan just stood their numb. How ironic everything worked. Her fiancé he says with disgust wanted a good-bye kiss, which she doesn’t give. But she gives him a good-bye kiss when he never wanted to say good-bye.

He bangs his hand against the wooden pole of the gazebo i sheer rage and frustration.

“KYUN GEET?” Why are you doing this to me? Why are you lying and hiding something from me? Kyun!”

Why wasn’t she opening up to him and sharing her pain? How much did she really trust him then? Maybe they could find a way out of this together if she only opened up instead of saying good-bye? After all what did she want and why was she doing this? Endless questions which continued to tear his soul apart.


Maan finally walks in backstage to find everyone including Geet with sad and worried faces. Maan goes up to Romeo and asks what is going on?

“Look behind you Maan”, Romeo points out.

Maan turns around to see Vicky and Meera one with a broken arm and the other with a broken leg.

“OMG! What happened to you two? Are you guys okay.”

” We are fine Maan. We just got into a little car accident that is all”, Vicky tried to make the situation a little lighter than it was.

“You call this little? There is no way you will be able to perform tonight. We will have to cancel.”

” Nahi. We have worked so hard for this Maan and its for a good cause we can’t turn our backs now”, Geet quickly comes into the defense of the show.

Maan turns around and starts to walk towards her looking gazing deeply inside her eyes. Geet starts to fidget a little and tries to look away from the gaze of his intense eyes.

“Why don’t you tell me Geet how we are supposed to go ahead with the performance when are two lead actors are injured? Do enlighten me please” his brooding gaze held her captive against her own will.

” we. . .we can. . . we can find replacements” she stutters as she tries to escape from the intense gaze of his eyes.

“Yeah good idea. Geet why don’t you take my place”, Meera says excitedly.

” And Maan you can take my place.” Vicky chimes in.

Shock runs through Geet. How did the tables get turned on her and Maan? Maan actually didn’t have a problem with it. He had something cooking in his head already. He quickly wipes away the smirk that was creeping onto face before anybody noticed.

“I have no problem. I am all ready to do this for the sake of the good cause. But I don’t know about Geet”, he shrugs his shoulders all innocent.

” I can’t I don’t even know the moves or lines”.

“That is no problem Geet. Say whatever lines and perform whatever moves that come from your heart and I will add to them. I am sure we will be on the same page”, Maan ever so lightly, but teasingly slides his finger down toward her heart.

“Please Geet. Only you two can save this show. Do it for the good cause at least”, Romeo pleads.

Geet looks at Maan and finally says, ” Theek hai”.

Everyone screams out of happiness except Geet still did not know how they would perform without any practice at all.


It was pitch dark in just about 30 seconds the curtains would open. Geet was shaking in nervousness. Maan grabs Geet and brings her closer and murmurs to her one last time, ” Geet speak what is in your heart and there will be the room for your nervousness. Close your eyes and pour your heart out. . . your pain out! Let your heart speak tonight! Let it out Geet! Let it out”, and then he disappears.

The curtains open and without having Maan by her side her nervouness just doubled. He sees her brother Brij, Dev, and even her grandfarther Darji there. Probably here to keep an eye on her and make sure she does what she has promised or else.

Geet remembers Maan’s last words and closes her eyes. She wanted to tell him what was in her heart, but it was just too risky. Therefore she tries a different tactic.

Maan starts to walk towards her to hug her from behind to help her with the lines she wanted but couldn’t voice out. Geet was letting herself feel the wind that was being blown from the fans, her hair and pallu dancing in the air. She could feel Maan coming towards her, and before he could come any closer to her she turns around and places her hand on his chest where his heart was and sings,

” Teri meri, meri teri Prem kahani hai mushkil

Do lafzoon mein yeh Bayaan na ho paye”

She starts to circle around him and then stops sliding her finger along his right cheek singing, “Ik ladka ik ladki ki Hai yeh kahani hai nayi. Do lafzoon mein yeh Bayaan na ho paye” and runs away from him.

Maan starts to walk towards her with an intense gaze as she hides herself from him.

” Teri meri, meri teri prem kahani hai mushkil

Do lafzon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye”.

He comes from behind her neck and she slowly inches away from the proximity of their faces and he sings, “Ik dooje se hue juda Jab ik dooje ke liye bane” as Geet makes another run for it and Maan just lets her pallu slide away from his empty hand.

Geet starts to dance and twirl around the flower petals that were being thrown down and Maan watches her with a smile on his face, but soon the grim reality and sadness gets thrown back at her as the wind blows against her face and the pain starts to engulf her body.

Maan sensing her pain sings,

“Teri meri, meri teri prem kahani hai mushkil

Do lafzon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye”

Although Geet was supposed to be singing the pain of her heart Maan couldn’t control the pain that was empowering him and he had to get it out tonight.

“Aaa Aaa aaaaaaaaa” ,

Maan sings as he closes his eyes and stretches out his arms a little letting himself feel the gust of wind against his body. He wanted to fly and release himself from all this pain, but it was too strong and was drowning him more down to the ground.

He opens his eyes and sings,

“Tum se dil jo lagaya

Toh jahan maine paya.”

He starts to look for her but couldn’t seem to find her and sings, “Kabhi socha na tha yeh Milon door hoga saaya.”

His legs fail on him as the thought of losing her forever courses through his body and comes crashing down to his knees facing the audience and looks up toward the skies and sings,

“Kyun khuda tune Mujhe aisa khaab dikhaya Jab haqiqat mein usse todhna thaaaaaa.”

Then rain starts to fall as if the skies were crying for Maan. Geet comes with an umbrella and picks Maan up and sings,

“Ik dooje se huye judaa

Jab ik dooje ke liye bane”

as she puts his arms around her waist and she places her head against the side of his neck. Letting the umbrella fly with the wind as they both laid inside each other’s arms letting the rain wash away their pain.

After about 20 seconds Geet opens up her eyes and meets his captivating alluring eyes and sings,

“Teri meri,meri teri

Prem kahani hai mushkil

Do lafzoon mein yeh

Bayaan na ho paye”

Maan grabs Geet’s hand and puts on his shoulder. He moves his hands down to her waist and brings her in closer and starts to sway to the left and right with her singing,

“Teri meri, meri teri

Baaton ka har lamha abje anjaana

Do lafzoon mein yeh

Bayaan na ho paye”

Maan twirls her around and she comes back into his arms. Geet meets his eyes and she looks back down shying away and Maan sings,

“Har ehsaas mein tu hai

Har ik yaad mein tera afsaana

Do lafzoon mein yeh

Bayaan na ho paye”,

Geet’s breath hitches as the pain of what she means to him but they can’t be together courses through her. She runs away from his embrace not being able to take the anguishing pain.

Again Maan finds himself empty and cold without her touch against his. He looks up to the pouring skies and sings,

“Aaa Aaaa aaaaaaaaaa…”instead of screaming it.

It stops raining and Maan puts his hands down and starts to walk towards Geet slowly and sings,

“Saara din bit jaye


Saari raat jagaye”.

One of the backstage people releases a white dupatta and it flies with the wind. Caressing slightly through Maan’s face and then flying toward Geet as Maan sings,

“Bus khayal tumhara

Lamha Lamha tadpaye.”

As Maan tries to go near Geet two people in white draped at the ends of this white big drape crush in between Maan and Geet and create a barrier between them.

Maan slightly starts to move his hand through the white drape trying to get through to Geet,

“Yeh tadap keh rahi hai

Mit jaye faasle yeh

Tere mere darmiyaan Joh hai saare. .  “

There lips were practically touching each other if it weren’t for the white drape barrier.  Their hands trying to hold and feel each other, but couldn’t find a way through the drape.  They both close their eyes and the people with the drape go away. Geet opens up her eyes and runs up a little before twirling around and backing gently up against Maan’s chest singing ” Ik dooje se huye judaa Jab ik dooje ke liye bane”

She slowly turns and meets his gaze singing “Teri meri, meri teri Baaton ka har lamha Sabje anjaana Do lafzoon mein yeh Bayaan na ho paye”

Maan starts to inch closer to her and nuzzles his nose against hers singing,

“Har ehsaas mein tu hai

Har ik yaad mein tera afsaana

Do lafzoon mein yeh Bayaan na ho paye”

Geet not being able to take it any more hides her pain flushed face as she hugs him. Spreading out her arm around his neck, taking him in and feeling him for one last time before she had to let him go FOREVER. Maan hugs her back with the same passion never wanting to let her go.

She slowly backs away singing “ Teri meri, meri teri Prem kahani hai mushkil Do lafzoon mein yeh Bayaan na ho paye” and runs away as Maan looks at her disappearing figure.

Maan starts to run after her and tries to reach for her by sticking his arm out to her, but then the curtains close.


After about 5 seconds of complete utter silence the whole audience stood up roaring with applause. The audience was so awestruck with the performance that they could feel the pain that was pouring out of these two lovers. It took them a couple of seconds to wipe their tears and come back to reality if only they knew this was more than just a performance but the reality.

Only three people in the audience, Brij, Daarji, and Dev were completely disgusted and enraged knowing this was more than a performance.People were still applauding like crazy and some taking out the checkbooks and donating big amounts of money. They were just too captivated and moved with the performance and couldn’t stop themselves from helping.

“What did you all think that I will let her go?”, a voice echoed through everyone’s ears through the auditorium speakers.

And before the audience knew it the curtains open with an angry Maan holding a microphone in one hand and dragging and holding Geet with his other hand. Geet looked at him with pleading eyes. No matter how much she tried to escape from his hold, there was no way he was going to let her leave him. He did not want a good-bye kiss.

” No answers. Kyun? Wait don’t tell me you all thought this was just a performance?”, he says laughing.

” When we never rehearsed, never wrote the lines, never planned to be the ones to perform tonight how can you call it just a performance?”

Everyone had fallen silent and were kind of getting scared now except for those three people who looked at him with anger.

Geet pleads, ” Maan please don’t do this.”

” WHY GEET! So you can go back to becoming Mrs. Geet Dev Malhotra as I watch you become someone else’s?”, Maan mocks.

” Khabi Nahi samjhe tum! Our love story is difficult, but it doesn’t mean I am going to fight for our love any less or be willing to let you go so easily. TUM SIRF MERI HO. SIRF MERI GEET,” he says angrily pulling her closer and putting his arm around her waist claiming her from the world!

Brij screams, “OYYEEE!”

Geet’s heart almost stopped being as fright started to empower her body. The fear of losing Maan forever.

“Maan please don’t do this. I can’t lose you. They will kill you”.

“Is this what it’s been about Geet? You are trying to save my life by lying that you don’t love me and separating yourself from me? But didn’t you know you are my life and without you my life would be meaningless. I would have just been a soulless body without a reason for existence Geet. How could you think i could possibly live with out you Geet?”

Everyone heard what he said. The microphone projected every aching word piercing through not only Geet’s heart, but everyone else’s hearts as well.

Brij and Dev both run toward Maan. Maan pushes Geet behind himself protecting her.

“Let her go”, Brij yelled!

“How dare you touch my fiancé! Let her go now!” Dev fumed.

” nahi chorunga toh. . . what will you do kill me?” he scoffs.

Geet squeezes his arm as he says those scorching words. No he can’t leave her.

” It would be fun for me to see how?” he challenged with a smirk.

“You asked for it”, Brij charges toward him.

Maan pushes Geet away not listening to her screams, ” Nahiii MAAN”.

Maan grabs his hand that Brij dared to punch him with and punches him right on the nose causing him to stumble back to the ground in pain as blood started to run down his nose.

Maan looks over to Dev.

” How about you,  you don’t want to take a shot at me for stealing your would be wife?” he mocks tempting him.

Dev charges toward him, but he punches him like a punching bag left, right, and center. And then with one final kick he tumbles off the stage.

“That is what you get for trying to take my life, my Geet, away from me. You are lucky I am even sparing your life.”

As Maan turns to go toward Geet to take her away from all this all of a sudden Brij comes out of nowhere and charges toward him with a big pocket  knife.

Geet screams, “MAAAAAN” closing her eyes and covering her ears with her hands, waiting for the earth to swallow her whole.

However she still dared to open her eyes and finds Maan holding the blade of knife with his mere fingers. He shook with pure rage and with one punch he falls of the stage.

Maan grabs the knife cuts the palm of his hand and walks over to Geet pulls her up and smears his blood on her maang.

“You are Maan ki Geet and no one can separate us. Not even you Mrs. Geet Maan Singh Khurana. Not even you.”

Tears of happiness roll down her eyes.  She engulfs her arms around his neck and murmurs, ” I LOVE YOU Maan! I love you!”

Everyone breaks to even a louder applause and so many wiping away the tears that had escaped from their eyes.

” I love you too Geet”, he says hugging her closer.

The police show up and Maan and Geet didn’t really have to do anything the audience themselves all reported how Dev and Brij attacked and tried to kill Maan. The police handcuff them and off they went to jail. Daarji leaves without anyone noticing not being able to withstand the shame.


They were back at the same spot, their spot!

Geet seeing the naughty glisten in his eyes starts to move two-step backwards with every one step he took towards her.

“Maan I know what you are up to so stop it.”

” What am I up to Mrs. Khurana? Please do tell?”, he flashes his signature mischievous smirk, still proceeding predatorily toward her..

Suddenly Geet hits the gazebo railing and loses her balance about to fall out when Maan grabs her by the hand steadying her and placing both her hands against the railing beside her body entrapped against Maan’s arms.

” Not so fast Mrs. Khurana. Where do you think you are going?” he huskily mutters  inching closer toward her face as she leans back.

“I still need to punish you”.

“Punish me? For what Maan?”

” For giving me a Good-bye kiss and that too a blisteringly passionate and hot one when I never wanted to say good-bye.”

” So how do you plan on punishing me hmmm,” she naughtily whispers, mischievously inching closer and eyeing his lips and than looking back into his eyes.

” At the same place you wanted to end everything between us with a good-bye kiss I want you to give me an eternal kiss, a kiss for staying with me for the rest of my life and never leaving my side! I think that would be enough to punish and torture your senses don’t you think Mrs. Khurana?” he mischievously smiles, but his irrevocable love was shining in his eyes for her.

“So then what are you waiting for PUNISH me Maan”, she bites her lower lip.

Maan smirks hearing Geet’s pleading and without any hesitation he crushes his lips against hers and claims her right than and there for the rest of his life with this eternal kiss!


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