I See Right Through You-Chapter 25


“Don’t get to close, its where my demons hide”

“Haan, I will prove it to you that I’m not scared!” she composes herself and retorts back at him.
“Kya,” a confused and hurt whisper rips from his throat.
Maan could’ve sworn he saw a moment of weakness in her eyes when she says, haan!  It held a deeper meaning. Yet no matter how much he continued to search her eyes, he couldn’t find that weakness, that declaration in her anymore. Who was he kidding? He was up against Geet Handa. She had many years of practice in concealing her emotions by a mask and at the moment he couldn’t rip through her poker face.
“Chalo koi bhaat nahi. I will get you the next time you slip pagli or the next time after that. I am not going anymore till you do.” Maan mentally notes to himself as he rips his gaze away from her.
“Why look away now. Hurry up and give me a damn horrible situation. I will show you my own way how I will make it funny.”
“No. . .Why don’t you turn a horrible event in your own life to something funny? And if you are really that good as you say, I wouldn’t be able to guess what the situation is. If you really are not scared of anything you wouldn’t have a problem digging a horrible memory from your past and turning it funny” he grins with confidence.
“Checkmate pagli,” he mentally applauds himself.
She gives him the signal with her eyes to unlock the handcuff. He complies. Suddenly Geet runs her hand up his chest to his shoulder, ripping his sleeve off in a blink of an eye. Maan gasps silently, but watches her amused. She wraps her wrist with the ripped piece of shirt the whole time thinking how she wasn’t going to fall for one of his traps again! She knew exactly what he was doing. But this time, she wouldn’t lose. She would show him what means to be the GEET HANDA!
The lights turn on and everybody comes pouring in.
“Did we miss much?”Vicky teases.
“oh”  Vicky gasps seeing Maan sleeveless in one arm.
“nah I am not gonna even ask,” he chuckles with a hint of naughtiness in his eyes, but Geet just glides past him with such a burning determination and kindled passion it gave him Goosebumps. He had to blink and look at her again to see if she was okay or the Geet he knew.
They all watched her connect her Iphone to the stereo player.
“Dev,” she points to him to come towards her and he agrees. She whispers something in his ear and then calls out, “Meera” who also complies and comes towards her.
“Bhai, did you challenge her.” Vicky whispers with concern all over his face.
“You could say that,” he says his eyes intently watching her. He noticed the same shift of energy and spark in her eyes, a new fear growing in him that he may be pushing her way off her edge tonight.
“Explains your ripped shirt” he laughs.
But Maan didn’t pay any heed to his teasing. He goes to call off the challenge, scared of the consequences, when suddenly the lights dim. Dev brings down the disco lights and blasts the music!
Dev throws Meera a microphone!
[Plz hit play to hear the lyrics 🙂 ]
“Ladies and Gentlemen
What you are about to experience
Never, never, never… Seen before
Before dawn, the veil will be uncovered
And all will be shown
So are you ready
. . .
. . .
 “Kar gaya chaar sau bisi 420, tujhko dekh ke dil yeh
Zaalim teen sau painsat 365 din mein, ik din toh tu mil le” Dev sings, pulling and twirling Geet inside his arms.
Maan stood rooted as if someone had kicked him in the gut seeing her in Dev’s arm. The gaze of his eyes didn’t move an inch away from her.
 “Galti se kal main inhe dekh ke jo, yunhi zara sa hass gayi
Galti se kal main inhe dekh ke jo, yunhi zara sa hass gayi
Allah bachaaye meri jaan, ke Geet gundon mein phas gayi”, Geet sings as she rolls her eyes and pushes Dev away from her, walking the other way.
“oh I should of seen that coming.” Maan grins to himself, shaking his head at his paagli. He pours himself a glass of scotch and leans against the bar counter in full mood to enjoy his paagli’s little act even if it was with Dev.
“Oye oye oye, allah bachaaye teri jaan, ke Geet gundon mein phas gayi!” Dev blocks Geet’s way.
“Haye iss ka gulabi rang, iss ka kitaabi ang, aayo zara nainon se padhe !” He drives his fingers up her thighs , then snakes his hand around her exposed navel, tugging her closer, making her look straight into his eyes.
Maan gulps his glass whole, seeing him touch what was only his.  He couldn’t help but feel jealous and angry knowing that Dev was using this opportunity to his full advantage.
“Haan Meri jawani par, jaan bhi luta doon agar, toh bhi koi ghata na pade” Geet grabs Dev by his collar, her lips brushing off the edge of his chin.
“Utra nahin, ab tak zehar, main iss tarah se dass gayi”Geet sings in a soft low hiss running her lips up his cheek to his ear.
 She slides herself passed Dev’s ear, twirling around his back, and reaching his other ear singing, “Allah bachaaye meri jaan, ke Geet gundon mein phas gayi”.
” Oo, allah bachaaye teri jaan, ke Geet gundon mein phas gayi, haye
Phas gayi” He looks at her lovingly , twirling her around, lost in her beauty.
Suddenly Geet trips on her pallu, twirling right out of Dev’s arms and right into a hard, yet warm chest. She could tell by his scent who he was. She felt him snake his hand around her waist roughly, dipping her down in a dramatic romantic pose, so that her hair practically touched the ground. He leans down, eying her her lips, singing “Ho iss ko na sone denge, kisi ka na hone denge, kahin ka na chodenge isse”
 “Haan aahein bhi na bharne denge, uff bhi na karne denge, bolo zara bologe kise“she sings in a low hiss, challenging him with her eyes. She felt his hands dig even harder into her skin, making a claim that she was his and only his.
He held her so close, forcing her to look straight into his eyes, her smirk vanishing as she see’s her own reflection of herself in his eyes, “Bachna mera mushkil hai main, aaj toh bas gayi”she sings, her voice trailing into a soft whimper.
“Allah bachaaye meri jaan, ke Geet gundon mein phas gayi.” She pushes Maan and breaks free from his hold.
“Oye oye oye, allah bachaaye teri jaan, ke Geet gundon mein phas gayi, haye” Both Dev and Maan sing at the same time seeing her walk away from both of them.
Geet grabs the whole bottle of alcohol, hastily removes the cap and takes a chug down. Then she starts to lose herself in the music, like she was the only one on the dance floor. She swayed her arms and hips with the beat of the music, taking chugs of alcohol as she moved. She starts to shake the bottle and let it spurt and fizzle out, letting it rain all over  her.  She spun and twirled herself as it sprinkled over her. She had a smile on,  eyes full of spark as if she was having the time of her life, but all Maan saw was a wounded tigress! Singing, dancing, drinking, partying, it was all a cover up, and it was only Maan who noticed. He starts to move toward her watching her with eyes of a predator, examining the vulnerability of his prey. She could feel him coming toward her, thus she holds him back with one hand, while she slams the empty glass bottle of alcohol on the floor. She watches the pieces break into a million pieces and scatter everywhere! Just like how her –“she stops her thoughts to slipping into the forbidden.
She was still panting catching her breath, while everybody lay frozen watching her. Suddenly she moves her face toward Maan and brings him closer, grabbing him by his collar with one hand.
“Never ever dare to call Geet Handa scared samjhe tum!” she points out her finger at him with eyes spitting fire.
Maan brings his own index finger next to her and curls it down with his finger, swiftly moving her finger down.
“So now I am the gundha you are stuck with! Ouch” he pouts.
” So  M E R C I L E S S, ” he hisses snaking his hand around her waist, bringing her dangerously close.
Geet laughs. But for some reason the laugh felt so empty, so void.
“What’s so funny,” Maan whimpers lovingly.
“You tell me, Mister I-can-see-right-through-you. I think I just rested my case. Good night Khurana.” She turns to leave, but suddenly stops in her tracks.
“huh,” she scoffs twitching her lips.
“You bastard!” She sneers turning around seeing that she was yet again handcuffed to him.
Maan slowly walks up to her and gazes down deeply in her eyes, ” I will always be one step ahead of you paagli. Always,” he whispers smirking as he places a few strands of her hair behind her ear.
“I beg to differ. There is a difference between the game I am playing and the game I am letting you see. You might want to sleep with both eyes open, instead of one Mr. Maan Singh Khurana.” She challenges him with a confident smirk, winking at him.
“Now if you don’t mind I would like to enjoy myself with a peaceful drink out in the balcony. Ijazat hai Mr. Kidnaper?” She forces on a smile.
“Your wish is my command,” he smirks swiftly slipping his hands around her, picking her up in his arms.
Everyone whistles and cheers, except for one person. Dev grabs himself a bottle of liquor and walks out, leaving his heart behind.
“Oh how original Khurana.” Geet rolls her eyes.
“Go ahead roll your eyes, but I think we both know how much you’re enjoying this at the moment.
“How come I didn’t get this special treatment when you dragged me like your slave earlier?”
Maan opens his mouth to reply when Geet cuts him off, “no wait. What a fool for me to overlook the fact that a person gets what they pay for. If making out with you gets me this kind of special treatment, then I can’t help but wonder what sleeping with you would get me?” she purrs slanting her lips into a lazy smile.
Maan abruptly drops her!
“Does that answer your question?” He growls coldly bending down eyeing her lips then looking straight into her eyes.
“Bastard!” Geet grits her teeth.
” And you know what . . .you are a w–‘” Maan stops himself before the word slipped out of his lips. He was so infuriated at the moment it was crippling him, but he fought back with it, not willing to show it to Geet.
Geet breaks into a fit of laughter as she stands back up, while Maan fuming inside showcased only indifference toward her.
“When have I denied the fact that I was otherwise sweetheart?” she smirks with pride, crushing Maan’s heart, but he didn’t let her see that. He didn’t let her see how much it pained him!
“Are you going to pour me a drink or is my special treatment over?”
Maan starts to walk towards the bar, Geet following him, as if she had a choice! He pours her a drink, and takes the whole bottle for himself.
He takes a good chug down, before picking Geet back up and carrying her to the balcony.
” You made me spill my drink all over myself!” Geet blurts out angrily.
Geet could tell he was ticked off and trying to control his anger. His tense muscles and behavior said it all.
Maan puts her back on her feet as they reached the balcony.
“yeh le,” he says offering her his bottle of alcohol.
“Aish karo. It looks like you need it more than me.”
“Suit yourself!” Maan nonchalantly says taking another chug down.
There was an awkward silence forming between them. Geet puts her weight on the balcony rail as she looks out to the sky.
“Khushi ki baat hai. Finally you see who you are wasting your time on a whore,” she murmurs still not removing her gaze from the sky, as if looking for something.
“Not that I am going to let it happen, but let’s say hypothetically you do win this game and get your revenge by ruining me, you won’t really gain much if you do! Congratulations, you were able to crack through a whore. OMG, what a accomplishment for the great Maan Singh Khurana!” she lightly scoffs at her own sarcastic comment.
“Other than that you must really have a boring life that you left your whole business empire to enroll back in college with a lame excuse of getting your degree! Like you even need it, all for chasing a w-‘”
“Khabar dar agar tum dobara khud ko whore kaha toh mujhse bura aur koi nahi hoga. . Samjhe tum!” He fumes silencing her with his finger on her lips, giving both of each other an electrical shock of sensations.
That took Geet by surprise. Why does he care? Oh god he is so much more hormonal than a pregnant lady, Geet thought to herself.
“Well excuse me, I didn’t know you only had the license to call me a whore!” Geet retorts back, challenging him with those big brown eyes of hers!
“Tum chup rahogi , ya tumhe meri madad chahiye?” he gently backs her up the brick wall of the farmhouse.
“The decision is all yours, choose wisely,” he huskily whispers as he hovers over her lips.
Geet could feel her heartbeat accelerating, before he could make her surrender she grabs the alcohol out of his hands and escapes by going out, under his arm.
“I choose to have the drink that you offered me earlier,” she says hastily going back near the rail of the balcony, dragging Maan with her. She dips the alcohol bottle up and quenches her suddenly dry throat.
She let’s out a sigh as she brings the alcohol bottle down, looking back at the sky.
“You are one stubborn woman! I am going have to do something about that.” Maan sighs as well, joining her as they both lean against the railing of the balcony.
He moves the gaze of his eyes toward her, and starts to get lost in her ethereal beauty that glistened even more in the dark night.
Geet could feel his burning gaze on her, making her feel uncomfortable for the first time. It was the way he was looking at her. She didn’t like it.
“Stop it Khurana.” She breaks the silence.
“Stop what Paagli,” he feigns innocence.
“You know what! Don’t try to act innocent with me.”
“Well excuse me, I didn’t know you were the only one who had the license of acting innocent!”
” I haven’t even done anything. I am just enjoying my drink and looking at the damn sky!”
” Exactly my point sweetheart! Stop acting like an innocent teenager staring at the sky looking for something, possibly a shooting star, to wish that you could admit you have feelings for me without all your dirty baggage and mask you are hiding behind. Sorry darling, the stars are hiding behind the storm clouds, so don’t even bother.”
” You know what I am the hugest fool to think I could enjoy a peaceful drink outside, but I forgot that you hate me so much that you won’t even give me the privilege to spare me for a few minutes!” She blasts at him walking off, dragging Maan with her.
Maan stops and as much as she tried to make him budge, he was too damn strong.
“Geet wait. .I ‘” Maan gets cut off by Geet!
“No you listen to me Mr. Maan Singh Khurana! Let me know when your done being a jerk, because I have had to deal with enough of your shit for one day. I am awfully tired, so please open the handcuff and handcuff me to the pole so you could sleep peacefully at night,” she ranted on in one single breath.
“Chup bilkul chup!” Maan silences her with his finger!
“Don’t utter another word and just follow me or else I will be forced to use other measures in order to keep you quite.” He tugs her hard into his chest eyeing her lips, letting her know what the consequences would be.
“and yes I would DARE before you even think of asking,” he smirks at her, shocking Geet with his mind reading skills.
She complies as if she even had a choice with the handcuffs on her. Subsequently, Maan envelops her aggressively from behind, “I know you won’t run, just like the good girl you are” he whispers in her ear, opening the handcuffs.
Geet turns around to find him gone. She slowly touches her ear, where his lips were moments again, and a shiver runs down her spin in just the memory of it.
His words rang through her ear, ” I know you won’t run . . just like the good girl you are”
She snaps out of her daze, flinching her hand away from her ear. “I don’t know what he is made out of!” She let’s out a grunt of frustration. “Good girl . .my foot” she continued to rant to herself.
“Yeh larka sach much ek din mujhe paagal kardega” she closes her eyes in frustrations, placing her hand against her temple.
“tum toh already paagal ho” he whispers in her same ear, same soft weak spot.
“Sshhh” he hushes huskily near her ear, with on hand on her mouth, and the other hand over her eyes, like he was going to murder her. Was he?
“I knew you wouldn’t run, and wait for me” his lips traced lower down her ear, strange feelings in her stomach forming, something called butterflies.
“For being such a good girl, I am going to reward you. But it’s going to be a surprise, so I am going to blindfold you” He moves his hand away from her mouth and wraps the blindfold around her eyes.
“You are awfully quite. Didn’t even bite, scream, or squirm. Should I be worried,” he brushes his lips back up the edge of her cheek and up to the edge of her ear.
“Kamina. .” Geet says under her breath, but the words were lost somewhere in the air. Their bodies lay tangled on the ground, grass poking them as they rolled together. Geet couldn’t see a thing, so she was just forced to feel. She felt him brace their bodies in place and putting a stop to their rolling bodies with him on top of her. She struggled to get up causing Maan to lose more of his balance and topple more over her. She stops immediately, her breath hitching in its place with the feel of his weight more over her, something new settling and seeping in. His tensed, strong build body over her made her quiver scrumptiously as her insides deliciously unfurled. The beating of his musical heartbeat’s made her own heart tremble with excitement, a sense of being home.
Maan intently watched her face, as she naively tried to register the closeness of their bodies.
“yes, you should be worried,” a whisper escapes from her quivering lips.
Maan’s eyes lit up brighter than a little kid getting the present he wanted for Christmas.
“Your about to kill me if you don’t get off me!” The brightness in his eyes disappears like someone had snatched away and stolen his Christmas gift.
Maan gets off of her, and offer’s her a helping hand, which she just pushes away, almost avoiding any more contact with him. It made her feel weird inside, something that felt foreign to her.
” Can we please go and get this thing you blinded me for over with.”
Maan remains quiet.
“Hello. . I am talking to you!”
“I am trying to decide if what I am about to do is the right thing or not.”
” and what exactly is that? Why are you sounding so sketchy?”
Maan pushes her over, she could feel her feet standing and toppling over on what felt like the edge of cliff. Not one yelp escaped her throat, and soon enough Maan entangles his hand with hers. Holding her as she mercilessly stood at the edge of a cliff.
“You didn’t even scream.”Maan breaks the silence.
“I am not scared of anything. . not even death,” Geet utters calmly.
 “I can still let you go.” Maan threatens grimly. ” but you won’t,” she whispers confidently.
“How can you be so sure? You ripped my heart into pieces remember? And I can always blame it on you tripping over after drinking too much and not seeing the edge of cliff.”Maan coldly mutters.
” I trust you!”
Maan pulls her in with a jerk, sweeping her away from the edge of the cliff. His hand clutched her wrist tightly, pulling her real close.  He could tell that it hurt her, a whimper escapes through her lips.
“I don’t believe you!” He growls in a possessive whisper, fisting his hand in her hair, pulling her head up closer to his lips.
She sharply inhales against his aggressive hold. “I don’t believe myself either!” She removes the blindfold from her eyes and looks straight into his eyes.
They stood like that for a good moment, neither blinking,  holding one another captive in each other’s eyes.
Maan entangles his fingers into hers and starts to drag her her with him as they start to walk. She just looked on this very man as he continued to drag her, drag the Miss Geet Handa, her own words, I trust you, echoing in her head.
“Get on!” Maan snaps her out of her thoughts as Geet gaze falls on a horse.
“She is beautiful,” the words slip out of Geet’s lips, looking at the beautiful white stallion in front of her.
“Her name is Muskaan, and yes she is.” Maan pets her lovingly.
Geet freezes up instantly, a cold chill running down her body, “what. . what a beautiful name.” Geet forces on a smile and gets on the horse.
Maan get’s on the horse and sits in front of Geet. “It’s not like our first motorcycle ride, but still you might want to hold on tight,” he grins as that memory plays inside both inside their minds.
Maan instantly feels Geet wrap her arms around his chest, a small smile formed on his lips, before Muskaan zipped through the air.
Geet closes her eyes and scrunched her hold around his chest even more, letting herself mentally fly with the wind. 
They come to a halt, and Maan instantly tells her, “Don’t open your eyes, keep them closed”.
“Are you going to push me off another cliff,” she giggles.
” oh maybe. . you never know,” he nips at her ear, sending a jolt of these foreign sensations down her spine.
“Ready,” he whispers.
Geet slowly flutters her eyes, and get’s left speechless. She looks all around, and soft smile forming at the edge of her lips.
“Is this the part where I wait for my shooting star?” she looks at him with a different spark that Maan never saw before in her eyes.
“You were looking for the stars, well I brought them to you. I always came here to escape. .  .from life. . from reality . . and just drawn myself with the night’s darkness, but let the stars be my night light.
“And why would the great MSK want to escape from reality?”
” Maybe for the same reason you do.” Geet quickly looks away from him.
“Hide your face as much as you try, but I see everything through your eyes”.
“I know your hiding behind some dark things Geet. Your using your promiscuous image as your Mask, as a disguise, in order to hide whatever it is your running from.” Maan places his hand on her hand.
Geet starts to laugh, “and I presume my eyes told you all this as well.”
Maan lets out a sigh and walks away. Geet turns around and sees him go inside a small hut.
“yehehehe.” Muskaan squeels.
Geet hesitantly goes toward the horse, looking at its beauty lost deep in thought.
“Muskaan,” she whispers unknowingly, surprised to find it snuggle her lips and nose softly against her cheek.
She giggles. “Naughty as always–” she stops herself.
“Be a good girl and stay here,” she utters quickly and diffidently,  walking away from her as fast as she could.
She lies against the grass and looks deeply at the sky, at the stars.
Maan comes out and sits beside her, but she doesn’t move her gaze away from the stars.
“I bet whoever you are looking for up there, misses you too Geet. I know I would,” he entangles his fingers with hers, weaving his fingers tightly with hers.
Geet’s eyes shoot immediately up towards him. His mind reading skills were scaring her now, demanding to slam and break through her closed walls .
“Your eyes are your worst enemy Geet. I can see right through you.”
He pulls out the guitar he brought from the hut, “Your not the only one who is into music. I always came here and let the soothing notes take me into another world.”
He strums the guitar testing it’s sound. He moves his gaze toward Geet, “This song is about a certain someone. . I think you know her personally very well.” Maan smiles.
(This is the acoustic cover. .so it could fit the fact that Maan is playing the guitar while singing this song) 
When your dreams all fail
And the ones we hail
Are the worst of all
And the blood’s run stale
I want to hide the truth
I want to shelter you
But with the beast inside
There’s nowhere we can hide”
Geet’s breath hitches, moving the gaze of her away from his.
“When you feel my heat
Look into my eyes
It’s where my demons hide
It’s where my demons hide
Don’t get too close
It’s dark inside
It’s where my demons hide
It’s where my demons hide.
Geet stands up and walks away from Maan, but holds her back.
They say it’s what you make
I say it’s up to fate
It’s woven in my soul
I need to let you go”
Geet slips out of his hold, running away from him, his song drilling and penetrating through her.
Maan puts the guitar now, and just sings,
“Your eyes, they shine so bright
I want to save that light
I can’t escape this now
Unless you show me how”
“SHUT UP! Just SHUT UP MAAN! You have no DEMONS! It’s ME! This song is about me! Stay away from me please. Why are you really here Maan! WHY!” She tries to hold her lump of emotions at the back of her throat as she held him by the collar of his shirt, angrily.
“You know the answer Geet. . you always have.” Maan whispers.
“Please..” she fights back her tears, falling down to her knees.
Maan bends down and makes her look at him, “I didn’t take your warning then and I ain’t taking it now. You don’t scare me Miss Geet Handa.” A tear trails down her eyes. Maan wipes it away with his fingers and embraces in a tight hug, hushing her, comforting her.
She cried all night inside his arms, until sleep succumb her. Maan gently kisses her forehead, before drifting away to sleep.
The sunrays stretched and fell on his face, forcing him to get up. Maan wakes up to find his arms empty. He looks up to see Geet getting on top of Muskaan.
“It’s best if you do not let last night’s events get into your head.  I told you the game I play, and the game I let you see are two different things. You set yourself up yet again. Goodbye Khurana!” She speeds away without one glance back.
” Shit!” Maan yells, kicking the bark of the tree. He starts to run like his life depended on it. He can’t let her escape just like that! He closes his eyes. Only a miracle could help him get to Geet now.
He opens his eyes and sees Dev coming toward him with his horse.
“DEV!” Maan screams.
Dev makes the horse come to a halt.
” I just saw Geet riding your horse.”
“I know Dev. Get off I need to stop her. I will come back and get you,” he says hastily.
Dev steps down the horse, ” She will always make you run after her bro. She does that to all the men she is with. You’re fighting a lost cause.”
“We will see Dev. I am not going to give up on her, but I suggest you take your own advice.”
And with that he speeds away. He quickly caught up to Geet, as she wasn’t a pro horseback rider like he was.
“GEET! Get off the horse NOW!”
“Your not the only who can ride a horse Maan.” Geet gives one glance to him before telling the horse to go faster.
Geet could see the gate, they were almost there. Maan uses a horseback-riding trick and swiftly overturns Geet, causing Geet to yank the horse back.
 “yeheheheh” the horse squeals as it stood on its two hind legs.
Geet calms the horse down and swiftly steps down the horse, making a run for it.
“Oh no you don’t!” Maan smirks running after her.
“Damn this sari,” she says under her breath. She could barely run.
He was a feet away from grabbing her arm, when she yells, “ARMAAN” and the roar of a motorcycle ripped through the air as he rode over the tree blocking the gate, and stopping right near Geet.
He throws her a helmet as Geet hopped on behind him.
“tum,” Maan says in utter numbness.
“Run Khurana. . .cuz I am gonna come after you real soon,” she whispers giving one last glance back at him, throwing his cell phone back at him before slipping her hands around Armaan’s chest and speeding away.
Everyone had run out the moment they had heard the roar of an engine, but when they come out they see Geet escaping behind one of her toys of men.
“aaahhh!” Maan roared slamming his fist on the tree as anger pumped through his veins!
“bro…” Vicky mutters in worry.
Dev’s words echoed inside his head, ” She will always make you run after her bhai. She does that to all the men she is with. You are fighting a lost cause”.
“Go get Dev Vicky, he is near the hu,t” he says walking off.
“wait but where you going?”
“Prepare my coffin!” He mocks, with the threat that Geet gave, kicking the picnic table in raging anger as he walks off, startling everybody!
Geet makes a call.
“Armaan I am here at the nightclub like you said I had to be ,and you haven’t even told me who my my target is yet?
(A glimpse into what’s really going on inside Geet’s brain and heart)

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