Keep your Friends close but your Enemies Closer

Keep your  close


your closer!

She was putting the finishing touches of her make up.  Once she was done she scans herself from top to bottom, a sly smirk slowly crept on her face.
“MK today I will see how you resist me.  I know you will choose me to go to the party tomorrow night. We have known each other for so long now and every day I would wake up with my heart beating only for you and yet still you haven’t made the first move. Koi baat nahi, after all I am Sasha and I will make sure I get what I want”, she flashes her wicked smile.
At Khurana Constructions Tasha is walking down the hallway with three project folders in her hands. She is in her own little world and playing with her ponytail when she accidently trips and drops all the files, papers scattering everywhere.
“ufff, silly me” she says bending down to pick up the papers. 
“Tasha now you listen.  You can’t make any silly mistakes today.  You have to impress DHAK DHAK if you want him to choose you to go to the party tomorrow night right?   So remember no silly mistakes”, she says to herself gathering up everything and standing up, where right in front of her stood somebody.
“Sasha”, she blurts out questioningly and surprised.
“We are in office Tasha, and over here you address me as Sasha  ma’am got it”, she snapped.
“Oh silly me, sorry Sasha Ma’am”, Tasha says politely with a forced smile, but inside her head she was imagining herself choking her Sasha Ma’am.
” Why are you so shocked? Surprised to see me here?”.
“Yeah I thought you were going to take the day off”.
” I was, but I remembered that I had some important work to attend to so that is why I came here.  Don’t worry once I finish what I came here for I will leave”, Sasha gives a forceful smile as she walks away and leaves.
Tasha was cursing her fate.  She had spent the whole day yesterday trying to convince her not to come to work today.  Wasn’t her younger brother coming home from London after 4 years and yet she had to come here today? WHY? Oh who was she kidding, she had a pretty good hunch why.
” I am sorry Sasha MA’AM but he is my DHAK DHAK and I will see to it that I get him.  Bahot hogaya apki maan maani”.
Sasha was in her cabin still eyeing Maan’s cabin to see if he had come yet. This was odd he is rarely late so why today?She is fidgeting through the file mindlessly when Tasha comes in.
“Here is your coffee Sasha ma’am.”
“Are you okay tasha? For the first time you are doing something right”.
Tasha just gives her a weak smile. Sasha starts to drink it and with that Tasha breathes out a sigh.
“Are you just going to watch me like a statue?” Sasha snapped.
“Oh silly me. I was just about to leave”.
As she turns around and leaves she thinks to herself: “Silly girl, I will see how you will take my DD away from me now.  I see how you’re overly dressed and your important work was to get him, but we will see how you do that now. Who else better knows her zalim Sasha better than me”, Tasha thinks to herself with a wicked gleam in her eyes as she walks out the door.
She gives a quick glance back and she was already yawning. Tasha turns back and sports a winning smile on her face.
After about an hour Maan finally comes out of the elevator. Everybody stands and greets him except for one person who was missing and was needed by him right now.
” Good morning Sir”, Tasha blurts out half hyperventilating and check out her hot boss.
“Good morning.  Where is Sasha she said she had to talk to me about something important”, Maan like always cutting to the chase.
“She is in her cabin”.
He walks toward her cabin and becomes shocked to see what was in front of him.
” Sasha”, he calls out to her nicely.
“Sasha”, he repeats again.
“SASHA”, he screams out louder, causing Sasha to jump awake on the verge of falling. To her luck Maan quickly comes and catches her right into his arms.
On the side lines, Tasha was fuming in anger and jealousy.  This was not part of her plan. Maan steadies Sasha and let’s her go.
” If you are done sleeping can we get some work done,” he says in a little irritated voice. After all this is a professional place and this is Maan Singh Khurana we are talking about here.
“uhh yeah” she says still a little disoriented and groggy. She fell asleep when she had the sleeping spills that Tasha had slipped into her coffee.
“Then come to my cabin in 5 minutes. Oh and Tasha go bring me the project files you were working on as well”.
” Okay MK”.
As Maan leaves Tasha couldn’t stop laughing. 
” Tsk tsk tsk , so first impression of the day didn’t go as well as you expected now did it. Awww poor silly you” she feigned a sad face.
“Main tumhe chorungi nahi.  Just you wait Tasha.  Now don’t forget I am Sash”.
” blah blah blah.  You know what give this talk to someone else.  I never said anything to you before because it never involved my DD. so back off”, Tasha snapped back.
” Arreh what are my ears hearing? Who are you and since when do you backlash at me? Aur kya kaha tumhe . . . Your DD?” she pauses and then bursts into a fit of laughter.
“I never knew you were so funny. Good one “, she says as she is about to walk out the door and head into Maan’s cabin.  She had to make her move after all that is why she came here in the first place, but then Tasha holds her arm and makes her step back, both their eyes shooting daggers at each other.
“I am not joking.”
Sasha pries Tasha’s hand off her arm, ” and neither do I and since you know me so well then don’t get on my bad side.  I don’t joke around when it comes to my MJ got it” she hisses before leaving.
Tasha couldn’t ignore that.  She knew Sasha very well and it is in everybody’s best interest to be on Sasha’s good side. But she had to take that risk if she wanted her DD. She grabs the files and heads toward Maan’s room.  She had to think of something fast.

Sasha knocks and comes in. Maan was intently working on his laptop. She was actually nervous; something that is not very knew when she is around him, but the nervous this time was tenfold since she had to win him over.She walks in and he didn’t even look at her once. He was so busy engaged on his laptop.  Oh how she wanted to throw the laptop out of the window.
She comes and sits on the chair right across from him. She slowly starts to inch over her hand and touches his hand and says, “Maan”. 
Maan shocked looks up over to her.  He was feeling kind of awkward with the way she was looking at him.
” ummm Maan.  So tell me what do you want.  Since we were kids whenever you wanted something you always said Maan.”
“I will only tell you if you are willing to give it to me for sure.”
” I have always done whatever I can that was in my will power for you. So come and tell me we have to get back to work.”
“I want y–” 
She couldn’t even finish her sentence because right then Tasha barges in so fast and again she drops the projects. She wanted to say I want you, but this kamini Tasha just had to barge in.
” Silly me” Tasha blurts out.
Maan gives an irritated look.” Have you ever heard of knocking”, he blurts out.
“Dare you say silly me again”, Sasha barked, ready to choke her with her bare hands.She knew her Tasha very well and she had barged in on purpose so she wouldn’t be able to finish what she was about to say.
“Hurry up and give me the papers”, Maan ordered.
“Here you go sir”, Tasha hands over the papers to him.
Maan snaps back and throws the file away, which bangs against the wall.
“Kya hai yeh! Why are all the project files mixed with each other”, he fumed.
“sorry sir”.
Just then maan get’s a text message and both of the girls could of have sworn they saw a smile.
Maan: I have to go and when I come back I want these files fixed.
” but MK–“
“We can talk once I come back okay.”

” Okay”, Sasha complies.

With that said Maan leaves the cabin. Sasha and Tasha are giving a showdown with the menacing glares they threw at each other.
” Tsk tsk tsk, so first impression of the day didn’t go as well as you expected now did it . Awww poor silly you”, Sasha says mockingly using her exact same words.
” You are really something, I didn’t even have to do anything and you dug your own grave silly girl”, Sasha cooed pouring more salt on her wounds.
Tasha just wanted to pounce on her but then they heard band baaja playing. They quickly go out and see this girl dancing as these two guys play the drums.  She is doing the baangra and then walks up to Maan who was just about to leave.
“Hello ji! HEELOOO JII”, she enthusiastically screamed to everyone.
“Meet me the sweety PINDY QUEEN”.
Sasha and Tasha just look at each other and give each other the ” What the hell is she doing here look”!
“and you are Maan, the Great Maan Singh jii”,she says before suddenly spreading her arms over and hugging him. Everyone stood shocked with enlarged eyes. Maan just stands there feeling awkward again.  What was up with these women?
Both Sasha and Tasha mouths drop open with shock, they lightly whisper ,”Maan singh jii” toward each other? Oh for sure she was up to something. Or else she wouldn’t of had left her village.
” Wow you are even more handsome sanshom than I had even thought” she coed nudging him against his bicep.
Both Sasha and Tasha hands were turning into fists and just wanted to strangle her right now.
” ummm hi Pindy queen. How can I help you?”, Maan said trying to be nice.
“Nahi MK. You go and do your important work.  I will handle and see what she wants and if she needs anything that KC can provide than we can work with her together when you come back okay”, Sasha forces on a smile and tries to handle the situation.
“That’s fine with me. So I will see you later Miss. . .” he paused waiting for her to say her real name.
“Hayyee Maan jii. Takaloof ki koi zaroorat nahi hai.  You don’t be formal haan. Aap mujhe Sweety boola sakta hai, kyunki meri saare aapne mujhe sweety bolate hai” she bites her lip and blushes.
“Hmm”, was all Maan could say before walking out.
“Chalo Miss Sweety let’s talk”, Tasha through her gritted teeth.
” and let’s see what you came here for in my cabin”, Sasha pushes her lightly showing her the way. 
“Oye do I even know you two kuriye’s? So you can address me by pindy queen”, Pindy Queen flips her hair back with attitude.
Both their mouths fell open with the nerves of this girl. Sasha grabs her hand and drags her inside the cabin. She comes crashing to the wheel chair. Tasha closes the door and both of them walk up to her with evilness written all over their faces.
” Kya kaha we don’t know you?”, Sasha arches one of her eyebrows.
“Meri sweety pindy queen if we don’t know you than who else would you silly girl?”, tasha twists her lips.
“We know how a sly snake you are. Maan Singh jji“, Sasha mocks using her voice.
“Aap mujhe Sweety boola sakta hai. kyunki meri saare aapne mujhe sweety bolate hai”, Tasha joins in with the mocking session. 
 ” YOU JUST MET HIM”,Sasha and Tasha yell at the same time. 
“but we know you since ages and you are saying we can’t call you Sweety?”
“Kya hai na you were my friends, but now you aren’t since my real friends wouldn’t try to get rid of me” Pindy queen bit back.
“What we never tried to get rid of you” Tasha rolls her eyes at her preposterous accusation.
“oh really, I was sick the whole week last week, and wanted to cancel my concert that I had tomorrow, but instead of you guys agreeing with me you told me to not let my fans down”.
” And what exactly did we do wrong there?”, Sasha scoffs.
“Puleez, I think we all know what your real intentions were. Yehi na that you didn’t want me to go to the most hyped party with Maan Singh jii?”
Both Sasha and Tasha burst into a fit of laughter.
“Okay seriously, first you got to stop calling him that”, Tasha manages to say through her laugh.
” I am getting really entertained so please do share what made you think you could even have a shot with him when you just met him?  Sorry to burst your bubble my sweety Pindy Queen but the party is tomorrow and your kind of low on time.  I have known him since childhood so what makes you think you have more of a chance over me?”, Sasha couldn’t hold it in anymore and continues to laugh.
“I fell in love with all the stories you would describe of him and the pictures you showed me of him.  But I didn’t say anything because I knew you were my friend and loved him.  But I have decided to become selfish and have him all to myself”, she flashes her evil smirk.
“Over my DEAD body DD Is mine”, Tasha claimed!
“uff  you silly girl you can have your DD I just want MAAN Singh jii! Keep up girl!”, Pindy Queen rolls her eyes.
“Maan is my Dhak Dhak and thank you for your permission I will gladly take him”, Tasha gleamed.
“Sasha is a still alive girls and he was mine first. He ALWAYS was so BACK OFF”, she snapped back at both of them.
“You know what I am tired of your threats Sasha or else what huhh? What are you going to do? I am not scared of you?”, Pindy queen got up all in Sasha’s face.
Sasha just pounds on Pindy queen and rips the sleeve of her shirt, “That’s what i am going to do”.
“You KAMINI”, Pindy queen gapes.
She grabs the cup of coffee that was on the table and throws it on her face and dress.
” YOU BITCH”, Sasha yelps in horror.”Mein tumhe chorungi nahi”, she starts pulling her hair and Pindy queen does the same.
Tasha starts to meddle in and tries to stop the two girls, but god knew when Sasha grabs a hold of her and Pindy queen grabs the marker and wrote all over her face  I am a silly girl”while she struggled, but the other two girls were relentless and they mess up her hair and outfit as well.
All three girls looked like crazy maniacs, from the perspective of a harmless employee who just came to inform them about something. He shakes his head, and just knocks on the door, the girls freezing in the most weirdest positions. 
“uhhh sasha ma’am or whatever you guys are doing here Maan sir is on his way up. Just though i let you know”, he says through the awkward moment.
“Oh shit”, Sasha and Tasha say at the same time, hile Pindy queen says, ” Oh TERI”.
All the three girls try to fix themselves up hah if that was even possible.
“I hate you.  I can’t believe I called you my best friends”, Sasha fumed as she fixed her dress.
“Oyyeee you shut up. You are no less of a KAMINI”, Tasha irritated blurts out as she tried to clean the ink of her face.  
” It is over! I am no longer a friend of either of you. I am leaving, going to go live with my Maan jii far away from you kaminis”,Pindy Queen says, making a run out the cabin door.
” Not if I get there first” Sasha dashes out immediately.
” Oh we will see about that”, Tasha follows after them.
All three girls rush and bump into each other, while all the other employees jaws drop and shock, covering their gaping mouths.  What happened to these girls they looked like deewaanis, well of course they were Maan ki deewaanis.
They try to fix themselves when a woman walks in through the doors first and not Maan who they were expecting. The women stops in her footsteps as her eyes fall on these three deewaanis. She scans them from top to bottom and gives them a weird look.
“Oye yeh kuriye kaun hai? and why is she looking at us like that”, Pindy queen whispers to Sasha and Tasha.
Just then Maan walks up behind her and also becomes frozen and shocked when he also sees these three dewaanis.
” Maan you have some interesting employees here.  I am glad I am here now to help you choose some more decent empoyees”, the stranger smiled at Maan.
Sasha just wanted to pound on this girl. Who the hell did she think she was! Maan just gives a weak smile, before shooting daggers at his 3 deewani employers.
” Sasha I thought you said you would take care of everything. Never mind I don’t even want to know”, Maan says as he is about to walk away.
“Umm MK”, Sasha blurts out.
“What now Sasha?”
“woh larki kaun hai?”
Maan looks over to the woman and says, “She is Geet Maan Singh Khurana, Maan ki Geet, Maan ki misthy– ” but stops as Geet blushes away into his cabin.
” She is the love of my life ,my fiance and soon to be wife”, he says in pride before walking away and heading toward the warm embrace of his mishty.
Sasha, Tasha, and Pindy queen just stood their expressionless.  It almost felt like there heart stopped beating. 
“She took my MK from me forever.”
“Yeh Kambasht ishq! My heart still goes DHAK DHAK for him.”
“Nahi meri Maan Singh JiI!
” I kept my friends close, but I should have kept my enemy closer”, they all said together.

One thought on “Keep your Friends close but your Enemies Closer

  1. RB Laraib says:

    OMG. . . .
    It was so awesome
    These three girls were fighting like mad cows
    Oww. . . Poor cows there DD had already taken.

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