I See Right Through you- Chapter 26


“My Demons”

Warning: This may be a little hard to read. It’s a little glimpse to Geet’s life/past. Just thought to let you know, read at your own risk.

Recap of chapter 25:

“Run Khurana. . .Cuz I am gonna come after you ”, she whispers giving one last glance back at him, throwing his cell phone back at him, before slipping her hands around Armaan’s chest and speeding away.

Everyone had run out the moment they heard the roar of an engine, but when they come out they see Geet escaping behind one of her toys of men.

Meera could have sworn she saw him somewhere, but couldn’t place her finger on it.

“aaaahhhh”, Maan roared slamming his fist on the tree as anger pumped through his veins!

“Bhai”, Vicky mutters in worry.

Dev’s words echoed inside his head, “ She will always make you run after her bhai. She does that to all the men she is with. You are fighting a lost cause”.

“Go get Dev Vicky, he is near the hut”, he says walking off.

“wait but where you going?”

“I am going to go burn in hell!”, he kicks the picnic table in anger as he walks off, startling everybody!

“I have seen that guy somewhere”, Meera says lowly to herself, but where was the question.


Armaan pulls over in a dark corner. Geet retracts his hold around and get’s off the motorcycle.

“He love’s you”, Armaan blurts out, Geet’s breath suddenly held captive inside her thraot, as her body freezes in place.

“He’s different from the rest. Makes you feel different, maybe even safe. When your with him, inside his arms, he takes the pain away doesn’t he?”, Armaan words were like daggers, scratching and thrusting deeper inside the scars in her heart.

“I don’t love him”, she bit back coldly a little to quickly.

“Did I say you love him? But you immediately felt so strongly to defend yourself maybe because it’s true. You do love him Geet! You’re changing. . in a good way, something I didn’t think I would get to see again”.

At that point, that was the last straw; Armaan had crossed a dangerous line. “What did you get by loving muskaan haan? Batao mujhe Armaan!”, she says having his back backed up against the brick wall, while she held him against his collar.

Armaan sharply gasps. Not only was that a low blow even for Geet, considering what both of them went through, of course Geet’s share being hundred times more worse, but it also was the first time after 10 years he heard the name, Muskaan from her lips.

“Your love wasn’t enough, that’s why she left you”, she lowly hisses, shoves him away, and turns her back around.

“She didn’t just leave me, she left you too. She loved you more than me and that’s why she isn’t here with me”, a tear spills from Armaan’s eyes, which he quickly wipes away.

“You miss her, it’s the first time you brought her name to your lips ever since. . .” he pauses. “You really are changing”

“SHUT UP Armaan or so your precious God help you before I send you to Muskaan…you know so you can finally get your happy ever after ending in HELL or whatever the heck she is!”.

“Why are you waiting for then Geet? Do it! Because unlike you, I haven’t been able to fall for someone else! Go ahead, you will do me a favor. End me! End this pain that I am only suffering because of YOU!”, Armaan raged on holding her by her shoulders!

He then suddenly takes out a gun, and forces it in her hands. “SHOOT GEETANGALI! Shoot! GODDAMN IT, I SAID SHOOT”.

Two gun shots echo through the dark looming night!

“You son of a bitch”, a huge tear slips and drops, almost making a popping sound as it hit the concrete ground.

She turns around and walks away when suddenly it starts to rain heavily.

Geet stops in her tracks slightly turning her head to the side as she spoke, “She is crying for you”, an empty chuckle rips from her throat. She raises her hand, letting the droplets of rain make a small puddle in the palm of her hand.

“I still got an old score to settle with Muskaan. I am not going to send her to you anytime soon. I will let her watch over you, see how you still love her and yearn for her. She left you and for that she will pay the price”.

Armaan was still raging with anger, not being able to withstand Geet’s hatred toward Muskan. It wasn’t like Muskaan left with her own free will, a fact that Geet new very well! But even through the dark rainy night, he could still see the tears spill from her eyes as she spoke about her so-called revenge, of many. It made Armaan fill with guilt. He shouldn’t have said what he said, especially since he knew.

“Now stop making a scene and get a grip of yourself. We are too far into this, to turn back now. It’s not just me who has some unfinished business, or did you move on and forget?”, she harshly mocked.

“Send me the details of the business that needs to be taking care of. The sooner the better”, she takes a step to leave, but then suddenly stop.

“Aur haan ek aur baat. Call me Geetangali ever again then I will make you forget your own name, let alone mine! Geetangali is dead. You buried her with Muskaan”.

Armaan silently gasps at the sad yet hard blow behind the double meaning of Geet’s words. His back slowly slides down the brick wall, as he falls onto his knees. He knew how messed up Geet was inside, so he always caved in to her every single demand. They have known each other since they were born. Geet was his best friend. They both were. (hinting to both Geet and Muskaan).

He never questioned her decisions or actions, because he knew it was her way of coping, instead of ending the pain by taking her own life. In fact it was he who wanted to end his life that one night many years ago, but it was Geetangali who stopped him. Gave him the strength, gave him reason to continue to live and fight with life. . with destiny. Geetangali lost the most, suffered the most, but it was she who gave him comfort instead of it being the other way around. He never felt so weak in his life before, seeing her immense strength. Although it was later that he found out her strength came from all the wrong reasons, and by then it was too late to turn back. She had become Geet, the beautiful monster.

Seeing Maan at the club the other night, gave him a different vibe from him from the very beginning.  However he didn’t pay much attention to it as they were in a club, and so he thought he was another of Geet’s toys. But today at the farmhouse, he saw himself in Maan’s eyes. The pain of your heart getting shredded to pieces as the person you love slowly leaves you, whilst the only thing you can do is watch.

He closes his eyes, wincing from the throbbing and pricking pain, letting the cold rain try to extinguish the fire burning within him.

“Muskaan, I love you. You couldn’t save your sister, I couldn’t save my best friend, but now her lover will”.


It was 11 p.m and Geet was all dressed in an outfit that was made to kill. She wore a black shimmery backless dress that went down to her thighs. She put on her stiletto high heels and flips her straightened hair to the side. She was standing over a bar counter; taking sips out of her drink. The number of men’s futile attempts to try to hit on and win her over was increasing by the minute.  Her patience was wearing, thus she gulps her drink down in one go, slamming it down against the counter with a huge thud. She takes out her phone and dials a number.

“Looks like your not done moping around. Are you going to tell me who my target for tonight is or will I have to bleed it out of you?”, she utters coldly.

Armaan remained silent on the other line.

“Armaan, you have tested my patience more than enough for one night. Tell me the name and send me a pic NOW!”, she snarled through the phone.

“I don’t think it’s such a good idea after the talk that we had earlier. You might do something that you regret. It can wait for some other time Geet. Go back to Delhi Geet. Go back home please. For me? For old time’s sake?”, Armaan pleaded.

Suddenly someone bumps past Geet, his hand gliding passed her ass, but that’s not what made her freeze, it was the pair of eyes she was looking into.

“I’m sorry sweetheart. I have clearly had too much to drink, and I just couldn’t resist myself. Your just so beautiful . . and well. . I’m. . I’m Rahul Khanna after all,” he smirks at her eyeing her from top to down inappropriately.

“Omg that’s him isn’t it. No Geet, just end this! Don’t put yourself through this. Your guard is down. You have started to feel again. You won’t be able to do go through with this. It will shatter you! Go back home PLEASE! I beg of you! Don’t do this”, he begged.

“Too late! It’s for old time’s sake that I am just going to have to stay”, she almost numbly utters hanging up the phone.

“Your right. After all your Mr. Rahul Khanna. Why don’t I feel special for sparking such a sexy man’s attention”, she whispers seductively near his ear before walking away, her eyes giving a signal that made him hard on the spot.

Her voice felt familiar, then again he has slept with so many woman he has lost count. All the other men seethed in jealousy, while Rahul gloated on with a huge ego. “That’s what I am talking about. Rahul Khanna always lands the girl. You should learn a thing or two from the pro”.

Geet’s nails dug inside her palm, suppressing the fury pumping through her. She forces on a naughty smile slipping a note inside the back pocket of his ass, “Gosh your so sexy to resist. Meet me here in the address inside the note behind your back pocket and be there in 1 hour. I want to make it special before you arrive, hope you don’t mind” she purrs slowly driving the nail of her manicured index finger down his jaw line, making him quiver with defeat under her touch.

“Anything for you sweetheart”, he growls in desire, about to pull her close by her waist, however Geet sees it coming and pulls back whispering naughtily “see you soon then Mr.Khanna”, blowing a kiss at him and walking straight out with eyes burning with such blazing intensity, that could engulf the whole place with everyone in it.  She feels her phone vibrate for the 10th time, and seeing it was Armaan, she drops her phone in somebody’s beer drink. She wasn’t going to let anybody stand in her way, not tonight.


Geet hears a knock against the door of an apartment. “Right on time, so eager to get between my legs. Well then Geet, give him a night to remember for the rest of your life” her lips twisted into a fine line, fighting back the venom building in her.

She opens the door, and leans against the door, putting one hand on her hip, and dons a sexy pose.

“Holy F***!” he slams her against the wall, closing the door behind him, when his foot.

“I wanna rip this robe off you with my teeth. Gosh your so f****** Hot!”

His touch and hold around her took Geet by surprise. A clump of vile was building in the middle of her throat. She swallowed it back down, brushing every horrific memory along with it away.

“Not so fast. A glass of champagne first Mr.Khanna” she slips out of his hold and grabs him a glass of champagne. Using that opportunity to let go of the breath she was holding, and breathe away from his touch.

“I rather just drink you. You are vexing the monster in me. I assure you I will get my payback for making me wait by fucking you so hard”, he smirks taking the drink from Geet’s hand and gulps it down all in one go.

He throws the glass to the side, and makes a predatory advance toward her. “I will be all yours sweetheart. I won’t want anything more trust me. Just sign this agreement that what happens between us will not be disclosed to anyone as I have a reputation to hold you see”.

“Give it to me. I will sign it right now”, Rahul yanks the papers out of her hands and signs the papers.

He throws the papers to the side as well and then launches himself on Geet, pinning her body against the bed, crushing his lips with his.

At first the only thing Geet could process was flashes of Maan playing back inside her mind. Her eyes flutter awake, as Rahul’s lips slide down to the nape of her neck, and tried to take his pants off.

“Ripping my clothes is your job. That’s fine I will do it faster anyway”, his words barely reached Geet’s ears.

All her mind was processing was how Maan’s lips moved against hers and his sad broken face, almost making her feel guilty, like she was cheating on him, when in reality they were never in a relationship to begin with.  Geet fought back, she had no reason to feel guilty. Maan meant nothing to her and she would prove it! She drives her hands up Rahul’s chest, pulling him back on her. She turns him around, with her on top, and slams her lips against his.

Fighting with herself, with the feelings inside her, completely oblivious to the anger and disgust she had for this very man just a few moments ago. She was busy fighting with her demons, that continued to torment her with images of Maan.

It was when Rahul reaches to yank of her robe, she snaps out of what she was doing. Horror and disgust replacing the feelings that got stirred inside her because of Maan.

“ Get off me you fucking bastard!”, she pushes him off the bed. She was breathing hard, her hands shaking; an exasperated whimper rips from her throat.  The image of what she was doing flashes back in her mind, making her dig her nails deep inside her skin. The vile in her throat, building tenfold. She felt she would combust, as her old scars slowly started to get scratched open.

“YOU WHORE”, Rahul gets up from the floor and yanks her by the hair, throwing her back on the bed.

“If I am gonna have to rape you I WILL! I am going to adorn my name, my prints, my touch into your damn body that no matter how much you wash yourself you will always feel me on you” he assaults her lips, putting all the weight of his body on her, and trying to rip her rob off.

Geet struggled against his hold, but he was too strong, when he finally releases her lips, and holds his temple with his hand. “ughh my head.. what . . what did you mix in my drink you. . you whore!”

Geet kicks him in the groin, making him topple over in pain then elbows him against his jaw, making him fall flat to the ground.

Huffing in anger, she takes out a dagger from the nightstand. She thrusts forward with all her power, but she stops midway, while he watched on in shock, “Did someone hire you to kill me? What did I ever do to you?”.

She smacks the end of the dagger by his side and heatedly turns around, and composing herself before she did anything she would regret.

She turns around with a sly smirk,“tsk tsk so many questions. . is that how you want to spend your last few breaths. . asking me questions?” she points the tip of the dagger to his chin, forcing him to look straight at her.

“I will pay double no triple the amount of whoever has hired to kill me! I will do it right now. Just please don’t kill me. I am getting married in two weeks”, he pleaded through his hazy vision trying to keep his head straight.

She bursts into a fit of laughter. “You. . you. . want to pay me off. . me?” She digs the dagger slightly into his skin, “Do you realize how rich I am? Now I am even richer than before since you signed over your whole company to my name . . very bad businessman you are Mr.Khanna, signed before even reading tsk tsk . .very bad” she shook her head sarcastically.

“ughhh” he screamed in pain, “Please, I have a fiancé”.

Geet wanted to thrust the dagger deep into him, but took it out before she lost control of her anger. “ Acha . . were was the love for your fiancé when you wanted to fuck me huhh! Now I have even more of an incentive to finish you off, at least that poor woman who is supposed to marry you will be set free from you”, she kicks him in the stomach..

“ You b****” he coughed up blood.

“nah . . don’t even try. I will snap your neck in half without hesitation”.

She uses the end of the dagger and hits him across the head, he grunts out in pain, lacing it with another curse.

“Now we are going to do this the hard way, unless you recognize who I am”.

“I have never seen you in my life. . how am I supposed to know who you are! Your sick. . you need help!”.

“Theek hai. . hard way it is then. Make yourself welcome while I come back” she forces on a sweet smile, which made Rahul shake with fear. She looked like a beautiful monster hungry for his blood. But he just couldn’t figure out what he ever wronged her?

He tries to get up with his throbbing head, and hazy vision. God knew what type of drug she had put in his drink, now all he was trying to do is make a run for his life when he bumps into something hard.

“Oyye Mister . .kaha ja rahai ho”, he turns around to run the other way, when someone else grabs him by his private part, “Where are you going. . we are planning to have a lot of fun tonight”.

“F****” get off me he tries to push them off in anger and disgust.

“What kind of sick bastards are you people. . DON’t TOUCH ME! Keep my company, my money, Keep everything, beat me up even! Just don’t touch me like that! It’s just wrong man!”

“What did he say?”, ghunda number 1 says.

“I think he said he liked it, he wants more”, ghunda number 2 says.

“we do everything for free. . no charge. .don’t worry”,  they touch him again.

“NO! GET OFF ME! PLEASE!NOOO!” he screamed and pleaded.

“Stop”, Geet’s voice silenced everyone.

Rahul falls to her feet, “Please beat me, kill me, but tell them to stop. I beg you” he cried.

“How is Vickram doing?”, she says indifferently.

“Who?” Rahul says wiping his tears.

“Come on you forgot your best friend Vickram? You guys grew up together in Hoshyiarpoor”.

“He is in America just got engaged yesterday. Is this why you holding me hostage? Because of Vickram? Did he do something? Go kill that bastard, why you after me”.

“Wah! What loyalty between you two. Is this how you repay him, when he let you lose your virginity to me?”

“What? How do you know that. .” he stops midsentence and gasps! He eyes her from top to down more carefully this time, his eyes enlarging as realization tried to soak in.

“No! Nooo! It can’t be. You can’t be her. She. . she—”

“She is going to make you wish you remained a virgin”, Geet cuts him off and knees him in the face.

“Boys you know what to do”.

“Nahi. . Geetangali. . please. .I am sorry. . I was stupid. . I am sorry! It was peer pressure, I just went along with what I was pressured to do”.

“You would think you assholes would be smart enough to see the warnings. Khair, let’s just hope your best friend sees this warning when he notices you wiped out in the hospital, or maybe even worse, mental hospital”.

“Hold him for me will you boys” she wickedly smiles.

“Noooo! Please! I am sorry. Kill me! Just kill me and get your revenge”, he pleaded falling to her feet.

“My pleasure boss”.

They hold him down, “Strip him”.


“Stop being such a cry baby. Give me the tattoo needle”.

“This is gonna hurt well A LOT! I don’t know the abc of tattooing, guess i will have to practice to become a pro. You are my lucky victim Congradulations!” .

“Hold him tight for me boys. Here we go”

“Aghhhhhhhhhhh!” he screamed!

But Geet didn’t stop, instead she fought back her own tears.

After 15 minutes Geet stops, “There all done. How does it look boys?”.

“I am a RAPIST and KILLER” the boys read the huge tattoo over his chest. “ Wah boss! You’re so talented. Look he likes it so much he is speechless himself.”

He had screamed so much he didn’t have it in him to fight anymore.

“Naah I don’t think I like the color. It’s so boring. . don’t you think. I think we should paint it red with his blood. The dagger will do just the trick. What do you guys think??

“Genius Boss! Can I do that for you? I don’t want you to make your hands dirty with his blood”.

“Why don’t you just kill me now, what are you waiting for bitch” Vickram spit in Geet’s face.

“Oyyye” The guys beat him, while Geet wiped her face.

Vickram just menacingly laughed, “ You got what you deserved, you were asking for it.  Vickram picks his prey wisely”, he continued laughing.

Geet grabs the brass knuckle from one of her men, and slams right into face, causing him to choke up blood, but that didn’t stop him. “Bechari. . bechari Muskaan! she . . .she paid the price for you. .  with her life”, he said with each staggering breath.

She takes out her gun, and points it towards his head, “SHUT UP or else I will kill you”.

“koi patthar se na maara …koi patthar se na maara …mere deewane ko…dewaane ko!”, he sang knowing exactly where he was targeting, her heart!

For a moment Geet froze, the lyrics of that song sending images of a simple innocent 15 year old girl hoshiarpoor girl in a salwar suit, who loved everything about dancing and acting, performing on stage as laila for –”.

“Karo na. . what you waiting for sweetheart! Shoot me! Or are you still hoping I give you your majnu’ address. . .you know to steal your heart back. .woh kya hai na babez he is the modern day majnu ..use and throw is his motto. . I bet he placed it on ur sister’s grave. . for keep sake” he smirked evilly crumbling her back from her flashback.

“SHUT UP YOU BASTARD! JUST SHUT UP”,she shrieked pulling the trigger!

Tears streamed down her eyes as she comes crashing to the ground.

“Geet. . Geet”, Armaan runs to her after smacking her hand with the gun away. “What the f*** Armaan. I am gonna KILL him you hear me! I am going to kill him”

“Geet”, Armaan tried to calm her down, but she continued ranting.


“Geet listen to–” Armaan tried to reason with her.

But Geet cut him off yelling,”I AM GONNA KILL HIM. I AM GONNA KILL THAT RAPIST”, she yelled and struggled against Armaan’s hold.


“SNAP OUT OF IT GEET! YOU CAN’T KILL HIM! Hosh Mein AAO!”, Armaan yelled shaking her by her shoulders, after slapping her.

Geet had stopped, tears silently springing from her eyes, as she shockingly looked at Armaan and everyone else.

“I’m sorry Geet. I am so sorry. I told you to leave. I told you, you wouldn’t be able to do it. I am so sorry”, he tries to come hug her, but Geet pushes him away, grabbing her gun.

“Aren’t you Muskaan’s lover. . Geetangli and you. .together. . .kya baat hai Geetangalie, i think we helped you. . got ur sister out of the picture and made a setting of you together. . you should be grateful to us”, Rahul continued to taunt viciously.

She grits her teeth, loading the gun with more bullets, Armaan shouting after her, “Geet no! Geet I will handle that bastard. Don’t do anything that–”.

She points the gun toward Armaan, but that’s not what made him stop talking and freeze in place. In her eyes he saw the burning angst of a 15-year-old girl screaming to be set free from the black hole that held her caged with the walls of pain, revenge, and hatred.

“Geet”, he lowly whispers, his heart sinking seeing his best friend battling with her demons.

All Geet could process was that she was shaking with fury, the place where her heart used to be was pricking her, like it was no longer numb and could feel. No, no this wasn’t happening. She snaps out seeing she had the gun pointing at Armaan’s forehead. What was happening with her? She turns away from Armaan, her gaze falling on the eyes of one of the monsters that turned her to a heartless monster.

So Hi Lene Do

Ki Woh Jag Pada To Dar Jaye Na

Phir Bilak Jayega Ki Phelu Mein Laila Nahi Hai

Koi pathar se na mare…koi pathar se na mare..mere deewane ko…deewane ko

The singing of a 15-year old girl echoed through her ears, her eyes brimmed with tears of rage, but she goes and looks straight into his ugly heartless eyes venomously hissing, “You are going to wish I killed you”.

“He is all yours boys. Sexually abuse him until he has no more tears left in him to shed or voice to scream for you to stop. Then you can decorate his beautiful tattoo however you wish to. But make sure he remains alive boys. I won’t give you guys your money if he dies. In fact I will give you a bonus, if I see you did better than I wanted you too. Have fun Mr.Khanna. You are about to have the time of your life! And be rest assured your best friend will be joining you very soon. I will dig him out of every mouse hole that he is hiding in this world,” with that said she digs the dagger deep into his stomach.

“Take care of his wound.  I want him alive. . remember that”, she numbly states before already being half way out the door, ignoring all his screams and mocking taunts that he still spurred out to her.

“Geet wait”, Armaans calls out as she took her first breath of fresh air.

“What do you need?”, she stops momentarily without looking at him.

“I am not letting you go home alone. You can crash at my place tonight”.

“I won’t be killing him, you don’t need to babysit me”, she retorted.

“Oh for god’s sake Geet, I don’t give a shit about him. I care about you! Don’t act like you don’t feel any pain. You are not a heartless monster! You need to let me in, talk to me Geet. Fine you don’t want to talk to me talk to Maan. You seem to connect with him in another way”.


Armaan holds his right cheek after getting slapped from Geet. He moves the gaze of her eyes toward her burning raging eyes, “Hosh mein Aao, I am still GEET. Watch and see for yourself what I do to Maan. That kamina has even done jadoo on you. No problem it’s time for me to fix that ”, she shook in pure fury and walks away.

She calls out to him just as she opens the driver seat to her car, “oh and sweetheart, now we are even”, she winks at him, referring to her slapping him because he slapped her.

“And I think I am going to take over from here. You are becoming a softy, even started tracking me. Do me a favor and find yourself a girl who won’t leave you. You deserve better! Goodbye Armaan, I am going to miss you”, she immediately steps into her car and drives away, not giving Armaan a chance to say anything back.

“Theek hai Geet, main challa jaonga. But first I got some unfinished business to take care of”, he whispers to himself with determination glistening in his eye before walking away.


It was 4 in the morning and here she was outside his mansion.  She looked toward the direction of his room and saw the lights of his room off.

Geet at this hour?Outside Khurana Mansion? What do you guys think? Why is she really there?

Alright this chapter gave a little glimpse into Geet’s head and her past. It’s not the full story, but it gives away some parts. There is a reason why she is so messed up.  You kind of feel bad for her. Please do let me know if this was a little to much for you, or if i handled this right? Geet is a very dark character, so I am trying to live up to your expectations and to her character.

Also i have yet to post the previous parts of this story on this blog..it’s very time consuming especially since i have to manually change the font of each sentence…anybody know any easier and faster way? please do let me know.


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      Yes even in the previous chapter when Rahul was taunting her about her majnu and even the song he was singing is from the movie Laila Majnu. That majnu was Vickram. She was in love with him, and also the reason why she is the monster she is now. You are exactly right, Geet will become more dangerous in order to prove herself right. Knowing Geet, i can’t even tell you what she is up to. Always unpredictable.

      Awwhhh thank you for the birthday wishes. Love ya ❤

  12. ruhakhan says:

    itna chota update not fair
    bt i liked the update she is falling for him and the more she tries to run away th emore she is getting close to him
    and precap is really interesting
    do update soon

    • mrszsk says:

      awwh i know sorry. hopefully the next chapter will be longer.
      Right, maybe she should stop running away from him 😉
      Thx for ur comment, will defiantely try to continue soon.

  13. dsonia22 says:

    Awesome update
    Loved it
    Amazingly written
    Interesting concept….. Loved reading it
    Continue soon
    Eagerly waiting….[8->]

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