I Hate You

The Hot British businessman was eyeballing her lips, inching closer and closer. She stood frozen in the moment. She also wanted this. . . right? She liked him, so then why was she thinking so much about a kiss. No she told herself. She was going to go through with this. ” I want this”, she told herself for the millionth time as she closed her eyes, waiting in anticipation.

As his lips slightly touched hers, his image pops into her head. She immediately backs her flushed face away.

” I’m sorry”, she blurts out in embarrassment and opens her apartment door. She quickly slams it shut, right in front of his face. She winces in pain as she backs her body and head up against the door.

Just when I think about someone new
I keep on forgetting to forget about you

The resurfacing pain was buckling her, making her legs limp. Her body slowly slides down the door to the ground as the memories flowed back.

Thinking back when we got together
In our hearts we were saying forever
So in love, boy we were so in love,

She crawled up into a ball, runs both hands through her hair, and then scrunches her hair in frustration as the throbbing pain started to run through her body. All the while not being able to hold it in any longer, the tears started to drip and drip from her cheeks.

And here it comes again
Cause I remember every word that you said
It all just keeps spinning around in my head
But it don’t matter what I try to do
I keep on forgetting to forget about you

Even after five years. Even after being thousands of miles apart. He always manages to get into the picture!

And I don’t want to think about you baby so much
All the things we did and the way that we touched
Just when I think about someone new
I keep on forgetting to forget about you

Even after his heart wrenching words her heart still held on to him making her brain forget to forget about him.

Cause I remember every word that you said
It all just keeps spinning around in my head
But it don’t matter what I try to do
I keep on forgetting to forget about you

” KYUN!”, Geet screamed into her dark and gloomy apartment.

“Why can’t I forget about him! Kyun babaji! After we broke up. After those heart wrenching words. . . I still forget to forget about him!”

The way we laughed, the way we kissed
I never though that I would miss
All the things I used to complain about you

“NO! I won’t give in. Not now!”, she says as she wipes her tears away.

For all I know he may be married and moved on. Why can’t I do that Babaji!WHY!”

Just then her phone vibrates in her pocket. She composes herself and wipes away her tears. In Geet Handa style she answers the phone, “Hello”.

“Sorry for disturbing you and your British hunk, but don’t forget we are flying to India in two hours for Mr.Chopra’s Business party”, said Yash, one of her closest friends.

“umm yeah of course I remember. I will be down there shortly.”

Yash could tell by her voice that something was wrong.

“Have. . . Have you been crying?”

” nnno “, she says stuttering a little.

“Geet, after knowing you since we were three, I know how such of a horrible liar you are.”

” Tell me how he hurt you. I will make him pay. So what if he one of the biggest, richest and hottest guy in London, with 6 bodyguards always surrounding him who will probably beat the crap out of me. . . I will still take him on!”

From Geet a light chuckle could not help but escape from her lips. He always knew how to bring a smile on her face.

” I will take him on just for my paagli, because there is one thing I can’t take and that is your tears. Just like that, smile and laugh away the pain that is what I do.”

“He didn’t hurt me. I always hurt them. It is always me why can’t you punish your paagli. Please punish me Yash. Maybe if you do I won’t hurt them anymore. Please!”

Yash knew what she was talking about. Even after 5 years she could never forget the man who broke her heart. He always watched her try her best to forget. Work, flirt, dance, and drink away her pain at the clubs, putting on a smile for everyone else, but inside was burning. The poison of his words still ran through her body.

“Geet promise me something. I know we are going back to India, but promise me you won’t let him get to you. You won’t let that pain get the best of you. I know it’s a lot to ask for, but please at least TRY. . . for me.”

“Nahi Yash. Tumhari paagli itni bi kamzor nahi hai. I am going for a business party, nothing else.”

“Now that’s like a good girl. Please by the time you reach the airport I want to see my bubbly Geet back. Now stop talking to me and go get ready.”

“I love you”.

“You know how much I wish that was enough”, Yash says before hanging up.

It was true. She only loved Yash as I friend, it was him who loved her to no ends. All she does is give him pain, but yet he is still the one who comforts her and helps make the pain fade away. What was she made out of? How can someone be so cruel? She still could not forget about the guy who shattered her heart, while she could never give him the one who comforts her heart a chance? She also wishes it was enough.


She was staring out of her private jet window, watching the city and the lights get smaller and smaller as they fade away into the looming darkness.

Everything soon gets hazy and her eyes droop away.

***Flashback (5 years ago)***

His phone vibrates and even though he was in a meeting, he excused himself and answered the call.

” Maanuuu Jaanuuu”, she screams with joy ripping out his eardrums, but his heart always skipped a beat when hearing her address him with that name.

He just shook his head but couldn’t help but not smile.

” Kya baat hai! My Misthy sounds very happy today.”

” Not over the phone. I want to tell you in person.”

“Perfect I also need to tell you something important tonight.”


” Much!”

“So come meet me at the usual place”, Maan huskily whispers.

” oh somebody is in a very romantic mood today, aren’t they?”, Geet coes.

” koi shikayat?”

“Nahi nahi jio. Khabi nahi. It’s not like I get this chance everyday”, she giggles.

“oh really? Are you saying I am usually not romantic? Did I hear that right Miss Geet Handa?”

” No, you just said it. See you even noticed it yourself.”

“You know those who always challenge the Mr. Maan Singh Khurana and lose have to pay a heavy price.”

“Show this Maan Singh Khurana to someone else. I am not scared of him. I want my Maan tonight samjhe Aap!”

” You can have whatever part of me you want darling.”

Geet gasps at his last comment and just blushes away.

“I wish I could see your blushing face right now. I haven’t seen you since yesterday morning, but it feels like years. I can’t imagine my life a day without you!”

Instantly a fear grew inside of Geet.

” okay I am in a meeting Mishty I will see you tonight. Bye!”

” bye”, after a couple seconds after he hung up she also says bye.

(later that night)

She parked her car, and right when she steps out her feet gets glued in place. Her eyes travel up from his perfectly black polished shoes up his perfectly toned torso to his breathtakingly handsome face who was nonchalantly leaning against his motorcycle.

She was wondering, by now she should be used to his handsomeness. But no! He has the same affect on her since the first day she laid eyes on him. 

Maan walks up to her with a sexy smirk and she could sense a hint of naughtiness’ in his eyes. Before she knew it she was backed up against her car. It was as if Maan’s gaze was melting her like a candle. She desperately wanted to escape, but he entraps her between his toned muscular arms.

“Maan at least let us get there!”

Just then Maan pulls out a blindfold.

” What? What did you think I was going to do? And she says I am the one with a naughty mind.”

Geet’s mouth just drops open with shock. He did not just say that!

” hawww. . .you take that back varna. . . “

” varna kya ?”, he challanges, slamming himself closer to her body, their lips millimeters away.

She could feel his intoxicating scent fanning against her lips and skin, making her mouth water. Making everything so hazy, she forgets what she was about to say and for a second where she was.

“I hate you!”

” I hate how you affect me. I hate how you make me forget who I am and where I am! Badi na ensaafi hai yeh!”

“It goes both ways. You think you don’t do that to me?”

He starts to drive up his hands around her navel and gently slides his lips up along her cheekbone and stops at her ear, huskily whispering, “I am actually on revenge mode! To torture your senses tonight just like you torture mine. You have been away from me for too long Miss Handa. You need to pay up.”

” I thought I asked for my maan, not Mr. Zalim Singh Khurana.”

” Hmmm don’t worry you will get a dose of both.Now less talking and be a good girl and wear this blindfold.”

She giggles. “Why? It is not like it’s my first time here Maan”.

“Hmmm true. But there is a little surprise for you this time.”

“Should I be scared? Is this coming from Maan or Mr. Zalim Singh Khurana?”

” Where is the fun in that if I tell you?”

” ugghh so zaalim and yet I am still fida over him.”

Maan chuckles and puts the blindfold on her and then leaves.

“Maan! Maan where did you go? What game are you playing!”

“Revenge time sweet heart!” he huskily whispers.

“Why cheat and blindfold me!

” It’s not called cheating. Everything is fair in love and war!”

“By the way you can take if off! Who is stopping you?”

“My crazy love for you is stopping me! And like a true zaalim you are taking full advantage of that!”

” kya karun jii! Since I have been bestowed with such an honor I have to live up to it.”

“Why don’t you get it over with?”

“Why in such a rush sweetheart. We haven’t even started.”

” In that case I need to tell you something important first.”

Maan comes near her and blows against the side of her face.

“Why? Are you trying to distract me? I see right through you sweet heart!Maybe I need to make you forget who you are before you do anything!”

” Maan”, Geet moans out his name.

He was torturing her. How much longer did she need to wait to taste his lips! A smirk starts to creep on his lips.

“Don’t moan my name like that. You know that makes me weak. Looks like some of my Zaalimy genes have rubbed off on you.”

“Maan”, she moans again on purpose.

Maan starts to drag her to their destination, before he lost himself to her. She soon felt the sand beneath her feet and heard the crashing of waves. She instantly stops and pushes Maan to the ground.

” Maan”, she moans near his ear.

She was arousing sinful desires in him. Yes he was losing, but he was fighting with every ounce of self-control he had left. He was supposed to torture her senses, how did the tables get turned on him?

” I want you”, she whispers and seductively bites his earlobe, leaving her love mark.

What self control, when he had already lost! He turns her body around, where now he was on top of her as they both laid against the sand. He instantly crushes his lips against hers.

What felt like a spark at first turned out to feel like her whole body was on fire! She felt every fiber . . .every cell of her body screaming his name in desire. Maan let her lips arouse every nerve in his body. He starts to take in and taste every inch of her lips before teasing and biting her bottom lip as he deepens the kiss. They stood under the crashing waves and moonlight like that for a couple of seconds.

Maan breaks away for only a second so they could breathe. Except Geet not even then was willing to let him break free. She pulls him back tightening knotting her fingers in his hair. Maan starts to increase the fervor of the kiss becoming even more aggressive causing a moan to escape from Geet’s lips. Geet just lets herself inhale as much of him, as much of his scent as possible.

He liked hearing his name from her lips. He wanted to hear it again so he decides to tease her. He breaks free from the kiss and Geet’s heart almost felt like it would stop beating. “Maan”, she moaned again. His lips trail to her neck leaving bite marks everywhere while Geet continued to moan not of pain, but of pleasure and digs her nails into his broad arms. He starts to undo her dori, but before they new it a cold wave of water splashes them, both snapping back to reality.

“ohh omg”, Geet says as the freezing water splashed at her.

Not even the cold water was enough though to extinguish the burning fire of desire in both of these lost lovers.

She reaches for the blindfold, but Maan catches her hand before she could take it off.

“What do you think you are doing hmmm?” 

“You had your turn now it’s my turn for my surprise”, Geet retorts.

” I need to talk to you Maan”.

” It can wait,” he says as he pulls her up.

After about 5 minutes of walking, Geet could feel Maan slipping his fingers away from her hand.

” Don’t leave me,” she says pulling him closer not letting him leave her.

” Don’t worry I am not going to go far away from you. It’s part of the surprise. I will be right in front of you”, he says reassuring her and lightly pecking her on the lips before slipping away from her hold.

After about a minute maan tells her to take off the blindfold.

She takes off the blindfold and opens up her eyes first to find everywhere covered in candles and roses. There were roses placed in the shapes of hearts each getting better and conveying a different message.

First heart: I hate you misthy!

Second heart: I hate you for taking control over my heart and soul!

Third heart: I hate you for your Babaji has given me a heart that beats more for you than it does for me and yet I don’t care!

Fourth heart: I hate that I love you! You have melted the Maan Singh Khurana and have made him just Maan. Your Maan!

Fifth heart: I hate that I can’t stand more than a couple hours away from you. Misthy you complete my life and soul.

And finally in the middle was the biggest heart of all mixed with both red and white rose petals which said, ” I love you Geet! Will you marry me ?”

Right on top on the big heart stood Maan kneeling down on one knee, with a beautiful diamond ring in his hand.

“Since we both hate each other so much I figured why not get married. Will you marry me Geet?”, Maan finally says as Geet’s eyes met with his.

She couldn’t find her tongue. Tears started to well up in her eyes. She wasn’t expecting this. The fear she had earlier today increased ten fold. Why were these tears not just joyful tears? Why couldn’t she bring herself to say YES!

Maan was starting to get worried. Why wasn’t she saying anything?

“I can’t”, Geet finally manages to say.

The ring slips from his fingers and comes crashing to the ground with a huge TINK TUNK echoing through each of their ears, cutting through their hearts like a dagger.

It was as if Maan’s breathe got stuck right in his throat, and was choking him! Those two words, just those two words, were shredding his heart into pieces. Something only his Mishty could do, since his heart no longer belonged to him, but to her. But how could she treat his heart like this!

“I can’t right now. I have been trying to tell you the good news I received this morning. I got into Oxford University with a full scholarship and I am leaving Sunday night.”

Maan just stood their mum, drowning in his own pain. She said no and she is leaving was all that his heart was pumping.

She throws herself on Maan and hugs him. “Please Maan you know how much this means to me. I have been working since I was 5 years old for this dream and its finally becoming true.”

“I am only 18 years old maan. I never imagined getting married right now. Education has always been on my mind. I want to marry you! and I will marry you once I come back as an independent woman who has accomplished her dream.”

“Maan why aren’t you saying anything? You know I love you! Please. Please don’t do this.”

Maan starts to laugh. Surprising and shocking even Geet.

“She loves me she says. . . .She loves me?”, Maan says chuckling.

“You will be gone for 4 years can you imagine your life without me for four years Geet ?”

“I can’t imagine a day without you and you WANT ME TO LET YOU GO FOR 4 YEARS!”, he starts to raise his voice as his anger took over him.

” Tonight I wanted to make you mine forever, and you are telling me your important good news you were dying to tell me was that you will be leaving me for 4 years to complete you dream, your education” he says in pain!

” I thought I had become part of your dream Geet?”

“You always said your love was crazy for me, so your love was greater for me than mine was for you. BUT I BEG TO DIFFER GEET! I BEG TO DIFFER!

“Why can’t you complete your education here? WHAT IS WRONG WITH INDIA HAAN!”


All Geet could say in pain was “Maan . . .”. She couldn’t see passed or think passed his accusation of you don’t love me.

Instantly something clicked inside Maan’s head.

“oh! I get it now. . .Is Yash going to?”

Geet was scared to answer. The silence was killing him. Giving Maan thoughts, which were killing him inside.


“YES he is also going. But that doesn’t mean. . .”

Maan didn’t let her finish. He stops by pointing his finger out to her, as if not wanting to know anymore.

“So he has finally made his move. Finally has been able to weave his way into your heart that is ONLY MINE!”

Geet stood there shocked. He couldn’t believe this was her Maan speaking. Her Maan would never say such words. Her Maan trusted her, trusted her love for him, so then who was this person in front of her.

” He is only a close friend! Aur kuch bi nahi! He also got into Oxford University that is why he is going.

“NO that is why you are going because he is going! And I won’t be there so you two lovebirds will have all the alone time you will need!”

“Are you CRAZY!I don’t love him!”

“Yes I am crazy!! I am crazy for you! Just five minutes ago you told me to not to leave, when I wasn’t even going anywhere. But you want to go away from me how is that fair?”

“You want to prove that you love me then don’t go! Stay here with me. You want to get an education so bad get it here.”

” I have to prove my love to you now? You don’t trust me? Before you came into my life. Education and becoming independent was my priority and it still is! I thought you out of everyone understood me.”

“I could ask the same to you. You don’t trust me? I am not like your father Geet! I would never treat you like your father treated your mother! That is why you are willingly putting thousands of miles of distance between us, to get an education, because just one day I may leave you like your father left both you and your mother. That is why you need to become independent so just one day when I leave you, you will be able to support yourself.”

His own words were hurting him, to think that his Geet could ever think that he would leave her midway.

“Go! Go to whatever hell you want Geet. GO after your first priority. Go Enjoy your life with YASH. Don’t worry I will make sure to forget you! It will be as if you never existed.”

Maan’s rage and anger had taken control over his body. He wasn’t thinking. After hearing that she was leaving him, he said whatever came to his mouth! Most of the time he did not even really mean any of it, but who was going to tell that to Maan or Geet?

This was the final blow to Geet though!

” Someone who thinks so cheap of me, Someone who can’t understand me, Someone who doesn’t trust me, Someone who so easily can erase me from there life forever and yet, he is still wondering why I didn’t say yes to him”, she said in complete disgust and anger as a tear trailed down her right eye.

She turned around with out giving a second look. She didn’t even have time to gather up the million pieces of her heart. She just ran! She didn’t want to show him how the poison of his words was spreading through her blood, making her weak.

Everything was becoming dark, wherever she was looking there was fog everywhere, the ground was disappearing. All Geet was hearing was his voice laughing saying, “ she says she loves me” , ” you don’t love me” , ” I am not like your father Geet”, “Go enjoy yourself with YASH”, ” I will forget you”, Geet was covering her ears wincing in pain. She wanted to escape, but where too escape. She was drowning. Drowning in the pain of his words.

Geet finally wakes up screaming, covered in sweat. Yash immediately comes to her. Geet just throws herself at him and hugs him. She was shaking in fear. It was terrifying for having to relive such a moment of her life all over again, even if it was a dream it did happen!

” I am here Geet. It was just a bad dream nothing else.”

Geet winces in pain as another tear trickles down her cheek. How much she always wished it were just a bad dream.


She took a step out of her private jet and finally after 5 years she took a step onto India’s soil. She walked with Yash beside her, and her 6 bodyguards behind her until they reached a sleek long black limousine.

As they drove away Yash asks her, ” Are you okay?”

“Yeah .”

Yash just gives her a weak smile and looks the other way.

They reached the five star hotel and both got ready for Mr. Chopra’s business party they were invited too. They sat back in the limousine and off they went to the party.

As soon as she stepped out, a crowd of media reporter bombarded her with questions.

“Miss Handa how does one of the top business woman of London feel to be back to her own country after 5 years”,

“Miss Handa are you and your partner Mr. Yash dating?”

“Any plans of getting married and settling down?”

Yash and her bodyguards helped her get through the media crowd. Gosh there was so many of them, she accidently trips forward, and was expecting to come crashing to the cold ground but instead lands into two strong and hard muscular arms. Her eyes were closed from the fear of falling, but now there was a new fear of opening her eyes. There was something very familiar about the hold around her.

As she opened up her eyes, her breath hitches as she finds herself in the same arms of the person she was madly in love with. She could feel herself drowning in his eyes. He still has the same effect on you her heart told her. The same heart that got broken in to pieces, then why was it rejoicing?

It was as if time stood still for Maan. He couldn’t believe who was in his arms. She was glowing. She was more beautiful than ever before. His heart was beating rapidly, as if for the past 5 years it wasn’t beating at all.

Soon Yash and her bodyguards come and Maan pulls her up in a standing position. As soon as his eyes falls on Yash, the pain and anger resurfaced from his cold and sealed walls of his heart.

“Excuse us”, Yash says making the mistake of looking into his red blood shot eyes.

“Come on, Miss Geet Handa, let them also hear the good news as well”.

Geet’s feet froze in place. She was still lost in their moment, but the venom of his voice and question snapped her out of it. She turns around and her eyes were pleading to him, Don’t do this Maan. Please don’t do this?

Instantly he loses his tongue, and forgets what he was about to say.

He just quickly goes inside and runs to the bathroom. What just happened? Why did he stop? And most importantly, why was his heart beating with joy? Why was his body tingling with sensations?

“Nooo”, he screams.

“She left me”, his voice cracks in pain.

“How can you forget that night Maan! How can you forget about how she tore your heart and left you . . Haan?”

“Just because she’s here doesn’t make the pain go away. For 5 years she made you bleed. She made you bleed with pain of being separated from her, made you bleed from the pain of her rejecting and leaving you. You gave her your heart, and all she did was give it back broken and bleeding. You were supposed to forget about her remember? Now go back and don’t give a damn about her!”


Geet was talking with Mr. Chopra and how happy he was when working with her in London, and wanting to work with her again. Just then Mr.Chopra calls out, “Mr.Khurana” who was trying to pass by without getting noticed, except that did not work out to well.

Maan stops and comes over to Mr.Chopra.

“I would like you to meet one the best businesswomen of London Miss Geet Handa.”

“And Miss Handa I would like you to meet the best business tycoon of India, Mr. Maan Singh Khurana.”

All though they were just staring at each other and didn’t want to touch each other, afraid of the consequences, they had to shake hands. When there hands touched, not one of them could deny the old feelings that were arising in them. The walls that took them years to build from the pain in their hearts, melted within seconds! How was that fair?

Thinking back when we got together
In our hearts we were saying forever
So in love, boy we were so in love,

” We have already met Mr. Chopra”, Geet was first to speak.

“Oh really? If I may ask when?”, Mr. Chopra asks intrigued.

” Before she left her country and got a British accent”, Maan answers with a smirk.

” I hope my accent doesn’t bother you now, Mr. Maan Singh Khurana”, Geet says using a more emphasis on her accent.

On the contrary Maan was really liking it. Especially the way she said his name with that cute little accent of hers. Wait what did he just call her accent, “cute“, maan mentally slaps himself!

“Wow that’s quite a few years back. You guys must know each other really well then” ,Mr Chopra smiles.

” We did, before she put thousands of miles of distance between us”, he said with some sort of pain that was masked with the venom in his voice.

“Well then I will leave you two to catch up! Enjoy yourselves” and leaves.

Soon Mr. Chopra yells out for some music.

Geet was about to turn away, when Maan grabs her wrist and drags her into the dance floor.

“Choro mujhe Mr. Khurana.”

As she turns to leave maan grabs her and pulls her close.

” Mr.Khurana? Good, so you know where we stand. At least hear the answer to your question. And no I don’t have a problem with your accent as much as I have a problem with you. Why didn’t you stay where you belong, thousands of miles away from me?”

“Just like you I have also been invited here and it’s not like I came here to meet you. I didn’t even know you would be here”, Geet snapped back.

Maan then puts her hand on his shoulder so people think that they are just dancing.

” Stop trying to act so smart Geet, you have come back after hearing I am getting engaged to Samira Roy tomorrow right?”

Maan twirls her around and she comes back into his arms. Geet looks at him upsettingly, trying to hide her pain after getting the shock of her life. But she remembers the promise she made to Yash, and she was not going to let him get to her. She was not going to let the pain break her.

“Ghabraho maat Mr. Khurana, I don’t plan to come back into your life and sabotage it. What did you think I have come back to force myself on you, well than let me be the first to break the bad news to you that you are wrong. I have better things in my life to focus on.”

Maan then slowly dips her down. 

and says, ” Of course how can I forget. Your Yash! You have to focus on him, you always have!

They start to sway to the left and right.

“Maybe I will, he at least deserves it unlike you.”

“Maybe I should give him a heads up before you leave him as well. I don’t think you can stick with one person for too long you see Miss Geet Handa.”

Geet let’s go of him her eyes spitting out nothing but pain.

” Go! Go tell him Maan. Go warn him maybe he will listen to you and leave me, because I honestly give him nothing but pain. He loves me, but I could never love him the way he loves me, because my heart is still busy being in love with a Zaalim Singh Khurana”, she says as she runs out.

She tried, except when the pain always could break her when he was never there, how could she when he is right in front of her not let the pain break her? How could she make the pain decide to play nice and not break her this time when he stood right in front of her?

And here it comes again
Cause I remember every word that you said
It all just keeps spinning around in my head
But it don’t matter what I try to do
I keep on forgetting to forget about you

That hit Maan hard somewhere. He didn’t know what to think. If she loved him, then why separate herself from him. Just then Yash comes up to him.

” There is one thing I can’t stand and that is her tears, and for the past 5 years I could make an ocean out of the tears she has shed for you. A part of me just wants to beat you black and blue for all the pain you have caused her. Even when she wants to move on, wants to forget, her heart still holds on to you and makes her forget to forget about you.”

“The reason why she left to London was because the college she got accepted and given a scholarship here in India her father was working there. She didn’t want to run into him everyday and remind herself of her terrifying past of what her and her mother had to go through because of him. BUT you, who claimed to love her, never gave her a chance to fully explain, never tried to understand her.”

“There hasn’t been a day where she did not remember you. My love for her is selfless, but she still loves you Maan, whose love is nothing but selfish. Can it even be called love then? Although it pains me, I just want her to be happy. So go before it’s too late. Go after her!”

Maan just ran! He didn’t deserve her! He was a heartless monster who only thought about himself. He really was a Zaalim Singh Khurana!

He stops as he sees Geet sitting outside on a garden bench, trying to stop her tears.

He slowly walks up to her, not knowing how to meet her eyes. He bends down and places his hands on her knees at first startling Geet, but she just looked the other away seeing it was him.

“You were right. You were always right. Your love is greater than mine was for you.”

“Your love is crazy for loving a Zaalim Singh Khurana like me.”

“Instead of understanding you I pushed you away myself. If you physically put thousand of miles of distance between us, I put millions of miles distance between our hearts.”

“I am so sorry. I was jealous of Yash for being with you, and I couldn’t. I was scared of losing you knowing that he loved you too. But right now, I feel like he deserves you more than I do. But I can’t see you with him. I can’t see you with anyone else. This insecurity pushed me away from you. I should have trusted you. I should of understood you. Please forgive me. Please forgive your Zaalim Singh Khurana.”

“I hate you!”

Although it hurt Maan to bits he knew he deserved it.

“I hate you for making me forget to forget about you.”

“I hate you for I can never hate you even if I want to!”

“I hate you for making my heart forgive you 5 years ago!”

“I just hate you Mr. Zaalim Singh Khurana! I hate you!”

She said everything in her cute British accent as she held on to the collar of his shirt.

Maan couldn’t take it anymore and slams his lips against hers. It took every ounce of Geet’s self control to push him away.

“You are getting engaged? How can you kiss me!”

Maan just smirks and takes in her lower lip, whispering, “that was a lie. You know everything is fair in love and war!”

Geet couldn’t explain how overjoyed she was. She slips in her tongue, letting herself taste every corner and inch of his mouth that was always rightfully hers.

Maan starts pushing her up the bench. Soon she was lying on her back against the bench, while Maan was on top of her. They were in their own world. After five years the thousands of miles apart, turned to zero millimeters apart and the stitches of their hearts were finally dissolving and fading away. They could here the clicking of cameras, but not even that could stop these two found lovers, I mean haters from letting go of each other. Not tonight, not tomorrow, not forever.


3 thoughts on “I Hate You

  1. angelickushi says:

    nice one…

  2. Beautiful and brilliant is well written loved the emotions well done

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