I see right through you-Chapter 27


“Not Again”

It was 4 in the morning and here she was outside his mansion. The Security guard let her slip in easily, remembering how his last counter with her almost made him pee in his pants from fear. Not to forget to mention it was still raining heavily, but being drenched was the least of her concerns at the moment. She looked toward the direction of his room and saw the lights of his room off. Of course it was 4 in the morning, she was the only vamp like human awake at this hour.

The security guard caught that. “Maan sir is out in–” he stops short seeing her bring her deadly glare toward him. He shuts up, all he wanted to do was do something nice and get on her good side. But instead she shoots him a deadly glare, “ I didn’t come to see your damn boss”.

“So then why have you come?”

Geet opens her mouth to say something, but nothing came out, “pata nahi”, she says trying to leave, oblivious to the fact that she was running in the opposite direction she came from.

Only one thing ran through her mind, “Why was she here? Why did she take a different route this time just to pass by his house? Why did she look toward the direction of his room? Why did something near her heart prick when she saw the lights of his room off?”.

Before she could justify and answer her own questions, her heel breaks, twisting her foot and as a result comes thrashing forward. She winced in anguish, and the tears began to flow. She didn’t even have the energy to fight against her tears, even though she hated them. The tears weren’t for the pain she felt on the heel of her foot, but for the throbbing fire burning within her and setting her ablaze, consuming her whole.  The tears were for the past she had to relive moments ago. The tears were for the ruse of a life she was living for the past 10 years. She was cracking and there was only one person to blame. . “Maan”, his name comes out of a soft whisper.

Right then her body jolted as she felt a familiar touch against her shoulders.  Speak of the devil and he shall appear, Geet thought to herself. She dared to move the gaze of her eyes up and meet his warm, full of love and concerned filled eyes.  He placed his coat over her shoulders, shielding her from the rain, while she remained numb and lost into his eyes.

He picks her up and carries her in his arms. He looked straight ahead, but she continued to stare at him. Their silence was speaking the language of their hearts. She unknowingly scrunched her head closer and tightened her grip around his neck. He was warm, made her tingle in places, even through the drenching cold rain. She waited for him to say something, it almost felt suffocating. She waited for him to question her with questions that she would not know how to answer. But no, he barely even looked at her, a sinking feeling building in her chest. Maan stops finally reaching her car, and  places her inside the driver’s seat . He turns away when suddenly he felt a small pressured touch around his wrist.

His eyes close as he winces, fighting back every cell in his body not to cave in and try to take her pain away.  “I will give you two options. Either question me or call the police to do it for you”, she breaks the silence that was becoming unbearable.

He opens his eyes, but doesn’t turn around. “It doesn’t matter whether I question you or if the police does, because when you continue to lie to yourself how will you tell me or the police the truth?” he utters the cold truth, taking Geet by surprise.

“Like you said before, the game you play and the game you let other people see are two different things, so why should I even bother asking you Geet?”, he leans down near her face.

“Or would you rather me answer your questions, which are written crystal clear all over your eyes, so then you can deny them with some convoluted excuse of your plan to ruin me. Bolo na Paagli..chup kyun hai?”, he ushered coldly, exerting the intensity of his brooding eyes on her, as he closed more in, reducing the gap between their lips to a few centimeters.

“I know you feel it, if your not scared I dare you to come a little closer”, he huskily challenged.

Geet grabs him by the collar, bringing him slightly closer so that when she spoke her lips grazed his lips, ” What. Are. You. Doing. To. Me”, she moans in a soft whisper.

“Go to sleep Khurana. . ” she chuckles pushing him away, and immediately drives away using every ounce of her self-control, leaving her frantically beating heart with Maan.

“Dargayi. .you are falling for me Paagli, that’s why your heart’s restlessness led you hear to me four in the morning. Neither can you sleep, nor can I. I don’t know why you are fighting it, but i won’t let you win. You will cave in to your love for me, yeh waada hai mera tumse”.


Geet finally arrives home. She dragged her physically and mentally exhausted body up the stairs and into her bathroom. She turns on the shower, and walks in, as if letting the hot water wipe off Rahul’s touch, or were it her sins?

She just stood under the water, wanting to make her body numb against the hot temperature of the water. She didn’t want to feel. Wanted everything to go back to the way things used to be before he entered her life.

Her thoughts suddenly wonder off to when …

His car spread mud all over her clothes, and she broke his headlights with her high heels.
When her dupatta flew away from her and onto his face as he drove his motorcycle almost causing him to crash.
When he gives her dupatta back and helps her fix her broken down car.
Their make out session in the car.
Their motorcycle ride home.
The way he was their the next day to drive her to college.
The way she she went to college with a salwar kameez only because of him.
When he entwined his fingers in her hand and dragged her to class, as if claiming her as his.
The way he checked her out in the white sari as his business party, where she found out he wanted to marry her.
The way he confessed his love for her at the corridor, away from his business party.
The way she dirty danced with him at the club.
The way she tore his heart out of his chest as she kissed Dev.
The way he joined her college, for his revenge.
The way he flirted to boil her blood.
The way he tricked her into the dare of wearing the sari.
The way they were getting drenched in the rain as he held on to her pallu. 
The way she whispered,”I trust you”, as she held on to her dear life when he pushed her off the cliff.
The way they rode the horse together.
Their moment among the stairs and night sky.
The way only his image appeared inside her when rahul kissed her.
The way he shielded her against the rain tonight.
The way he didn’t even question her for trespassing into his property.
The way her heart beated against her chest as he leaned closer, questioning her. Seeing right through her.
“I see right through you Geet”, she remembered his words from their moment in the farm house, under the stars.

“Nahiiii”, a whisper slips from her lips as her eyes immediately snap open.

She finds her hands shaking. Her heart was beating like a humming bird held in the hand frantic to escape.  No this was happening to her…not again!

“NAHIIII”, she screams slamming her fist against the tiled wall.

“As soon as the sun rises, I am gonna end this! Once and for all!”, she scrunched her fist deeper as her eyes spit out fire.

“Fun time over. No more time for distractions. I am gonna end this my way”.

“Run Khurana, I am coming for you”, almost like a plead escaped from her lips.

Drinking this poison, the stories always say “kill it would”,
No it doesn’t kill, if only it could!
All day and all night, it just knows how to terrorize your heart and life,
Cutting the already broken pieces of your heart with a knife! 
Love is its dreadful name, and always comes prepared with a pretty face!
Behind it’s beauty lays the poison in its case!
Don’t ever fall for its game.
I made sure I never do the same!
For the longest time, the doors of my heart were locked and closed away!
Not even the rays of sunlight could penetrate through during a hot and sunny day!
Hatred, revenge, and Loneliness were the only friends I knew.
But then everything changed the day I bumped into you!
I hated you and I still do!
Who told you to break through?
Your face so innocent and pure!
But let me tell you I won’t fall for your lure!
Not again! I told myself, “NOT AGAIN”.
Be it if indifference and arrogance I have to feign!
But let me tell you once more
” Not Again. Now go!” and kindly show yourself out my heart’s door!

By: Zee


It’s night, and Geet comes to Maan’s office and closes the door behind herself. Maan hears the click of the door and smirks. He turns around with one spin in the chair he was sitting in.

Sorry if the update is shorter than usual…i actually need some time to write the next part, it’s very important so i want it to be perfectly etched out. Hope you like the update and poem 🙂 Do like and comment 😛


19 thoughts on “I see right through you-Chapter 27

  1. gill123 says:

    Loved it

  2. love2soma says:

    so wht is geet up to nw………….lets see wht happens nw………she is sooooooooo confused……………

    awesome update……………

    loved it…………..

    thank u very much fr d lovely update n fr d pm also…………

    waiting eagerly fr d nxt prt…………

    continue soon plz………

    • mrszsk says:

      That’s the question that is running in everybody’s minds now. She is not confused, she is more frustrated with herself and kind of in denial. Don’t really blame her with all the things she has been through. Awwh thank you, glad you loved the update 🙂

  3. paponecon says:

    what will geet do nw…does maan know abt this…

  4. Neetikapoor says:

    Nice n plzzz try to update regular n first update of maaneet ff n after wards you can update RK madhu’s ff plzz first maaneet ff

    • mrszsk says:

      Dear, i can’t update regularly. I would i could, but i do not have the time. And another thing, i haven’t even updated my Rishbala FF so i don’t know why you are asking me to udpate first maaneet, because that’s what i exactly did. I updated my Maaneet FF’s first. I am going to be updating my work in turns, not going to be more favoring to any particular one and will treat them equally 🙂

  5. dia0n says:

    awesome part !!!
    Wish she fall in her own trap, it would bring them more closer.

  6. tabindaareeb says:

    now what does she intend to do
    she is falling badly for him

    • mrszsk says:

      The way she always intends to end things, with her having the upperhand and inflicting as much pain as she can so ppl hate her and run the other way. But yes she is changing, and feelings are definately brewing inside her. Will she be able to do it?

  7. anu says:

    awesome part
    wat is she is thinking now.. wat she will do

  8. angelickushi says:

    wats she upto now
    i thought armaan wud hv told maan abt her past

    • mrszsk says:

      I think the good question would be what is Geet not up to? LOL! She is always up to something. Your thought is somewhat right, but not totally. Armaan does not have the right exactly to tell a past that’s not his to someone else, even if it’s Maan. But Armaan is also up to something, so wait for the next update to see what 😉

  9. spvd says:

    part 27
    cont soon……………….


  10. Madhuri says:

    What she is upto…kahi kuch gadabd na ho jaye aur apne hi trap na phas jaye…hope maan comes to know this


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