Chains of the DeViL: Chapter 1


“The Original Encounter”

Ever felt like something bad was indeed in store for you, like when your day starts on a horrible note, or the universe is just against you for some unknown reason? A feeling you can’t even explain to yourself, except that you feel it linger around the air you are breathing. Maybe it’s just wise for you to stay inside for the day, because you just don’t know what the devil may have planned for you.

‘Oh god, bai sahab you can just stop here”, a sweet flustered voice chimes, handing money to the driver and quickly jumps out of the taxi.

She was late, terribly late and since the whole universe was against her this morning she just had to get stuck in Mumbai traffic. She pushes the bangs of her hair back, firmly holds on to her dupatta, and starts to make a run for it.

“Excuse me…sorry. . .Pardon me”, she whizzes through everyone with an apologetic look on her face. Yeah you could say it felt like a matter of life and death at the moment.

After ten minutes she reaches the entrance of the building, and just when she pulls to open the door, she gets welcomed with some hot coffee spilling all over her.

“Bloody hell”, a yelp escapes from her throat, as her clothes soaked in the hot coffee.

Maybe she had woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, that’s why the universe was against her today. She had half a mind to just give up and turn around, nothing felt right or was going right.

“I am so sorry”, the man apologizes for the millionth time, bringing her out of her thoughts.

“It’s okay” she weakly smiles and makes her way toward the elevator. She presses on the elevator button repeatedly, a lot more then necessary, just so it could open faster.

Her eyes take a moment and fall upon the coffee stain that was on her salwar kameez.

“Can my day get any worse?” She lets out a sigh.

The elevator dings open and she goes inside. As she waits to reach her floor, she takes the moment to wipe the coffee stain away and hide it under her dupatta. She reaches her floor and starts to walk out, still engrossed in trying to hide the stain by fixing her dupatta around it, not realizing the trouble she was just about to invite for herself.

It all happened so fast—one second she is falling, the next she is in his arms, and he’s holding her tightly against his chest. She inhale’s his clean, vital scent. He smells of fresh-clean linen and some expensive body-wash. “Ufff”, her subconscious surrenders to his intoxicating smell, inhaling more deeply.

Her dupatta had fallen over his head, so neither could see the other, except stay numb to the electrical shock their bodies sent down their bodies the moment they collided with one another.

She sucks in her breath sharply, feeling one of his hands snake higher around her waist.  He tugs against her dupatta, slowly removing it from his face, and letting his eyes fall on the most angelic pair of hazel eyes, both alluring and sensual, with a touch of mischief.  He watches how her big eyes, enlarge even more with the sight that was in front of her. He smirks in response, knowing exactly the effect he had on girls.

“The bad hero catches a damsel in distress, I say now we should skip the falling in love part and go straight to the wedding”, he gives her a crooked smile, knocking the breath right out of her.

But her fantasy shatters the second it got formed, as soon she finds herself on the cold elevator floor.

“Or I could just drop you, just like you were supposed to fall, and move on with my life”, he scoffs leaning against the elevator wall in a nonchalant manner.

“You damn devil”, she slurs at him with her angry bemused eyes.

She turns around to leave, and not waste the time she didn’t even have on some super star arse. But as they always say, don’t ever speak so soon. In a blink of an eye he presses the stop button on the elevator and hurls her dupatta over her head and around her waist. Before she can decipher what was taking place she feels herself slam and mold against his body. The hands she intuitively used to protect herself were now holding the sides of his waist, tightly scrunching the material of his shirt. She immediately releases her hold and tries to pull away downward. Feeling her breath held captive inside her throat she immediately stops inside her tracks. Even with the barrier of his shirt, she could feel each groove and nook of his well-defined abs, quickening her heartbeats. She closes her eyes momentarily in order to compose her racing heart. She flutters her eyes to find him smirking right at her with his brooding and unwavering eyes, holding her prisoner.

“ If you want to have an epic love story with me, next time try something original babe, not something right out of my movie”, he flashes his signature lazy smile to her, tugging her closer by her waist, bringing her quivering lips closer to his.

“Choro mujhe. Tumhe suna nahi…Choro”, she fought and struggles against his hold, it was of no use. His long fingers just tightened even more with the grip he held her waist using her dupatta, chaining her to him.

Having had enough, she stops her struggle and looks straight into his dark and deep sexy eyes.

“Shaadi kyun? Hum straight honeymoon peh kyun nahi jaa sakte hai …Mister ..Kya bola . . haan Hero“, she twists her lips in a stern line.

“Kya main pooch sakti hoon, kis angle se? Mujhe toh kuch nahi dik raha” she mocks, taking out all her built up anger from her bad day on him, not caring if it didn’t hold any truth.

She inwardly smiles seeing him finally release her. She snatches her dupatta and places it to where it belonged.

She dares to come close, too close, and peer into his eyes one last time. “Yeh devilish aankhe, pig headed ego, and I am sure heartless as well make for a perfect villain. Maybe that’s why you lost the Best Filmfare actor award to Avinash. Weren’t a good enough actor to play the hero and hide the damned devil in you. Such a shame.. really” she tsk-tsks, shaking her head in sarcastic sympathy.

Yes, she was an angel of a person most of the time, until you messed with her.

“Next time bring the trophy home Big Boy, then blow off hot air. Because all you got right now is money and good looks, and not even that could buy me”, she continues to attack his bloated ego as she walks toward the elevator buttons.

Just when she was going to pull on the stop button and make the elevator run her gaze falls on the muscular toned arm brushing past her right shoulder, holding on to the elevator wall. A second later she finds his other muscular arm, brush pass her left side.

She momentarily shudders under his touch, which she fought back against. “What the hell do you think you are doing”, her big eyes enlarge, showcasing her inner turmoil and anger.

A second to late as it almost melts the second he nuzzles his nose softly through the side of her hair, his husky breath fanning her. A shiver of pure pleasure runs down her spine, chilling her to the bone.

He stops right at the edge of her ear huskily whispering, “So you think I am good looking”. His baritone voice reverberates through her core as she laid in trance.

“stop”, she stutters in a soft whisper.

“Why, I am giving what you asked for sweetheart”, he runs his hands down her arms, heating up her blood immediately, her eyes closing in response. This temptation and attraction was alien to her, but felt so good.

After a few seconds his words finally dawned on her, snapping her awake. She shoves him away from herself, her eyes brimming with pure rage.

“Oyye Mr-So-called-Hero! Agar dobara istara se harkat ki toh mein–”

“Tumhe choroonga nahi”, RK cuts her off and finishes her sentence.

“Hain na?” He raises an eyebrow with a smirk beginning to etch across his inviting lips. Even Madhu found herself staring at them a little to long then necessary.

“Sorry to break it to you sweetheart, but I am a superstar”, he slowly took steps toward her, while she took steps backward trying to escape from the way he was hungrily approaching her.

“Nobody leaves me, in fact everybody wants a piece of me. Just like you do right now.  But you are not like the rest, you are a jungli billi ”, he purrs near her face to emphasis his point just as her body slams against the elevator wall.  The intensity he held her with the gaze of his eyes, should be illegal.

She refuses to fall for his irresistible charm, the sherni in her just wouldn’t allow it.

“Hmm. Well thank you for this fabulous encounter Mr. Superstar. I know exactly what I will be doing when I get home”. She smiles genuinely.

“Fan girl about our hot encounter in the elevator to your friends and make them jealous?”, he smirks.

“No. Even better”, her eyes glisten with excitement making him curious even more.

“and what exactly is that?” he chuckles in amusement.

“Oh just remind myself how my life is more amazing than a superstar who apparently has nothing better to do but to flirt with a stranger in an elevator”, she bursts into a small fit of laughter.

“I don’t know about my damsel in distress moment, but I sure hope our encounter was original for you. I look forward to seeing it in your next movie aur haan larki ki naam madhubala hona hi chahiye.” She brushes past his shoulder, there eyes momentarily locking, where Madhu took the opportunity and winks right at him before walking off.

“Ahaaan”, he huskily growls with a smirk.

His unwavering brown eyes predatorily watching her walk away until the elevator door cuts his gaze away.

What could be left to say except that a Devil was left intrigued. In a good or bad way only time would tell.


18 thoughts on “Chains of the DeViL: Chapter 1

  1. zariya khan says:

    seems to be awesome

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    Congratz !! for the FF.such a teriffic start , im sure its gona be roller coaster ride . looking forward for next update please post soon

  3. shals says:

    Awesome & Sizzling encounter! So the damsel-in-distress (NOT) has provoked the devil! superb start. love it.

  4. rishbala lover says:

    nice. very well written


  6. abika55 says:

    wow loved the start
    thanks for pm
    IF abika

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    Fabulous *claps*

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    outstanding start.i must say.please update fast.ot hurts to wait so long.

  11. haye
    what an awesome update
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    wah kya encounter tha dono ka awesome
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    Hey great start. Loved it hugs

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    Lovely update 😀 cont soon 😛

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    Waah kiya start hai love the start

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