I see right through you-Chapter 28


“Taking the pledge to set both of us free”

The sun peeked in through the windows of every house, shining bright, waking up everybody to its warm fuzzy feeling. But for some reason the day didn’t feel like it would be beautiful and bright. A dark cloudy forlorn feeling felt masked behind the bright sky. However Geet and Maan both got out of bed ignoring the restlessness and anxiousness in their hearts that was trying to warn them. Both taking a pledge before getting ready for what the day had to offer, good or bad, they would play all their final cards and strive to come out as the winner.


Maan reaches college a little early than usual. He had a lot on his mind, and didn’t know which one to tackle first. He was walking toward the entrance of the college when a loud roaring engine revs through the air. Maan turns around to find a guy in a motorcycle spinning in a circle around him before coming to a stop.

Maan scoffs his head to the side and then looks back at him. He had to admit, the guy had some nerve to challenge him, the MSK, like that. Students started to crowd around them to see what all the commotion was about, while Maan waited for him to take his helmet off so he could see the face behind this so called big shot.

He removes his helmet, and runs his hand through his sleek black hair, making his way toward Maan, while the grin on Maan’s face disappeared and shock replaced it.Everybody gasps recognizing him.

“Hey, I -“

Maan loses his cool and punches him across his face. “Tumhara himmat kaisi hui!” Maan seethed.

The guy holds his jaw, but couldn’t help from smiling, enraging Maan even more.

“Oh your a dead man now!” Maan charges toward him, but Dev and Vicky hold him back.

“Nahi bhai. Don’t make a big scene. Control yourself”, Vicky tries to explain to Maan.

“Why is Geet so lucky. She not only has Maan head over heels for her, but now this new guy t0o” , a girl in the crowd whines.

“Bahut pyaar karte ho usse. You really really love her. I got the answer I came for,” he says with an even bigger smile.

“That’s right. She may have ran away with you Armaan, but she loves me, samjhe tum!”

Armaan chuckles, very amused at the fact that he thought he loved Geet. Well he did, as a friend of course.

“So since you get the girl, do me a favor and don’t give up on that love, don’t give up on her Maan please.” He had concern written all over his face, melting Maan’s anger a little bit.

He turns around to leave, grabbing his helmet. But before putting it on he turns to Maan and says, “Oh and one last thing Mr. Possessive. I am the childhood best friend, not her lover. So if you do hurt her and she decides to spare you, which I highly doubt, I am going to come after you and repay the punch you gave me,” Armaan grins placing the helmet over his head.

However Geet had just pulled over and saw the blood on Armaan’s lips before he put his helmet on and sped away.

“Such a lucky bitch,” another girl says in jealousy who leaves not wanting to here about her boy woes.

Slowly everybody scatters away seeing Geet walk toward them in anger.

“What was Armaan doing here? And why was his lip bleeding” she says in a frantic haste.

“Mere samne tumhari liye pyaar izhaar kar raha ta! Of course I would punch him. You should be happy I left him alive,” he sneers and starts to walk away from her.

“What!” Geet yelps in utter disbelief.

“You heard me! And also left a little message for me, which I can’t disclose to you sorry darling. Now if you don’t mind I don’t want to be late for class.”

“Maan!” Geet yells, yanking him back by his arm, “Don’t play smart with me and tell me what message he left you”, she says in a cold demeanor, but she made the mistake of peering straight into his eyes.

Maan slams her against the hallway wall,” Kyun? Tumhe dar lagta hai.” His voice  dangerously husky and lips temptingly too close to hers.

 She narrows her eyes gritting her teeth hissing, “Uff! We have been over this-“

Maan grabs her by the arm, turns the knob of a closet, and throws her inside, following after her. It was a dark, yet she could feel his eyes pouring into her. She sharply gasps feeling his icy, yet tantalizing hands encircle around her waist. His body pressed her firmly against the wall, feeling his warm breath on her neck as he whisperes, “Yeah i know that your not scared of anything , but woh kya hai na sweetheart I dare to disagree .”

“Sshh”, Maan whispers leaning toward her face, his rough stubble gently scraping against her cheek, before Geet could try to fight back.

“These days a lot of things are starting to scare you, starting from your heart that you thought you didn’t have!” He whispers sliding his lusicious lips and hot breath near her ear, almost nipping it with his teeth.

A soft moan defyingly escapes her lips. Not believing her ears or her body she  pushes him away, hastily finds the knob of the door, and twists it open. But before she could escape to her freedom his hand caught hers and with one tug she gets whirled  into his chest, molding against his body. His smoldering and spicy scent traveling up her nose as her lips presses against the nape of his neck, tainting her lips with unquenched desire.

He slams her back against the door with his body, entwining his fingers with hers, spreading her arms out  and pinning them against the door.

 “Only cowards run away, but your Geet Handa. You are not scared of anyone, but yourself. You are scared of your heart. .  I can feel it.” He huskily whispers bringing his hovering lips down her neck, finding the base of her neck, and planting a chaste kiss. Geet shamelessly moans louder as his touch broke through her, her head moving back in response to give him more room.

“You respond so well to my touch” he growls.

“Stop.Please.You.Don’t.Understand.What.You.Are.Doing”, Geet pleads through her staggering and uneven breathes. Desperation and anger clearly visible in her tone.

“Sshh paagli!” He hushes her finally freeing her hands, and pulling her chin upwards towards his thirsty lips with his index finger.

“Stop talking and just listen for once,” he rasps, releasing her chin and trailing his fingers down her throat.  Geet digs her nails fiercely inside the palms of her fists, trying to fight against the muscles in her body that clenched hard.

She let’s out a rasping uneven breathe as he slows down his speed and trails his finger slowly along her exposed collarbone.She didn’t want to feel this way, neither could she fight against him or herself.

Reaching the edge of her collarbone, he slowly moves downward, toward her heart, and stops.

“Dhak Dhak ..Dhak Dhak”, he whimpers near her face.

“Do you hear that. Your heart’s starting to beat again.”

“Dhak dhak…Dhak dhak” he growls running butterfly kisses down her neck.

“Dhak dhak sirf aur sirf mere liye” he groans, planting a lingering kiss right on her heart.

“I said STOP IT.” She gave a low moan of despair, holding him by the collar of his shirt and slamming him to the opposite wall.

She fought back against her brewing tears, she wanted to feel angry. She was angry, but her voice just sounded so desperate, as if in need. In need of his touch, his warmth,  his– love.

“I won’t STOP! Not until you admit to yourself that your scared,” he raved angrily, fisting his hand in her hair, pulling her back, and cupping the back of her head, forcing her to crush her lips against his.

She protested, tried to push him away, dug her nails into his skin trying to pry him off, then suddenly stops. She was responding back, moving in sync with his lips, and increasing the fervor. It wasn’t lust, it was need. 

If it wasn’t for the demand for air, neither would cease in their actions in drinking the madness out of each other.

“Tumhe dar lagta hai tum apni jazbaat ko kaabo nahi kar paaogi.” His lips traveled down to her shoulder, Geet letting out a maddening sigh, wanting his lips back to where they belonged.

She pulls him back, letting his tongue into her mouth, claiming and possessing her. It wasn’t enough she needed more.  Her hands knot into his hair, pulling it, hard. He groans, a low sexy sound in the back of his throat that rings through Geet. His hand slowly moves down her body to the top of her thigh, his fingers digging into her flesh through her skirt, feelings of more exhilarating pleasure than pain seeps into her core.

“Tumhe dar lagta hai Miss Geet Handa agar main pata chal gaya tumhari dark secret ki barre mein toh . . .”

Geet’s eyes snap awake, pulling away from Maan.

“Tumhe kya hoga paagli” he smirks, huskily whispering into her ear, nipping it one last time before walking out the closet ,leaving her to ponder with the ravenous flames of the fire of the dangerous game they were playing.

The reality and pain of what transpired between them buckled her, making her legs limp. Her body slowly slides down the door to the ground as the lingering feelings of his kiss still remained itched in her.

Tears started to cascade down her eyes before she could fight against them. An exasperated sob rips from her throat, which she tries to hold back with her hand. Her hands were shaking, with the frightening possibility of truth that laid behind Maan’s words. However there was a more scarier truth, that was certain.

“Dhusht Danav! Only one thing scares me now! Kyun samajhte kyun nahi ki mein kis hadtak ghir sakti hoon, soch kar bhi mujhe dar lagta hai. Main Geet Handa hoon …Geet Handa! Aur aakhiri jeet hamesha meri ki hoti hai, sorry sweetheart.” She wipes her tears aways and gets ready to play, dirty!

When a girl has lost everything then there is no fear because she has nothing to lose, not even herself.  There is no limit to falling low, because in her eyes that self-worth and reason to be good was lost a long time ago.


(Same one from the previous chapter…sorry couldn’t fit that into this chapter..but here is a new one)

“ I had given you countless warnings, but you didn’t listen. So for what Is about to happen next is totally on you!”

“Now tumhare paas sirf doh options hai” she sits on his chair with a wicked gleaming smile.

Okay this took me a very long time to write, because i really wanted you guys to feel the depth of maaneet’s love for one another. This may seem as lust, but it goes beyond that. I emphasized need , which i will elaborate more on in the future chapters. What is that need that draws Geet to Maan..do any of you know?

Well as you guys can see both are playing all their cards and want to come out as winner. But i just wanted you to see in this chapter that whatever happens in this game, both Maan and Geet have validating reasons behind wanting to come out as winner. For Geet it’s more than denial, it’s PAIN. For Maan it’s more than ego, it’s LOVE, and always has been.

Geet has something big and bad planned, but Maan has her where he wants her to be…can you guess who will win? More importantly who do you want the winner to be?

Also there are two climax’s in this FF, a middle and final climax. So hold on tight for the ride as the middle climax is not to far away.

Anyways I hope I was able to make you feel the depth of maaneet’s love in this update. I would appreciate if you comment and hit the like button for me to get the impression that you did understand 🙂


Zee ❤


14 thoughts on “I see right through you-Chapter 28

  1. love2soma says:

    inn dono k yeh ladai kab khatam hoga……….

    superb n beautiful update…

    loved it very much…

    thank u very much fr d lovely update n fr d pm also…

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    continue soon plz…

  2. abi says:

    the need for geet is she needs the love of maan for her
    lovely update
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  3. boishakhi says:

    zee first thing will you update often please?i want maan to win.i want maan to get geet out of her shell.anyway nice update.

  4. Kiran Nautiyal says:

    Geet is also melting…but what it is that made her like this….what is the secret she is keeping….Armaan wanted to know whether Maan loves Geet truely or not….
    very interesting update….
    thanx for pm…

  5. gill123 says:

    Just loved it

  6. angelickushi says:

    loved it
    though maan was angry on armaan but he got to know that he is no lover but friend
    eagerly waiting for the ride

  7. tabindaareeb says:

    nice update zee 🙂

  8. awesome update maan hit armaan for no reason glad he found out he is her friend and not loved and maan ego needs to be tamed awesome update loved it

  9. madhuri53 says:

    geet ne aisa kya kha ke vo pehle hi gir chiki hai…..what happened that she lost her self esteem…..only maan’s love can bring her back…what options she is talking about

  10. erum says:

    awesome tha yaar

  11. ruhakhan says:

    i loved the update it was awesome
    and the way dey are playing the game its interesting
    i want maan to win because he is playing for love
    do update soon

  12. Teju says:

    Both r playing with each other… Uff..Stubborn lovers… Let’s whos gonna win?

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