Messages (To keep you updated)

Hey guys! I am so happy to see my blog growing and people loving my stories*Me sending a big bone crushing hug to you all*.  So I decided to make a place where I could talk to you guys and let you know what’s going on with me and my stories 🙂 I know I have been very irregular in updating. At the moment I have lost inspiration to write for some reason. And i don’t want to force myself to write because then i will end up writing something totally crappy! Ideas are flowing in my head, but i just can’t pen them down :(. I am trying to overcome this though and hopefully by the end of next week you will see me back to updating on a more frequent basis.

With that said here is some good news 😛  You can go here by clicking on this link –> Coming soon new stories

and yes you will read of an upcoming new story with it’s banner 😉

Hope you like it! Till next week! Love you guys!


Zee (Mrs.ZSK)


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