Accidentally in love: Chapter 1


“Accidentally in Love”

Chapter: 1

“I swear on your Babaji if you do anything to make the guy and his family run away tomorrow, I will get you married to our servant!” I could here my lovely mother threaten me even though I had my headphones on and was listening to music on full blast. But I pretended I didn’t hear her and continued with my workout.

“Geetangalie Handa!” She yells at the top of her lungs.

I take my headphones immediately out, hearing my full name. “Oh come on Maa. Why do you always think I make the guy and his family run away all the time. I am sorry I am not as beautiful or fit as your friend’s daughters.” I turned my face away from my mom to show I was hurt.

“Badmaash!” My mom grabs me by my shoulder and turns me around.

“Don’t you try to fool me. I don’t know why you decided to become a cop, when you would of probably have broken the record of the most Filmfare awards ever won if you became a Bollywood actress.” She shook her head in disbelief.

“oh and you and ugly , oh please. You and your endless suitors have driven me crazy! Tujhe Sharam nahi aati , maa hoon teri. At least in front of me don’t act like an innocent and damsel in distress princess.”

I sliced the wooden small table in half with an air kick and looked straight at my mother.”Exactly maa. I am not a damsel in distress princess, I am an independent cold hearted sherni who can take care of herself. Now if i am a burden on you, tell me I shall leave, but stop pushing me to get married, please.”

I could here my mother sharply gasp. She slightly opens her mouth to say something, but changes her mind. Her accusing eyes did the talking even though she already had walked out of my gym. I knew I had hurt her.


I reached my mother’s room and was about to knock on her door when I heard her sobbing and talking to a photo. “You not only left me, but also left me with your daughter. She is completely taken after you, stubborn and never listens to me. And just now I also found out she is paagal, bilkul aap ki tara. She thinks she is a burden on me, what do I do with this deewani. She doesn’t want to get married, and i don’t know how many days i have left—“

“MAA!”I yelled out a little louder then I intended to.

“You are not going anywhere. I won’t let you leave me to, samjhe aap. You haven’t even seen or played with your future 10 grandkids that you always wanted.”I fought back against the tears that were welling up in my eyes.

“Chup badmaash.” She throws her arms around me and envelops me in a hug. I held on to her tightly, and let her comfort me after a long time.

“I am not asking for you to blindly get married. Just give the guy and the family a chance, before showing your sherni side and gun at them.”

“Not fair maa, my gun is my husband. I can’t cheat on him with these roadside romeo’s. I am very loyal you see.” I winked at my mother.

” Uff, you are never going to change,” she lightly pushes me, but then starts to laugh with me.

“I am sorry maa. I didn’t mean to hurt you,” I lowered my eyes as I apologized.

“Who says you know only how to act innocent,” she winks at me just as she walked passed me.

“Maa,” I gape on at her in shock.”You were acting this whole time!”

“That is for me to know and for you never to find out” she quips, leaving me shocked out of my mind.

“Blackmailing is illegal maa. You are blackmailing a cop! Maa come back here, this is not fair! Maa!” I whined as i ran after her.

I finally found my mom, who was opening the house door. I walk up to her putting my angry cop face on, when suddenly I get pulled by my arm outside. In my head I was so ashamed of myself. Blackmailed and assaulted in just a matter of minutes. Babaji, this is a bad sign for tomorrow. I just know it!

“Kamini, you forgot to wish me a happy birthday!” I heard my favorite Kamini scream in my ear.

“It’s not my fault. I was busy getting blackmailed” I retorted giving a glare to my mother.

“Oyye don’t you go cop on me, it’s not my fault you have a innocent and soft heart, which you try to hide from the world. Meera, you have my full permission to punish her in any way you like for her forgetting to wish you on your birthday.”

“Thank you Aunty jii! I was just waiting for your permission. Let’s go you kamini! You have to make me have the best birthday of my life now as your bail for committing the crime of forgetting your best friend’s birthday!”

“What has the world come too. The two biggest drama queens just had to be my mother and my best friend. I am a COP, you guys don’t forget that.”

“Your threat doesn’t work on me. Let’s go before I handcuff you with your own handcuffs.” Meera pulled me all the way to her car,and of course if I didn’t love her so much I wouldn’t of let her get away with it.

My mother just laughed. “Have fun you two. Oh and by the way Meera, my gift for you will be that you can come  and see how nice and proper Geet will behave with the suitor who is coming tomorrow,” my mother chirps with glee.

“WHAT!Omg thank you so much Aunty Jii. I love you” She sends out a blowing kiss to her before sitting in the car. I just turned my face away from her and looked out the window, clearly irritated. The two most important people in my life were jumping in joy and set to ruin my life over this damn suitor.

“Oyye. It’s my birthday. Stop acting like it’s your funeral. I should be mad even more at you now. Atleast Aunty jii invited me, you weren’t even going to tell me let alone invite me. Some best friend you are yaar.Hmph!”

“I didn’t tell you cuz I hate you. I thought that was obvious babe,” I sticked out my tongue at her, as i couldn’t think of a better comeback.

Meera bursts out laughing. “You love me and you know it kamini. Or else i would be writhing in jail right now with the way I assaulted you. But no here i am kidnapping you! Awwh, i love you too kamini.” She winked at me, biting her lip, trying hard to not burst out laughing.

“Acha, you should be worried then not excited for tomorrow. What if I fall in love with this suitor tomorrow. You can kiss me loving you so much goodbye! I will only be sharing it with my future hubby.”

Meera bursts into even a bigger fit of laughter. ” What a lame excuse to get out of meeting Mr.Right tomorrow. You have an allergy when it comes to boys, so I am going to be there and watch your doom.”

“I knew I could always count on you.” I put on a fake smile.

“Oye, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. You know how long I have waiting for you to fall in love. No way am I going to be worried, because I know I am your first love no matter what guy comes in you life.”

Meera continued to tease me and make light of the situation. But she knew very well I had no intention of letting any guy into my life nor ever falling for one of them, not now nor in the distant future.

“I hate you! Let’s get tonight over with so I can go back to never knowing you.” I decided to play along to bring the topic back onto the birthday girl.

“yeah yeah. Who is the drama queen now.”

I rolled my eyes at her remark.

“Kamini, I am going to make you regret the day you were born because you forgot my birthday. Oh boy are we going to have a lot of fun tonight,” her eyes glistened with naughtiness and an evil grin innocently played on her face.

My guts told me she was going to live up to her every word. Babaji meri raksha karna!


“You are out of your mind! I can’t! I won’t!” I blurted out to Meera.

“Oh come on. Stop being such a party-pooper! It’s my birthday Geet! You owe me!”

“So for your enjoyment you want me to make a fool out of myself?”

“Would it kill you to just loosen up for one night. We are not going to commit a crime, we are just going to have some fun. Come on..Please please please,” Meera pouts with those puppy dog eyes that got me  every time.

“Arggh fine! But i am going to drink so much so I don’t remember a single thing.”

“Whatever you say,” Meera shrieked in excitement, dragging me inside the mall.

I already had a feeling I was going to regret this badly.


“Ta-daa!” Meera chirps excitedly, as she removed her hand from my eyes. But I still had my eyes closed, scared to open them. For the first time Geet Handa was scared, that too from herself.

“Geet are you being serious right now?Open your eyes kamini! If you won’t fall in love with a guy, once you see yourself in the mirror you sure will fall in love with yourself.” I didn’t even need to have my eyes open to know she was grinning like a happy fool.

I took a deep breath and opened my eyes. “Oh.My.God” my eyes popped out of their sockets.

I couldn’t recognize the girl in the mirror. She had heavy make up on that highlighted certain features and drew emphasis on them, like her lips that were red and glossy as a cherry. Her eyes beautiful and glowing more than before with the smoky eye shadow. Her hair was styled in messy waves, wearing a sparkly black dress that revealed her arm, back, and legs, not in the way that made you cringe in disgust, but made your heart skip a beat.

I held my head almost feeling like fainting, but Meera caught me in time. “Oh meri jaan, don’t faint on me now. You got to be awake and see how many bodies you are going to make behosh tonight.” Meera’s giggles brought me back to reality.

“Let’s go and get this night over with. I swear I shall get my revenge on you. You just wait Meera Khanna.”

“Oooh i am so scared. What are you going to do? Show me this gun?” She moved her eyebrows up and down, challengingly.

“You took my gun! Give it back to me kamini.” I tried to yank the gun from her.

“Nah. You see sweetheart, I know you very well. No way I am going to trust you around men with this baby with you. Remember we don’t want to commit a crime. So for tonight I shall babysit this for you.”

“I need protection Meera. Especially with the way you have dressed me i will attract all the wrong kinds of men.”

“Acha, Geet handa is telling me she scared of some perverts and gundaas.” She scoffs.

“Good joke! We both very well know if I am going to feel scared for anybody it’s those gundaas and not you kamini. Don’t play innocent with me. Let’s go, the night awaits us Miss Sexy Bomb Shell.” She winks at me and I just looked up to my Babaji and said my last prayers.


We reached our destination, and i climbed out of the car just wanting to get this over with as soon as possible, when suddenly a group of guys in a jeep whistle at me as they parked.

The hair on my skin stood up from the anger immediately pumping in my veins. Before I could do anything Meera held me back by my arm.

“We are here to have fun. Unless someone really behaves badly with you, then hurt them where it hurts by all means. But if not, then please ignore and don’t make a scene. Please Geet.” Meera asked me genuinely and i couldn’t refuse.

“Okay. Come on just for you I am going to be someone else. I will be the sexy and bold Sameera, while you laugh at the sideline and see what an epic fail i will be. Ab khush?”

“I love you” she hugged me excitedly.

“Oh your one of those type of girls. Spend some time with me and i will show you what your missing out on Gorgeous”,  the guy who had whistled at me earlier remarks.

“Ignore Geet just Ignore”, I said to myself as I walked with Meera toward the entrance.

But then i stopped, turned around and peer really close to his face, “Your not even worth it even if you pay me. Sameera needs a man who can have the energy to take her on, if you understand what i am saying.” I wink at him,fling my hair to the side, and walk right passed him, laughter immediately erupting from his friends giving me the confidence that I might pass this night with flying colors after all.

“OMG GEET! Did you just hear what you said,” Meera covered her mouth with her hand from the shock of seeing what her introvert best friend just did.

“The name is Sameera. Now if you don’t mind, let’s get the party started shall we birthday girl?

“Have I told you how much I love you Sameera” She shrieks in excitement, and somewhere inside me I felt good. Maybe it was the adrenaline or shock of what I just did, but I felt like I was on high. It was my friend’s birthday, guess it wouldn’t hurt to loosen up a little.


I could here Meera whistling and cheering going on in the background, taking me to a different level of a high.

“Woooooooooh!” I yell out after chugging down my 6th shot, and slamming my glass down.

“Whose next.” I lick my upper lip with my tongue, still panting for my breath. I didn’t know why suddenly I felt like there was a pair of eyes burning me from the back of my neck.  I move my head to the side but couldn’t see passed anything except people dancing like no tomorrow, it was a club after all.

“Ge–” Meera stops herself.

“I mean Sameera. That’s enough, you don’t want to pass out. The night is still young. You still haven’t played with anybody’s heart” her eyes glistened with naughtiness.

Just then my favorite song started to play and I lost myself to the music, or maybe it was my soul.

(Click on the song to get the feel of the emotions 🙂 )

“Where have you been hiding your friend this whole time Meera,” a guy who I believe my friend knew asked her.

“Omg what are you doing here . . “

That’s all i heard Meera say and then hug the guy, because by that time I had made my way to the stage. There was a sign with big red letters, well let’s just hope it said welcome because I was already on top of it.

Itna maza kyun aa raha hai
Tu ne hawaa mein bhaang milaaya
Duguna nashaa kyun ho rahaa hai
Aankhon se meethaa tu ne khilaayaa

I sang and swayed my body with the song. I saw Meera running toward me and telling me to come down with hand signals. I bent down, grabbed her by the arm, and pulled her up to the stage.

Balam pichkari jo tune mujhe maari

I danced around Meera, and when I saw she was not dancing, I grabbed her hands, and started to make her dance.

To seedhee saadee chhoree sharaabi ho gayi

I saw two security guards coming up on stage, so I quickly let go of Meera and slipped through the security guards clutches as they ran towards me, causing them to both fall of the stage.

Haan jeans pehan ke jo tu ne maaraa thumkaa
To lattu padosan ki bhaabhi ho gayi

I laughed my heart out and started to thumkaa with my hip just to rub it in the security guards face. I started to lose myself in the beats of the music again, swaying my hips and arms like I was a free bird and nothing was weighing me down, not even the world.

Suddenly the skin around my waist felt like it was getting electrocuted with these unknown sensations, paralyzing me and my senses for a good couple of seconds, allowing him to twirl me right into his chest. My lips fell right on the nape of his neck, while he held one of my arms back, constraining me as if i was some criminal.

I open and move the gaze of my eyes up to find my breath knocked out of my body.

Kyun no vacancy ki hothon pe gaali hai
Jab ki tere dil kaa kamraa to khaali hai

My heart raced against my chest. His dark and brooding eyes held me prisoner, it was like gravity was no longer holding me to ground, he was. I heard a click sound, and before he knew it I turned, bending my body down up to the point my long hair touched the ground, and slid under his arm. I immediately handcuffed his hand, before he could realize what just happened to him.

Mujh ko pataa hai re, kya chahataa hai tu
boli bhajan teri, neeyat qawaali hai

I tugged my left hand, which he was successfully able to handcuff, pulling him close to my face as a sly grin played on my face, because the lyrics of the song gave away exactly what I was thinking.

Zulmi ye haazir jawaabi ho gayi
Tu to har taale ki aaj chaabi ho gayi

He pulls on the handcuff, twirling me three times, his hand snaking around my waist dipping me to the ground as I held on to his neck. He flashed me his sexy crooked smile, while shaking the key of the handcuff in front of my eyes. I yanked to grab it, but he swiftly moved his hand and body back, winking at me at the same time.

I let out a small scoff, twisting my lips, and accepting his challenge.

Balam pichkari jo tune mujhe maari
To seedhi saadi chhori sharaabi ho gayi

I didn’t know if we were dancing or fighting, but hearing the cheering and whistles from the crowd I guess it looked like we were dancing. I had to admit he was good, dodging my punches and kicks.

Haan jeans pehan ke jo tu ne maaraa thumkaa
To lattu padosan ki bhaabhi ho gayi

He brushes his lips passed mine as our bodies slid passed each other, again failing to steal the key from him. My body now distracted with the tingling sensations and jolt he sent down my body with his mere little touch.

“Ssss” He hissed.  “To slow sweetheart,” he flashes his millionaire dollar smirk.

It didn’t help that the sound of his hoarse and rough voice vibrated to the core of my being, but he challenged the wrong woman.

Balam pichkari jo tune mujhe maari
To seedhi saadi chhori sharaabi ho gayi
Haan jeans pehan ke jo tu ne maaraa thumkaa
To lattu padosan ki bhaabhi ho gayi

Just when I thought I had the keys in my grasps, he shoves me off the stage. I closed my eyes waiting to hit the hard ground, but he entwined his fingers into my hand  that was handcuffed and held me with all his strength.

“Your name and number and I shall give you the key and let you go with no charges against you. So what shall be sweetheart?” he smirks nearing my face.

“You want to play dirty. Alright I am impressed,” I cooed in a sultry voice.

“My name is–” In that split second I used my legs to run up the side of the stage and catapult myself in the air, doing a back flip and grabbing the keys from his fingers.

Haan bole re zamaana, kharaabi ho gayi
bole re zamaanaa, kharaabi ho gayee..

Applause erupts as soon as I land on my feet. His face expression clearly gave it away that he was impressed, even though he tried hard not to show it. I yank him by the handcuff causing him to stumble forward. I catch him by his collar, steadying him inches from my face.

“You still want to know my name” I whispered, biting my lip.

Before he could say anything, I crushed my lips against his. My lips shocked me by moving in ways I never knew it could. I released his lips, grazed my lips all the way to his ear. “Sameera” I whispered, with a slight giggle at the end.

I turn to leave when he yelled, “Sameera!”

I turn around amused.

“This is not over. I shall get you for this sweetheart. You don’t know who you are messing with,” he yelled out, but was still smirking.

I bursted out laughing and took out his badge that I was hiding behind my back.

“I know your a cop,” I moved my eyebrows up and down, challengingly mocking him.

“Teri toh–” He tries to come at me, but was surprised to find himself handcuffed to the pole.

“The question is not who you are, but who you chose to accidentally fall in love with.” I stared right into his eyes and pulled his chin up with my manicured red fingernail, so his face was facing me.

“And I am sorry to break the news to you but this crime shall go unsolved. Goodnight Mr.Cop.” I kissed his cheek and that was it.

I walked up to the edge of the stage and jumped off. I was greeted with two jaw dropped mouths, one which was from my best friend, and the other one who Meera had hugged earlier.

“I hope I was able to make this birthday of yours unforgettable Kamini. I am going to go home now.”

Meera caught me before I stumbled to the ground. I guess the effects of all those alcohol shots were finally sinking in.

“Yash you take care of your friend, I am going to take this kamini home.” That’s all I heard Meera say, before everything went pitch black.


“They are here Geet. Go open the door” My mother yelled all the way from the kitchen.

I don’t know why i was feeling restless, ugh it’s probably because of that stupid dream. I rubbed my forhead suffering from a horrible hangover and drinking the so called hangover cure that my mother made me .

I finally open the door to find my self spit out the drink, feeling as if someone kicked me in the guts.

Maybe I was still dreaming. Babaji please tell me  i am still dreaming. He couldn’t be my suitor! He just couldn’t!

I think we both very well know who that suitor is 😉

I wanted this to be an OS special for reaching a hundred blog followers, but i think it might turn into an SS now. 

This is will be a funny, loving, and even sometimes hot SS! Hopefully with not that much drama, like with my other stories.

Please do share your views with comments and likes cuz i am trying my hands on a different type of concept.

And once again THANK YOU for all the love and support! I hope you guys like your gift!

The next part may be when i reach 150 bloggers or 200..idk..if the response is really good then I might just update this when i can …let’s see 🙂

P.S: Excuse any mistakes, was in a rush.


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