I see right through you-Chapter 29


“ Checkmate

Classes were over and evening came along.  It was quite late with most people having already left or leaving for home, however Geet enters Maan’s office and closes the door behind herself. Maan hears the click of the door and smirks. He turns around with one spin in the chair he was sitting in.

“I know why you are back,” Geet says calmly, but glares right at him.

“Oh do you now?” Maan smirks, leaning back against his chair, clearly amused.

“Yes I do. You are  back for revenge.” Maan rolls his eyes.

“And here I thought we were both making progress. I have no intention in going back to square one with you Miss Geet Handa. I have told you more than once that I am not here for revenge”.

He gets up from his chair and starts to approach her.” Why don’t you stop lying and admit to yourself the real reason for why I am here. Come on paagli, I know you know.”

Geet pushes him away before he got any closer. “ Please! Stay away from me. I won’t fall for you or for your game! So spare yourself the consequences and just leave Maan. Leave!”

She pauses staring at him with her big brown eyes. “Leave from my life Maan. Somewhere far away so neither my shadow nor thought ever falls upon you.”

Maan grabs her as she tries to leave. “Are you trying to save me from yourself  or save yourself by running away for the love you have for me?”

Geets breath hitches.

“Stop making my words and intentions sound so innocent.  I won’t spare you. I am just giving you one last warning and chance to stop this game you are playing or else I will puncture your heart and fill your body with so much pain that you will not know which part to hold to stop the pain.”

“So now you care? You care if I get hurt or not? Why Babes?” Maan whispers near her ear.

“You are slipping through the cracks Geet.  Be careful sweetheart before you confess right here and right now that you are in love with me.”

“MAAN!” she screams with enraged eyes looking at him.

“Screaming doesn’t change the truth that you are trying to run. It’s quite pathetic actually.  Stop being a coward Miss Geet Handa,” he scoffs, enraging Geet even more.

“I am not a coward and believe me you are such a fool for giving me more reasons to crush you.” Maan couldn’t help but chuckle in response.

“You are the biggest coward I have come across Miss Geet Handa! Hiding behind this confident, but ruthless heartbreaker image. What? You never thought you would get caught sweetheart?” He tsks, shaking his head.

He closes in on her, but when Geet tries to push him away yet again, he grabs her hand and pulls her even closer.  “Let me let you on a little secret . . . I . . . see. . . right. . . through. . .you,” he huskily whispers at the edge of her ear so slowly and treacherously, searing through her soul. Ripples of fear mixed with rage and pleasure running down her spine chilling her to the bone.

“Even if you had 4 eyes you would never be able to see or understand Geet Handa.  So move the black Patch of blindness over your eyes and the sooner you realize who you are messing with the better it will be for you”, she raves gritting her teeth, trying to break free from his hold.

But Maan was going to have none of it. He shoves her up against the wall. “Again trying to warn me.  You really care for me don’t you? Always have been, even when you broke my heart the first time, you still spared me.” He stared deep into her with his warm and hooded eyes, but Geet didn’t let the effect he had on her win over her.

“Looks like I need to take you down memory lane! I didn’t just play with your heart, but with your own brother’s heart as well. I shattered both your hearts and you are saying I spared you?” she rolls her eyes in disbelief.

” Why didn’t you sleep with me?” Maan asked calmly, but his face was serious.

“What?” Geet’s eyes immediately shoot up at him.

“ Answer the question Geet! Why didn’t you sleep with me? You said so yourself you spared me that night for not sleeping with me.  It’s your signature move for breaking people’s hearts, but instead you decide to break my heart in a different way. Why?” He inches closer to face, giving her minimal space to move, so she had no where else to look but at his eyes.

” The answer is obvious. I don’t think I need to say it,” she whispered through her staggering breaths, clearly effected by how close he was to her.

“That’s not the answer to my question Geet.” Maan whispers brushing his lips down her cheek, stopping right near her lips, Geet sucking in her breath in response.” Be a good girl and tell me the reason or else.”

“Because I didn’t want you in me! I hate you Maan! ” She grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and pushed him away.

“I had rather to enjoy myself by seeing your heart get crushed as I crushed my lips onto your own brother!  If I slept with you, you would have gained more pleasure and I only wanted to see you hurt and broken!” She continued to seethe in anger, a tear escaping from all the rage inside her.

Maan laughed , enraging Geet more.

“You think this is amusing? By God and other man in your position would shut up and leave with some dignity, but here you are upset that I didn’t give you what is was like to get a taste of me. I knew you were that desperate, but never knew this MUCH!”

“This laugh is for the lame excuse you are giving me and yes I found it quite amusing. Such a good seductress, but on top of that even better LIAR! Wah Geet! The country and government don’t know what they are missing. You could have made such a HOT SPY, using your beauty, seductress and manipulative lying skills to your benefit. You know for a second I fell for your little lie, but then one glimpse into your eyes and your lie fell apart.”

“The government” She scoffs.

“I can buy the government right now if I wish too! The government is nothing, but a bunch of corrupt bastards.”

“And you!” She points her finger at him! “I don’t give a damn if you believe me or not, but drop this bullshit that you can see through me. You are not some super human even if your name is Maan Singh Khurana.

He starts to loosen and take out his tie.  Then he reaches for the buttons of his shirt, while Geet’s eyes enlarge.

“What the hell are you doing,” she turns around covering her eyes as he took off his shirt.

“ I love it when you act innocent with me” he runs his index finger down the small of her back, Geet shivering in defeat.  He then abruptly turns her around wrapping his arms around her waist and bringing her closer to him.  “You are not some super human either Geet.  Try as hard as you may, but I know you want me. I know you are fighting the urge. I can see right through you.  I don’t know why you are, but I can always find out later. Right now, I just want you Geet”, he growls planting a kiss at the nape of her neck.

“Stop fighting yourself for once paagli.” He places his hand against her heart.

” I can feel your heart beat.  I want to feel your heartbeat running through me Geet,” Maan huskily murmurs and before he knew it Maan felt something wet against his hand.

He looks up to see his a trail of tears making its way down Geet’s cheek.

“No matter what it is you think.  I am not that kind of girl to blink and give my heart away.  Stop trying to steal my heart away.” She whispers, as her chest heaved up and down for air.

“But you got me dreaming like a fool that I could steal your heart away.” Maan  moves her up against the desk, pushing all the things aside. He lays Geet onto it slowly, and kissing her tears away.

Geet  moves her face to the side driving her nails inside her hand as his lips hover over her lips. “ I want to take all your pain away Geet . . . Please let me.” He peers right inside her eyes, through her soul.

“Stop stealing my heart away” she murmurs, but  crushes her lips against him in defeat.

Things between them starting to heat up instantly, with Maan doing most of the work. Maan had already slipped off his shirt and was in the process of getting Geet’s shirt off when Dev accidentally walks into the room on them.

“Omg!I’m…I’m sorry!” He turns around immediately.

Geet pushes Maan off her and tries to make a run for it, but slips on her own two feet.  Dev catches her and tries to steady her in place, but his eyes falls on the love marks on her body and the trail of tears in her eyes. He couldn’t help his heart from filling with pain and guilt.  Dev looks at his brother in anger, he hated being involved in this.  Maan break’s Dev’s train of thought when he yells out in pure rage, “ DAMN IT! HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF KNOCKING!”

With that note Geet stumbles on her feet and leaves closing the door behind her.  She needed to breathe, her heart was still pounding and the taste of his lips still lingered on her lips.  She finally releases her fingernails that she had dug into her skin, the reason for her tears and then slyly wipes the tears away, walking away with an evil grin on her face.

Meanwhile in Maan’s office Maan was still fuming.

“Get out Dev now!” he throws an office supply at him.

Dev looks at his brother with accusing eyes before walking out. Maan runs a hand through his hair and takes in a huge breath before also heading out. When he knew the coast was clear, he walks up to Dev and whispers,” Well done Dev. Perfect timing.” Maan smiles at him.

“Your smiling and happy about this?  You don’t see her tears! I am beginning to think this is more about revenge than love!” He huffs in anger!

“DEV!” Maan grew furious with such an accusation!

” You are such a fool.  Those tears were fake.”

“You could have totally avoided this nasty game, but you went along with it? Why bro? Why!”

“Because I changed the game.  She will have a lot to think about tonight and I know she won’t do it.  She loves me Dev and her words gave it all away tonight.” Maan held up his head in confidence.

“I am sorry Dev.  I know this must be hard for you.” Dev just stays silent.  He didn’t know what else to do or  say except walk away. He was suffocating in there to think what the girl he loves and his brother were doing.

Maan puts his shirt back on, but his mind was lost in the moments that took place a few moments ago.  The way their bodies touched, the way their lips moved, and everything else just felt so right.  Maybe this started as a game, but they both slipped from their façade and became just Maan and Geet.  Their words were from the heart and his heart was telling him that Geet wouldn’t do it.  She loved him!


“Did you get it?” Geet speaks to her cellphone as she sat in her car.

“Yes I did!” The guy over the phone answers back.

“Good! Before you do anything, I want to see it first and then when I give you the signal you can go ahead with the rest of the plan.”

“Whatever you say Boss.” Geet cuts the call.

“You are bringing out the worse side of me Maan. You should of stayed clear of me when you had a chance.” She  murmurs staring out her window at the direction of his office.


Geet comes into Maan’s office early in the morning, where Maan was expecting her. He envelops her in a hug from behind, scaring her in the process.

“Should we start where we left off” he huskily whispers, snaking his arms around her and pulling her close.

Geet shoves him away, causing him to stumble onto his desk!

“Mr. Maan Singh Khurana! Hands off me, before I make a big scene!” Geet exclaims furious as ever!

“I had given you countless warnings, but you didn’t listen. So for what Is about to happen next is totally on you!”

“Now tumhare paas sirf doh options hai” she says sitting on his chair.

“Option number one! Leave this college and get out of my life forever with the dignity and reputation that you have.  If it means moving out of this country or planet then go ahead DO IT! But this is the last time I want to see your face.” She forces on a fake smile.

“Option number 2: Leave this college and PLANET, because once this front cover of the newspaper gets printed tomorrow, not you nor your family will have any IZZAT remaining!”

“Checkmate partner!” Geet throws the newspaper at him.

Maan stood there stunned.  He didn’t even look at the newspaper as he knew what was in there.  He took that risk! He took the risk of going on with this nasty game of her’s even though he saw the guy plant a camera inside his office yesterday. But he trusted her! Trusted his love on her! He had some hope that she wouldn’t stoop so low and put her izzat on risk, if all this time she was playing the role of an innocent girl in front of father to protect it.

Even through the deadly silence Geet could picturize the sound of Maan’s heart breaking. The way his eyes never left her to even look at the newspaper made it even worse on her.

“I will give you till tonight to think about it, but hurry cuz the clock is ticking Mr. Maan Singh Khurana.”  She turns around, not having to face his accusing and questions eyes. She didn’t need to be reminded of what type of person she was.

Geet grabs her purse and heads toward the door to leave. She glances back one last time, and saw he hadn’t even moved an inch. “I know you will make the right decision. It was nice meeting you Mr.Maan Singh Khurana. Geet Handa will not try to remember you.”

“Good bye darling.” Geet murmurs, tearing her eyes away from him and walks out the door.

The sound of glass shattering and screams of anguish could be heard as Geet was half way down the hallway. She started to walk faster, clicking on the button of the elevator repeatedly, more than necessary so it could open faster.

The elevator door opens and to her surprise she finds her friends, Meera, Pinky, Adi, Vicky, and Dev, all giving her disgusting and disappointed looks. 


“Don’t even bother explaining Geet.” Meera turns her face away.

“You think this is over don’t you? Well then your feeling of winning be DAMNED Geet! You have no idea what you have done! You –” Vicky gets pulled back by Dev before he did anything he would regret!

“Get off me Dev!” He shoves Dev to the side of the elevator, while Geet put on a poker face, cold and heartless, just like Geet Handa is known for.

Vicky comes toward her and looks straight at her, “No self-worth, no self-respect, you are nothing but a piece of furniture for the dogs that think your something special Miss Geet Handa. But I bet you already knew that. However know one more thing. You will pay the price for breaking both my brother’s hearts, especially Maan’s! Mark my words Geet, never will you live a happy life. You will crave and pine for love, but you will die a lonely sad women and will be remembered as the–“

“BAS,” a voice roars through everyone’s ears, but rocked and trembled only one person’s heart.

She dared to shoot her eyes toward him. Even as the cold hearted and strong Geet Handa that she was now, Geet would never have thought that there would come a time in her life that she would wish death upon herself yet again. However, Maan Singh Khurana standing in his powerful and god-like persona had done the damage to her and the heart she thought she never had to make Geet wish death upon herself in this very moment. She couldn’t even lower her eyes in shame, and instead took the suffering of watching him take every step he took towards her with eyes that only reflected the girl that Vicky had just described, slowly cracking through every lock and chain around Geet’s heart. She saw the revolt and disgust in his eyes, making her feel cheap, making her feel like trash in her very own eyes. Her body that was numb to emotions, was now feeling every thrash and whip of pain, guilt, regret, disgust, horror, and lots more as he finally stood right before her eyes. However, she was skilled, and didn’t let him see one ounce of any emotion, except coldness and bitchiness on her face.

Maan raises his hand with the newspaper and slowly rips it apart in front of her own eyes. “Checkmate” he says throwing the pieces of paper in the air.

Geet’s eyes only remained on the blood running down the palm of his hand. Her hand flinches toward his wound, but she fought back against the urge with every fiber in her body. She knew she had no right.

“Your not worth the fight anymore!” He utters harshly, giving the last push needed to break through all the barriers around Geet’s heart.

“I am glad you finally realized,” Geet utters in the same tone as his.

They both turn away from each other at the same, both fighting back the tears that threatened to fall any second, and walk away in there separate ways.


Neither did Geet nor Maan come unscathed out of this game. Now they have to face the consequences and what fate has in store, for both Maan and Geet. (Middle climax of the story)

What was on that Newspaper will be clarified on the next chapter. You can expect an even more intense chapter, with a lot going to happen and change/rock the course of maaneet. I hope you enjoyed, regardless that the chapter didn’t end on a happy note. Would love to hear what is going through your mind right now. Likes and commented appreciated ❤


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  2. abi says:

    lovely update
    maan did everything perfect to break geet and he was successful in it also the question that maan asked was why she didnt let him sleep with her why but geet conveniently avoided it and dev’s timing was perfect
    this rubbed the wrong side of geet and she published everything in newspaper waise i also want to know what she printed in paper
    what vickey told was a brother accusing curses on a women who broke is brther but MSK is MSK he changed everything by saying ki now its checkmate by ending everything betweet him and geet and this made her heart break

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  7. ruhakhan says:

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    Deepa (spvd)

  12. maangill says:

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  19. pixelflower620 says:

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    She can go to any extend to prove her point.
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