Accidentally in Love: Chapter 2


“Accidentally iLove”

Chapter: 2


The place was dark, but suddenly she could feel his presence. There was that same familiar ting of his husky smell in the air, sending a sensual shiver down her spine. Out of no where a  spot light shines down on him knocking her breath right out of her.  She blinked twice just to make sure what stood in front of her was in fact a human. He was looking mighty fine in his black suit, oozing out his greek like persona. However to her dismay his face was hidden behind a masquerade mask. She was so busy drinking him with her eyes that she didn’t even notice when he had moved and stood right before her. Butterflies started to run amok as soon as he asks for her hand with a simple gesture of his eyes. She was so dazzled by him, slipping her hand into his without a thought.

They get lost into a slow passionate dance, words falter in describing how right it felt. As the song was nearing its end he dips her down and holds her in a typical filmy style. She laid there inside his arms looking deep inside his eyes. She couldn’t help fight the urge and was coaxed to remove his mask.  He catches her fingers and entwines his fingers with hers.

” Only if you’re ready to pay the price.” He flashes his million dollar smirk.

His voice was so rough and familiar, she just needed to know who he was now and would pay any price for it. She slowly raises her hand and removes his mask.

“Tum!” A sharp gasp escapes my quivering lips.

The mask slips from my fingers and hits the ground. Guess curiosity really did kill the cat or in this –me!

“The handcuffs and attraction you felt for me didn’t give that away to you?” He smirks and pulls me by the hand he had handcuffed me when I had not noticed.

I slam into his chest hard, molding perfectly against his body. His words just came as a soft murmur,  the heat and feel of his body was making me forget how to breath and depriving my body of oxygen needed for my brain to function.

“Time to pay up Miss Sameera,” He spoke sliding his tantalizing lips up my neck.

I softly whimper, arching my neck back and giving him more space, not really caring of the fact that he just called me Sameera. He reaches my chin and hovers over to my lips. I close my eyes in sheer anticipation.

” My darling the question is not who you are, but who you chose to accidentally fall in love with.” He whispers the exact same words I once told him and then drastically seals his lips with mine.

Suddenly all I felt was him dropping me and a scream that wasn’t coming from my throat.

I flutter my eyes open to find Meera under me, screaming her panties off. My eyes fall on the lipstick mark on the corner of her lips and I start screaming along with her. The next couple of seconds was a screaming competition between Meera and I.

“Get off me you kamini.” Meera kicks me and I fall off the bed, hitting my head on the floor with a huge thud. I guess I deserved that.

“Chi chi chi! I didn’t literally mean it when I told you I was your first love yesterday!. Woman I am straight and you were this close to lip locking with me!”

“Tauba Tauba!” She throws all the pillows at me with every exasperated breath she took.

I welcomed them with glee, laying there stunned, confused, and ashamed mostly over the dream, no wait scratch that, nightmare I just had. But then last night’s memories slowly started to flicker in my mind and that’s when I lost it.

“YOU KAMINI!” I yell and stand up like a gorilla on a rampage.

“I AM GOING TO KILL YOU WITH MY BARE HANDS!” I plunge at her, my hands now on her neck, ready to choke her!

She was screaming with enlarged eyes, and starts pulling my hair. We were at each other for a good 15 seconds banging and breaking things that touched us, until we heard a knock on the door.

“Baap re!” My mother looked at the state of the room and then at us.

We broke away from each other and tried to act innocent, like nothing happened.

“It’s not what you think maa,” I say trying to ease the situation.

“Oh it’s exactly what you think aunty jii. Your daughter needs mental help! She attacked me like a psychopath!” She goes up to my mother showing the scratch marks that I caused on her neck, while I just roll my eyes.

“Geetangalie Handa!” My mom says astonished.

“Oh please, she deserved it! This is all her fault. Last night and the damn dream. It’s all her fault!” I kick the pillows that were laying on the ground in anger, holding my head trying to shake the images out of my mind.

I cringe inside as the memories of last night with that guy play back in my head, and then that nightmare! I thought when you drink you are supposed to not have any memory, it’s all bullshit! I narrowed my eyes on Meera, already in my mind thinking of a plan to strangle her, but that’s when I saw a spark light up on her face.  Meera’s had put two and two together.


“achaaaa….toh yeh baat hai,” her eyes glistened with evilness.

“No!” I give her the glare.

“Oh yes!” Meera giggles.

“I said No!”

“I said Oh YES baby!”

“Uffo! Stop it with your No and yes baqwaas. Will somebody just tell me what is going on?” My mother looks at Meera, who looks at me, like she was going to spill the beans.

“So that kiss was for him and not me. Already dreaming about him Miss Sameera. Kya baat hai! Not bad Kamini. ” She teased me, nudging against my shoulder.

“What?” My mother’s scream was more of happiness than disappointment.

“Oh just Shut up” I yell out, intending it to Meera.

“WHat! Did you just tell your mother to shut up?” Now my mother was angry.

I quietly just grab a pillow, lie on my bed, and scream into my pillow with all my might!


I was drooping in sweat, the air in my lungs feeling tighter and heavier, but I was in no intention of stopping. I punch the punching bag with all my might, snapping the chain holding it. I stop and hold my head. With all that happened in the morning, I didn’t even notice the banging in my head and the nauseousness in the pit of my stomach. I just assumed it was from the aftertaste of that dreadful nightmare.

“errrh,” I shudder in disgust, feeling that weird sensation creep down my spine.

I hear a giggle and freeze.

“Not in the mood for your childishness Meera.”

“It’s me. I fixed you something.” My mother comes inside my gym and hands me a cup.

“It’s a home made recipe. It will get rid of your hangover before you know it.” I could see her fighting the urge to smile.

“Say what you came here to say Maa. Since when have you held yourself back?” I nudge against her with my shoulder trying to lighten up the mood, though I was not feeling it.

“True, but this time it’s different. I don’t think you want to hear what I have to say.” She looked at the punching bag that lay on the floor and then at me.

“Don’t underestimate your daughter. I am stronger than my face lets on.” I looked straight at her and said with confidence.

“Geet when did I ever call you weak? If some guy has managed to creep his way into your–“

“Heart? Oh please maa! I just met him last night in a pure drunken state! Why are you and Meera making it such a big deal!” I cut my mother off, turning my back away from her, clearly pissed.

“I was going to say mind.” She bit out in a soft whisper.

I silently gasp, closing my eyes in regret.

“I am not here to judge you sweetie. But I think you need to ask yourself why you are filled with so much anger, like you said you were just drunk after all?”

My eyes were downcast. I was quiet, because a part of me knew she was right. Why am I so angry? It’s not like I was ever going to see him again, so why was I making it such a big deal? I was drunk and I let loose, so what if things got heated up a little. It was fun while it lasted, and that’s the end of it.

“You’re right maa. I am sorry. I don’t know what came over me.”

“It’s okay darling. Now that it’s clear that this guy doesn’t mean much, can you go and freshen up for me please? You have a promise to fulfill for me remember.” She smiled at me genuinely.

“Maa, as if you will ever let me forget.” I chuckled, a little.

“That means I am doing my job as a mother right.” She gloats.

“Yup, to get me married off with some stranger” Sarcasm was clearly visible in my tone.

“Haw,” she gaped at me like a drama queen.

Sometimes I wonder why I wasn’t blessed with a normal mother, but I still loved her like crazy.

“As if you have left me with some other option. When was the last time you brought a boy home?”

“That would be never, because your daughter is still an innocent child at heart and believes that boys have cooties. I have no problem with contacting the mental hospital myself Aunty jii, I am just waiting for your permission.” Meera came and joined us, teasing me like her usual kamini self.

“Go ahead, I won’t have a problem in making you rot in a jail cell. At least at the mental hospital there is a soft bed and tv!” I retorted back.

“Fine be my guest! I will just have the cop you have a crush on to bail me out, and then both of us can come and visit you at the mental hospital.”

I froze, losing my words with the confession she just made.

“Kya hua? Did I forget to tell you, my friend Yash is friends with your mysterious crush?” She grinned.

“Well then, isn’t this just getting more interesting by the second. You can figure this out later, because right now you need to go take a shower and Meera needs to dress you up.” My mother pushed me to get ready.

“She is going to dress me? Oh great, cuz that went so well yesterday!”

“Shut up kamini. You had a blast last night. You can be so unappreciative sometimes.” Meera bit out, clearly pissed off at me now.

“Meera,” I blurt out but she just looks the other way.

I run and attack her from behind with a huge bear hug, ” I love you, love you, I love you so much!” I planted a big kiss right on her cheek.

“Ewwww you kamini! Get off me, you are sweaty!” She tries to keep a straight angry face as she shoved me off, but failed and fell down laughing with me.

“You are crazy you know that.” Meera continued to laugh.

“That’s because I am best friends with you. I was bound to go crazy.”

“Haha, alright. I will give you that.” She smiled at me.

“By the way, I had a great birthday last night as well. Seeing you go crazy and loosen up was the best birthday gift ever. I loved seeing you so happy.”

‘Alright let’s get up before you go all emotional on me.” I pull Meera up, trying to avoid where this was heading.

“I am serious. Reminded me of the old times, like when we were kids.”

“Meera when we are kids we live in our own little world of fairytales and goodness in the world. We are adults now, come out of that little world and live in reality cuz that’s what life is about.”

I could sense Meera falling silent, and I knew she got the indirect meaning of what I just said.

“I am going to go take my shower now. The sooner we get this damn thing over with the better.” I said, stopping Meera before she said anything else.

This was the way I chose to live, moving on wasn’t an option, but getting justice was.


“Haye rabba! They are an hour early. Geet, go open the door.” My mother yelled all the way from the kitchen.

I don’t know why I was suddenly feeling restless. Ugh it’s probably because of that stupid dream. I rubbed my forhead suffering from a horrible hangover and drinking the so called hangover cure that my mother made me .

“Dhak Dhak..Dhak Dhak!” Meera started to mock me as a hopeless lover from the corner of the kitchen.

“Just you wait kamini! I am going to kidnap you and get you married to my security guard!” I grit through my teeth, scaring her enough to shut her up.

I finally stood by the door, took a deep breath and a sip of my mom’s hangover cure to calm my damn nerves that were going haywire. I open the door to find myself spit out the drink, feeling as if someone kicked me in the guts.

Maybe I was still dreaming. Babaji please tell me I am still dreaming. 

I blink my eyes three times each time wishing I was still having a nightmare. I open my eyes to find him glaring intensely down on me, his lips thinned to a fine line. He took a step toward me, which was enough to accelerate my heartbeat. As if you could blame me he scorched me with his eyes fueled with such murderous fury. I took two steps back with every step he took, when suddenly I trip against my damn long dupatta. I close my eyes expecting him to hold me into his embrace, but the thud of pain I felt against the wall I slammed my shoulder onto shattered the little belief that Meera forced in me through the shitty love/hate movies she made me watch with her.

I look at him venomously, ready to pounce on him. If it was a staring contest he wanted to play, then I was game. But then he starts to eye me up and down, smirking.

Haw! Oh no he didn’t!

I pounce on him with a punch, but he stopped it inches away from his face, overpowering me with his strength and constraining my arm behind my back. He slams himself on me, leaving me helpless under his might. I could see the smirk on the corner of his lips, but refused to look straight into his eyes. I knew that’s what he wanted. Immediately, the hair on my arms stand up, feeling his other free hand travel up the small of my back, making my body quiver under his touch. My head arches up, his eyes catching a hold of mine. I was furious, breathing intensely, glaring harshly right at him, not giving him the pride of being able to intimidate me.

He starts to close in on me, his lips millimeters away from mine. His smoldering and spicy breath fanning against my lips, growing a want and carnal need in me to taste his lips against my own will. He grins and moves past my lips, grabbing a hold of my dupatta, wiping the spit off his face and shirt.

“Holy Shit! ” Meera drops the tray of tea she was supposed to hand Geet on the ground after seeing who my suitor was.

He looks over to Meera and I use that opportunity to shove him off me. I freeze, forgetting he had a hold of my dupatta. He slowly appraoches me grazing the dupatta against my skin, putting it where it belonged, not missing the chance to murmur seductively, “So desperate for me to kiss you. It was you who kissed me last night, but I ain’t desperate for it Miss Sameera.”

My mother comes running in hearing the glass shatter. By the time my mother arrived he let go of my dupatta. My mother comes in sees the tray on the ground and the his wet shirt, and presumes the worst.

“You promised!” She fought back her tears and disappointment.

“It’s not what you think maa.” I wanted to plead, but my voice came out to loud and stern from the frustration and turn of events.

“Just one chance. You couldn’t give me a chance with one suitor and had to make him run away to.”

“He is still standing here isn’t he! God damn it maa! I will give you a hundred chances with as many suitors as you want, but not this one! I just…Never!” I make a run for it to my room and lock the door.

“I am sorry beta for..for everything”. She had her eyes down, folding her hands together in remorse.

I could here my mother even through the closed door and that’s when a tear escaped from my eye. I had let my mother down.

“Nahi Aunty jii. Aap kya kar raha hai!” Maan grabs her hands and puts them down.

” Aap galat samajh raha hai. This was all an accident.”

“He is right. I accidentally dropped the tea not Geet.” Meera comes into Geet’s defense.

Maan looks straight at Meera hearing her call her Geet instead of Sameera.

“Then why does she not want to give him a chance?”

“If you don’t have any objection, may I go and speak with Miss Geet?” He said her name with more of an emphasis then necessary.

“She is very stubborn, you don’t stand a chance.” Meera cuts in.

“We shall see about that.” He grins. “Aunty jii, may I?”

“Yes of course beta. But where is your family? I thought they were coming along with you?”

Maan froze instantly in place. He turns around and says, “I don’t have a family.”

“I am sorry. Woh..kya hai na.. the reason I brought it up is because I spoke with a elderly woman who spoke about this rishta with me.”

“She is my caretaker, she sees me as her son. But she wasn’t feeling good that’s why she couldn’t make it.”

“Koi baat nahi beta.”

“You are Miss Geet’s friend right?” Maan looks at Meera.

“Yes, I am Meera, Geet’s bestfriend since childhood.” Maan slightly smiles noticing the possessiveness in her statement.

“Nice to meet you. I am Maan. Could you show me to Miss Geet’s room please?”

“Sure.” She said a little hesitantly.

Meera starts to lead the way to Geet’s room, and couldn’t help but feel awkward around him.

Suddenly Meera stops  and asks, “This is so awkward for me, but last night was just for fun. It was my birthday and Geet was drunk. You guys defiantly had a spark, which has screwed with her brain a little bit, but suddenly wanting to marry her is kind of weird. What happened to taking it slow dude? Especially with a girl like Geet.”

“A girl like Geet huh? If her Sameera side is such an enigma that I have started to lose my mind over, Geet might be the girl I may lose my heart to.” He flashes his million dollar smile.

“Wow you are freakishly yummy when you say things like that. No wonder your messing with her brain. Well I was rooting for you two as a couple since last night, so you guys have my blessings” Meera chirps, winking at him.

Maan chuckles.”I am glad to here that. Now as much as I have gotten to know your best friend there is no way in hell she is going to open the door, so I guess we have to try another route.” His eyes glistened with naughtiness.

“I like the way you think.” Meera gives him a hi-five.


I was lying down on my bed, rubbing my forehead, the hangover just didn’t want to leave me alone. Suddenly I hear a sound against my window. I look over to it and see another rock getting thrown at it.

Uff who would have the nerve to annoy me.

I get up from my bed and open the window. I shouldn’t be surprised to see who it was, but shockingly I was.

“Do you have a death wish or something. Are you here for me to kill you? Why don’t you just throw yourself under a bus!”

He scoffs, laughing, which didn’t sit well with me. Before I knew he was climbing up the pole of my house.

“Oh my GOD! Are you out of your mind. Get down! Do you hear me! Get down!”

He wasn’t listening so I slam the window onto his face, but he grabs my wrist, pulling me forward, before I could.

“Miss Sameera or should I call you Miss Geet? Whichever it may be, you got nothing to lose by letting me in and hearing me out, except of course for your heart if you already haven’t lost it.” His voice trails into a flirty tone, leaning in way to close to my face than necesary.

“Oh please. Don’t flatter yourself alright…you sound completely corny! Now before my gun starts doing the talking I suggest you leave.”

“Meoww! You are a jungli billi aren’t you. You do know I am also a cop.”

“toh…” I whisper leaning closer. ” Even better, one desperate romeo out of the picture. I would be doing the girls of this world a favor” I smile forcefully.

He starts laugh hysterically and shaking his head, in spite of me. I narrowed my eyes on him. But before I knew it let’s go of me and falls.

“Maan,” I let out a bloodcurdling scream as he fell down.

He lands on his feet and looks up towards me, the curve of his M lips shaping into a smirk. He starts to walk off and that’s when I lost it.

“Hey JERK!” I yell out and right when he turned around I close my eyes and jump.

“Geeeeeeet!” He lunges toward me and catches me tightly in his arms.

“Are you fucking out of your mind!” He huffed in utter fury, his grip tightening around the frame of my body.

“I guess we are even now ehh? ” I shove him off me and climb back up the pole, and swiftly slip through the window to my room.

I let go of the breath that I was holding, and fall to the floor. I look down on my hands and see them trembling, but it wasn’t the only thing trembling.  I could hear my heart drumming against my chest. I guess that’s what I get for doing something so stupid as jumping off a window. Why I did it was beyond me and so unlike me.


I stand up, looking out the window, to find him gone. Yet again, my mind playing tricks on me.


He saw her come look out the window after a few moments she went inside. He was still furious on her and her stupidity. Once thing was clear to him though. This girl would go to any lengths to get even. The thought of letting someone get the last laugh didn’t seem to sit well with her. She was strong willed, but hot tempered. Yet there was this sparkle of innocence in her eyes that he just couldn’t shake off.  He breaks out of his thoughts and was about to take a right off the street corner of Geet’s house when his eyes catches on the car with a boy that was quite polished up with flowers and his family. He immediately turns around and cuts off the driver.

The driver starts honking, but Maan ignored it and takes out a bundle of cash.

“That’s what I thought,” Maan thought to himself, hearing the honking stop.

Maan goes up to the window where the mother and son were sitting.

“Are you the suitor for Miss Geet?” He asks in a stern voice.

“Yes he is.” The mother smiled, eyeing the money, but I snatch the money back.

“I am going to ask again. Are you the suitor for Miss Geet ?

“No no he is not. He doesn’t even know a girl named Geet.”

Maan slightly grins. “That’s what I thought.” He hands her the money.

Maan watches the car turn around and disappear.  He looks over to Geet’s house and smirks. “Well what do you know, even fate is on my side.”


“oh, I am glad you have met your new partner, Handa.”

My heart faltered and skipped a beat as my Boss’s words sank in.

Ta-daa mega update for u guys, since i took forever in updating. I do apologize was busy with 3 weddings that was going on in this month. and now college starts next week 😦 I will try to update one story a week though. So right now i am looking at friday nights U.S time, which is Saturday morning for those around India. . let’s see if that works out for me.

I don’t know if you guys saw my message, but I was thinking into making this story into an SS. Instead of a few parts, since i got a huge response, and everybody is loving it. Do you guys want that? I am going to have to add a interesting twist at the end though, so it won’t be just a funny SS anymore. It will become intense and dramatic, like what my other stories are known for lol. Just thought to let you know before i made a decision, so let me know if that’s what you guys want in your comments.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter, sorry if it was not that interesting. Have to build the base of the story first 🙂


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