ToXic LoVe: Chapter 10 (Final chapter)


“A poison with No Cure”

Her fingers laced deep into the red richness, filling the palm of her hands with its soft texture. She brought them close to face, letting its aroma possess her from within, closing her eyes all in the same while.  The memory of him caressing every feature of her face with the rose, before marking it with his thirsty lips caused a sweet smile to play on her lips. She flutters her eyes open, throwing the petals in the air, and letting them sprinkle all over as she spun around in them.  She lets her body fall flat on the bed, her chest heaving a bit heavily, her fingers grip tightening on the bed sheets. Every moment of her three weeks in India flashed before eyes, starting and ending with –Mr.Stranger. She blushed burying her flushed face under the pillow. She didn’t even know his name, yet it didn’t even matter. She was leaving tomorrow, yet didn’t want to leave before having one last special moment to seal their hearts forever.  She was going to confess  and surrender to him in every form tonight because the matter of fact was, she was irrevocably in love.

Her eyes fell on the clock, realizing what time it was she sprung to her feet to get ready before he arrived. A giggle escaped her quivering lips, as he didn’t know she was here so it would be a total surprise.


The door crashes open, a giggle could be heard and lips locking, except what couldn’t be heard was the silent screams of a heart getting sliced to pieces, slowly and treacherously.

“Ohh, we are not …alone.” The woman who moments ago was locking lips with Maan, stops and looks at Maan with puzzled eyes.

“It seems so.” Maan utters coldly in a irritated tone looking right into Geet’s eyes, shamelessly.

And that’s when something snapped inside her, losing control and submitting to the pain.

“Oh My God!” The woman yelped seeing the sight in front of her.

Maan held Geet’s hand, which was inches away from his face. Tears strolled down her eyes, finding herself staring back to pitch black devilish eyes filled with no remorse, let alone…love.

“Don’t force me to make it uglier than it has already become, because trust me you haven’t seen anything yet,” he hissed, tugging her closer to face and spitting nothing but venom.

“SCREW YOU, you pathetic piece of SHIT!” Geet shoves him away.

“You don’t know who you dared to mess with!” Her sherni side like always kicked in, but the tears that still continued to cascade down her face gave her away.

Maan chuckles. ” In fact I do. A desperate American bitch who couldn’t get herself a rich American bachelor and had to resort to coming to India to do the job.”

“yeah that’s right, you were just my American prey. And let’s just say I take girls to bed before leaving them, but with you I couldn’t even bring myself to finish the kill, you just weren’t worth it.”

A slap laced his face, but this time it wasn’t Geet who tried to slap him, it was the other woman.

“Go rot in the pit of hell because that’s where a heartless Devil  like you belongs!” The women seethed.

She grabbed Geet’s hand, who was just waiting for this nightmare to end. This just couldn’t be reality, it just couldn’t.

“Coward” the agonizing whisper escaped her dry lips, as the other woman pulled her out of the door.


Geet instantly comes out of her flashback,  coming back to harsh reality.

“I am going to end this once and for all Mister  D e v i l .” She dangerously uttered taking one last look toward the window of his room, quickly wiping the lonely tear that dared to cascade down her eye.

She hits the gas pedal, revving the engine as it roars to life and speeds away into the looming night.

Wanting to even the score with the Devil,
You degraded yourself to his level!
Stinging him with the poison of love now you choose to run,
Oh sweetheart, the toxicity of the deadly poison has just barely begun!
Sunlight poked through the blinds of the window and fell on his face. He squinted, fluttering his eyes, and holding his pounding head. He manages to stand up and heads toward the bathroom, when sweet memories of last night flashed before his eyes. He smiles and turns back around to find her gone.


“Mishty.” He calls out, looking here and there.


He goes out of his room to head over the kitchen to see if she went to make herself some coffee.


“Mishty.” He yells out again coming to the kitchen. And that’s when his eyes fell on a familiar pair of eyes, just not the ones he was looking for.


“Why good afternoon Mr.Khurana. I see you have finally woken up.” Brij widely smiles, sipping into his cup of coffee.
“What did you do to her?Where is she!” Maan yelled, charging toward him, and holding him by the collar.
“Easy there Mr.Khurana. I came to ask you the same thing. What did you to my little sister that she left you?” He flashed a smirk.
“I don’t have time for your bullshit. Not anymore.” He tightened his grip around his throat.
“Maan!” Daadima called out in an appalled tone.
 “Let him go bhai. Let him go.” Dev holds Maan back
“And here I thought I would have to tell her the truth about you since you broke our deal and came back to her life, but I guess Geet realized herself hence why she played with your heart.”Brij coughed trying to catch his breath, but couldn’t help laugh menacingly.
“Nahi..Nahiiii! You are lying. You are just trying to play mind games with me! I won’t fall for it samjhe tum! I know my mishty! I know –“
” Brij bhai I told you I would tell you the truth and now I am. Let’s just say your little sister had some unfinished business to take care of. . some justice to get. There’s still one thing left I need to do. Don’t look for me, I am going away for some time. I love you bhai…bye.”
Maan gasped faltering two steps back hearing Brij play the voicemail Geet left on his cellphone . At the same time hazy memories of Geet making him sign some papers before he lost conciseness flashed before his eyes.
“Go after her bhai. It doesn’t change the fact she loves you.” Dev explained holding his shoulder in comfort.
” I am not going to let my hardwork go to waste. I brought you here so you could run into her. I asked Dev to come here and make you jealous for a reason! You two will end up together, or by God I will kill you both. I have suffered enough with both of you in this toxic love of yours.” Daadi exclaimed in her threatening yet loving way.
In a blink of an eye things started to break and zip through the air. Maan started thrashing the whole place with anything that came into his hands in pure fury.
“Once a coward always a coward” Brij scoffed, walking out of the house, knowing he had nothing to worry about.
“MAAN! No Maan…don’t do this. It’s not your fault!” Daadi tried to stop him, but she got held back by Dev, who nodded for her to stay back.
Daadi started to cry, not being able to bear the brunt and helplessness of her grandchild.
“For god’s sake Dev stop him! He is bleeding!”
“Let him get the anger out Daadi. The guilt has been building inside him for a very long time now.  He needs to breakdown..he needs to realize what he has done!  He needs to feel the pain and the regret which he has blocked all these years by becoming the Devil. ” Dev hugs his Daadi, while she sobbed helplessly inside his arms.
Everything was playing back in his head, tormenting him and suffocating from inside. Tears were welling up in his eyes as the guilt started to win over him, and soon he was left with nothing to throw.  Realization hits buckling his body, and crumbling him to fall on his knees, holding his head trying to stop everything.
Dev winces, breaking his gaze away from Maan, trying to remain strong for his Daadi.
“I am a COWARD!”  A roar of anguish rips of his throat, tears cascading down his eyes.
Pinky closes her eyes and tightens her grip around Adi’s hand. They had just arrived a moment ago.
“I turned her into a devil.. . I. . I killed-“
“Enough Maan! Go and tell her what she needs to know.” Adi comes into full view with Pinky beside him.
“You arragont Harami why didn’t you tell me! She loves you, always had always will.” Pinky bends down and tells him.
” Yesterday Pinky overheard Geet talking to somebody about getting her private jet ready, and when she came and told me I knew she was up to something. I know Geet well enough to know she was up to something and I guess she succeeded, which I applaud her for because it was something neither Daadi, Dev, or me could do all these years. Go Maan Geet isn’t to far away.  I pulled a few strings.” He smiles mischeavously.
“Yeah and she is going crazy with anger.God aren’t you to just made for each other.” Pinky giggles.
” What have you got to lose bhai?” Dev whispers placing his hand out to him to help him get up.
” You all will be in the streets tomorrow. Not only but your whole damn family if the private jet is not ready in 5 minutes! Don’t believe me, just try me!”
They never saw such a nasty side of Geet. All the mechanics looked like they wanted to cry, because no matter what they were doing, the jet just didn’t want to start.
“It’s done madam. Go ahead and board the jet.” The head mechanic came down and informed Geet.
Just when she was about to board the jet, Maan sees her and so does Geet.
“Get out guys. Get out now!” From the look in Geet’s eyes, it was now or never.
“This jet better be in the air in the next 30 seconds you here me. NOW!” Geet yells and the door of the jet closes.
Adi and Pinky get out of the car. Maan not sparing a second puts all his force on the accelerator of his mercedez benz, shooting it to full speed.
Geet rushes to the cock pit. “Don’t stop and fly now…your hear me. NOW!”
“Madam we can’t. The jet needs more speed. We are going to run over him!”
Geet laid mum and expressionless, as if she didn’t care, while Maan still came toward the jet with increasing speed.
Madam he is going to die. We have to stop!”
Geet still stayed quiet. “STOP,” a yelp escapes her lips!
The jet screeches to a halt, inches away from Maan’s car,  thrashing everybody against the wall.
Geet angrily spirals up, grabbing her gun, and opens the jet’s door, where Maan shamelessly waited for her.
She clapped menacingly walking down the steps. “Wah Mr. Devil…wah!”
“Geet, just let me say one thing. Let me explain I am not scared of your gun, I know you won’t kill me.”
Geet chuckles. ” Hmm yeah I saw that little suicide attempt of yours. This gun is for my head,”  she smirks.
“You wouldn’t,” Maan probed.
“Try me darling” Her grin widens as she places the gun towards her head.
“Whose the coward now?” Maan scoffs.
“Oh sorry, should I say the new Devil. Fine you won, you got your revenge by stooping to my level. Happy? Doesn’t change the fact that you still love me. Admit it Miss Geet …unless of course your a coward?”
“Your walking on thin ice Khurana. Don’t test my patience, or I will pull this trigger.”
“You wanted the truth then you are going to get it sweetheart.”
“Stop talking Maan. I don’t want to hear it. I swear on you I will pull the trigger.” Geet threatens louder, tears welling up in her eyes.
Maan paused, closing his eyes. “I killed your parents!” He blurts out the truth loud and clear.
A sharp gasp escapes her throat, the truth coming in as a dagger straight to her heart.
“Shut up, you liar! They died in a car accident!”
“The car that you were also in. Do you want to know how I know that? Because I put you into that accident!” Maan yells at the top of his lungs.
“And you want to know what else? You were pregnant!” Maan pauses. “With my CHILD Mrs. Geet Maan Singh Khurana!”
“SHUT UP YOU DEVIL!” Geet pulls the trigger.
“Darling you missed! I thought you didn’t love me? Maan spits out harshly.
Adi and Pinky had just arrived when Geet pulled the trigger.
“Maan what are you doing!” Adi yelled in bewilderment. How was him yelling the truth and being insensitive going to help anybody.
“You choose to tell her the truth now, when she has a gun. Are you out of your mind!” Pinky screams frustratedly.
“This isn’t the truth! It’s the devil back in action just cuz I made him sign over all his wealth over to my name after I slept with him and drugged him last night. Do your worst Mr. Maan Singh Khurana, I won’t fall for it.”
“You did what!” Pinky looked at her best friend, and pitied her. She was filled with so much pain and anger that at the moment it overlooked any love she had for this man.
“Oh are you sure sweetheart? I dare to object,” Maan chuckles.
“You want to know why? Because both you and I know what lies Brij has fed you. You did not jump in front of a car after you heard about your parent’s death which made you go to coma for 2 years. You were in the accident with your parents, where your parents and our child died in your womb, but you don’t remember because you lost those 2 years of your memory where I was a part of it! You weren’t in a stupid coma, you forgot! You forgot me Mishty.” His voice trails into a soft whisper.
“NAHIIIII!” Geet pulls the trigger again, just scratching Maan’s shoulder.
“I am going to aim for your heart next if you don’t shut up!” Tears spill down her eyes.
“I was drunk, because we had just got into a fight. You ruined my proposal, calling me a coward because I hadn’t confessed my the three magical words. And that if I didn’t confess you would willingly marry that bastard that your parents choice for you. In anger I said I would kill your parents if they ever did such a thing and then stormed off.”
“I went and got drunk and was driving home when i got into a car accident.”
“I ran out to come save the people in the car and I found your parents dead, and you looking at me in half consciousness, thinking I killed your parents on purpose. Your last words were, “Only a devil’s love is toxic” before you closed your eyes on me.
“If what you say is true then I don’t care. I don’t want to live. I don’t want to live with this truth. I don’t want to be in love with you! ” Geet pulls back the gun toward her head, but before she could pull the trigger Maan pushes her arm up in the air. He squezzes her finger making her waist all the bullets in the gun in the air.
“The bullet have my name, the name of a coward. Not yours! I was scared of telling you the truth. Like I told you yesterday, I rather you love me then hate me. Plus Brij made a deal with me that he wouldn’t tell you the truth if I avoided you and didnt’ follow you and him back to california. I listened, but instead of blaming myself for the accident, I blamed the universe. It could of had an accident with anyone else, but why did I have to be you and your parents!  I wasn’t happy and full of anger so I didn’t want anyone else to be happy, which made me turn into a devil. But it didn’t change the fact that I love you mishty. You have to believe me”  He whispered to her, looking straight into her eyes.
“I am not here to ask you to take me back into your life. I don’t care that you have possibly turned me homeless. I don’t care that you took revenge on me and played with my heart. I deserved it all. But you can’t punish yourself for what I have done. Please.”
Maan falls on to her feet. ” I am sorry Mishty.  Don’t forgive me but I am so sorry.”  Tears fell down his eyes.
Geet’s own tears cascades down her eyes. She didn’t know what she wanted anymore, but there was one thing that she couldn’t lie to even herself. The fact that she loved him just as much as she hated him, but that’s what makes there love toxic.

It’s getting late to give you up

I took a sip from a devil’s cup

It’s taking over me
She bends down, and looks straight at him. “How many times do I have to tell you the devil doesn’t cry.” She tries to laugh through her tears, enveloping him in a hug .
“There was always a part of me that felt missing, and I didn’t know why, but with you it always felt whole. I can’t lie to myself and say I don’t love you. But why I love you i don’t even know myself. Ask my damn heart!”
“I love you” Maan tightens his hug around her.
“I love you too.”
Pinky starts to wipe her tears and hugs Adi. Geet sees it and chuckles through her tears.
Adi smiles looking at Geet. She may not remember him as his assistant when she came to India, but she will always have a place in his heart as his sister. That’s why after the accident he worked with Maan in his office as his accountant, but never stopped trying to get them both back together in these last 8 years.
Geet and Maan break away from their hug. As Geet stands up, Maan grabs her foot that had her anklet on it. At first Geet was confused, but that’s when she put two and two together. The person who gifted her this anklet at her doorstep all those years was—him. 
Fresh new tears started to well up in her eyes. It was just so much to take, but there was more in store for her. Maan takes out a small key and holds the heart charm in his fingers, putting the key in and opening the heart. He takes out a diamond ring, and goes on one knee.  Pinky in the background screams, “OMG!” But by that time Geet was already balling out in tears.
“You ruined my proposal that day, you thought this was a gift, but it was so much more. And now I will prove to you that I am no longer a coward. I admit that I love you with all my heart. So much that I am willing to spend every moment, every day, and every second of the rest of my life with you. Miss Geet Maan Singh Khurana will you do me the honor of marrying me the traditional way this time ?
“Yes thankyou! I can’t believe you didn’t invite me to the wedding you had when you guys were stranded on that island!” Pinky chides teasingly.
Everybody laughs .
“Come on say yes” Pinky chirps.
“Yes,” Geet blushes.
Maan feeling so much burden lifted off his chest gets up and takes in her lips into a kiss.
I close my eyes and dive,
Into the toxicity that is you!
You are poisonous,
Steadily killing me.
I’m addicted,
I need to have it!
The slow slow death,
The toxicity that is you!
There love may be toxic with a lot of pain and loss involved, but there irrevocable love surpasses it all. You try to run away, but your unconditional love makes you come back running into their arms. Living up to it’s name, it really is a poison with no cure.

~The End~

OMG i am finally here with an update :O LOL! I sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart. It’s my third year in college, and have been so BUSY, it’s just insane. When the weekend comes I am either doing assignments/studying for an exam or a family event is taking place. So yes, please bare with me, hopefully next semester or next year will be better..i am not sure. But i won’t promise anything, as I am very good at breaking them.  But omg, i finally managed to finish and update the last chapter of toxic love. I hope you liked it, and it reached your expectation. This had many twists and turns, and confusion. So if you want to understand everything then read from beginning to end if you like. It’s only 10 chapters so not to long 🙂 All i would like to say is thanks for the love and support<3 I really loved writing this story. Very different, and even a bit challenging.


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