ToXic LoVe: Chapter 9


“The Devil within”

Undress these beautiful lies
Blind me with Animal Eyes,
Carve your heart into mine,
Carve your heart into mine.

Time ceased to move as Maan saw Geet point the gun on herself. He paled, a sudden wave of disbelieve and rage washing through him.

“MISHTY!” He yells at the top of his lungs, throwing  his hand in the air, as if to stop her.

“Stay where you are!” Geet probed!

“Geet…” Maan tries to take a step forward.

“I said stay where you are or I swear on your life I will shoot.” She fumed with enlarged eyes that held welled up tears, ready to cascade down her cheeks at any second.

Maan puts his hands up in the air and slightly eases back. “Okay, whatever you say. I will do whatever you say, just drop the gun. This is stupid Mishty, drop the gun.” Maan spoke as calm and softly as he could, trying to control the situation.

“I said drop the gun DAMN IT!” He roared, losing control of his emotions.

He couldn’t bare the sight that was in front of his eyes and quite frankly he has had enough to last him seven lifetimes! Destiny had been pulling the strings of his heart and life for far to long now. And now in no way would he simply let Geet get the simple way out by ending it all and breaking free. If they had to live and burn together in this toxic relationship then so be it! But in no way was he going to let her leave him! He was not going to give her that right, not even to God!

Geet could sense him lost deeply inside himself, the veins popping out his neck from all the fury and angst was proof, but she didn’t even flinch once. In her eyes, it was now or never!

“Please!” He pleaded trying to take a step forward towards her, but Geet just straightened the gun at herself.

He immediately retracts back, “Don’t do this to me.” Geet lets out a scoff of utter disbelief.

“It’s always been about you! Your pain, your anger, your love, your EVERYTHING!” She gritted her teeth, the anger and screams of pain in her struggling to burst out of her throat.

“But I end up suffering because of it.” Geet wipes her tear away before it could escape her eye.

“Chalo, one thing is clear as a crystal to me now. You do love me, just won’t submit to it! Fine, neither will I anymore!” She cranks the gun.

“Nooooooo MISHTY!” The devil falls on to his knees, helpless. “There is a lot you don’t know.”

“Well here is your chance to tell me.” Geet probed.

There was a moment of silence. Wrenching pain was written all over Maan’s face, yet he couldn’t get the words to come back.

“Goodbye Maan,” Geet states closing her eyes.

“God damn it Geet! If I tell you, you will shoot me till you run out of bullets.” He seethed, but this time there was a different kind of fire Geet saw burning in his eyes. The fire that possibly made him into a devil ,fire of self-destruction.

Geet stood quiet, not only because she had no idea what he was on about, but also because she was expecting more of an explanation–a lot more.

“And I rather die knowing you still love me.” He blurts out, standing up and shamelessly looking straight into her eyes.

Geet sharply gasped, color draining from her face as she stared wide-eyed at him. A part of Maan felt like it could breath again as he saw Geet lower the gun down.

“This is how much you understand of my love?”  her voice almost disappearing into a soft whimper, like Maan had knocked the last breath out of her with his declaration. She shot her big brown eyes right at him that he could see his own reflection in her eyes.  

“I–” Maan finds himself silenced by her delicate finger that was now residing on his lips. Maan took the hint and stayed quiet and just stared into her eyes.

” I have lost myself so deeply in you that despite having everything, I feel a piece of me is missing.  And when I am with you I feel whole. I don’t feel lost when I am with you.” Her words came as slaps across Maan’s face. Over the years he had become skilled in hiding his emotions, just like he was now. He just continued to look at her helplessly.

“It may be just desire for you, but it’s more than that for me Maan. I tried being that traditional simple girl for you. I waited for you for 2 years, hoping that you would accept me if I became the simple Indian girl you would be proud to have as a wife.The type of girl you would bring home so your family would be proud to have as a daughter-in-law.” She paused, as if chocking on her emotions, while Maan tried to hide the shock he was going through.

“I waited for you damn it! Despite being thrown away by you that night in gua 2 years ago! You made a girl like me feel like trash just because I fell for you. Just because I was willing to sleep with you.” Geet without even realizing was holding Maan by the collar of his shirt.

“Chi! You Devil…it was because I loved you.” She pushes him slightly away, letting him go of his collar.

“I was a virgin then, and still am, contrary to what you may believe about me”. Tears rolled down her eyes. She didn’t even bother fighting against them or try to hide them. He deserved to see the damage he had done to her.

“Mishty..”, a helpless whisper escaped from Maan. He moves in closer to wipe her tears away, but Geet moves back and points the gun toward herself.

” Don’t you dare move. I am not finished yet!” She yelled through her tears, and Maan flinches his hand away from her, defying every fiber of his body to go and sooth her pain. However, a part of him knew he had lost that right.

“I was your sweet American prey is what you told me. You crushed me that night Maan! You broke me to pieces! I thought something was wrong with me. I doubted myself, I blamed myself!”

“You threw me away that night in Gua, and never looked back. While I waited for you bastard.And then you meet me after 2 years in the beach in California, in a salwar kaameez suit, yet you still found a way to make me feel cheap.”

Maan couldn’t even look at her in the eyes, but Geet wouldn’t allow it.  “Look into my eyes and answer me! One second you care, you can’t resist me, and the next second you are breaking my heart to another billion pieces. Kyun!  Bolo jawab doh mujhe! Hai koi jawab tera pass!” Geet let’s go of him, seeing he can’t even look into her eyes, then how could he answer.

“Is it really just because you don’t want to accept that you love me? I am sorry, I am not full Indian for you. I am sorry that I am famous and guys look at me with lust. Do you even hear me?I am apologizing, when if you really loved me, you would accept the way that I am and here I am willing to change myself so the devil in you can accept me.” She starts to laugh, an empty laugh, that mocked herself.

“I told you to leave and you crashed my event. The event of me trying to put myself back together. BUT YOU COULDN’T LET ME LIVE IN PEACE COULD YOU ” She roared through her tears, shoving him.

“I saw you fuming. Kis haq se Mr. Maan Singh khurana haan? KIS HAQ SE! She shoved him again.

“You have no right to feel jealous of Dev when you rejected me, crushed me, countless of times Mr. MAAN SINGH KHURANA!” she shoved him for the third time, harder, causing him to lose his balance and stumble back!

Maan didn’t even bother fighting back.Seeing him stand there helpless, ashamed, and quiet was even enraging her more.

“You were right.I have the power to kill you and no one would dare raise a finger and accuse me even if they did I have enough money in the world to silence them.”

“I should be the one to die. I don’t care what others say that I was weak,had no self- respect,let you destroy me. So be it! Fanaa hojaoongi tere toxic pyaar mein, while you watch me die and regret the rest of your life for what you made me into.”

Everything seethed to exist, all he saw mirrored inside Geet’s eyes was the reflection of a Devil, a monster. This is what not part of the plan, this was not how things were supposed to play out. He brings the gaze of his eyes up and looks straight at her, but looks back away. He tried to save himself from ever having to look into her eyes in shame, yet here he was again committing the same crime of selfishness.

“I won’t end you! You here me.It’s not fair. It’s just not fair,” Geet chocked on her emotions, new tears spilling down her eyes. But she looked, she looked right at him, willing to give him one last chance to explain. To tell her this is all a bad nightmare.  Her heart broke seeing him motionless and quiet, just like always proving that her trust is misplaced.

“IT IS NOT FAIR” Geet crys out with eyes closed, her finger closing in on the trigger.

In just a flash, memories he had repressed plagued through his Maan. She was happy, he was happy, they were …In Love. He already paid the price, he wasn’t going to pay the same price again. His body was already on the move before he even could comprehend what he was doing, shoving Geet’s hand in the air as the bullet fired.

“Aapne Maan ko chor ke ja rahi ho..mujhe chor kar ja rahe ho! Don’t you dare…sunna tumhe ! Don’t you dare! ” He shook and held her by her shoulders with eyes filled with fury.

“Because this time you will have to hear what i have to say. Then you can leave me, I won’t stop you.” She was in loss of words, in shock, with the intensity that Maan held her gaze.

He slowly let’s go of the grip he held her around her shoulders.  The burden he has been carrying for a very long time had finally taken it’s toll on him, the pain and guilt buckled his knees to the ground. Geet just stood there, confused and stunned herself. She sees him take a silver piece of jewelry out of his right pocket. She looked more closely and saw it was her anklet, she didn’t even know she had lost it. It had some sentimental value to her even though she didn’t know why, she just did. She had received it as a anonymous gift on the footstep of her house one night 8 years back and ever since never removed it from her foot.

Maan places the anklet where it belonged, around her foot. When he was done tying it he moves his hand away, but felt a small tug. He glances back and sees a thread from his shirt was caught around the center charm piece of the anklet, the heart.

He bends down closer to her anklet trying to detach himself . “I just need you to know” he pauses, fighting back the surge of emotion that suddenly over came him.  “That I…Love” he breaks free from the anklet,while at the same time a tear break free from his eye as he finally blurts out the three magical words, glancing up at Geet.

Geet lowers herself and sits on the ground with him. “I love you Mishty, bas yehi kehna ta.”

“Tum Jhoot bol rahi ho. You are just saying that now so I don’t end myself…hain na,” she sobed, laying her forhead against his forhead.

“Nahi,tujhe bahut pehle se kehna ta. But i am a Devil, couldn’t bring myself to.” He broke into tears with her, wiping her tears away and holding her face, as they laid in the same position.

“ I LOVE YOU MISHTY,” he envelops her in a hug, Geet returning the hug with the same passion.

Geet opens her teary eyes not believing what she just heard.

“Stop crying,doesn’t suit your devil image,” she lightly laughs, managing to make Maan smile with her.

“GEET”! Brij yelled out.

“GEET! Where are you GEET.” Hearing his voice Maan’s hand unknowingly was turning into fists.

“Oh shit,Brij is here. God he is going to kill me, I have a lot of explaining to do.”

“He wouldn’t dare!” Maan almost snarled.

“Getting possessive already are we?” Geet chirped, but for some reason he took what what he said to seriously. She actually liked seeing him so possessive.

“Okay tell me does your room have a balcony?”

“what?” Maan asks puzzled.

“Does it?”

“Yeah it does.”

“well then leave it open tonight.” She kisses him at the edge of his lips, blushing away.

Maan lets out a small laugh, she hadn’t changed a bit. He quickly makes his escape before Brij saw him, but couldn’t believe what just happened.He finally said those three letter words. His heart definately felt a lot much lighter, but a new fear grew in its place.

“Bas bahut ho gaya ab aur nahi! I can’t live without her anymore. I have hurted her more by pushing her away from me. From tomorrow I will fight for our love, instead of fighting against it!”


 “I am over here bhai,” Geet approached him, coming out of the corner.

“You got a lot of explaining to do young lady. I have half a mind to fire Pinky right now!” Brij fumed.

“I know, and I am sorry! Don’t punish Pinky, she was just doing what I told her to. But for now, I need you to trust me.”

“If he hurt you, I am going to kill him.”

“Interesting. You both hate each other with a passion, am I missing something here?” Geet asks, kind of amused and puzzled at the same time.

“Don’t turn the tables on me Geetangalie William. He made you cry at your own event! Of course I would hate him and you shouldn’t be surprised if I want to beat him black and blue.”

“Bhai it’s been a long night. I promise to answer all your questions tomorrow. Can I please go rest now?”

Brij paused and took a moment and examined her. She looked exhausted, both mentally and physically. “Alright. We will talk tomorrow.”

“Okay, goodnight bhai.”

“Wait, before you go. I am glad to see you back to your old self. I missed the strong and not to forget to mention powerful Miss Angie William.”

“When was I ever gone?”She smiles, but for some reason Brij felt it didn’t reach her eyes.

He tried to read her face and what she meant, but couldn’t figure it out. He watches her go up to her room, and a part of him could tell something was amiss.


(Play this song, and listen while reading the following part. Important in getting the feel and vibe of what is about to take place)

After making sure Brij fell asleep, Geet quietly escaped from the house, and was now standing outside Maan’s house.

I will keep quiet
You won’t even know I’m here
You won’t suspect a thing
You won’t see me in the mirror

She found the room with balcony and quietly crept and climbed her way up to it.

But i crept into your heart
You can’t make me disappear
Till I make you

Just when she reached on top it started to rain. She was dancing and swaying with the rain as it trinkled down from the clouds . Her smile and giggles glistening the dark loomy night with so much brightness that it hurt. She cups her hands then slightly blows against the rain drops, her simple innocent acts setting his body flaming with burning desire.

I made myself at home
In the cobwebs and the lies
I’m learning all your tricks

He tries moving the gaze of his eyes away, something the Devil in him would never do, yet he had lost his will. His intense gaze was on her taking in her intoxicating form and relishing in her ecstasy. She was wearing white and as her clothes soaked in the water droplets, hugging on her body even tighter giving more prominence to her slim figure and curves.

I can hurt you from inside
Oh I made myself a promise
You would never see me cry
Till i make you

She continued to play with the rain as she spun around, the sparks of innocence in her eyes still the same and as captivating from the very first day he had laid his eyes on her. She flutters her eyes open feeling this intense gaze on her back, burning her from with in.

You will never know what hit you
Won’t see me closing in

She knew whom it was before she even turns around. However, he didn’t even give her a chance to fully turn around, as she was already pinned against the balcony’s brick wall, caging her inside his arms. Every cell and fiber of her skin that he placed his lips against were getting electrocuted with pleasurable sensations, making them surrender in defeat by screaming his name in sheer desire.

I’m gonna make you suffer
This Hell you put me in

His lips moves up her exposed arm and finally reached the nape of her neck. He just stayed there nibbling against her neck, before slowly moving higher hovering and lingering around her lips, making her moan in ways she never knew could be even possible.

I close my eyes and dive,
Into the toxicity that is you!
You are poisonous,
Steadily killing me.
I’m addicted,
I need to have it!
The slow slow death,
The toxicity that is you!

He lets go of her lips, both breathless trying to catch each other’s breaths. Not even the rain could extinguish the fire that was burning within them. He lifts her inside his arms and carries her inside, not yet ready to let the flames of their burning desire to die out.

I’m underneath your skin
The devil within
You’ll never know what hit you


How interesting the world is, when you pull the strings! Geet gets up and looks beside herself. There laid a bare-chested arrogant harami innocently sleeping next to her. The rest of his body was covered with a white sheet.

I’m the poison in your bones
My love is your disease

Did she just call him innocent? She chokes on her own thought. Who would believe that just moments they were making love, after all she is the same innocent girl whose character he had raised a finger on once upon a time.

I won’t let it set you free
Till i break you

She touched upon the most dangerous of all poisons to lure her prey! She gets up from the bed putting her clothes back on. She didn’t even worry about making a noise, because he was drugged!

I tried to be the lover to your nightmare
Look what you made of me

She smiles mischievously grabbing the papers he unknowingly signed and made her escape.

“What a screwed up fairytale,” she sneers as she glances back at him one last time.

Now I’m the heavy burden that you can’t bear
Look what you made of me
Look what you made of me
I’ll make you see

If only she knew she had toxic love running through her veins. The toxic love of the DEVIL!

~Welcome to the present Ladies and Gentleman *evil grin* ~


No precap *sowiie*

This chapter was dedicating to you jen ❤ Love ya!

The next chapter, Chapter 10, is going to be the end of this story and to be honest i have no idea how i am going to end this…still deciding.  In case i have confused and blown everyone’s minds off, Geet was pretending this whole time. If you remember when they got stranded on the island she had told Maan ,”It turns out falling for the devil turns you into a devil”.  There is still one piece of the puzzle still left to be revealed, so u are going to have to wait and see what happens. For those who want to kill me with their chappals, I had given you a heads up that things would turn out this way in the prologue.  Comments and likes much appreciated. I have started replying to those who leave me lovely comments or have questions ^__^ I have posted the prologue again down below for proof, just in case u still wanna kill me LOL 😛


Be careful love is thy poison that no one should dare play with!
Those who play with fire get their skin burned that eventually heals,
But those who play with poison get toxic in their blood!
This special poison gets T O X I C   L O V E pumping in their blood F O R E V E R!
The innocent turn deceitful!
The cold-shielded heart gets punctured and melts!
Promises get broken!
Scars left open!
Beware! Love is thy poison, thy T O X I C,
That once touched in order to tame a D E V I L,
Your own blood gets D I R T Y,
A path where there is N O   T U R N I N G   B A C K!
I close my eyes and dive,
Into the toxicity that is you!
You are poisonous,
Steadily killing me.
I’m addicted,
I need to have it!
The slow slow death,
The toxicity that is you!
Taking the pledge to ruin,
Don’t dare touch thy poison!
Those who try to  E N T R A P  their prey using the name of L O V E
end up getting S H A C K L E D  themselves!

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    • mrszsk says:

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      Geet pretending this whole time means this was her way of getting even with the devil, but in the process ended up becoming a devil herself. She loves him, but can’t see it at the moment, as the pain he inflicted on her by shattering her heart still is fresh in her mind. Well its not yet morning but yeah almost dawn after that rainy night that was in the first chapter. Alright I will keep that in mind dear 🙂


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