ToXic LoVe: Chapter 8


“Once a Devil, always a Devil”

Bleeding from the inside out,
Once again your love remains.
The reason of my being,
Yet your poison runs in my veins.

The Devil was so ready to play, his eyes glistened with the intensity and possessiveness that could burst the whole place in to the flames of his hell fire. A cold chilling shiver ripples down Geet’s spine just as his dark and brooding devilish eyes capture her. She saw the desire, rage, and ravenous hunger that could consume her whole, yet so deep she was bound she couldn’t even break free. However, the better question would be–Did she want to break free?

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“Ik baar nahi yeh dil sau baar hai tuta,Par shauk mohabbat ka ab tak na chutha.” Maan starts to sing along while twirling the American woman out of his arms.

“Ik baar nahi yeh dil sau baar hai tuta Par shauk mohabbat ka ab tak na chutha.He sways with the sultry beat of the music, showcasing his breathtaking hip hop moves.

Geet just stood there baffled as the strong wall she built for herself slowly started to crumble down. Was he mocking her and her heart? She looks away with disgust, to leave.

“Muskurate huye chehre, Chupaye hain raaz gehr.” He sings pulling the same American woman back and dances very closely with her, while using his other free hand to grab Geet’s wrist at the same, stopping her from leaving.

He pushes the American woman out of his arms and pulls Geet roughly right in, making her have to hold the back of his head for support. 

 Maan gazes deep inside her eyes before slowly removing her hand down singing, “Yahaan to har Chehra hai jhootha”, and slips away.

The whole time Geet remained immobilized, breathing heavily with eyes closed, his mere touch having the power to possess her from with in. Only when he leaves her does his words sink inside her, snapping her eyes awake. She looks at his retreating form with a huge lump building inside her throat and longing. The longing to just find herself in his arms and hear the three magical words,
“I Love you.” But those were not the words that she was hearing, and couldn’t decide what hurt more– The untold words or the words that were being said?

Just when she thought he wasn’t going to turn around, he looks back and starts to run toward her, using that momentum to help him slide across the ground on his knees singing with arms held up, “Allah duhai hai phir bewafaai hai. Mushkil rihaai hai. Haan tere pyaar mein.” Stopping right before Geet’s feet.

Nothing but agonizing pain and revolt could be seen on Geet’s face. She couldn’t believe her eyes or ears. How easily he turned the circumstances of the situation to seem like it was she who betrayed him the first time, and apparently is doing so again. She had to hand it to him, once a devil, always a devil. She turns to leave before her tears could give her away.

But who was she kidding, the Devil had to finish his game before letting her go, right? Maan immediately stands up and twirls her right into his arms.

She took that moment, that opportunity, and looked straight into his eyes to search for the man she fell in love with.

For a moment there she could of sworn she saw even more, she saw his love for her and only her. He started to inch closer and in response her eyes closed.

“Tum sirf meri ho. Sirf meri,”he whispers just as his lips slightly grazes her lips.

To his surprise he opens his eyes to find himself shoved away by Geet herself. 

“Wrong words”, she winces taking in a sharp breath and fighting the urge to break down in tears. 

“Main bahut thak chuki hoon Maan. I am tired of fighting with you and myself.” Her voice was soft, but full of pain.

“Mushkil rihai hai mere pyaar mein..yehi kahaa ta na? Toh theek hai.” She momentarily pauses trying to compose her emotions.

“You came back for your heart…Take it! Mein tumhe azaad karta hoon Mr. Maan Singh Khurana! Now just leave!” She screams, tugging on to the collar of his shirt.

“Mishty,” Maan calls out in guilt.

“Forget it, I will.” Geet let’s him go and turns to leave.

Maan stretches out his hand to stop her, but stops midway.

“I’m sorry bai,” Geet says covering her mouth trying to stop the sob from ripping from her throat. She immediately runs out without one glance back.

Brij who had just walked in on that moment becomes even more furious. He looks straight at Maan, and an instant fear grew inside Maan. But right now there was a bigger fear, losing Geet. And this time forever!

He starts to run after Geet, having to pass Brij whose eyes dangerously eyed Maan.

“I am tired of this too Mishty. I have been tired for a very long time. But I promise when I find you, I am going to end this for good.” Maan determinedly thought to himself as he sat in his car, right then and there taking the decision that would set both of them free.


Geet is out on the porch of her mansion. She had a notebook out sitting by her side, gradually looking at it as she played the guitar to sooth her heart. 

Baby, can’t you see? I’m calling.
A guy like you should wear a warning.
You’re dangerous, I’m falling!
There is no escape, I can’t wait.
I need a hit baby, give me it. 
Your dangerous, I’m Loving it.
Too high, can’t come down.
Losing my head, spinning round and round.
Do you feel me now?
With a taste of your lips, I’m on a ride.
You’re toxic, I’m slippen under, with a taste of a poison paradise,
I am addicted to you, don’t you know that your toxic?

She strums the guitar cords and sang as tears cascaded down her eyes, sniffing frequently.

“You should kill the Devil and set yourself free from such a toxic love,” a voice says from behind giving her a hankie.

“Believe me I would if I could,” Geet mocked recognizing his voice and throwing his hankie away.

“Well the Devil is here to grant you your wish.”

Geet turns and looks perplexedly toward Maan.

“Here is your gun and here is your target.” He grabs her hand with the gun, and points it towards his heart.

“Here is your chance! Chalao Goli!”

“Tumhe suna nahi. Chaloo Goli.” Maan says again more sternly this time.

“CHALAO GOLI MISHTY,” he yells at the top of his lungs.

“ I CAN’T YOU BASTARD. I can’t!” She falls on the  ground on her knees, confused, hurt, and angry.

Maan bends down, puts his hands around her shoulder to comfort her, whispering genuinly,“You have to, get the justice your heart deserves and set yourself free Mishty.”

“No! This will only set you free…from me! This will let you run away from me.” She retaliated back with utter fury.

“You COWARD! Why can’t you just admit that you love me!”

“Haan I am a coward. Toh,kya karogi! I won’t bow down to you! You here me …NEVER!” Maan raged shaking her by her shoulders and dangerously glaring down at her.

“ What I should of done a long time ago,” Geet whispers softly with a empty smile, before shoving him away. She grabs the gun and points it at herself.



Maan falls on to his knees, “There is a lot you don’t know.”

“Well here is your chance to tell me.” Geet probed.

There was a moment of silence. Wrenching pain was written all over Maan’s face, yet he couldn’t get the words to come back.

“Goodbye Maan”, Geet closes her eyes.

(Hey there my lovelies. I hope you enjoyed this update, a lot of drama and pagalpan, but that’s what makes maaneet’s love toxic 😉 Excuse any mistakes.What happened between them in the past will also get revealed in the next update..let the roller coaster ride begin. I promise you the ride won’t be over till the end of this SS, 2-3 chapters from now. For those who don’t know i made a message corner, for where i will be posting messages regarding me and my updates. So do check it out! Oh and don’t forget to like or comment if ya like the update 😀 Love you all!) 




33 thoughts on “ToXic LoVe: Chapter 8


    • mrszsk says:

      Geet has endured a lot because of Maan, yet so has Maan. There is still a big twist yet to be revealed. Thank you so much for commenting kathrina. Ur comment always brings a smile on my face *hugs*

  2. boishakhi says:

    yaar zee kuch toh rehem karo hamare upar.please try to update more often.

    • mrszsk says:

      I am sorry boishakhi, sometimes life get’s in the way of me updating as frequently as i would like to for you guys. But i will try my best, and that’s a promise.

  3. maaneet0887 says:

    Whoa she tried to kill herself…waiting for next dear!

  4. amber says:

    awesome update

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    Amazing superb and mind blowing want to see geet happy

  6. dsonia22 says:

    Awesome updates
    Loved it

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    loved it
    oh no wats happening now
    both playing with their lives

  8. Nusratnawshin says:

    Lovely song sequence
    I loved it a lots
    Finally maan wants to end it
    But omg geet!!!!!!!

  9. aali says:

    lovely amazing update…but precap seems scary!

  10. Asmi13 says:

    Hope he is able to tell Geet something which he has concealed in his heart
    Amazing part

  11. --ANGEL-- says:

    awesome part……loved the song selection…..update soon

  12. freya says:

    awesome part
    loved it

  13. rxu says:

    Lovely chapter.
    Both of them r hurting. It was quite dramatic.
    I liked it. Pls update soon.

    • mrszsk says:

      Yes, when have they ceased to hurt each other? Dramatic is just a part of their toxic love. Happy to hear you liked the chapter. Will update soon 🙂

  14. seemamary says:

    waiting for the next part..

  15. ruhakhan says:

    omg wat is going on
    nah maan kuch kehta hai aur nahi geet
    do update soon

  16. what is that secret Maan could not tell Geet and why he is so helpless…
    very interesting update….

    thanx for pm…

    • mrszsk says:

      Very observant you are, i must say. I am glad you caught on to the fact that Maan feels so helpless. And whether he is hiding a secret, you are just going have to wait and see 😛

  17. Teju says:

    What’s that secret? Maan is not telling her.. Geet is trying to kill herself… Gosh. my heart is beating fast… Update soon zee..

  18. nesha2017 says:

    Y just he confessed his love…wat is tat is stopping him

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