ToXic LoVe: Chapter 7


“Kis mod pe hai laayi Aashiqui”

It was like his whole world came to a stand still, everything in slow motion, just to slice his heart with deeper thrusts. The crazy crowd was roaring with cheers, but to him it all looked like they were mocking him. Laughing at him, at the devil.

Pinky walks up to him and was about to tell him off when Maan raises a finger, stopping her before she could even start.

“I was just leaving”, He rips his gaze away from them and looks straight at her.

Pinky silently gasps, losing her tongue. The agonizing pain, the yearning, the obsession, the suffocating jealousy, the livid rage, and most importantly the unrequited love …she saw it all in the arrogant harami’s eyes.

“Ladies and Gentleman, to the most beautiful woman in the world, that makes men kneel in awe”, Dev bends down on one knee like a gentleman.

“Glad to have you back Miss Angie”, he kisses her lightly on her hand.

Geet blushes and smiles. That was the flirtatious and crazy Dev she knew.

“I speak for everyone right?” Dev yells out to the crowd.

“YES”, the crowd roars back.

“Well then the treat is on me in a matter of minutes the welcome back party will be held right here. Party hard and enjoy”.

“Shall we”, Dev warmly smiles at Geet, holding out his hand to her.

She smiles and takes his hand whispering, “I should of known you would find an excuse to throw a party. You haven’t changed a bit”, she giggles.

“I wish I could say the same about you”, Dev lowly mutters looking straight into her eyes.

The smile instantly vanishes from her face; she fidgets and looks away from him, walking the rest of the ramp back in silence. She forces on a smile and blows a kiss to the crowd before going backstage.

Pinky was intently watching her this whole time before Geet headed backstage. She turns back to say something to Maan, but to her dismay he was already half way through the crowd, leaving.

“You both are engulfing each other to ashes. Yeh kaise pyaar hai?” She mutters to herself, right then and there taking a vow to find out herself.

She grabs her walkie talkie. “Armaan there is an emergency. Don’t let anyone leave the premises you here me. Surround the place with security NOW!”

“What’s going on Ma’am?” Armaan questions back.

“Just do as I say damn it! Don’t let the man who is about to walk passed you leave!”

Armaan looks up and sees the same man that Geet had punched in the deserted island. Orders were orders, and so had to be followed.

“Hold it their mister, you can’t go anywhere!”, he immediately holds him back by the shoulder.

Armaan suddenly feels an unexpected blow to his jaw, falling to the ground. “Watch me”, he huffed in utter fury, taking all his anger out on poor Armaan.

Many gasp in utter shock while a few woman found it sexy.

“Oh he is one of those bad boys”, a woman naughtily smiles.

More security pour in, but he gives them a deadly glare and they all stop in place. He ignores everything and everyone and turns to leave.

“You gonna leave without saying goodbye?”

Hearing her voice he freezes in place, his muscles clenching as he fought the urge to sweep her off her feet, and elope away.

“Oh come on Mr. Bad Boy, now that you have honorably graced my event from the sky, and walked my ramp in your utter sexy glory, you might as well stay for the after party. If your lucky, I may even sign you as my new model right now…that is of course if you get lucky”. She starts to slowly and gracefully walks towards him.

“What do you think? Are you feeling lucky today”, she coos in her sultry voice stopping inches from his face, looking into his deep dark eyes.

Geet pauses momentarily, letting the crowd, the world; see this moment with their very own eyes.  This time they stood opposite of each other, and not together! This time she showed him his place, and that place did not reside in her heart. This time she stood in front of him as Miss Angie Williams, independent and beautiful as ever and not Geet Williams, some broken hearted lover. This time the tables were turned on the Devil himself.

Geet saw the many questions swimming in his eyes, but she paid no heed.

“Enjoy yourself Mr. Bad Boy”, she smiles handing him a cocktail.

“He is all yours”, Geet chimes to the American woman who called him a Bad Boy, loud and clear enough for him to hear.

While the woman’s eyes glistened with happiness, Geet walks over to Dev and whispers, “I am going to need a moment to myself. I will freshen up and then join you”.

“As you wish”, Dev smiles back at her.

“Everybody let’s get back to the party shall we? There is nothing left here to see”, his eyes shot daggers to Maan.

The American woman attracted to Maan walks up to him and was about to whisper something in his ear, when Maan immediately blurts out, “ I am not interested, don’t even bother darling”, leaving her and walking straight towards the bar.

She twists her lips and scoffs a little from his audacity, while her friends laughed at her.

“Oh shut up. The night is not over. He won’t be able to resist me for long” she grins mischievously.


Maan was at the bar counter drinking his heart out. For the first time in his life he saw hatred burning in her big brown eyes, hatred for him.

Isn’t that what he wanted? Isn’t that what he deserved?

He pours himself another drink and brings it up to his lips to drink when his eyes fell upon the person walking over to him.

“Hello big brother”, Dev flashes the Khurana brother famous lazy smirk.

“You stay away from her you here me”, Maan instantly grabs him by his collar, losing every ounce of self-control.

“tsk tsk”, Dev hisses with a sly grin, instantly holding and pushing his arm back, “ Or what big brother? You’re going to kill me?” He challenged, chuckling at his state.

“Devil junior is here, and I think I have the right to brag and say I had a great role model to look up to at home. So don’t mind if I do have some fun with your girl. Cheers Big Brother”, he winks chiming his drink of wine into Maan’s glass.

“My touch is toxic. I have infected her with my love so deep, it runs in her blood. She loves me! Always has always will little brother. You don’t stand a chance”, he yells in pure fury, the alcohol in his system crumbling the walls he built around his devil of a heart, bit by bit and piece by piece.

Dev stops in place and turns around. “Are you telling me or reassuring yourself?” He shakes his head in disbelief, chuckling.

“The things you have done in the name of love, even if I try I can’t even fall that low. Maybe at one point you knew what love was. Every single breath you took was laced with love, but now last time I checked you turned yourself into a Devil and made your own definition of love. Toxic love is what you call it now? Wah!” Dev starts to clap, mockingly.

“And now you know why I don’t feel sorry for you! You destroyed your love with your own bare hands. Turned it to toxic, when it was pure love. Ran away like the coward you really are and till this day hide it behind this so-called devil image you have for yourself. You could have still had her.  But you have run out of chances Big Bro. It’s too late for you, and the perfect time for me to make my move”.

“ I will find a cure to her toxic love for you, let me set your mind at peace right now. So now go ahead and enjoy your life as a Devil, because I sure as hell will enjoy my life with your girl”, he hurls coldly, with words that cut like a knife.

He staggers back at the impact his little brother spew merciless words at him which mixed with the effect of alcohol, making him have to hold on to the wall for support.

Just at that moment, Geet enters, making her way toward him. His heart felt like it was bleeding, not beating as she approached him, looking like a beautiful innocent goddess, even if her dress was revealing. As he continued to stare at her somehow she saw her in a white sari approaching him.  He blinks and realizes it was just a flashback.

“Would you do me the honor of dancing with me?” She looks over to Maan.

“Dev?” she turns her head swiftly and asks him.

“Why it will be my pleasure Angie”, he kisses her hand and smiles.

Maan watches her entwine her finger with his and drag him to the dance floor.

Life will eventually get tired of giving you chances, and will not waste a second in giving it to someone else, while you can do nothing but watch and try to continue being this devil that you let other’s presume you are”, Daadima’s words rang through his ears.

Even though the sound of his heart and soul shredding into pieces terrorized him loudly and clearly, he still intently watches her twirl into his arms, giggling, and smiling.

A sweet smile starts to form on his lips as his mind took him back in time.


Nightfall had arrived and he was drinking at the bar counter in an outdoor cafe, by himself yet he was not alone. There was someone there with him, in his thoughts. He was thinking about her, replaying their encounter in the airport and the beach this morning over and over again, while taking sips from his beer bottle.

“A hot guy in denim jeans and black Armaani shirt, with a few opened up buttons and rolled up sleeves, looking like a Greek God is sitting alone and drinking. I rather accept the fact that your gay, instead of accepting the fact that your having girl trouble”

“Why you interested?” he asks first then turns to look at the girl.

In a blink of an eye, he got the wind knocked out of his body. Her hair was pulled to one side, showcasing her sexy back. She wore a white sari, and though he couldn’t see her face, his heart recognized her.

“Maybe, if only your lucky. Are you feeling lucky tonight Mr. Stranger”, she bites her lip trying to hold back herself from blushing.

But Maan laid immobilized lost in her eyes.

“Are you like checking me out” she raises an eyebrow.

“If you get lucky” he smirks using some of her own words against her.

“Very funny. I put a lot of work into this look. The least you can do is be nice and compliment me”, she pushes him lightly against his shoulder.

“One drink for the lady please”, Maan asks the bartender.

“I don’t accept drinks from strangers” she bit back, but Maan could see the happiness glistening in her eyes.

Maan chuckles. “Your something, you know that. I think I might start liking you”.

“Oh no. That’s to bad. I like guys who play hard to get”.

“Oh really”, he hands over her drink, trying hard to hold back his grin.

“Absolutely. I like a challenge. Usually it’s guys who are after me”, she smiles naughtily.

The thought of other guys’ eye balling her, made him feel weird, made him feel angry. She reaches to take her drink, but unknowingly grabs it with his fingers around it. For just an instant the heat of his hand scorched her. He must have felt it as well, that tingling sensation that raced up your arm from the point of contact, making your pulse jump.

“Thank” She fumbles with her words, clearly affected and enamored by this deep and sexy mysterious stranger.

There was some attraction and hold in his touch that her body immediately melted and surrendered to. The thing that even surprised her was that she didn’t mind.

“You know it’s my first time here in India, and I don’t really know anybody or the place. Do you want to have some fun tonight…you know like hang out?” She breaks the ice and asks genuinely.

“You want to have fun with a stranger? You sure about that? You never know, I may have added something extra in that drink of yours”.

She giggles, “Oh I highly doubt that you did. As if you need it”, she blurts out without thinking and stops herself short it, dropping her eyes shyly.

“ Well look at what we have here, isn’t somebody smitten by me? Now why do I find that hot? I think your craziness is rubbing off on me.” He flashes his lazy crooked smile at her, which held the power to make anybody’s heart skip a beat.

He finishes his drink in one gulp. “Okay let’s go”, he says getting up from his seat.

“I don’t what we can get much done with you in this sari”, a husky chuckle rips from his throat.

“But I think we can manage” he smiles.

She bites her lip, and Maan could sense that there was something amiss. “What is it? Something wrong?”

“Actually I wore this sari for a reason. I was planning on crashing a wedding party that is being held on the beach nearby”.

Maan starts to cough up his drink in utter disbelief. “Your idea of fun is to go crash an Indian wedding? Wow. I’m impressed Miss America”, he grins.

“Are you mocking me now Mr.Stranger?” She raises an eyebrow and twists her lips.

“I wouldn’t dare”, Maan feigns fear on his face, then winks right at her.

She bursts into laughter, while Maan just gazes at her and couldn’t help but smile.

“You know I ain’t that traditional. I just never been to an Indian wedding before, and well I want to see what it’s all about”.

“Okay you asked for it. I hope your ready for the best night of your life”, he instantly lifts her off her feet and carries her in his arms.

“Oh my god” she squeals, but then bursts into laughter as they reached outside.

“May I ask what you are doing Mr.Stranger?” she giggles.

“Oh just nothing, carrying a beautiful woman in my arms. Nothing new” he smirks, but doesn’t look at her direction.

“Excuse me” she gasps.

“Your excused sweetheart”, he leans closer to her face, his sweet breath fanning against her face, making her toes curl at the tingling sensation.

She snaps out of his trance, and in a stern voice says, “Put me down. Put me down now Mister or else—”

“Fine. You asked for it”, he cuts her off and drops her.

“Haaaw”, she gasps in utter disbelief by his nerve.

“You jerk. You just wait”, she starts to run after him.

But Maan was to fast for her. Yet she was stubborn and didn’t give up. She takes off her chappals and throws both of them right at him the same moment he turns around to look at her, causing him to fall in laughter.

The moment he opens up his eyes he sees her running towards him with incredible speed, and before he knew she slams herself and falls onto him. They roll together against the sand a few times before coming to a stop with Geet on top.

“Take it back or else I will woman-handle you”, she lightly pulls his face closer to her, by pulling on the collar of his shirt.

“You are one crazy woman”, Maan laughs, but then swiftly moves his body, with him being on top.

“Oh yeah and how do you plan do that”, he smiles crookedly, pinning her wrists against the sand, and entrapping her underneath his body.

She struggles to break free at first, but then gives up in defeat, feeling him way to close. The way he was looking at her, made her motionless.

“Strangers shouldn’t look at a girl like this. It’s illegal”, she whispers lost in his deep eyes.

“Oh and looking like an angel is legal?”He whispers back.

She could feel her face burning up, and in response she lowers her eyes.

“Oh now she innocently blushes, but just a few minutes ago attacked me like a jungli billi”, he teases.

“Shut up”, she pushes him lightly trying to stand up.

“Hey at least wait for me”.

“ummm I don’t feel like it”, she sticks out her tongue and walks away from him.

“She is completely crazy” he chuckles, running after her.

“Oh God, such tight security. How are we going to crash the wedding now?” Geet asks pouting at Maan.

“Watch and learn from the master”, he winks at her and grabs her hand.

They walk straight into the entrance and the guards even greeted him.  Geet surprised whispers in his ear, “Either you are some hot shot or this is ur wedding”.

“and I just brought my bride” he says wrapping his arm around her waist and tugs her close to his chest.

“Wh..what”, Geet stutters taken aback.

Maan bursts into laughter, “You should of seen the look on our face. I was just kidding”.

“Laugh. Keep on laughing” Geet starts to hit him, lovingly though.

“My my! Look at what we have here” a voice interrupts them. Geet stops her playful assault on Maan, and feeling embarrassed brings her hands to herself.

“Aren’t you going to introduce me to your beautiful date big brother” Dev asks.

“This is Dev, my little brother. Dev this is” he pauses momentarily.

Geet knew she hadn’t told him her name yet. She opens her mouth to say something.

“Mishty. This is Mishty”, Maan says beating her to it.

“It’s actually Geetangalie, but you can call me Geet. It’s nice meeting you Dev”, she sticks her hand out for a handshake.

Dev grabs her hand and places a kiss on it. “The pleasure is all mine” he smiles.

Geet smiles back while Maan rolls his eyes.

“Annie, the bride, as well as our sister will be so happy to see you here. You two lovebirds go enjoy yourselves now” Dev winks and walks away.

“Oh god. Umm I apoligize on behalf of my brother. He is very flirty and a naughty type of guy. Doesn’t even leave his brother’s girl alone kameena”, Maan utters clearly irritated while Geet just stared at him.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Your girl huh,” she whispers near his ear, making Maan’s heart skip a beat.

“If you get lucky,” Maan says lightly pushing her and walking away.

“Oh I think I am, as I have been honored with the nickname Mishty,” Geet thinks to herself, flying on cloud 9.

She snaps out of her trance and notices he was gone. She starts to look for him here and there, but he was no where to be found. Before she knew it she starts to here loud beats of a dhol. The people scattered away and she saw it was him playing it as he approached her. She giggles and blushes. Maan hands over the dhol to a guy and tells him to play it, while he nudges against Geet’s body with his shoulder, doing the bangra.

Geet shakes her head and hand for a no, as she had no idea how to do the bangra.

“Miss Geetangalie Williams, you may be half American, but your heart is full Indian. I know you can do it,” he huskily whispers into her ear.

Geet sucks in her breath in a pleasant shock. He knew who she was, well who didn’t.

She nodes her head, closes her eyes for a few seconds, before opening them and losing herself to the beat of the music.

Maan joins her, and starts to do the bangra around her, smiling with her.

Dev brings Daadima and shows her how her oldest grandson was enjoying himself and smiling after such a long time.

Suddenly Maan picks his mishty up and spins her around, while she laughs her musical laugh, playing the strings of Maan’s heart, and she held on to his kneck, staring deep into his eyes.


Applause erupts for Dev and Geet through the crowd once there dance was over, snapping Maan back from his flashback.

Geet could feel his intense gaze on her. She looks over to him momentarily, but then looks the other way.

“No wonder you’re not interested in me. Why don’t you dance with me to put some fuel in the fire of this game”, the same American woman from earlier asks with a mischievous grin.

Maan grabs her hand and twirls her three times until they reached the dance floor then dips her in a dramatic sexy pose, her hair almost touching the floor.

“Let’s bring some life to this party. Dj hit it”. He smirks looking up and straight into Geet’s direction.

The Devil was ready to play, and his eyes glistened with the intensity and possessiveness that could burst the whole place in to the flames of his hell fire.


He snakes the fingers of his right hand up her spine, making her insides melt and unfurl defiantly. His right hand slowly travels to her hair; sensuously slipping his fingers into her locks roughly, making her look straight into his eyes.

Okay this is an extremely long update, which I figured you guys deserved for waiting for so long. This update was mostly to set an understanding and ground between what they shared in the past and what they share now, particularly in the terms of the indifference they are feigning for the feelings they have for one another. This chapter was also to set the stage for the fireworks that is going to explode in the next update. I think one more chapter is left, until we reach the present, which was seen in the first chapter. And I also think about 3 chapters left till the end of this SS.

So hold on tight to your seats, because things are about to get heated up like literally 😉

Plz do like and comment as that helps me to see if everybody is understanding this complex story and at times even confusing, because I am holding back on something BIG, that will be revealed not in the next chapter, but the one after.

Muahh love ya all ❤


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