ToXic LoVe: Chapter 6


“Kismat ka Khel”

Geet angrily pours herself a drink of vodka, her gaze intently looking out the helicopter window.

Pinky stood there waiting for her to look at her, or at least start somewhere with an explanation. What the heck happened? How did her life turn so upside down after that day on the beach? A part of her felt guilty for forcing her to come to the beach that day, otherwise she wouldn’t be in such a mess right now.

“That’s it! Now I know why you stood silent that day on the beach. You didn’t say anything back, you continued to play with the pretense of not recognizing each other”, Pinky breaks the silence, trying to put the pieces of their toxic love relationship together since Geet wasn’t doing the honors.

“ Pinky please. I don’t want to talk about him. Those who are from the past, stay in the past”, she chugs her drink of vodka down in one gulp.

“ Is that why you are drinking the pain of your past away? To forget”, Pinky lightly pats her leg, in order to comfort her and let her know she was here.

“ Pinky stay out of this”, Geet harshly removes her hand and pours more vodka in her glass.

Pinky hurt with her dejection blasts back,“ No you listen to me! You just declared to him this morning that you love him, and now you don’t even want to talk to me about it? So much for being best friends yaar”!

“It’s best for you if you forget what you saw this morning. It’s between me and him. Don’t even think about telling Brij about all this. I will deal with that load of your job myself”, Geet yet again gulps down her glass.

“Oh and there is my cue”, Geet says jumping out of the helicopter as soon as it landed, leaving behind a dumfounded Pinky to fend for herself. It was the very first time Geet treated her more like a secretary than her best friend.

“Oh no you don’t! Geet wait! You have a lot of answers to give me! Geet!” Pinky shouts trying to catch up to her.

But she didn’t stop. She popped herself on a motorcycle, her hands slipping around Armaan’s chest. “You will get your answers once I get mine.” She signals for Armaan to go.

Pinky hastily grabs Geet by her upper arm. “This is not the Geet I brought back from the beach two days ago. You have become a whole different person ever since you ran into Maan. Now I would really appreciate it if you could let your best friend know what the hell is going on. .with you. . .with him”,Pinky tries to control herself from losing her cool.

“Answer me Geet. This crazy phase you are going through is not funny, and I am tired of being worried sick about you when you run off, oh and hide the fact that you are married from your own best friend! What…when? Talk to me damn it Geet”!

“If you think this is the phase, then maybe you never really knew me Pinky. The phase was when I let the media think I disappeared, became anti-social, changed my dress style and lived in disguise… and for WHO? For a coward who didn’t even want to find me to begin with”, she scoffs.

“ Toh theek hai . . I guess it’s time for Angie Williams to come out of hiding. I will text you the specifics soon. Ciao darling”, Geet gives her a light kiss on the cheek, before giving the signal and speeding away with Armaan.

Pinky stood frozen as she watched her leave with her top bodyguard, Armaan. Her words rang and plays back inside Pinky’s head, clouding her judgment of whether she should be happy or sad. She had waited for 2 years for this moment, but now something just felt off and fishy.

“Be it Angie or Geet, you already lost yourself once. Just follow your heart and you will find yourself Geetangalie Williams”, Pinky mumbles to herself lost in thought.


A couple hours later, it was almost three in the afternoon, when an angry young man jumps out of his helicopter.

“Maan listen to me—”

“Adi! Just do as I say. Get my private jet ready. I will be leaving right as soon as I tell Daadi”, Maan cuts Adi off.

“I won’t let you walk away from her for the third time Maan. You two are meant to be, and this time I won’t help you escape from your fate”, Adi whispers to himself, while his gaze followed Maan heading into his mansion.

He took the opportunity to take out his phone and dials a number.


“Thank you for calling me. I knew something like this would definitely happen. Don’t worry I have called for back up.  Things will happen the way I want it to this time. But yes you are right, I don’t know why God has blessed me with such stubborn grandsons”, Daadima hangs up.

Maan stops inside his tracks only hearing the part where she was complaining to God.

“Daadi”, he says in a low voice.

She turns around almost runs toward him with tears in her eyes, but then stops, turning her head angrily to the side.

“I’m sorry for worrying you. I got held up with some things, and that’s also why I am going back to India right now”.

“Kya ? If you leave, then I won’t ever talk to you! You are supposed to win me over so I can then forgive you for almost giving me a heart attack with your disappearance, but no! You don’t care about me, who am I to you hain na? Go, what are you waiting for. Thank you for gracing me with your appearance and letting me know. You did me an honor Mr. Maan Singh Khurana”, she says sarcastically.

Maan immediately throws his arms around his Daadi, fighting back the emotions building up in the back of his throat. He just needed someone to hug him and comfort him at the moment.

“Arreh beta…I was just being my usual drama queen. Why are you taking it seriously? If you really need to go, then I won’t stop you beta”.

“Thank you daadi”, Maan weakly smiles, bends down and touches her feet.

“But before you go, let me tell you life is not going to keep on giving you chances Maan. If life is giving you second or third chance, don’t turn your back from it. It will eventually get tired of giving you chances, and will not waste a second in giving it to someone else, while you can do nothing but watch and try to continue being this devil that you let other’s presume you are”.

An empty chuckle escapes from his lips. He turns around to face his Daadi, “ Till my last breath, life is always going to give me chances, because it’s the reason I am the Devil that I am today. Life pities all the hearts that I have shredded and broken, it’s not even sorry for me. I don’t even want it to be sorry for me, and I wish it would stop trying to do an ehsaan on me with these so called chances of theirs they keep throwing at me! Why take my life from me, then sugar coat it with these so called second chances? Ab toh zindagi neh mujhe devil banaya diya hai, isi liye ab main apni akhri saas tak devil rahoonga. Nah main ab tak zindagi se koi shikayat ki hai, aur na zindagi ka paas mujhse shikayaat karne ka haq hai”.

With that said he leaves without one glance back.

“Mein jaanti hoon ki zindagi tumhari gunigaar hai, lekin iss bar main tumhe majboor karoongi ka tum woh zindagi ka moqaa loh. Iss baar tum Geet se chal kay nahi ja saktay, Maan”


It was only a few minutes that his private jet had taken off, but yet here the Devil was rubbing his fingers around his drink of scotch, his intent gaze burning through the anklet that silently laid on the bar counter. His eyes were locked on the silver heart shaped charm that was the center piece of the anklet. His stomach immediately somersaulted with a rush of toxic feelings, but he didn’t flinch. His eyes continued to stare at the heart. His other free hand slowly starts to move and reach out to the heart on the anklet, as the memories of the past couple of days replaying inside his head, and ending with the words of their last encounter.

“Joh bhi hoon mein tumhari, before you leave do give me a farewell gift and shove this devil image up your ass, because all you are is a COWARD”

You even had me fooled this time…

Merely three little words. Only eight damn letters! But you couldn’t say it. Not 2 years back, not even now.

Because you are my FIRST LOVE! And nothing you can do will change that fact, no matter how much you try to push me away. . Samjhe tum Mister Devil!

You lost Mister DEVIL. Leave and don’t ever look back, because I don’t ever plan on returning your precious heart that I stole from you”

Suddenly his glass drink shatters between his fingers, as anger pulsated through his veins. He recoils the fingers of his other hand that was touching the heart back immediately, “NAhiiii” he growls in sheer devilish anger masking the pain.

“You don’t know shit Mishty! You don’t know anything! You are fooling yourself, and won’t succeed in making me one with you”, he trembled with toxic fury, and spoke to the anklet, oblivious to the fact that he was digging a piece of glass deep into his palm.

“Maan”, Adi screamed as he ran to his aid.

“You are seriously losing it yaar. Go and change from these bloody clothes and get a grip of yourself”, Adi takes out the shard of glass, ties a piece of cloth around his wound and pushes him toward the direction to go and change.

Maan numbly complies. He reaches the bathroom and splashes cold water over his face. He looks up, his eyes falling on his reflection. Adi was right, he was losing it. But he was going as far away from her as possible now, and everything would go back to normal like she never existed and this time he would make sure fate did not make history repeat itself! He puts on a pair of jeans and was in the process of wearing his white shirt when he heard a loud bang against the door.

He opens it immediately and gets thrown with a huge bag.

“What the hell Adi, what is this?”

“It’s a parachute bag, the plane is having some engine failure. Come on, don’t worry about your damn shirt. Leave it open! It doesn’t matter. Oh god, if it bother’s you so much wear this black tie lazily over your neck” Adi throws a tie around his neck, and then drags him near the jet’s door.

“You go first. I will be right after you with the pilot. GOOOOO”, Adi yells not letting Maan register what was happening. Everything was happening so fast.

In the next thirty seconds Maan found himself dropping mid- air. He pulls on the parachute, and slowly starts descending on what looked like a platform and stage set up on a beach.

“Presenting the muse of Mishty designs”, Maan heard through the loud speakers, but there was no time to think but fall, and that’s what happened.

Everyone gasped in shock, with the man that fell from the sky. Maan thankfully had fallen on his feet, but when he looks up, he feels a hundred pair of eyes staring at him.

“Oh great! Sirf yeh baaqi thi! Where have I landed myself into? Guess you are just going to have to go with it Maan” he thinks to himself and unclasps the parachute off himself.

He runs his hand through his sleek jet-black hair, then starts to walk down the ramp.

And just on cue, Pinky screams, “Mr. Maan Singh Khurana” in more of shock, which the DJ took as the signal to blast the music.

Ek baar nahi yeh dil sau baar hai toota

Par shauq mohabbat ka ab tak na


Muskurate huey chehre

Chhupaye hain raaz gehre

Yahaan toh har chehra hai jhootha


Allah duhai hai, phir bewafaai hai

Mushqil rihaai hai, haan tere pyar mein

Allah duhai hai, phir bewafaai hai

Mushqil rihaai hai, haan tere pyar mein

Haan tere pyar mein

He reeked of confidence and arrogance as he walked the ramp, and of course raw sexiness. He looked like he was a Greek God fallen from the sky, with his dark denim jeans, white short sleeved unbuttoned shirt showcasing his chiseled abs, and a black tie that loosely hung from his neck.

He reaches the end of the ramp, poses, and shamelessly winks, the crowd of Americans roaring with applause, cheer, and hyperventilation.

“And now the diva behind this beautiful collection, returning after 2 year hiatus, Miss Angie William’s” ,Maan hears Pinky announce as he turns around to walk back, his heart nearly skipping a beat.

“Adi you sly bastard”, he angrily blurted in his head, but the anger melted the second he saw Geet step out in her black dress, which was backless to the small of her back.

“Accompanied by a special guest of hers who flew over from India, the dashing and irresistible Dev Singh Khurana”.

The smile and color from Maan’s face quickly disappeared as he sees Dev walk out from behind her, criss cross their arms together and walk the ramp. His heart sank, his eyes waiting for her  eyes to fall on his betrayed full of questioning eyes. But she never looks and ignores his existence completely, while his stepbrother smirks and winks right into his peripheral view as they pass him.

Confetti falls from the air, with Dev gracing her with a huge bouquet of red flowers,  his wounded hand tightening into a fist, while he could do nothing but watch.


“Hello big brother”, Dev flashes the Khurana brother famous lazy smirk.

“You stay away from her you here me”, Maan instantly grabs him by his collar.

“tsk tsk”, Dev hisses with a sly grin, instantly holding and pushing his arm back, “ Or what big brother? You’re going to kill me” He challenged as he chuckled.

“Devil junior is here, and I think I have the right to brag and say I had a great role model to look up to at home. So don’t mind if I do have some fun with your girl. Cheers Big Brother”, he winks chiming his drink of wine into Maan’s glass, while he stood dangerously fuming.

Finally i am here with an update! *Holds ears* Sorry sorry sorry! 

But Uh-oh ….Khurana brothers in one place…uff! *Zee fans herself*  I know I had promised a flashback which would reveal what happened between Maan and Geet, but change of plans. I will reveal it don’t worry, in due time and the right moment. There is a lot happening and I like to reveal everything slowly. But do let me know how you like how the story is shaping? Do you like the mysteriousness that lies in the Devil in Maan? Who likes Daadima? Cuz i love her, especially in this update. There is so many secrets each character has. It is like the movie Race, you don’t know who you should trust, who is on your side and who is not. But i did feel like the lyrics, “Allah duhai hai, phir bewafai hai, Mushkil rihaai hai, haan tere pyaar mein” totally expresses our Devil! 

Do like and comment 😀

p.s : Ignore mistakes in a rush!


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  1. love2soma says:

    loved it………

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  3. Awesome update loved it loved that geet is not going to run after him any more and dev is here let fireworks begin

  4. angelickushi says:

    so both running away from each other again
    but seems adi planned it well to get him to stay back
    but didnt expect dev’s entry in all this
    waiting for next

    • mrszsk says:

      I wouldn’t say Geet is running away, but Yes Maan was trying to. Thanks to Adi, this time he wasn’t able.
      And now with Dev’s entry, the question remains if he will still be able to leave or not.
      Thanks for your comment 🙂

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    part 6
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  6. madhuri53 says:

    Loved it very much…awesome update…loved adi & dadi….oh…khurana bros hate each toher….loved maan doing ramp walk so dreamy….

  7. mrszsk says:

    Hey madhuri! thank u dear! Right now the khurana brothers aren’t on good terms. I know right ufff me went to dreamland writing that scene hehe.

  8. nesha2017 says:

    Destiny is alwz ther where u put ur heart….whre geet ther is maan…
    Oho dev

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