ToXic LoVe: Chapter 5


“No Return Policy to Stolen Hearts”

Morning arrives, with the sun stretching it’s blazing hot sun rays. Maan opens his eyes sleepily, but jolts up when he sees the fire out and Geet not there. “Mi—” he stops himself hearing a humming sound from the distance.

He quietly follows it, the humming sound getting louder the more he got closer to it. He immediately freezes with the sight in front of him. He closes his eyes, fighting with the sinful urge, temptation, and desire exploding within him.

“Oooh ooooh ooh” she continued to hum in her musical voice, seducing him.

He opens his eyes, surrendering in defeat and hides behind a tree letting himself get lost in her beauty. Geet was just below the waterfall, letting the water pour sensuously over her. She was lost in her own world, humming away. She was stretching her hands, and touching her body all over, wiping the sand and dirt off her body.

Maan inhales sharply, trying to tear his gaze away from her serene beauty, but he was paralyzed, spell bounded against his will. Her clothes were sticking to her body, showing her every curve, “la laaa laa” she hummed.

“Oh sweet lord”, he turns around placing his head against the trunk of the tree, eyes closed and hands turning to fists, trying to resist the urge. Something the Devil in him never did, but one cannot help but wonder, what secret lay behind the special rights he seems to give to his Mishty? Her toxic electric pull overpowers his defeated heart and body making his mind travel back in time once again.


It was a bright sunny day on the Goa beach. A sexy toned body was taking his morning jog. A pair of hazel majestic eyes flashes before him haunting him in daylight as it did the whole night since he saw her.  The electrical pleasurable shock that jolted through his body the moment she slammed into him at the airport, jump-starts his heart all over again. He continues to jog faster, shirtless as he was sweat glistened over his beautifully carved body, sunrays reflecting off him making him all the more beautiful. He swept breaths and killed hearts as he ran passed women in their bikinis. However this morning, he was to busy channeling against his own ravenous demons, in order to let his ego have some fun with the women. The memory of her pink luscious lips inches away from his own flashes right before his eyes, sending a rush of toxic waves down his body, his tense muscles clenching scrumptiously. He was now running so fast, his lungs were hurting and pounding for air. The smell of her mouthwatering scent still lingered near him, kicking his carnal hunger for her on overdrive. His body screaming for a break, for air, but he fought against it increasing his speed to the point he trips over his own two feet, falling face forward against the sand.

He just lies there, his head against the sand with eyes closed, not bothering to move as his body heaved up and down for air. His lungs throbbed and muscles pricked as he laid there, his demons grinning with victory.

He finally opens his fatigued eyes, to find his breath held captive inside his throat. He was left in awe, held prisoner against his will, his gaze locked on the anklet around her foot. He sucks in a sharp breath, his gaze slowly moving up higher to her sexy slender smooth legs while his demons growled in sheer desire. He tilts his head back to move his gaze higher, when she bends down extending her hand, “ Need a hand”, her voice soft, yet sultry.

“Thanks, but no thanks”, he gathers himself together, standing up before her in all his sexy glory.

“huh”, she twists her lips, as she curls her fingers and hand back, clearly offended.

“sorry I offered”, she bit back.

“That’s not the only thing you should be sorry about”.  She gasps silently at his audacity, as he referred to her accidently bumping into him the night before at the airport. Never did she experience a guy turning an eye away from her, but this guy went way passed that by lashing out with attitude on her.

“Try not to make it a habit”, he ushered coldly, exerting the intensity of his brooding eyes, as he closed in toward her face.

All Geet could feel was the electric pull she felt by his magnetic hold his brooding gaze had on her. He moves away from her without one glance back, “Don’t pride yourself into thinking I was even interested”, she challengingly threw back at him, making him freeze in place.

“Your not my type anyway. . I think I will stick to my American boys”, she coed in her sultry voice, that could turn any man hard right on the spot.

She nudges against his broad shoulder slightly, as she walks passed him, letting him feast on how she was no less, after all she was Geetangali Williams. She hadn’t ever felt so rejected in her life, and she didn’t like it. Foreign men always fell at her feet, so what made this guy any better? Oh whom was she kidding? This guy was a breed of his own, put foreign men to shame. He was beyond beautiful, the kind of guy that made a woman want to rip his shirt open and watch the buttons scatter along with her inhibitions. Oh my, Geet shocks herself with her naughty thoughts.  She couldn’t even explain it to herself. She never felt so damn attracted to a guy before, not many men caught her attention to be worthy of it. This hot stranger proved he was not worthy of her attention at all, yet she had to admit his attitude and arrogance only pulled her in closer. He was Toxic.

But she did feel insulted, as if he was too good for her. Maybe it was true, but she didn’t want to give him the benefit of the doubt. She blushes at the thought of what she was going to do. Pinky will certainly get a kick out of this.  Pinky always complained how she was so lucky that her innocent beauty alone was enough to bowl any man over. But for the first time that wasn’t enough. There is no harm in indulging in some naughtiness once in a while Geet justified to herself, and heads over to the nearest Beach Shower.

She slowly takes off her silky beach dress, showcasing the red bikini she had under. She then runs a hand through her hair, letting her wavy hair fall to the small of her back. Turning the knob, she lets the water sprinkle over her body. She sways her hands seductively down her body, feigning to be washing her body. Maan knew exactly what she was doing, but couldn’t tear his gaze away from her. She turns around, moving her hair to one side, and letting him get a view of her sexy back. Maan almost chocked on his own saliva, his eyes looked here and there, fighting the sinful urge, but they froze right back on her. She was. . beautiful.

Geet catches him staring and smiles to herself seeing him coming towards her. She pretends she doesn’t even see him coming. But it was so hard. The look he was giving as he approaches her, should be illegal. Geet snaps of his spell, bringing the gaze of her eyes down , as he neared her.  She bit her lip, her face flushing pink, as he came to stand in front of her.

“Try this trick on some other fool, as I’m simply not interested, but I bet he is”, Maan pushes some hot headed shirtless duffer who just about to pass them right into Geet.

“Have fun”, he shamelessly winks at her, walking off.

“Why hello there. His loss my gain”, the guy touches her inappropriately.

She kicks him in the groin and shoves him away, “Assholes” she cursed under her breath, her eyes still drawn and lingering over the sexy stranger walking away.. She was furious, and she had every right to be, so then why was she still staring at him.

Maan smirks almost in a loving manner at her cute and feisty antics. He had predicted as such from her, didn’t even have to turn around to prove it to himself. He knew.


Before Maan knew it, he is falling into the water.

“PERV”, Geet blurts outs as she pushes him into the water, letting him squabble in the water.

“You are one insane woman” Maan laughs, bringing his face out of the water and running a hand through his jet black wet hair.

“You are laughing and enjoying this”, Geet gaped at him with amusement and astonishment.

“After the show I got to see, not even you could ruin my blissful cloud 9 moment”, he flashes his heart skipping crooked smile at her, letting himself fall and float over the water.

“Unbelievable! I went through all this hard work and labor to find some food for us and while I am cleaning myself up you take the opportunity to – ”

“watch my Sexy Dare Devil give me pleasure. . well then yes. . . I guess I did. Why don’t tell me this time you were really taking a shower and not planning to seduce me like in Goa?” he implores winking at her.

“haawwww. . noooo,” she starts throwing the bananas she had found for themselves to eat right at him, trying to hide her flushed face at the memory of their encounter in Goa.

“Oh shit”, Maan ducked right in time.

“hahaha you missed—”, Maan gets cut off as another banana came flying toward his head.

This time Geet laughs, “You were saying” and throws another banana at him, but he doesn’t move and was sinking down into the water.

Worry shoots right through her body. “MAAN”, she screams immediately jumping inside the water.

“No. .no . .MAAN wake up. . MAAN”, she was on the verge of crying as she shook his body.

“You have to kiss me and I will miraculously come back to life”, he whispers with only one eye open, then immediately closes it, waiting for his kiss.

“Go to hell!”, she shoves his head back into the water and walks off.

“Mishty”, he calls out as he holds her back by her wrist.

“choro mujhe”, she yells, struggling to break free from him, without showing any eye contact.

“Nahi chorunga toh?”, he pulls her into his arms.

“ Mishty. . look at me. I said look at me”!

“No! I said let me go! I hate you”, she yanked and tugged to break free.

“Chup bilkul chup”, he rages, holding both of her arms behind her back.

“Stop being such a drama queen! It was a joke!”, he hisses bringing her chin up, and forcing her to look straight at him.

That’s when a tear cascades down her eye.

“Mishty”, Maan whispers with both surprise and concern in his voice, his anger vanishing.

“ It was just a joke. A banana can’t kill me. Come on don’t ruin the mood”.

“You really are the devil”, another tear crawls down her eyes.

“ Just let me go. Please. . .”, she pleads.

Maan let’s her go, confused and shocked.

“I thought you hated me. Anybody in your place would want me dead. Heck, with your kind of power, they would of already done it and gotten away with it!”

“huh . .just forget it. You’re the devil. You wouldn’t understand anyway”, she wipes her tears away and walks out of the water, leaving Maan shocked and bewildered out of his mind.


A few moments later, Geet was watching the waves crash with each other. Blankly throwing pebbles and watching them skid against the water.

Maan comes and sits right beside her.

“You still love me you paagal larki”, he utters coldly throwing a pebble alongside her.

“you wish”, Geet sneers.

“ I wish you didn’t”, he scoffs harshly.

“Well I don’t. Now leave me alone or so help me I will go to devil mode”, she snarls, her eyes dangerously flashing, glaring deep into his eyes.

He pulls her in with a jerk. His hand clutched her wrist tightly, pulling her close, lips inches away.  He could tell that it hurt her, her large brown eyes winced and a whimper escaped through her lips, as if he gave a damn.

“oh really”, his voice was dangerously husky and tempting.

“Nice try my sexy dare devil, if only I could believe you”, he growls brushing his lips against hers.

Though her body was filling with outrage, her body defies her as soon as he touches her. She remains immobilized as his toxic lips traced up the line of her jaw, up to her ear.

“Get off me”, she composes her emotions and shoves his face away from her.

Maan fists his hand in her hair, pulling her back, and cupping the back of her head, forcing her to crush her lips against his.

She protested, tried to push him away, dug her nails into his skin trying to pry him off. It was all of no use, he was too strong.  She even wondered if he even felt her futile attempts. He penetrates her mouth, slipping in his tongue. At that point, she stopped struggling. She let him aggressively assault her lips.

The sound of the helicopter came to her rescue.

“That should remind you who you are in love with”, he chuckles, flashing his devilish smirk as he releases her lips, panting.

He shoves her to the side, standing up, and fixing his shirt, which was being wrestled by his sexy dare devil a couple seconds ago.

Geet laid on the ground, her eyes glaring dangerously, watching him walk away from her unashamed with a head held high. She fought back the tears of rage and pain, erupting and shooting through her veins.

The helicopter descends down, with Pinky and Adi immediately coming out. Even from above both had seen Maan and Geet’s intimate moment.

“Finally, took you long enough”, Maan chides and heads inside the helicopter.

But Pinky dared to block his way. She signals with her big angry eyes to look behind himself.

Maan rolls his eyes and turns around to meet with a punch right against his jaw. The world stood still, watching the great Maan Singh Khurana get punched.

Adi looked to the right and then to the left continuously, his jaw dropped in shock. Completely blown away with what he just witnessed. Maan stood frozen holding his jaw with his hand.

“Himmat hai toh meri taraf dhek”, Geet huffs, her eyes burning with toxic fury.

To Geet’s surprise Maan not only comes closer, but also dares to glare his brooding eyes straight at her.

“Finish what you have to say already, I have seen enough of you to last me 7 lifetimes and would like to get back to my life”, he spit out angrily.

“Jao! Mein kaun hoon, tumhe rokne ka, tera biwi!” she snarls, gritting her teeth.

“ oh teri. . How could I forget. . Mein to sach much tumhari biwi hoon ”, she feigns sarcastically in a sweet innocent voice.

“someone catch me” Pinky practically faints into Adi’s arms.

“Joh bhi hoon mein tumhari, before you leave do give me a farewell gift and shove this devil image up your ass, because all you are is a COWARD” she hisses, deadly venom springing from her voice.

“You even had me fooled all this time”, she grabs him by the collar of his shirt.

“Merely three little words. Only eight damn letters! But you couldn’t say it. Not 2 years back, not even now”, her voice cracks on her as the pain overshadows her anger.

“ Haan! Main abhi bi tumse pyaar karti hoon!Aur hamesha kiliye karte rahoongi Mister DEVIL” she yelled, pulling and crushing his shirt into a ball in her fist.

“Because you are my FIRST LOVE! And nothing you can do will change that fact, no matter how much you try to push me away. . Samjhe tum Mister Devil!”, she shoves him away distastefully, turning toward the helicopter.

She stops, turning her head to the right.

“You lost Mister DEVIL. Leave and don’t ever look back, because I don’t ever plan on returning your precious heart that I stole from you”.

She turns to leave. Armaan opens the door for Geet and gives her a hand, helping her get inside.

“ So it was you. You better disappear, or I assure you I will see to it that you do” Pinky glares at him.

“Arrogant harami”, she scoffs under her breath, and heads inside the helicopter.

“ Pinky inform Rajesh to come fetch us. Maan won’t be flying in this helicopter. He has done enough damage” Adi says in a low voice.

“ You sure you will be okay staying with. .him”, Pinky asks.

“ yeah we got a lot to talk about anyway. See you soon okay”.

“ Alright. Bye”, Pinky forces on a smile before getting inside the helicopter.

The helicopter flies away, but Maan still remained immobile, like a statue. He couldn’t see passed red. He was filling with so much fury at the moment that he could destroy anything that came in his way.

Adi’s eyes falls on something sparkly in the sand. He bends down and realizes it’s an anklet.

“Isn’t this the anklet you —” Maan signals him with his finger to not say another word.

He moves passed Adi, before he could say anything else. He walks all the way into the crashing wave, but not even that was enough to extinguish the internal fire burning within him, suffocating him whole.

He closes his blood shot eyes, lonely embracing the gut wrenching pain, which never seized to reprehend him.

“Aaaaaaaaahh”, the roar of anger ripped out of his dry throat with arms trembling with rage.

Adi felt so helpless, watching his bestfriend scream his heart out to the sky, to the universe. “Tum aur tumhari pyaar unko devil banaya. . .Geet! Tu kya jaanti”, he whispers, staring at her anklet.

Pre-cap #1:

Pinky and Geet have a little fight.

“If you think this is the phase. . then maybe you never really knew me Pinky. The phase was when I let the media think I disappeared, became anti-social, changed my dress style and lived in disguise.. . and for WHO? For a coward who didn’t even want to find me to begin with?” she scoffs.

“ Toh theek hai . . I guess it’s time for me to come out of hiding”.

Pre-cap #2:

Maan was rubbing his fingers around his drink of scotch, as his eyes watched the anklet that lay on the counter. Suddenly the glass shatters between his fingers, anger pulsating through his veins.  What will the Devil do, leave like Geet said?


If you have to read this one more time, do so, and pay attention to every single word and detail. There should be one thing that should really stand out to you, and make you question how that could even be possible? Maybe giving you a hint into what really is going on between Maaneet. If you have to read the first flashback I gave about how they met, which was in the previous chapter, do so. It might help.

I think I will be giving one more big flashback in the next chapter, which will reveal how Maaneet become close and then seperated. But that’s just one piece of the puzzle to this toxic love that run in both Maan and Geet’s blood.

I know people are confused about Geet’s character, as she was innocent and in a salwar suit in the beach in California, but she is so different and bold now and in Goa. The next chapter will reveal why that is so. The precap gives a little hint to it. Just give me some time to build the story and all the confusion will be cleared. The story will definitely take a different turn from here on out and move the story forward a little. 

One thing I will reveal is that Adi knows who Geet is. Knew from the very first day in the Beach that Maan and Geet knew each other  , just hid it from Pinky and Geet. 

Plz do comment. I need to go how you guys liking the story. Kind of in a rush so please do excuse any mistakes.

I hope you guys like this blog as well. Not fully completely made the blog, but will slowly organize everything on here.




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    • mrszsk says:

      Thank you dear. I hope it still reached your expectations even if you were not expecting that =D

      no problem dear. Thank you for commenting and being the first person to comment on my work ever on my blog xD

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    • mrszsk says:

      Thank you so much mayapari *hugs*

      well do u remember what happened at the ending of the first chapter? Maybe reading the prologue again will help you clear some of your confusions.

      If not maybe the next chapter will. Sorry for all the confusions, but thank you for commenting. means a lot ❤

  4. --ANGEL-- says:

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    she clearly told him that she still loves him..and the pain within her..ohh that was touching!!! 😦
    continue super soon…. and she punched him…it was more of a pretense i felt. she wanted t soothe herself thats y she did it..warna i know she isn’t happy at all for slapping him!
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    what really happened back then
    and is it possible for them to forget the other
    ahhh i liked the ending for sure
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    • mrszsk says:

      Thanks hun ❤

      I am glad u loved the update 😀

      No they are not married, she was just being sarcastic over the fact that he put his blood over her maang the night before.

  19. ainagurti says:

    zee…. I wanna know when he introduced himself as msk, y did she tell ‘ve never heard of d name before… was it a taunt or u goofed up :/ n when maaneet met at California beach y did maan do all d talks about women takin advantage of rich men like him when now we know geet is hundred time richer than him….

    • mrszsk says:

      nope i didn’t goof up…she never heard of MSK..she has heard of Maan singh Khurana…

      Maan recognized Geet…but she was in a salwar, simple, and ordinary…so he did that all that to make her think he did not recognize her..

      i hope that clears some of ur confusion 🙂

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