ToXic LoVe: Chapter 4


“Undying Fire”

“Mishty”, he calls out to her lovingly just like he always once did, making Geet freeze as the toxic sensations make the cells in her body surrender in defeat.

“It’s Miss WILLIAMS,” she hisses turning around once she had composed herself in the same moment Maan slams a cocoanut into a rock, snapping it half.

“You have wasted quite a lot of energy on me, you should eat up Miss Williams”,he offers calmly to her.

Geet could have sworn she saw a trace of a grin on his face, but she was honestly famished to start another fight with him.

She takes it in a huff and goes sits down against the trunk of the tree. She tips the coconut and starts to drink from it. She didn’t realize how hungry she was until she had quenched every last drop of the coconut, some coconut juice even spilling and rolling down her chin.

Maan watched her with a little surprise, but amused eyes, a little grin playing on the corner of his lips.

“Don’t be so selfish. Let me in as to what is so funny”, Geet blurts out, twitching her nose, as she puts the coconut down.

Maan let’s out a small sigh, before getting up and walking over to her. He leans down, gently wiping the coconut juice below her lip and chin. Her skin tingling as his thumb traced over her lower lip. The awkward realization hits Geet, and she was looking everywhere except at him.

“Here. .i have had enough. You can have the rest of mine”, Maan offers avoiding eye contact.

” No thanks. I don’t want anymore. You can stop the nice act, doesn’t suit the Devil. You are making a mockery of him”.

“Look Mishty'”, Geet shoots him a deadly glare. “I mean Miss Williams. There is only one way we can get through this till our rescue teams finally find us. Why they are taking so long, I will deal with them later. But I know you hate me or you just love to make out with me . .” he bites his lip from trying not to grin.

Geet smacks his arm. “Ouch just let me finish woman! Only 20 minutes after the wedding and she it beating me up. If I remember correctly I was all ready to have our SR, but you ruined the mood so don’t blame me. . it’s not to late though” he smirks inching closer to her lips.

Geet was ready to chop him up, her eyes enlarging with the nerve of him. She grabs him by his collar, ” Teri toh”.

“Teri toh”, he repeats, raising an eyebrow, grabbing her wrists that were holding him by his collar.

He tugs her close with one pull, “This is just crazy Mishty” He runs his nose along her jaw line running his hands up from the grainy sand up to her smooth legs to the core of her spine.

“If you don’t steer clear from me, then there won’t be any hope in us left” He closes his eyes as if in defeat, placing a chastising kiss at the nape of her neck.

“you will expect more and I wont be able to give that to you so– “

“You honestly think I could love you after what you did to me? After the things you put me through?”, Geet cuts him off looking straight deep into his unwavering eyes.

“It turns out falling for the devil turns you into a devil” she naughtily bites her lip as she fixes her position and sits on his lap, wrapping her legs around his hips.

“So if you ask me, you should steer clear from me because I know all your tricks while you know nothing of the new Mrs. Devil”, she seductively whispers, driving her nails up his chiseled abs, feeling his stomach curl in with her torturous touch.

He lets out a soft groan, “Mishty”.

“Yes”, she leans closer to his face, bringing his chin up with her index finger.

“I am still the one with no heart”, he gives her a quick yet slow blistering kiss.

“So I guess I will always win” he softly whispers, with a small grin playing on the corner of his lips as he breaks away from her.

“Now if your Mrs.Devil act is over we should get going. The sun is setting and we should get back to where the boat is and build a little campsite for the night”, he immediately stands up.

Geet nodes, getting up, and both start to walk side by side rather quietly. There minds using the quiet moment to register everything. Still felt surreal, a trick of the heart, or maybe a dream? Could fate be this cruel? Maan sneakily glances at her from the corner of his eyes. Even meeting after a gap of 2 years, didn’t serve justice to them. The flames of their toxic attraction were still burning like wildfire between their bodies. Just when Maan looks away from her, it was Geet’s turn to sneak a glance at him. However, neither could deny the wounds and scars that were undeniable proofs of what broke them apart. So many questions swimming in Geet’s eyes. . . So many answers the Devil refuses to hear.

“ahh”, Geet yelps a little too late, as both of them fall against the cold shivery waves of the sea.

It happened so fast. One second she was falling and the next second her head falls right against his chest.

“Ta-DUM Ta-Dum-Ta-DUM”, his heart pounded against her ear, a heart he said he didn’t have.

She moves her head up slowly, meeting his eyes, and a part of her wished she hadn’t. It was like she was hooked, spell bounded by his captivating brooding eyes. He was looking down at her, his gaze hooded, his eyes darkening, both of them completely oblivious to the fact that they were in cold chilly ripples of water. Not to forget to mention Geet’s stinging sensation on her foot was the least of her concern at the moment.

Geet finally lets go of the breath she didn’t even realize she was holding, her hormones racing.

“Mishty”, he huskily whispers moving his hand toward her cheek. His words do what they always did to her, flame her blood, and quicken her pulse.

Her breathing alters the second his hand touches her wet cheek, moving some loose strands of her hair and gently placing them behind her ear. Her skin tingling in every place his fingers traced. The setting couldn’t be anymore romantic with the sun setting and both of them lost in the sea of each other’s eyes.

Maan leans closer to seal the gap between their lips, “I’m ..I’m’s-s-so s-so-rrr-y. .I tr-r-ipp-ed” she shivered moving the gaze of her eyes down, trying to save her self from slipping to a point of no return.

Maan snaps out of his trance. “It’s okay. . come on. Lets get you out of this cold water” he slips his arms around her out and carries her out of the water. He mentally kicks himself in the gut. What was wrong with him? Why couldn’t he get a grip of himself! “Stay away from her Maan! It’s over! You sought to that yourself remember” he mentally screams at himself.

“arreh wah, The Devil being protective over his special girl? Kya baat hai” a voice zipped through him, mocking him.

“She is not special” he yells.

“what” Geet asks confused by his sudden burst.

“huh. .nothing. We are here” he quickly puts her down.

“I’m . .I’m going to get some wood for the fire” he leaves immediately, not waiting for an answer.

Geet just curls herself into a ball, trying to keep warm, her eyes lingering on him as his shadow fades into the trees.


“What do you mean you haven’t found them yet” Pinky yelled as she spoke on the phone with Armaan.

“I don’t care just find them FAST”, Pinky hangs up exasperated.

“Pinky calm down. Everything is going to be okay. At least they have each other. We will find them” Adi comforted Pinky, who was a wreck with worry.

“Brij is flying from Hollywood back home in just a few hours. What am I going to tell him once he notices his younger sister is not home? Not only is she not home she is missing! He will make everyone’s life hell if he finds out, especially Geet’s”.

” Don’t worry. We will figure something out” he hugs pinky trying to ease her worry.


After a long while Geet decides to go look for Maan herself. She was freezing to death waiting for him.

The second she got up, she squirms back to the ground, hissing in pain. Before she could fall Maan catches her.

“You just love falling into my arms don’t you? It seems old habits do die hard”, he grins putting her back on her feet.

“If only that night I had fallen in the arms of a true Hero, like Dev, instead of the arms of the villain. Maybe then I would have been living in my Prince’s castle right now instead of being stranded here with you”,Geet grins even bigger, turning around trying to hide her pain from Maan as she sat down and tried to get a glimpse of burning sensation on her foot.

Maan abruptly turns her around by her leg.

“Pretty and innocent girls like you always fall for the bad guy”, he hoarsely whispers as he looks and lightly blows on the small gash on the bottom of her foot, making Geet’s insides unfurl and melt.

“I consumed you, Flamed your blood,” he moves the gaze of his eyes up, and looks straight at her, as if puncturing into her soul.

“you didn’t even know who I was, but that didn’t even stop you. In fact it invited you more in” , he wraps the handkerchief he took out of his trousers tightly around her foot.

“Dev was never a choice. .it was always me”, he get’s up and throws his jacket to her.

” Your freezing. Wear it. It will take some time till I can get the fire started”, Maan nonchalantly utters as he bends down rubbing two rocks together, to spark the fire.

Geet just continued to look at him, silently. She watched him try to make the fire, analyzing every inch of his move, simply waiting. She lets out a small sigh, tearing the gaze of her away from him and looking out to the sea. Maan looks at her from the corner of her eyes, to find her bending down next to him. She takes the rocks from his hands without making any eye contact. She blankly looks at the rocks in her hands, ” kamal ka devil ho aap”.

“One second you pour salt on my wounds, and the next second your trying to mend to those wounds”.

“I am no doctor, but it seems you are suffering from love bipolar. But don’t worry, just like I made you Maan Singh Khurana, just like my money made you Maan singh khurana. . .Both my money and I will be here for you to get you through this” ,flames of fire abruptly burst open, as if on cue.

Geet puts the rocks aside, and looks straight at Maan, “But for now, have a good night Mr.Stranger. It’s good to know at least one thing that is not fake about you is that you live up to each name you have for yourself”, she shoves his jacket back into his arms.

She walks over to the other side of the fire and lays her head down against her arm. She let the warmth and crackling sound of the fire burning be her lullaby, until her eyes became heavy and sleep consumed her.

Maan watched her intently through the flames of the fire, his mind traveling back to 2 years back.


“Omg I can’t believe I just set foot to India eeeks” Geet practically screamed in excitement through the phone.

“OUch my poor ear drums”, Pinky whined.

“I know you are excited and just want to go crazy. . maybe even run up and down the streets”, Pinky giggles.

” But don’t okay. It’s not safe to roam the streets at this time of night, especially not in the dress that you are wearing”.

“Oh come on Pinky. What’s wrong with my dress? It’s elegant and classy, just like the woman I am. Why, are you worried I may run away with the first man that purposely bumps into me?” Geet teases.

” Haha very funny. We both know blond, blue-eyed boys are your type, so don’t even try. I may be your best friend, but I am also your secretary, which you practically emotionally blackmailed into not letting any security and bodyguards accompany you. Brij will kill me if he finds out! We already lied to him that you are going to India for a business trip. Thank God he is busy shooting for his movie until you come back”.

“Hey it’s not a lie. This is both a vacation and business trip. Maybe the Indian culture will inspire me for my next project”.

” Alright alright. Have fun, you deserve it. Your driver is waiting for you. I will talk to you later. Muahh! Goodnight”, Pinky quickly hangs up the phone before Geet got a chance to say anything.

“What ? Driver?! Pinky that was not part of the plan! Hello? Pinky. .” Geet hangs up, irritatedly.

“Would it kill for someone to just let me live as a normal Indian civilian for just a few days” she rambled as she put her cell phone back in her bag.

It only took that small moment of taking her eyes off where she was walking to change her whole world. She collides against something hard, sending her twirling. She closed her eyes expecting to hit the hard cold ground when two pair of strong arms grabbed her by her waist as she held on to his neck for her dear life. It all happened so fast, one second she’s falling, and in the next second she is his arms, holding her tightly against his chest. With eyes still closed, she inhales his vital scent, which for some strange feeling felt familiar. Feeling intoxicated, she inhales deeply and dares to open her eyes. “Oh my” her breath now captive inside he throat. Her eyes trailing down his eyes, nose, down his stubble and to his perfectly sculptured M shaped lips.

“Watch where your going”, his baritone voice reverberates through her core.

He places her on her feet and walks away. Geet’s eyes follow and lingers a bit longer, watching him walk away.

“Geet Madam”, a voice calls out.

She turns around. “Hello Madam, I am your driver, Karan. The car is waiting out for you. Let me take your bags”.

Geet immediately turns back, her eyes searching for that stranger, but he was nowhere to be found. She gives up and turns back to Karan, “Here you go. Thank you, Karan” she smiles walking out with him to the car.

Maan comes out of the pillar he hid behind, and watched her completely flustered and dazzled form leave. Her beautiful big brown eyes haunting him as she walks out the door.


Maan comes out of his flashback. He gets up and walks over to Geet who was serenely sleeping against her own arm. He places his jacket over her, tucking her in.

He get’s up to leave, but takes one last glance at her. ” Love is for fools. Goodnight Mishty”,  he whispers before walking back to the other side of the fire and lying down on his arm, waiting for sleep to consume him as he stared as the flames of the fire, which seemed to be the mirror image of the fire burning inside him for many years now.


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