ToXic LoVe: Chapter 3


“Twist of Fate “

As they fell asleep in each other’s arms, they slowly floated away into the ocean on the boat they had fell on.

Next morning Maan kept on squinting as a strong light kept on falling on his face.

“Daadi stop it. Close the curtains and let me sleep, its so early” he says turning trying to get away from the annoying sun rays. Once he turns a familiar scent filled his nostrils. Unknowingly a smile starts to play on his lips as he nuzzled closer entangling his fingers with hers and murmering, “My sexy Daredevil”. Geet giggled a little in her sleep and Maan smiled yet again hearing her musical voice. But that it when it actually hit him. He immediately opened his eyes and looked around. He sees his sexy Daredevil sleeping soundly on the side of his arm, but the real shocker came with seeing the blue sky, sand, and ocean waves crashing.

“Shit” Maan gets up in a haste, Geet’s head crashing on the boat hard.

“Owww” Geet whined.

“Stop hitting me. I don’t want to go to the beach today. Let me sleep” she says getting back up and trying to get back on her bed with eyes closed.

“Why does my mattress feel so weird and grainy, your the worst best friend ever. I am gonna kill you when I get up” she yelled.

“Would you SHUT UP! This is not your bedroom. . .we are freaking STANDED on an island” he fumed running a hand through his black sleek hair.

He took a deep breath and exhales. Why was he taking his anger out on her? Her innocent talks was driving him insane, enraging the monster in him, but he clearly remembered last night and what took place between them and in no way was she innocent.

Hearing that familiar voice and rage Geet sprung herself awake. “B A B A J I” she screams her lungs out seeing just the waters of the blue sea in front of her.

“Chup!” he silences her with his index finger on her lips, as he pulled her by her arm the moment she shrieked irritatingly.

“Bhilkul Chup” he whispers again sternly, but all Geet could fathom was the sensations his finger was vibrating through her lips.

Maan shoves her a little away, and turns around pacing back and forth trying to figure out to get out of this mess. Suddenly an idea hits him and he takes out his phone from his pocket, but sees it was out of charge.

“Damn” he throws his phone to the side of his boat.

Suddenly the gaze of his eyes through his mask dangerously falls on Geet.

He starts to approach her like a predator toward his prey, “Give me your phone”. He didn’t even wait and starts to search her in places, which were out of line.

Geet’s hand instinctively rises to slap him red across his face, but the Devil that he was knows his women.

He quickly grabs her hand mid air and pulls her close, real close. He snakes the fingers of his right hand up her spine, making her insides melt and unfurl defiantly. His right hand slowly travels to her hair. He sensuously slips his fingers into her locks roughly, which undeniable felt breath taking. He leans forward closer, his eyes, intense and unwavering, boring straight into hers. She held her breath as he inches close to her lips and hovers over them predatorily. He smirks seeing the spark of attraction and anticipation in his prey eyes. However, in a split second, Geet lets out a low hiss of pain as he roughly pulls her hair from her roots.

“Aayenda ye galati bhi mat karna” he jeers in his sexy baritone voice, made to seduce on the spot.

“I take and own what I like on the spot”, he hauntingly whispers as he slides his lips and nose up her cheek and near her ear.

“Samjhe tum . . meri sexy Dare Devil” he huskily whispers nipping the edge of her earlobe and letting out a small chuckle.

“Or do I have to make you understand my way” he dangerously gazes deep inside her eyes and then back down to her delicious plump lips.

“I don’t have my phone on me. I gave it to my secretary before walking to the party last night” Geet whispers as calmly as she could, controlling the venom of her voice as well as her sherni side from springing out and backfiring against her. She was in a vulnerable position to be calling the shots at the moment.

Maan slides his finger down her cheek toward her neck. Geet sharply gasps feeling him slowly and challengingly go lower,” don’t” she pleads through her eyes.

“Chor diya” he shoves her away.

Maan: Itna bhi bura nahi hoon ki tum pehli baar mujhse koi cheez maango aur mein tumhe na doon.

Geet body relaxes as she let’s out a quiet sigh. However a moment too soon, as she finds herself being pulled by her wrist and getting twirled back into his chest.

She grits her teeth, trying to control her anger from springing out. She composes herself and slowly moves the gaze of her eyes up to meet his dark brooding intoxicating eyes, “lekin agli baar mujhse koi ummeed mat rakhna warna tumhara chota sa dil toot jayega”.

He smirks seeing the fear glistening in her eyes to the quivering of her lips, but finally lets her go.

He turns around and suddenly his eyes fall on some land ahead. He quickly loosens his tie and throws it behind himself. It falls straight over Geet’s neck. Geet looks up and sees him practically stripping.

His jacket and shirt he just unbuttoned lay beside him. Geet’s eyes enlarge seeing his muscles flex as he took them off.

She quickly covers her eyes with her hands, seeing him reach for his black tee tank and rolling it off his Greek God like of a body. Still she saw his toned muscular body threw the cracks of her hands, not being able to resist the temptation.

She could feel her heart beat pounding against her chest. She rules it as the fear of him trying to take her izzaat.

Maan turns around at the same moment as he removes his masquerade mask, throwing it at Geet, making her catch it and forcing her to remove her hands from her eyes.

The second she moves the gaze of her eyes up, coming face to face with the devil in front of her, she got the wind knocked out of her. “Tum” a silent whispers escapes from her lips, as she stumbles back a little from the shock, hitting the edge of the boat and losing her balance.

Waiting to hit the cold waves of the sea, instead she felt him entwine his fingers with her hand and hold her from falling.

With one tug he pulls her close, his lips caressing the side of her cheek, ” I am a different kind of Devil. . .the one you can’t resist! Wait until you see the rest of me” he shamelessly winks at her, before launching himself into the war with a rope in his hand.

Geet falls on her knees, her legs failing on her. It was him all along.

The moment he saves her from the water.

The moment her eyes followed him when she gained consciousness.

The moment he falls more on her as Pinky misses and hits him with the volleyball.

The moment he humiliates her left right and center, for simply accidently bumping into him.

The moment he dances with her at the party.

The moment she made out with him, drank, and dirty danced with him.

And the moment he claimed to own her.

All the moments flashed before her eyes, her whole being getting ripped as forbidden TOXIC feelings cut and slashed open through the closed doors of her heart.

Her fingers started to curl and scrunch his mask that lay in her hands, suppressing the anger pumping in her veins. She moves the gaze of her eyes from his mask toward him, intently watching him swim with the rope around his body, pulling the boat to shore.

Tears were brewing in her eyes, but she kept silent and just continued to stare at him.


” You slipped sleeping pills in their drinks and now you don’t know where they went?” Adi yelled in shock.

“I was trying to save my Best Friend! I won’t let Maan ruin her”, Pinky retorted back!

“I don’t think Maan is the real threat here. Take a look at your so-called innocent friend”.

“Don’t you dare raise a finger on her character its because of you filthy perverted men that she is such a lost soul”, Pinky huffed not being able to handle hearing her best friend’s character character keep on getting insulted.

“She was all over Maan last night and you call that a lost soul? More like a desperate gold-digger”,Adi rolls his eyes!

Pinky scoffs, and then narrows her eyes as she walked up closer to Adi. She had enough of her best friend taking in insult after insult. She wasn’t going to pretend for her anymore.

“If you ask me, Maan looks like the Gold digger standing next to the one and only Geetangali Williams”, her eyes glinted with Pride as she took her best friend’s name.

” She is who” Adi steps back a little in shock.

“How can that be? She looked so. . . ‘

” Ordinary”, Pinky finishes his sentence.

 “Yeah. . way less glamorous. So not like her. I barely recognized her. Didn’t she disappear and run off with an Indian man she fell in love with on her trip to India a couple years ago”.

” If only. That’s what we made the media think to leave her alone. If there is one thing I regret doing in my life, it is sending her to India that summer” Pinky turns around, her voice trails down to only a soft whisper.

“Pinky ma’am we searched this whole yacht, no sign of Geet Madam, except that one escape boat is missing”, Armaan the head security leader of Geet informed Pinky, bringing her thoughts back from the past to the present.

“What! I want the security team searching from the air and water. Dispatch the helicopters and motorboats now. I want you to search every inch of this sea. I want her found before nightfall. She has to be found before Brij notices she is gone. Is that clear” she ordered loud and clear.

“Yes Ma’am. I won’t leave one stone unturned to find her”.

“You told me you were a secretary, but you left out the part that you are the secretary of one of the most beautiful and powerful woman on the planet on our first date Pinky” Adi whispers still taken aback.

” I’m her best friend before anything else. Now if i remember your best friend is lost too. .send your men to find him. The more the numbers the faster they will get found”.


Maan springs out of the water, running his wet jet black hair back with his hand, his muscles oozing out of his biceps. Sunrays bounced off his body, feeling ashamed of not being nearly as flaming hot as this man popping out of the sea. Water so sensuously yet tortuously dripped and slid down the road map of his toned carved abs. Turning his face to the side, one could catch a view of his dark brooding and unwavering eyes above his perfect M shaped lips. He fully turns around, but sees the boat empty. Turning his head around in a circle, he finds his sexy daredevil walking with the empty alcohol bottle they had drunk from the previous night. Here he was giving a sexy view of his body and there she was walking away from it. Well that’s certainly a first for someone like Maan singh Khurana. Suddenly she earns Maan’s attention back by breaking the alcohol bottle on a rock. Maan watches her lean down and pick up a sharp big piece of glass, using it to cut her dress. ” already pleasing me I see” He watches with an amused grin, nonchalantly leaning against the boat as she worked magic on her dress, or used to be dress. Now it looked like a skirt with a sleeveless tank, boy did she know her thing with fabric.

Suddenly Geet could feel fingers wrapping around her exposed navel. She abruptly turns around, pinning the sharp piece of glass right near the nape of his neck.

“Dare to touch me again and I will slice you”, she hisses through her lips at the edge of his chin from behind him.

“If you’re the devil, I am the Dare Devil as I was rightly named by yours truly! Oh and yes I dare to do a lot of things to the DEVIL” she purrs challenging him with the spark in her eyes oozing out through her black lacy mask as she presses pressure on the blade, letting some blood squeeze out of his neck.

She drags the tip of the glass dangerously down to his heart and immediately stops. She could hear and feel his heart beat quicken. She inhales sharply, taken by surprise to a land and time far far away.

“Next time it will go all the way through, trust me on that”. She walks away without one glance back, tossing his mask right back at him, leaving a Devil with a hurt ego as his eyes watched her slim figure walk away from him. She really didn’t know who she was messing with or did she? He would just have to show her. His jaw clenched, lips in a straight line, and eyes going to predator mode as he watched her walk away from him.


Geet left abruptly for a reason. She just could no longer constrain her bottled up emotions inside her. This was a cruel twist of fate. The universe mocking her, taunting her! She started to run, knowing that she was away from Maan’s sight. She ran as fast as she could, wanting the earth to swallow her and make her disappear. She finally comes to a stop as her feet splash into the water. She blankly looks out to the grand vast blue sea, toxic memories flooding through her mind, consuming and overpowering her. Her emotions and breath were clumped at the end of her throat, making it hard to breathe, as it tries to rip from her throat looking for escape.

“AAAHHH”, Geet lets out a cry. Her legs fail on her. She instantly comes crashing down on her knees against the small ripples of water, letting all the bottled emotion rip from her throat, from her soul.


That cry, although very faint from the distance, startled Maan. His heart was growing anxious and restless. His thoughts immediately wonder off to her. Was she okay? Worry was starting to creep its way into his heart. Why did he feel he was responsible? Why did that cry feel so familiar? He throws the logs of wood he was carrying and starts to run. Where to he had no idea, but he had to just know she was okay.


It was almost sun set, and here he was still searching for her, starving, physically exhausted, and worried sick for her. Frustrated he slams his fist against the trunk of a tree, his knuckles cracking from the pain, but not once did he flinch. A coconut falls loose and rolls down the ground, but suddenly stops. Maan moves the gaze of his eyes, suddenly freezing in place.

“Tum”, he breathes a sigh of relief to see she was okay.

But that lasted for only a couple seconds before he started to walk over to her like he was going to eat her for dinner. Yes he was that flaming angry.

“stay away from me. I am warning you”, Geet says trying to decipher what was on his mind and why he was so angry.

“I still have my weapon”, she threatens holding tight against the sharp piece of glass as her back collides to the trunk of a tree.

But not once did Maan remove his deadly glare from her, intimidating her. She tries to leave from the left, but he blocks her with his right muscular arm. She tries to leave from the other side, but yet again he blocks her with his left arm. Here she was caged inside his arms, where not even for one second did he remove his killer deadly gaze from her.

“jaane dijiye mujhe Mister Devil”, she gathers up the courage and looks straight in his eyes with the same attitude and intensity.

“Tum apne apko samajte kya ho”, he starts his blast a millisecond after she opens her mouth.

“Tumhare maan mein jo ayega woh tum karogi aur mein karre roke dekhta rahoonga” he hisses, his eyes enlarging and glaring down more on her.

“I don’t understand what you are saying. Slow down a little–“

Maan hastily covers her mouth with his hand harshly.

“Kuch mat bolo! Tumhe iss kaanch ke tukde se mujhe iss tarah dhamka ke mujhse kuch bhi kehne ka haq kho diya hain. Jab chaha kiss kar diya. . aur jab chaha dhamki de di agar dobara choone ki koshish ki tho . . Asal mein tum aurton ko samjhane ki koshish nahi karni chahiye..kyunki tum sab giri hui ho.. samjhi”?

Geet had heard about enough. Her hindi was not that great, especially when someone speaks at bullet speed, but she could pick out what was important, and she heard enough! She tries to struggle out of his hold, tries to say something, but his hand wouldn’t let her. He wasn’t finished talking and venting out his anger.

“Maybe I should say it in plain English for you to understand! Who are you to make me worry and run after you like a crazy worried lover'”, Maan stops short in shock, realizing what choice of words slipped from his mouth.

Geet uses the opportunity to struggle out and break free from his hard hold, throwing his arm off to the side. She brings the shard of glass in her hand up to defend herself against him, when he angrily grabs it mid air.

His eyes were blazing furiously towards her, his fingers tightening around the shard of glass with more force and pressure.

“Let go! Let got of it MAAN”, she yelped in worry seeing blood drip down. Not realizing that in that same moment he would let go and smear his blood filled hand over her maang.


She gasps sharply in shock, her world stopping for a good few seconds.

He slides his finger down her cheek, pinning her chin up and bringing her lips closer to his, whispering, ” Your mine now. I can do as I wish. Touch you wherever I WANT! I told you not to mess with the Devil in me! Don’t say I didn’t warn you”.

Still in shock, she moves her hand shakily up to her maang. A part of her refusing to believe he would stoop so low, even for a Devil.

She winces in anguish feeling the wet liquid against her fingers.

“You had already proven to me a long time ago that you were a Devil, but now let’s see if you are a man to live up to the marriage you just did with the masked woman you met last night”.

Maan looked on quiet and perplexed, not sure exactly where the confidence and strength shining in her eyes came from or what she really meant behind those words.

“Go ahead since you did the honor of marrying me against my will, you will also have the honor of removing my mask and seeing who you just got married to. Don’t say I didn’t warn you” she mocked, using his own words against him.

Maan raises his hand, rather slowly, which didn’t go unnoticed by Geet.

“You should be scared Mister Devil” she scoffs, putting up a strong image in front of him. She had already done her crying earlier. There was no room for feeling broken. She was going to fight back as hard and impossible that may seem to sound.

Maan had heard enough, and hastily reaches for her mask. He removes it slowly downward, first revealing her forehead, then her perfectly beautiful arched eyebrows to her big brown eyes. . .

“THUD!” The sound of the mask hitting the hard ground echoed loudly through the rather silent moment as realization soaked in. The mask had slipped from his very fingers, dropping to the ground as he stepped back in an utter state of shock.

“Nice to see you too again Mr. Stranger, but don’t worry I won’t let you have the honor of being my husband. I don’t believe in these traditional Indian baqwas anyway. I threw them away with the same stuff I threw you out with”.

“Get out of my face Mishty”, Maan utters coldly, still trying to register what he just did and with whom.

” It’s Miss Williams to you and if I knew it would be that easy for you to keep your hands to yourself I would of showed you my face earlier. Oh wait I did yesterday on the beach. Nice try hiding the fact that you didn’t recognize me, but we both know how well you know my body with or without clothes” she taunts him, smoldering her words with the very pain he had inflicted on her a long time ago, before turning to walk away.

“One more thing before I leave. I may be half Indian, but I still know a pretty good chunk of hindi to know that running after me like a crazy worried lover is the wrong English translation of what you said in hindi, but I am sure you knew that” she smirks throwing his devilish smile right back at him before turning around to leave.

Suddenly Maan grabs her wrist and slams her back against the tree, crushing her with his chest.

“Nothing changes the fact that I am capable of anything. I am the Devil remember! And since you have experienced that first hand, don’t test me! Don’t make me prove you wrong once again Mishty. . because this time you won’t even have the strength to put back together the broken pieces of your heart” he rages out to her, boring his brooding eyes and holding her captive with not only his eyes but by her shoulders harder than necessary, clenching her close.

One question remained, what was the source that was fueling his anger when he was the one who broke her heart? How come he is the one that gets to be angry when it should be the other way around!

There was no time for Geet to find out the answer to that question, because all that was registering inside her was how close he was to her in the heat of the moment. He was too close, dangerously close, this time with no barriers of a mask, staring deep into her eyes, as she holds his anxious, burning gaze for a moment or maybe it was forever.

Eventually, her attention falls upon his delicately sculptured mouth. She was paralyzed with a strange, unfamiliar need. The need and yearn to be kissed at that very moment never seemed to ache so much before. She wanted to be kissed, wanted to feel his mouth on her. Her eyes close in response to her insatiable thirst.

I close my eyes and dive,
Into the toxicity that is you!
You are poisonous,
Steadily killing me.
I’m addicted,
I need to have it!
The slow slow death,
The toxicity that is you!

Maan could feel the same electrifying and magnetic pull between them. He had seen that look in Geet’s eyes before, almost making him feel guilty, and he knew what would come next. He wanted to pull away, before it was too late. Desire explodes like the fireworks of Fourth of July the millisecond Maan hungrily slams his lips against her’s.

Geet kisses him back, matching his fervor, her hands knotting in his hair, pulling it, hard. He groans, a low sexy sound in the back of his throat that rings through Geet. His hand slowly moves down her body to the top of her thigh, his fingers digging into her flesh through her skirt, feelings of more exhilarating pleasure than pain seeps into her core. She moans into his mouth, giving his tongue an opening.

And how could the Devil in him not take full advantage? His tongue immediately, but expertly explores and tastes all the corners of her mouth. Geet decides to join him by stroking his tongue with hers as if in a slow sensual dance. They stood there for what seemed like eternity, losing themselves in each other. Geet enjoyed every bit of being pinned against his rough hungry hold with his hips restraining her, when suddenly she felt his erection against her stomach.

Only one thing ran through her heart to her brain, “He wants me” she breaks free, eyes lighting up brighter than a little kid getting the exact gift they wanted for Christmas.

But alas, it was short lived, “I hate you. With all my heart I hate you”, she fights back the heavy lump of emotion building in her throat and coldly blurts it out looking straight into his eyes, as if looking for an answer.

“You can add that to the long list of other meaningless kisses that has transpired between us” she lowly mutters getting the answer she needed, pushing his hands off him and turning to walk away.

“Mishty”, he calls out to her lovingly just like he always once did, making Geet freeze as the toxic sensations make the cells in her body surrender in defeat.


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