ToXic LoVe: Chapter 2


“Masked “

If only she knew she had toxic love running through her veins. The toxic love of the DEVIL!

Pinky brings Geet home, whom seem lost somewhere in her thoughts. Pinky couldn’t help but eat herself up with worry, waiting for Geet to at least break down in tears. In front of that arrogant harami her eyes were getting moist, but not one single tear spilled. She thought maybe in front of him she wanted to remain strong, but no matter how long the drive home she didn’t cry. Pinky knew her scars must of gotten cut open for sure, yet she remained quiet like nothing happened.

“Okay Geet I can’t take this silence anymore. Just cry please. . .for my sake or I might just burst into tears”!

“Cry because of what? For that complete stranger? You must be kidding?” Geet laughs it off.

“I could care less of what he thought of me. If you ask me I think the poor guy needs help as he is suffering from a bipolar disorder. If he hates girls like me so then why save me? I never knew a devil had a good side did you?”, Geet nonchalantly asks Pinky as she walks around in the kitchen, making a quick turkey sandwich for both of them.

” Are you sure you aren’t the one with a bipolar disorder? Why didn’t you make him eat his words then? You were like a silent kabootar in front of him, but right now you’re smack talking him. Don’t tell me he affects you?”, she gasps in shock.

” I mean in the beginning I was rooting for you two as a couple, but I take it back! He is a pain in the you know what”!

Geet laughs again, ” How many times do I have to tell you I plan to remain single thank you very much, but now and then I will be up for some casual flings. Why I also want to enjoy the entertainment that comes with LOVE”, she says putting emphasis on the word love and winking at her, pushing her plate of sandwich toward her.

“You know what that’s it! Are you the right Geet I brought home? Since when are you into flings missy”, Pinky suspiciously eyes Geet.

“Since now. I told you love is just an entertainment package, and the summer is still young. Maybe I can get myself a hot summer fling and make all the white gori’s jealous”, she giggles taking a bite from her sandwich.

Pinky was gaping at her with shock and a jaw dropped open, not believing what she was hearing.

” Which reminds me, I bet I would find that hot guy of my dreams in Pari’s yacht party tonight. I heard the theme was like a Masquerade Ball. We should go”!

“Someone catch me. . . I think I am about to faint”, Pinky feigns dizziness.

“Oh come on. Stop being such a drama queen!

Pinky: Why don’t you stop acting like a whole different person, and start acting like the Geet I know. You don’t even like Pari! The last time I checked you were enemies. I am not sure we are even invited!

” I am Geetangali Williams, people may not recognize me with this new look of mine, but I am sure the name will make the security guard’s tiny hearts tremble and we will be added as the number one V.I.P guest list”, she smirks.

“Are you sure you don’t want to cry? I think it would be easier to cry than go with this crazy plan of yours”.

“Stop being such a party pooper I am fine and plus you should be happy I am listening to the advice you gave me in the morning. I don’t think such a time will come again. Seriously you should think about it”, Geet sports her puppy dog face.

Pinky tries not to fall for it, but she just couldn’t ignore that puppy dogface. Maybe Geet was right. All this time Pinky was asking for Geet to loosen up and now that Geet is, she is the one that is holding her back.

“Oh what the heck. Let’s do it! But we better open that sad special huge closet of yours that has been waiting for you to open it for over two years now”!

“You go ahead I will join you in a bit! Take out any outfit your heart desires”.

“Oh hell no! We are going in together. I will need someone to catch me when I open that closet of paradise”!

Geet chuckles, ” Okay let’s go”.


“I can’t believe you made me wear this DRESS! I could have worn that simple sari. I mean it’s not like anybody is going to notice who I am with this mask on. Ughh I am gonna kill you Pinky”, Geet fumes!

” Oh shut up! You look so damn sexy and no I am not a lesbo. I have a boyfriend thank you very much so stop whining! Besides I am helping you find the guy of your dreams in this party. Who wouldn’t be floored seeing you in this red dress! Don’t tell me you were just going to let this beautiful dress rot in that closet forever?”

Geet just stayed quiet.

“Come on Geet. I thought –“

 “We are here. Let’s go”, Geet says cutting Pinky off. Pinky knew she didn’t want to talk about it and though best to let it go.

 As they walk toward the yacht, the security guard stops them, “Hold it their ladies. Name please?”

“I am bored. Let me have some fun with this guy”, Geet giggles softly as she whispers to Pinky.

Pinky tries to stifle her giggles. “Go for it, but don’t give the poor guy a heart attack now”.

 ” Excuse me? Do you know who I am?”, Geet starts to approach him seductively.

She slowly drives her manicured finger up his arm toward the collar of his shirt, not once removing her flirtatious glisten in her eyes as she purposely bit her lip.

Pinky wanted to burst out laughing. OMFG! What was she doing to the poor guy! For a second there the guard forgot his name, let alone know this mysterious Hot girl’s name.

 ” I’m . . .I’m so sorry madam. But with the mask on I can’t recognize you. If you don’t mind could you tell me your name?” the guard asked politely still mesmerized by the sexy being in front of him.

” Hawww!” her mouth drops open. ” You don’t recognize the number one guest of this party! How dare you! There goes your job”, she feigns rage.

 “I’m . . .I’m so sorry madam, but the number one guest is M–“

 “Maan singh Khurana. Sorry sweetheart, but the number one guest is me”, a voice behind them interrupts and says with full pride.

 Geet’s heart sunk hearing that familiar voice causing her to freeze in place. Pinky not only recognized his voice but also his name, but was praying to her God that Geet wouldn’t notice.

“And you Mr. Security Guard. . .such a wimp you are behind this huge muscular body of yours. Check her ID instead of letting her flirt her way inside. She is not even following the dress code”, he scoffs before walking away inside the Yacht.

 Geet turns around and just sees the side of his face and mask as he walks in. That familiar voice, that same attitude–it couldn’t be him, could it?

 The security guard clears his throat, ” Look woman! I need this job, so please get lost. Let alone being the number one guest how could you even be invited and not know that the dress code is white and black not red!”

 Geet would of still continued with her fun, but at the moment she was lost inside her thoughts so she just shows her ID and gets it over with it.

 “Oh my God. I am so sorry ma’am I didn’t even recognize you. I am putting you at the top of the list right now! There must have been some misunderstanding. I will fix it right away”, the security hesitates trying to save his job.

 But Geet doesn’t respond back to him so he quickly talks into his walky talky trying to get things cleared and arranged.

 “Ummm Geet you were right. I shouldn’t have made you wear this dress. Let’s go back. I don’t want people to make fun of you. Let’s go back home. Sorry for ruining your night”, she says trying to find an excuse to get her out of here, but for some reason Geet’s fate kept on making her bump into him.

 “There is no need. Ma’am I will make sure no one utters a single word. Go in with no worries”.

 Pinky felt like punching the security guard in his guts! Now how was she going to keep her away from this party?

“I am not sure that is such a good idea. I don’t want people to know I am here. I just came to enjoy with my friends. Let them make fun of me, I don’t mind”, Geet reiterates. “Let’s go inside pinky”.

 “Shit” the security guard mutters under his breath. Now he was sure he was going to get fired.

” Hey Geet, I am going to go to the bathroom, you go ahead I will be right down there”.

“You sure? I can wait for you”, Geet says politely.

” No I don’t want to hold you up. Till I come you can get our drinks”, Pinky forces on a smile.

“okay see you downstairs then”.

Pinky walks away quickly to the bathroom. She had to think fast of a plan to get Geet away from here or that arrogant harami away from her!

All of a sudden the lights get really dimmed and a white spotlight gets shunned onto the stairs. Many people start to complain but then all of a sudden they stop as their breaths get stuck in their throats. The men’s hearts were beating hard against their dates, and even the girls started to feel jealous as a girl almost in a princess like dress with a mask on her face stood up the stairs.

“What the shit”, Geet murmurs to herself seeing the spotlight shine on her.

 That’s when reality dawns on her. She almost curses the security guard for spilling the beans of her identity. But before she could turn around and leave unnoticed she hears,”Hey sexy if you come down those stairs I won’t reveal your true identity” he says in his sexy baritone voice flashing his heart skipping crooked smile as he stole the microphone from the DJ.

“Oooh”, the woots, cheering, and whistles starts to fill the room.

Geet’s breath hitches hearing that same familiar voice. What mind game was her heart playing with her?

She moves the gaze of her eyes here and there down toward the crowd trying to look for him in the dark.

“Come on what are you waiting for now my Sexy Dare Devil? I know your little secret, unless you doubt me?”, he chuckles in sexy hoarse voice, which was driving Geet crazy. Who did think he was? And did he just call her Sexy Dare Devil? The nerve of this guy!

“Come on. . .try me!”

Geet clenches her teeth, the ego of this guy ringing all over inside her head.

She screams, “SECURITY”. The guy from earlier came rushing down. She whispers something in his ear before slowly descending down the stairs with a little naughty smile playing on her lips. As she came closer to view, heartbeats were running away toward her direction. “Dayummm” the guys’ jaws dropped seeing her illuminating beauty. From her brown hazel eyes covered behind her black lacy mask, to her red cherry juicy lips and soft wavy hair, which fell on one side of her red strapless dress. The guys continued to gawk at her beauty, while the girls continued to fume in jealousy.

“OMG that’s a Mishty designer dress!”

“I own her entire collection. . how can this bitch own this and not me!”

“Forget about the dress for now, and worry about the desperate bitch wearing it! She is not following the dress code only to get attention” the women mocked trying to hide their insecurity and jealousy.

But all the men ignored them, as if they even heard what they said. There eyes and thoughts were on someone else.

“Oooh she called security! Come on my Sexy Red Dare Devil. I won’t bite!”again flashing his crooked smile right on cue as Geet faces him with the spotlight falling on both of them.

Geet leg’s almost failed on her. That same baritone voice, crooked smile, and muscular body that could be seen through his drool worthy designer “Mishty” suit he wore. It couldn’t be, could it? The same guy in her dream?

“All I ask for is one dance and your secret is safe with me Miss Dare Devil”, he extends his hand like a gentleman.

Geet places her hand in his, but in a blink of an eye she tugs on his hand and brings him real close and naughtily whispers, “Sorry Mr. Handsome, but your not my type”.

“You got no dirty secret on me, so don’t even try”, she says driving her manicured red nail down his cheek before giving him a soft shove and walking away.

“Oh burn!”, the guys taunted.

He suddenly grabs her wrist and pulls her back. She twirls right inside his hard chest.

Geet enraged tries to shove him away, but he grabs both her wrists and pulls her back and real close with one arm spread as if they were dancing.

“I don’t usually ask, consider yourself lucky”, he says driving his hand around her from the back, as the tune starts to play.

Geet shivers feeling the chillness of his body, but it was pleasant in a way. She instantly rested her head backward against him. He responds by dipping his head and inhaling her scent, which were surprisingly overtaking his senses. All Geet could see was his intense eyes, as if devilish staring down inside her soul, possessing her from with in. The music starts and she didn’t know who she lost herself to, the music or him?

By the time Pinky comes down with Adi, who she had called up to get Maan out of here, they were too late. They were dancing so close and passionately, everybody was in awestruck of them, even Pinky.

Her whole body felt like liquid. She didn’t know how she was on her feet, there was something about his touch and eyes that was intoxicating her. She came down the stairs with a plan, but now he was the one controlling her like a puppet as they swayed together with the music. She succumbs to him as he dips his head, nuzzling the sensitive hollow of her neck, shooting ripples of chilly quivering sensations through her whole core.

She closes her eyes before she slipped into a point of no return! She flutters her eyes open coming back to reality, but finds herself looking deep inside his eyes, a part of her wishing his mask could have covered his eyes too.

“Be careful now Miss Dare Devil, you are falling for me! I thought I wasn’t your type”, he says smirking, eyeing her lips.

She was still dazzled by him, his words not totally getting registered inside her.

He gives her buttox a tight squeeze shocking her out of her wits as he whispers “your welcome”, leaving a Geet with large eyes of shock to fend for herself.

” How in the world do these two always land in each other’s arms in such a big crowd! Ughh Adi you go to Maan, and make sure he keeps his hands of Geet. I will go to Geet” Pinky blurts out, tensed with the circumstances of the situation.

Adi nods and heads over to Maan.

“You didn’t even wait for me and started dancing with some stranger. Not fair Geet”, Pinky whines.

Geet’s fingers where clenched into fists with the guts of this guy. Everything from the beginning of her day’s bumpy encounter started to play back in her mind, from the guy to the beach to the guy in this Masquerade party.

His words, “Be careful now Miss Dare Devil, you are falling for me! I thought I wasn’t your type” finally dawning on her.

She didn’t even realize when her numb legs starta to move toward his direction, leaving Pinky behind. He was sitting at the bar getting a drink. She charges down toward him throwing the glass in his hand away.

“What the'”, before Maan could even finish his sentence, her warm lips crushes against his lips.

He was indeed taken aback, but after all this was his sexy Dare Devil. He starts to take the lead wrapping her leg around his waste, bringing her closer. He doesn’t even wait and enters her mouth with his tongue, tasting every inch of it he could.

Adi turns around in shock, not sure what else to do. By the time Pinky arrives, she almost fainted seeing what was going on between the two.  Why, Why, WHY! Why did it have to be Maan! Why did Geet have to choose him as her fling! She could already see the fireworks that would explode after these two took off their masks!

” You tell me to keep Maan’s hands off Geet, but couldn’t you keep Geet’s hands off Maan”, he does his awkward nervous laugh.

“Shut up”, she whines not knowing what to do. How was she going to save Geet from the grave she was digging herself in.

Adi drags Pinky ” There is nothing you can do right now. So let’s go and just give them privacy”.

“The question is not whether you are my type, but whether I am your type”, she pants trying to catch her breath as she naughtily bites his lower lip.

“mmm you taste so good, your exactly quite my type”, he slams his lips back onto hers as Geet giggles.

“Hold on there Mr.Handsome”.

“give me your most expensive bottle of wine. This one is on me”, She says eyeing Maan.

“Ooohhh so you’re a loaded Daredevil. What else do I don’t know about you”, he snakes his arms around her waste, nibbling the nape of her neck from the back, driving his hand lower down her thigh.

” I thought you new my little secret or was that just you trying to hit on me?”,Geet says getting the bottle from the bartender.

“You’re a party crasher. Flirting your way into the party and wearing this sexy red dress to draw attention. But honestly I could care less. You look and taste just like the cherry on top of a cake”, he huskily whispers driving his finger up her sensuous back, making Geet surrender to his chilly touch.

“Oh really? Well than if you don’t mind sharing me then we should go somewhere private” she points at the guys who sneakily looked at her without there dates noticing.

“Your Maan Singh Khurana’s girl, they won’t dare sneak a glance at you” he says with pride, getting up and giving that look to the guys which showed Geet was his, and only HIS!

“So your name is Maan singh Khurana.Hmmm Never heard of you” she cheekily utters.

“Oh really that’s probably because I am the most successful and hottest Business man of India and your to busy being in the arms of these blue eyed blond boys”, he says shoving her a little away as if hurt by her remark of not knowing who he was.

“Oh come on sweetheart. That’s why I chose you tonight. . . I have a good eye for my fellow countrymen”, hitting his glass of wine lightly, ” cheers”.

“Cheers”, Maan says drinking the glass in one gulp while his eyes still stayed on her.

At first Geet raises an eyebrow, but then gulps down her drink as well.

They both start to laugh. Maan’s heart skipped a beat hearing that same laugh. He looks at her eyes, Maan swearing that he saw a hint of that innocence from earlier today.

He brushes if aside chuckling at his own thought as he poured another drink for each other.

Geet noticed and asks, “What’s so funny Mr. Handsome?”.

“oh nothing. Your laugh just reminded me of someone”.

He thought he was crazy. No way could that village type girl be this sexy mysterious bombshell.

“How honest of you, but I don’t see how that’s funny unless she is someone special”, Geet mocks.

“If I say she is someone special would that make you jealous”, he pulls the bar stool she was sitting on closer, and stares right into her eyes.

She starts to laugh, again giving his heart a jumpstart. What game was his mind playing with him!

“Trust me the last thing you need me to worry about is me being jealous of that special girl of yours” she says taking a sip out of her drink.

” She isn’t special. She is no one actually”, trying to control the irritation in his voice from springing out.

“Oh yeah then why is she on your mind when a girl like me is in front of you. I’m hurt now Mr. Handsome”, she feigns sadness.

That hit him hard somewhere but he brushes it aside, ” like I said. Your laugh is very similar to her’s”.

“That sounds really sweet and I thought you were the type that wouldn’t have any attachments to girls he is with. Maybe I should end whatever is between us right now. I don’t like guys who are clingy”, she emphasis the last word.

This time Maan laughs, “You know we are very similar in taste. I don’t like clingy girls either. Now if you don’t mind I would rather talk less and get right to the action part, you know since that’s what a businessman like me does”, he smirks moving the gaze of his eyes to her lips.

“Spoke like a true businessman”, wrapping both her hands around his head with the bottle of wine still in her hand.

She giggles as he drags her to the dance floor. There bodies swayed with the music, as they drank the night away. She was grinding her body against his, his closeness intoxicating her all the more. The effects of the alcohol were already affecting her thought process. All she could process was his touch making her feel good in a lot of places.

Suddenly she turned her head, their gazes meet and get locked. Maan’s heart was beating more than ever. Geet didn’t know if she was breathing or not, but she was just searching for herself in his eyes.

Before she knew it she was cornered to a dark yet quiet corner of the Yacht, caged inside his arms.

” I really want to unmask you”, His lips hovered over her lips as he wrapped his arms around her slim waist and pulled her in closer, gluing her to him.

But with the little control she still had of her surroundings she replies, “Where is the fun in that if you unmask me? I won’t be as mysterious, and you wouldn’t want me so bad as you do right now”, she naughtily whispers, biting the edge of his ear, making the monster in him roar in desire.

“I want to unmask your whole body tonight”, he hisses before devouring her lips and relinquishing your mouthwatering scent.

He breaks away for her to breath, but he just hungrily attacked her neck.

“I am all yours, but not here”, she says panting, but at the same time bringing him closer.

Geet didn’t even feel when Maan lifted her away in his arms. Her eyes were closing in on her. Everything looked so hazy and fuzzy. All she could feel was his closeness and touch, which gave her a sense of comfort and safeness.

Maan didn’t know where he was going. He was also squinting his eyes awake, trying to conquer over the alcohol that was taking over his senses. He was wobbling from wall to wall with Geet in his arms, trying to find a room. He could feel this cool frisky breeze against his body as well as Geet inching closer to his body in response.

How did he get outside he thought. He squints his eyes trying to get a better focus of where he was. Suddenly he stumbles and falls, but their fall didn’t hurt that much. They fell on something rather soft and squishy. Maan felt his hand hitting on something, but he couldn’t muster the strength to see what it was. Both Maan and Geet could feel and see a bit of each other before their eyes closed on them.

As they fell asleep in each other’s arms, they slowly floated away into the ocean on the boat they had fell on.


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