ToXic LoVe: Chapter 1


Be careful love is thy poison that no one should dare play with!
Those who play with fire get their skin burned that eventually heals,
But those who play with poison get toxic in their blood!
This special poison gets T O X I C   L O V E pumping in their blood F O R E V E R!
The innocent turn deceitful!
The cold-shielded heart gets punctured and melts!
Promises get broken!
Scars left open!
Beware! Love is thy poison, thy T O X I C,
That once touched in order to tame a D E V I L,
Your own blood gets D I R T Y,
A path where there is N O   T U R N I N G   B A C K!
I close my eyes and dive,
Into the toxicity that is you!
You are poisonous,
Steadily killing me.
I’m addicted,
I need to have it!
The slow slow death,
The toxicity that is you!
Taking the pledge to ruin,
Don’t dare touch thy poison!
Those who try to  E N T R A P  their prey using the name of L O V E
end up getting S H A C K L E D  themselves!


“Fairytale Time “

She was dancing and swaying with the rain as it trinkled down from the clouds . Her smile and giggles glistening the dark loomy night with so much brightness that it hurt. She cups her hands then slightly blows against the rain drops, her simple innocent acts setting his body flaming with burning desire. He tries moving the gaze of his eyes away, something the Devil in him would never do, yet he had lost his will. His intense gaze was on her taking in her intoxicating form and relishing in her ecstasy. She was wearing white and as her clothes soaked in the water droplets, hugging on her body even tighter giving more prominence to her slim figure and curves.

She continued to play with the rain as she spun around, the sparks of innocence in her eyes still the same and as captivating from the very first day he had laid his eyes on her. She flutters her eyes open feeling this intense gaze on her back, burning her from with in.

She knew whom it was before she even turns around. However, he didn’t even give her a chance to fully turn around, as she was already pinned against the balcony’s brick wall, caging her inside his arms. Every cell and fiber of her skin that he placed his lips against were getting electrocuted with pleasurable sensations, making them surrender in defeat by screaming his name in sheer desire. His lips moves up her exposed arm and finally reached the nape of her neck. He just stayed there nibbling against her neck, before slowly moving higher hovering and lingering around her lips, making her moan in ways she never knew could be even possible.

I close my eyes and dive,
Into the toxicity that is you!
You are poisonous,
Steadily killing me.
I’m addicted,
I need to have it!
The slow slow death,
The toxicity that is you!

He lets go of her lips, both breathless trying to catch each other’s breaths. Not even the rain could extinguish the fire that was burning within them. He lifts her inside his arms and carries her inside, not yet ready to let the flames of their burning desire to die out.

And like every beautiful fairytale, it always starts like this.


In a small town the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and the butterflies were dancing with the dry breeze. The kids were playing in their yards as the summer air swept them off their feet ever so softly and warmly. The fragrance of summer love filled the air and homes, yet there was one sleeping princess who was missing out on everything related to summer’s joys.

She was curled under her duvet, with one of her smooth silky legs sticking out from the right side of the bed and an arm sticking out from the left side of the bed. She had a sweet smile on her face as she continued to float in her cloud of dreams. She could feel his presence. There was that same familiar ting of mysteriousness in the air, which sent a chill down her spine every time. This time she would make sure to see his face. She found herself walking across fresh roses on a ground full of sand. She didn’t know where she was going ,everything else was pitch black. She looked left and right, looking for that mysterious person. She finally sees a dim light, and there stood the shadow of mysterious guy. The Greek God carved out body of his made her suck in her breath sharply in awe. She starts to run toward the light. . .toward him, but it was as if she was not even moving. All of a sudden her surrounding changes and a bright sun light shines over them. She squints her eyes from the bright light, trying to seize the opportunity to see his face, but it looked like destiny had other plans.

He starts to walk away from her. She starts to call out to him, ” Wait. . . stop. Who are you?”

He stops, slightly turning his head to the side, ” Come on. Let’s go Geet. You gave me your promise remember” he says with such strong yearning before walking away into the light. Geet only able to catch his crooked smile before she feels herself drowning.

“Geet ! Let’s go! You gave me your promise remember! GEET!”, Pinky screamed still splashing water on her face.

“What a crazy dream”, Geet murmurs to herself, but Pinky continues to splash water on her face.

“OMG PINKY! Stop splashing water on me”, Geet yells standing up and moving her strands of wet hair away from her face.

“Hayyye I want to get splashed with water at the Beach! But no! Miss Sleeping Beauty is waiting for her Prince Charming to kiss her awake”, Pinky mocks.

“Ufff Pinky main love shab believe nahi karti. It’s just filmy and in fairytales. It’s all an entertainment package for young people”, Geet says getting up to freshen up.

“You know when girls like you fall in love then it becomes an epic love story”.

” Ayyye hayyye it looks like you have already fallen for someone that suddenly you’re speaking so fondly of love. Kaun hain woh hmmm?” Geet teases.

“Nahi yaar. Aise kuch nahi hai”, Pinky says turning around trying to hide the blush that was spreading across  her cheeks.

Geet giggles , ” I will meet you downstairs. Finally I know why you are being so stubborn about going to beach. Now don’t blame me if we get late “.

“Don’t you dare. It’s a beautiful summer day. Summer love is in the air and I will make sure you land into some hot guy’s muscular arms”, Pinky winks and heads downstairs.

The mere mention of a hot guy sent her images of the guy in her dreams right before her eyes. His chiseled abs, his baritone voice calling out to her. Come on let’s go Geet. You gave me your promise remember?

“what promise”, Geet unknowingly mutters to herself deep in thought.

 Geet smacks her head “Main bhi na. I am becoming restless for no reason. Whatever Pinky was saying to me, the dream made that guy say it back. If pinky yelled a bit louder than the guys face would of turned to Pinky too”, she chuckles and brushes it aside as she heads to the bathroom.


Meanwhile at the Khurana Mansion, slashing of the air could be heard. Every kick, every punch, every flip, was slicing the air on FIRE! He had left his window open, letting the cool frisky breeze try to calm the internal fire that never seems to want to die out. Instead the intensity has just increased through out the years! As he turns around and does a round kick, his eyes fall on his Daadi and he stops in place.

“I brought you to California for a reason” her voice was low.

” To keep me from destroying the lives of those precious so called innocent girls of India?”, he scoffs chuckling, breaking the wooden table in a blink of an eye. Not even a sigh or an uff escaping from him.

“Till when will you harbor so much hatred inside you! You don’t think I know what you do? What a reputation you have built for yourself!”

He cocks his head to the side, his crooked smile playing on his lips. ” Ufff my dear darling daadi. You think I try to hide what a Devil of a grandson you have. It’s you who refuses to see”.

“You are not my grandson. I don’t know where he has gone! But I promise you I will bring him back one way or another”, she lifts her head up high confidently.

“Mujhe shaadi nahi karna Daadi, especially to your favorite traditional type of girls! Let me put a full stop to your plan right here and now!”

All of a sudden Maan hears a hunk.

“That’s my cue. Bye daadi! Don’t wait up, I will be late”, Maan says with a straight face nonchalantly walking out.

Daadi just shakes her head. “Main bhi dhekti hoon”.


Pinky and Geet were in the car with Geet driving. Pinky plugs her iPod into the car and a song starts to play.

Mere khwabon mein jo aye
Ake mujhe chhed jaye
Usse kaho kabhi samne to aye

Geet gasps sharply immediately turning it off.

” Hey! I like that song”, Pinky whines and turns it back on.

Kaisa hai, kaun hai woh, jane kahan hai
Jiske liye mere honthon pe haan hai
Apna hai ya begaana hai vo
Sach hai ya koi afsana hai vo
Dekhe ghoor ghoor ke yunhi door door se
Usse kaho meri nend na churaye

 Geet turns it off again and Pinky was about to protest when she hears Geet lowly self talk with herself, ” Keep on taunting me Universe! Babaji I know you are planning something. Let me tell you don’t even waste your time. It’s not going to work”.

 Pinky holds in her laugh, ” Oh so that’s why you don’t like the song. Someone has been visiting you in your dreams and you haven’t told me?”, Pinky gasps in shock.

“Katti. . . don’t talk to me”, she says feigning anger and munching on a bag of chips.Just then they arrive and Geet parks the car.

“Pinky. Come on Pinky. It’s only been like a couple of nights. I don’t know who he is. Believe me if I knew I would have told him to get lost”, Geet tries convincing Pinky.


” Fine then no need for me to describe how hot he was now. You stay in the car. I am going to enjoy myself”, Geet says getting out of the car.

“What!”, Pinky utters in shock with chips still in her mouth and enlarged eyes.

“Did you just call someone hot? OMG where do you think you’re going missy. I want to know every detail”, Pinky squeals in excitememnt quickly taking her bag and following Geet.

“I didn’t see his face”.

” Don’t tell me you saw something else. . . since when did you get so naughty”, Pinky raises an eyebrow as she pulls Geet’s leg.

“Omg shut up Pinky. Main aise vaise larki nahi hoon. Yes I admit he was hot, and I bet that hotness gets to his head. What does he think of himself sneaking into my dreams and making me chase after him. Sexy my foot! I don’t care! He can show his dhakdhak Greek God like of a body and those delicious kissable lips of his crooked smile to someone else. He doesn’t affect me”, Geet cocks up her head in pride and confidence as she lays the blanket on the sand and sits under the umbrella taking out her book to read.  But she wasn’t finished out venting out her frustration or was it some new found brewing feelings for this mysterious guy?

“And how dare he not answer my question. Instead he replies to me for the first time in his sexy baritone voice of his. Come on Geet. Let’s go. You gave me your promise remember”, she mocks his tone!

“What Promise! Uff I just hate him! What does he think of himself! He is taking my sleep away. Actually why am I picking on his sexy ass I should be picking on yours. It’s all your fault pinky. He was saying the same lines you were! What was the need to scream to wake me up? Didn’t you know I was dreaming! Forget it. I am just going to enjoy reading my book under the sun”, she roughly opens her book and starts to read.

Pinky stood there like a statue, with her jaw dropped in shock. Her head felt like it was spinning, and she stumbled a little in trance of what she just heard her best friend confess to! Could Geet hear herself and what she was saying? It didn’t sound like she hated him. It was the complete OPPOSITE! She felt really attracted to this sexy mysterious guy. Something Geet never openly admits too, especially like this!

“Meri taraf ghoor-ghoor kar kyun dekh rahe ho. Go for your precious swim you woke me up for”.

” Damn Geet. The air of summer love is really getting to you. Stop beating me up for it and as soon as you bump into this sexy mysterious guy of yours, make sure to introduce me to him” she winks walking away.  Pinky didn’t even look back at her. She knew she added more fuel to the fire. But it was the first time Geet was strongly feeling something for someone once again and since she doesn’t believe in love she is taking it out as anger and frustration.

“Geet ki babaji let Geet come face to face with her mysterious man. Please!”, She internally prays before heading off to change to delve into what summer had to offer.


An hour had passed and Geet was still reading her book. Geet could hear some chuckling of laughter. She looks behind her and sees white American girls in their bikinis looking at her weirdly and laughing at her at the same time cheering on for their shirtless muscular boyfriends playing volleyball.

She straightens her dupatta and looks back to her book, controlling herself from going into sherni mode. But that’s when her eyes fall on Pinky about two hundred feet away walking with fingers entwined with someone towards the pier.

Geet was really curious in knowing who this secret lover of hers was. Putting the book aside she gets up and sneakily goes toward them. She gets closer and giggles seeing her best friend blush. She turns her head to get a better view of the guy, and she thought he was cute. What Geet didn’t know was what was about to take place.

“PINKY” Geet screams as she loses her balance and fell off the railing of the pier.

“GEET”, Pinky screams running towards her, while the white girls and their boyfriends laughed their heads off.

” Hel . . .Help”, Geet screams waddling and struggling as the water went inside her lungs.

“Adi. . .Adi please help her! She can’t swim. Please!” Pinky screams. All of a sudden those girls and guys who were laughing become quiet.

“Shit”, one of the girls said.  That’s when pinky eyes fell on the volleyball right next to wear Geet fell off! But she had no time to react after no longer hearing Geet’s screams and body sink down.

“GEET”, Pinky yells, but Adi held her back.

“Let go of me. I have to save her. LET ME GO!” she tries pushing Adi away from her to save her best friend, but Adi just held her back. She falls on the ground sobbing.

“Oh my God”, many girls gasp at the same time.

Pinky stands up to find Geet getting plunged out of the water in some guy’s arms.

She smiles and wipes her tears looking at Adi and then back to Geet’s savior. All of a sudden Geet’s words from earlier start to echo inside her head. “His dhakdhak Greek God like of a body “she looks over to Geet’s savior whose body was perfectly carved out like a Greek God.

 “and those delicious kissable lips of his crooked smile”, Pinky giggles out of happiness knowing that soon his lips would be on her sleeping beauty of her best friend to save her.

 She starts to run towards them. The guy carries Geet out of the water and lightly puts her against the sand. He was going to get up to leave to Pinky’s surprise when Adi held him back.

“Save her dude. She needs air”, looking straight into his eyes telling him that he had to do this. It was the right thing to do.

He slowly bends down pinches her nose and breathes into her mouth. He snaps back a little as once his lips touches her, electrifying sensations zips right through him, his heart beating a little faster as if rejoicing. He quickly brushes it aside and breathes into her, before pushing against her chest.

Her whole body was reacting to his touch. She felt alive. Slowly the water splutters out of her mouth. She coughs and took in deep breaths as her chest heaved up and down. Her heart was beating frantically and she felt scared to open up her eyes, not knowing to whose eyes she would open them too. She flutters her eyes open and finds her staring at a pair of warm yet dark brooding eyes, unknowingly sending a chill down her body.

Take your damn ball!”, Pinky kicks the volleyball aiming it at the girls who kicked it at Geet, which made her lose her balance and fall into the water.

But the girls duck and the ball ends up hitting Geet’s savior’s back making him tumble more over against Geet. His lips fell right under the edge of her lips, jolting Geet’s heart right out of her chest with the sudden contact.

 “oops”, Pinky giggles at first but then shuts herself up seeing him get up and glare at her.

He moves that glare to Adi, who was gulping in fear now. Before Geet could register what was happening, he just walks away as she looked on. The crowd that had gathered around went back to enjoying their day like nothing ever happened. Geet just laid there confused and just a little out of place at the moment.

“oh Geet I am so glad you are okay. Gosh the first thing I am gonna do is teach you how to swim! I didn’t bring you out here to give me a heart attack”, Pinky says hugging Geet, whose words barely reaches her ears as her attention was on the mysterious guy who saved her.

She watched him as he grabs his surfboard to go surfing when suddenly the white girls stop him. She moves the gaze of her eyes away from his, as if she was getting affected. Her heart and mind momentarily fighting with one another, but she doesn’t succumb and looks back toward him. The girls at their flirtatious best drag him to the volleyball court, convincing him to play a new game with them.

“Hello . . .Geet. . .I am talking to you”, Pinky waves her hand in front of Geet’s face to snap her out of her trance.

“huh. .. oh. . .umm .. I’m sorry. . thanks for saving me”, Geet hesitantly mutters.

 ” Geet did you also hit your head? I wasn’t the one who saved you. It was that hunk you have been staring since the second you have gained consciousness” she giggles.

 ” woh . . woh mein . . .i just drowned pinky. . .cut me some slack”, she retorts back.

 “I am just joking yaar. But jokes apart I think you should at least thank him. I seriously thought I lost you today” she squeezes her hand genuinely.

“I am okay Pinky, not going anywhere any time soon. Someone has to be here and watch your crazy ass from getting into trouble. . . oh wait I forgot you are replacing me with this cute guy. Why hello there. I’m Geet. Your girlfriend’s best friend”, she says winking at him before making a run for her life.

” Geet ki bachi!!” Pinky yells making a dash toward her!

Adi was left dumbfounded for a moment and did his nervous and awkward laugh, while innocent bystanders looked at him weirdly. He clears his throat. What just happened? Dang this girl is not at all innocent, as she seems! She was calling Pinky crazy than what was she? He smacks himself in the head. Who was he to make a comparison, after all of course he would be a little biased toward Pinky. He blushes as he thought to himself.

“GEET! You Kamini!”, she yells out still chasing after Geet who was busy laughing and running from her best friend.

“What. . .he is cute! Even if he is dressed a little nerdy, but that’s what makes him cute. Why don’t you introduce me to him? I am no threat to you, after all I am your best friend”, Geet tries to say with a straight face, but then blurts out laughing again, her musical laugh filling the air, making heartbeats skip toward her direction. Not knowing that a pair of devilish eyes was following her.

“Oh come on Maan”, Adi yells out, seeing him miss the volleyball.

“huh”, snapping out of his trance.

“I thought you were better than that. . .guess not”, he continues to taunt his best friend from the sideline.

 His fingers were unknowingly turning into fists. He was getting distracted. He tries to ignore it and serves the ball. Yet again only the sound of her laugh and the chimes of her payal were reaching his ears, making him miss the ball once again.Everything about her was making him angry, fueling a monster within him. Just when he was about to go get the ball, something small yet warm collides into him. They fall together on the sand with Geet crashing down on top, her lips falling on the nape of his neck, jolting him this time with the sudden contact.

 “Thank you. . .i mean sorry. . woh actually . . .thank u also”, she says with speed fumbling with her own words as she got up.

Just when she was about to clarify what she meant, he grabs her wrist pulls her closes and pins her hand back!

“Chup! Bilkul Chup!”

“Mujhse takrana tumhara shock hai ya tum jaan booch kar mere peeche padhe ho!”

 ” woh. . woh. ..mein”, but then she gets cut off by him!

“Ek line toh tum theekse bhol nahi paati. . . Apne Zindige tum jheete kaise ho? Aur woh bi America!”

Mein tumhe baata ti hoon”, he clenches his hold around her even harder and brings her closer, lips millimeters away!

You get herself hitched to a rich handsome bachelor like me and use your so-called innocence to trap them! Sorry sweetheart try this trick on some other fool! I ain’t interested in your boring looks”, shoving her away from him.

Geet was usually a sherni in situations where it called for her to defend herself, but for the first time she had lost her tongue. The courage, the guts, the feistiness all vanished into thin air and instead tears were brewing in its place!

Oh for god’s sake. Here comes the waterfall! If you get caught then spring a few fake tears, and you will have their heart in your hand! That’s what you thought didn’t you!

“Why else would you come to the beach dressed like this. A plain faded salwar suit, messy curly hair ,no make up, and these ugly chashmesh”, he mocks brutally eyeing her up to down with a distasteful expression on his face.

 “and on top of that not even know how to swim? I see no other reason for such a traditional reserved and insecure type of girl like you to be here other than trap a guy”, he scoffs arrogantly just when Geet thought there was no more insults left for him to throw at her.

“Listen you arrogant harami! You… dhusht dhanav! Do you know who she –“,pinky gets cut off seeing him raise his finger!

Adi, before I lose my temper take your girlfriend and her pathetic of a friend away from here will you!” Maan utters coldly.

” She got washed up to the shore of the wrong country. This is California sweetheart” a white blond American girl mocks.

 Pinky was ready to pounce on that skinny bitch, but to everyone’s surprise Geet holds her back and shakes her head for a “no”, both walking away.

“She doesn’t understand English. Stop wasting your time”, another one of them mocks in English with an Indian accent putting everyone in a fit of laughter, but Maan wasn’t amused. His eyes follows her as she walks away. What, did he honestly expect her to stand up for herself? He sneered at his own thought.

” Come on babes! Cool down. Even though you look so sexy when you’re angry, I don’t want you to ruin your mood for that villager” one of the white girls flirts.

Maan grabs the white girl’s hand and brings her closer, ” Why don’t you fix my mood”, eyeing her lips.


” Pinky listen –” Adi calls out.

“Don’t Pinky me! You coward of a mouse! Is this how you back up your girlfriend!” Pinky huffs in anger.

 ” Pinky trust me he is a very powerful man! Don’t mess with him please! Take Geet away from here. It’s for the best”, he says with concern in his eyes. Pinky wanted to protest back if only they all knew who Geet was then she would see how they dared to make fun of her. However, Pinky decided to let it go seeing the concern in Adi’s eyes. That arrogant harami looked like the devil, while her Geet was an angel. She looks over to Geet who was still numb staring into space as to what just happened.

Pinky grabs Geet’s hand and drags her away. She looks behind herself and sees him practically devouring the girl’s face, something breaking inside her!


How interesting the world is, when you pull the strings! Geet gets up from remembering their first encounter and looks beside herself. There laid a bare-chested arrogant harami innocently sleeping next to her. The rest of his body was covered with a white sheet. Did she just call him innocent? She chokes on her own thought. Who would believe that just moments they were making love, after all she is the same innocent girl whose character he had raised a finger on once upon a time. She touched upon the most dangerous of all poisons to lure her prey! She gets up from the bed putting her clothes back on. She didn’t even worry about making a noise, because he was drugged!

She smiles mischievously grabbing the papers he unknowingly signed and made her escape.

“What a screwed up fairytale,” she sneers as she glances back at him one last time.

If only she knew she had toxic love running through her veins. The toxic love of the DEVIL!


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  1. Congos Shongos on the Blog Twinnie! =D
    LOL Home Page is missing so I’m posting it in your update LMAO! =P

  2. ruhakhan says:

    thoda samjha thoda nahi
    bt lets see wat u reveal in the next part
    do update soon

  3. ruhakhan says:

    loved the update
    oh so both are running bt fate has something else planned for them
    and wat is dev doing dere
    and adi is so damn smart and intelligent wow
    do update soon

    • mrszsk says:

      Yes, fate is the biggest player in their love story.
      Dev is here to set some fireworks and have some fun 😉
      and haha yes there is a lot more to Adi then meets the eye.
      Will try to!
      Thank you for your comment! muahh ❤

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