I see right through you-Chapter 30


“ Don’t tear me down 

There was a fifteen year old girl, all her hair braided onto one side of her neck. She was wearing a white salwar kameez and looked like a pure innocent dove as she danced with arms wide open among the rain drops that fell from the sky.  She had a huge smile on her face that reached all the way up to her eyes, glowing and more radiant than usual. “I am in Love” she yelled. “I love him, I just love him!”she screamed at the top of her lungs as she came to a stop from dancing.

Geet slams the glass down, shattering it to pieces, as if shattering the memories that just wouldn’t stop plaguing her. She shoots a glance to the bartender, who was already making her another drink, in fact her fifth drink.

“This time ..make it stronger will ya ..or..or your fired!” She threatened, grabbing the bar counter feeling a little tipsy to catch her balance.

“I’m..I’m so sorry Ma’am. I will do as you say.”

“Well look at what we got here. Can you guess boys?” Geet didn’t bother paying any heed and  continued to wait for her drink.

“Drinking your pain away I see. Why don’t we go somewhere like old times, and I make you forget by moaning my name. ” He snickers right below her ear in a voice that was now familiar, as he slid his hand down her thigh.

She immediately elbows him in his crotch causing him to bend down, where she takes the opportunity and slams his head against the bar counter.  “Dare you touch me again Sameer! I will have you chopped to pieces and then feed you to the dogs! Now in case it wasn’t subtle enough last time, this means fuck off. ”  She shoves him to his gang of friends, and turns to walk away.

Suddenly she felt a strong grip around her shoulder, thrashing her to the ground. “Who do you think you are you filthy piece of cunt huh!”

He grabs her by the hair, while she yelps in pain, trying to fight him off! “What are you going to do to me now! You are going to feed me to the dogs” He laughs menacingly. “I will show you what it means to be dogs. Take her boys, lets show her tonight how dogs taste like!”

She bites his hand  and starts to make a run toward the security, when she remembered she fired them an hour ago. Neither staff nor people cared a shit about what was happening and continued to drink their booze and dance away. Suddenly a surge of emotions rip through her body, buckling her body to the ground and making it hard to breath.  She tried to move, tried to make a sound for help, tried to breath, but nothing came out.  Tears rolled down her eyes as Sameer and his gang made their way toward her. Her body started to squirm as the memories started to lash through her. She could hear screams, her own screams. She could feel them inside her, using her one by one like she was some toy endlessly throughout the night. She held her stomach, as the gutwrenching pain starting to hit through from all corners. She could feel her body giving up…to lose hope. She could see a man closing in on her, but by that point she let go and was tired of fighting. She let her eyes close and succumb to the darkness.


“Doctor, how much longer! Why isn’t she waking up already?”

“Calm down, Dev. Let the Doctor do his job.

“SHUT UP! Just shut up Maan.” Dev roared in anger.

“DEV!” Vicky yelled giving him the look to remind him now was not the time, especially with the Doctor right there.

“She may be a monster, but you are no less brother. You are no less!” Dev fights back the tears looking at Geet’s state and walks out, while Maan continued to just look out the window.

“She had a panic attack, she will be waking up any second. She needs complete rest for the next 24 hours. And please save her from any stress and commotion until tomorrow at least.”

“Thank you doctor. Will do just as you say. Let me show you out,” Vicky says leaving the room with the doctor.

Geet opens her eyes in  a frantic, trying to understand where she was and what was going on, when her eyes fell on his form.

Maan had his arms crossed, with a stern face, still looking out the window.

“I see your finally awake.” His voice was cold and stern.

“How…how did I get here?Did you..s..save me?” Geet tried to ask, fighting with every ounce in her body from showing her vulnerability as now her scars and wounds were gashed open.

“You got a panic attack. Guess now we are even.”

“What..I don’t understand?”

Maan finally turns around, steadily walks over to her and sternly mutters, ” Well since you were going to accuse me of rape, I figured you should get a taste of what that might be like Miss Geet Handa. So yes, it was all staged by me.”

Shock rippled through Geet’s bones, her world coming to a stop. A tear cascades down her eyes, which she wipes away immediately as she got up. But the sudden rush that she got up caused her eyes to momentarily black out, however Maan comes and helps steady her in place.

“Stay away from me!” Geet shrieked pushing him away.

(Listen to this song plz as you read along the rest of the chapter)

I’m dying to catch my breath
Oh why don’t i ever learn?
I’ve lost all my trust,
though I’ve surely tried to turn it around

She opens the hotel door and rushes out the door as if her life depended on it. You are not worth the fight anymore, his words echoed mercilessly inside her. She looked down upon her hands, feeling the streams of tears spill down her face.

Can you still see the heart of mine?
All my agony fades away
when you hold me in your embrace

It was over. Everything was over. The walls and locks she had around her heart was now broken and everything just came reeling in.

Don’t tear me down for all I need
Make my heart a better place
Give me something I can believe
Don’t tear me down
You’ve opened the door now, don’t let it close

Vicky was walking down the hallway back to the room, when he saw Geet in the state that she was, running.

“Geet!” He calls out to her, somewhere in him guilty for the things he had said to her earlier.

But she didn’t stop, she ran down the stairs and through the lobby, where Dev was pacing, filled with guilt and worry.

“Geet”, a soft whisper slips from Dev’s lips, seeing her shattered state. He knew they had gone to far.

She doesn’t even bother looking his way as she passes him, but Dev couldn’t take it and grabs her wrist.

“Stop Geet. Just here me out please. I beg you, just listen to me.”

“Have you ever felt to resort to revenge to save yourself from the darkness that surrounded you? To give a new meaning and reason for your existence, since all the goodness that was in your heart was stripped away from you?” She mutters lifelessly.

“Have you ever built a wall around your heart to keep all the pain away, even if it came at the cost of not letting love in?” A sob rips from her throat.

Dev opened his mouth to say something, but he couldn’t. He didn’t have the answers to her questions.

“Jawab doh mujhe” She screamed as the searing pain enveloped her heart.

Just then Maan and Vicky made there way down to the lobby. Geet shoves Dev’s hand off her.

“Mubarak ho Mr.Maan Singh Khurana. You tore me down. Aap jeet gaye.” She runs out the hotel entrance, without one glance back trying to find a place to escape the suffocating agony.

I’m here on the edge again
I wish I could let it go
I know that I’m only one step away
from turning it around

If only Maan knew the consequences of what he had done.

She only reached as far as to the street, drenched in pouring rain, where she finally stopped fighting the pain, lifting up her face to the skies and letting an agonizing scream rip from her dry throat.

Don’t tear it down, what’s left of me
Save me from my fear
Don’t tear me down

Here she was again, helpless, vulnerable, and broken at the hands of love. The mask she used to hold herself together was now torn off her. She no longer had the strength to put herself back together.


Geet recognized his voice, but not even that was enough to save her. A car honked, but it was too late. It already made impact with Geet’s body, thrashing her lifeless body into the air. Despite it all she had a smile on her lips.

Sounds of sirens followed suit.


Dhak …….dhak…………………………dhak………..

“We are loosing her fast Doctor!”

“Get the operation room ready, we need to operate on her now!”

Everything became silenced in front of his eyes as the paramedics took her away in the gurney, while Dev and Vicky  tried to be with here, but got stopped in their tracks. All that flashed before his eyes was the look on her face as the car hit her. His hands shook, stained with pure redness of her blood. He just wanted to set her free, but not like this. A tear escapes his eyes, her smile haunting him. His eyes stung with rage and guilt as he stormed down toward the operation room.

Vicky sees this and holds him back. “No bhai..you can’t go in there! ” He pushes him back and bangs on the door, looking through the small glass circle where she laid lifeless on the bed as the paramedics worked to safe her life.

“STOP SMILING!” He gritted his teeth, trying to control the rage and pain coursing through his veins.

“I am supposed to win, not you! Dare you smile you coward! You can’t leave me! You are going to come back and fight with me you hear me. This is cheating! I won’t let you cheat me Miss Geet Handa.” He bangs his fist on the door again, ripping his gaze away from her.

“Please paagli. I will let you win, just don’t leave please. Don’t leave me.” Maan pleads his body sliding down the door, hitting the ground.

Just then Geet’s father and step mother come barging in.

“Where is my daughter! What did you do to her you! What did you do?” He angrily grabs Maan by his collar. Maan neither able to meet his eyes, nor bothered to defend himself.

Vicky managed to get him off Maan exclaiming, “It wasn’t Maan’s fault. She got hit by a car.”

“Did she throw herself in front of the car?” Geet’s step mom asked with concern.

“What bullshit! My daughter would never do suicide! That’s my girl in there fighting for her life..have some respect! I can’t lose her to…I just can’t .”

Something caught Maan’s attention. “Why would you think she could ever do such a thing Mrs.Handa? Has she ever tried to take her life before? What do you know that we don’t!” Maan’s voice got louder and more stern than he wanted to come out, but he couldn’t control it.

“All I know is that that girl is hiding behind a fake smile. She is holding so much pain inside her heart, and as her step mom I tried to connect with her. I tried to take some of her pain away but she never gave me the chance.”

“KHURANA!” Someone roared with pure fury.

Before Maan could even turn around to see who it was he received a blow to the face.

“You bastard!” Armaan punched Maan again, shoving him against the wall.

“I told you not to give up on her! I trusted you with her!” He held Maan by the collar of his shirt, and yet again he didn’t bother to defend himself. He took the hits with pleasure.

“Armaan, is that you?” Mohinderlal stood stunned.

Armaan let go of Maan and walks over to him, pure hatred visible in his eyes. “Trust me, if it weren’t for Muskaan and Geet, I wouldn’t have left you alive you coward of a father! Are you going to watch this daughter of yours die right before your eyes too ..chi!”

Armaan walks away, leaving him embarrassed with eyes welling up in tears. Everybody else stood shocked with many questions arising in their heads, but knew it was not the time to ask questions.

“Show me where she is Maan. I need to see her.” Armaan sternly told Maan.


Armaan looks at Geet and couldn’t control the sobs. Maan holds his shoulder for comfort.

“you know don’t you.” Maan whispers.

“I told you to not give up on her. Her sister couldn’t save her. I couldn’t save her. But I knew you could. You make her heart beat again. You make all her pain fade away.” Armaan mutters as he looked at Geet.

“What did you mean back there? What did her father do? How did she lose her mother and sister?What has she gone through that has made her like this?”

“You managed to tear her walls didn’t you? I’m assuming since that’s the only reason why she could be in the hospital right now. I’m sure your answers somehow lies there. Or you could wait for the person herself to open up her heart and scars to you. That’s of course if you win her heart. She is one stubborn ass to win over, you are going to have to work for it khurana. No more games, no more battles. Just sweep her off her feet and take her pain away.”

“Thank you Armaan.”

“I am not doing it for you, I am doing it for her.”

“I was thanking you for keeping her alive all this time. There is no way she could of had the strength to keep going without you for support.”

Armaan chuckles. “It’s in fact the other way around. She was my strength to keep going, she found her strength in something darker.”

“and what is that?” Maan asked perplexed.

“Revenge and Guilt, it’s the recipe for self-destruction.”

Maan stood numb, already building with rage for the people who made her like this.

“Do me a favor and call me when she opens her eyes. And she WILL open her eyes. I need to take care of the media and press for now.”

Maan nods his head and tries to let everything soak in.

“I saw through you Geet and it got me this far. You got no choice but to come back because now you have to see through me. You are going to have to see through my eyes that hold nothing but love for you, and I vow the day that you do it will melt all the revenge and guilt away. Mark my words Geet, you will see.” Maan thought to himself as he looked on at Geet, making a promise to her.


Will Geet open her eyes, but at what cost?

Happy Thanksgiving guys *hugs* Decided to put everything aside and update a chapter of ISRTU. I know it’s kind of sad, but it was a much needed part. Let me know your thought process and what your thinking in the comments so I can see if i confused anybody in anyway.  If I have, i will reply to your confusion in the comments. This is a very dark story, so its important for me to know what’s on your mind. Do hit the like button and comment pleej, I’m in need of the extra motivation lately. 

Also special shout out to Honeygrape! Thank you so much sweetheart, your comment on the previous chapter made my whole day ❤


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