Accidentally in Love: Chapter 3


Accidentally in Love”

Chapter: 3

It was a fresh new week, a bright and sunny monday morning, and I couldn’t be any more happier for being on my way to work. It was time to come back to reality, enough of the silly distraction which I didn’t want to waste my time thinking about at the moment. Besides I only took the weekend off because my boss was being so insistent that I needed a break from working what felt like 24/7 to him. I admit, my cop instincts did kick in and tell me something felt fishy. But then again, my boss was my father’s best friend, and he has always been trying to live up to the protective father figure missing from my life. Not that I needed any protection, but I respected his genuine gesture and let it be.

I finally arrived and drove into the Police Station parking lot, turning into my usual spot when suddenly I immediately press hard on the brakes. The wheels of my sleek black motorcycle shriek and come to a halt  inches away from the red motorcycle that had the nerve to cut me off and park into my spot!  He immediately jumps off his bike, ignoring my presence let alone apologize. JERK! In midst of my building frustration for this son of a gun, I couldn’t help keep my eyes off him. I intently watched him slowly drive his sensuously long fingers down and unzip his jacket, his muscular and broad chest just oozing out of his shirt.

Thankful to my helmet for shielding me I stare shamelessly,eyeing him from his broad shoulders down his v-neck shirt, where it hugged tightly around his perfectly sculptured abs. I stop my gaze from treading any lower, before my imagination got the best of me. Ashamed and disgusted with myself, I was about to turn my face away when he interrupts me.

“If you are going to stay for the full show, I might have to charge you.” He beams in his sexy baritone voice that felt all to well familiar.

Then again, I am quite frankly pissed for letting my mind continuously play tricks on me and keep reminding of a certain person, which I am so desperately trying to wipe out of my memory.  My ego receives a blow as his words finally register inside my brain.  Two can play at this game.

I immediately jump off my motorbike, taking my jet black helmet off as I ruffle and run my fingers through my long wavy locks of hair. I innocently but flirtatiously swing my hair to one side of my shoulder, if that was even humanly possible. But then again, I let my mother’s taunting of how I should of been a Bollywood actress instead of a cop give me the extra boost of confidence I needed to let me believe I could. I reach for the zipper on my black jacket and without even thinking start to unzip downwards. I could of sworn I heard him sharply hold his breath, my inner goddess in me grinning in victory. I stop midway, showing a minimal amount of cleavage, but enough to leave him hanging for more.

“Sorry sweetheart, unlike you, you can’t have me even if you pay me.” I bit out in a flirtatious tone, bitting my lip.

My subconscious literally slapping me to wake up. But it was to late at that point as he was already laughing. My cheeks burn crimson pink at the stunt I just pulled. I couldn’t believe my audacity and neither could I explain what magic pull compelled me to do what I just did.

Before I could take charge of the situation he removes his helmet and that’s when my eyes catch his full form. I freeze as my eyes trace down his angled jaw covered in a manly stubble, ending in perfectly M shaped lips below a straight nose and…god have mercy, his eyes!

He takes advantage of my shocked, ashamed, and compelled situation and precedes to enclose the pace between us. He encages me, pressing both his muscular arms around my body against my motorcycle.

“I love how I bring out this Sameera side in you. It’s quite….” he momentarily pauses leaning closer to my face, “sexyyyy” he utters in a deep husky voice, flashing his signature crooked smile that made my insides somersault in glee.

He walks away, leaving me hanging just like that. Completely and utterly frustrated, I quickly charge toward him, body slamming him to the ground, and quickly taking the opportunity in handcuffing his hands behind his back.

He starts to laugh his heart out, popping my frustration level off the roof. I turn him around about to let him hear it when he interjects, “I didn’t know having good looks and charming someone was a crime in this country .”

“Oh you did more than that, starting from taking my spot! Now shut up and move, you are under arrest!”

“Your spot? How dare I! My sincere and deep apologies Miss Jungli billi.” He bemuses with a huge grin on his face as he stood up, knowing exactly how and where to press my buttons.

“It’s Detective Handa to you.. now get moving.” I shoved him forward, but still he had that stupid grin on his damn face.

“Meeee  owww, no need to take your claws out future wifey.” He purred , feigning like he was hurt with a smug look on his face.

Oh for the love of God, NO HE DIDN’T DARE!

Having enough I shove him against the brick wall of the police building.

“Zip. It. Khurana. Just zip it!” I slur each word with emphasis, hissing with every heavy breath I took inches from his face, whilst my fists dug and scrunched the material of his shirt around his collar.

“So sexually frustrated …I can feel it running through me” he whispers, not losing his smug look, and looking straight into my eyes. Big mistake!

I kick the door of the building in, and throw him to the floor screaming, “I want him behind bars now!”

Everybody stood rooted in place, not moving to my utter surprise, while Maan just chuckled. Maan looks over to them and says, “Do as Mademoiselle says or else you might end up like me.”

At that point I lost track of how many nicknames he had given me, but who is counting.

Finally one person dared to come forward to take Maan to the jail cell. “Before I go, all you men here, thanks for the lovely warning. I never knew charming Defective Handa here was a crime.” He winks right at me before showing himself the way to the cell.

I immediately walk away and into the bathroom. I walk over to the sink, holding it on either side with my wobbly hands, god damn my whole body felt like jelly. I splash cold water over my face, but not even that was cool enough to extinguish the fury of flames burning inside me. I had half a mind to break the mirror with my bare fists, not liking the girl I saw in the mirror who no longer had control over her emotions.

These feelings swarming was foreign and alien to me, but I knew very well what it was– weakness. Never have I ever felt so attracted to a man. Then again, this guy was beyond beautiful and the fact that he challenged me with his stupid crooked smile plastered on his face was slowly pushing me off the edge of insanity.

She takes a huge breath in and then exhales, trying to calm her nerves. This is not the way I wanted to start my day. And then that’s when it hit her. Oh shit!

I run out of the bathroom when I see him standing right before me, my BOSS. Oh boy, was I late to. Damn you khurana!

“Defective Handa I gather you enjoyed your break a little to much, coming late isn’t acceptable,” he sternly mutters, giving me the look.

“My apoligies Kumar sir. I was busy handling a stalker situation.” I voiced, but saw the worry that quickly spread across his face.

“No need to worry though. Just like always I was perfectly capable of taking care of myself, and the fugitive is now behind bars.”

As I was explaining something caught his eyes. I follow the direction of his gaze, and to my shock I see Maan walking over towards us.

I whisper angrily for only Maan to hear, “Who dared to let you out!”

But to my dismay, my Boss caught on to it.

“Oh, I am glad you have met your new partner, Handa.”

My heart faltered and skipped a beat as my Boss’s words sank into my numb brain.

“Trust me Kumar sir, the pleasure was all mine. And considering the stalking situation, I couldn’t be more happier with your decision to want a partner for Defective Handa. You can be rest reassured I won’t let a fly touch her.” I watch Maan act all proper and professional, his voice projecting seriousness.

“You got to be KIDDING me.” The tone of my voice comes out higher than I intended it to be, but at this point I didn’t give a shit.

I look over to my boss, feeling betrayed. “So this is why you wanted me out of here for this weekend. So you could interview people to be my bodyguard against my consent! huh unbelievable.” I scoff.

“That is not the way to talk to me young lady. In my office now!” He ordered.

I storm into his office, not giving a shit to the looks I was getting from the other cops.

“I understand you are angry, but–“

“Oh no, I am beyond angry! How could you do this to me?” I ask cutting him off.

“It’s not like if I told you would have happily agreed now would you. I know you like to work independently, but the case you are working on is becoming to dangerous. I don’t want you to get hurt Geet. Especially now that you have a stalker problem, I don’t regret the decision I took one bit. “

“Oh for god’s sake, he IS my stalker situation.” I blurt out angrily.

“What?” He looked at me perplexed, but I could notice him fighting back a chuckle.

Just then there was a knock against our door.

“Come in,” Kumar sir says.

Maan walks in, and I turn to my boss saying, “Fine, if you want me to have a partner, then I atleast should be able to choose my partner. And right now I am this close to getting a restraining order against Khurana.”

“Detective Handa, I believe you are blowing this out of proportion.”

“If I may Kumar sir, I believe I owe an explanation to clear Detective Handa’s misunderstanding.”

“I am in no misunderstanding, thank you very much.” I bit out.

“Detective Handa, give the man a chance to explain himself.”

“Fine. You got a minute Khurana.”

“I came for the job interview on saturday afternoon, and Kumar sir really liked my profile and experience, so he accepted me. My friend Yash, who I believe is  friends with your best friend, Meera, told me to celebrate this good news with him and enjoy ourselves at a club. He invited me to come at the same club where you guys were celebrating as that’s where he found out you guys were celebrating Meera’s birthday. And that’s where I ran into when you got drunk and when on the stage you weren’t supposed to be on, so I intervened trying to be a gentleman.”

“she did what?” My boss looked at me shocked.

“30 more seconds..” I say not convinced enough.

“I didn’t know you were my partner as you said your name was Sameera at the club.  I came over to your house expecting to meet my partner Detective Handa, so I could let her on the news nicely. But when I knock on your door, you spit your drink over me and suddenly I was tangled in a situation where everybody presumed I was your suitor. I panicked and went with the flow, but in the process I saved you from a horrible marriage because as I was leaving , I saw your suitor pull in. However, the second I showed them a bundle of cash they greedily accepted and left you. Again I understand it was not my place to intervene, but in the short time that I have gotten to know you I respect you enough as my partner to want the best for you and I will have your back whether you like it or not Detective Handa. Because that’s what partners do for each other.”

“Wah, that’s my man. You have already made me proud Maan.” I watch Kumar sir hug Maan.

“I was just doing my duty sir. ” Maan returns him a smile.

“Detective Handa, now that that is cleared do you have anything to say to Detective Khurana?”

“Yeah….Just that…I will stay out of your space, while you stay out of mine. That’s including my parking spot. Got it?” I turn to around and leave without one glance back.

“Well then. What she meant was thank you” Kumar sir chuckles.

“Good luck with her. She can be quite stubborn, she gets it from her father.”

“I am going to need all the luck I can get” Maan smiles turning around and glancing my way, for which I quickly move my gaze away and pretend to be doing something else.

I turn my chair around to hide my face. Babaji what have I got myself into. Then again, I figured the more I stay around him, the more immune I will become to his looks. So maybe this is not going so bad after all, especially since he did do such a nice thing for me yesterday. I turn back around and our eyes momentarily locked, where he winks at me. I shake my head and get back to work.


Umm not sure what the future chapter has in store, so you will just have to wait for the next chapter, sorry.

Omg I can’t believe I am here with another update that to in just about a week. LOL. Well this is because my finals are next week, and I will be going out of the country for vacation right after so I won’t be back till the first week of January. So I figured to leave you with one last treat before then. I hope you liked this update ^__^ I’m still overwhelmed with the amount of love, support, and response this story is getting. Your comments really warm my heart, and so please continuing to do so, it’s very motivating hehe :P. Love you all. Will meet you guys, so until new years, and if i can squeeze one more update before I leave i will, but i won’t make any promises. Happy early holidays in advance ❤


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