I see right through you-Chapter 31


“The Irony called Life 

It was four in the morning, where Maan serenely slept beside Geet.  She had gotten out of the surgery room and was no longer in critical condition. Maan came to her side, and just looked at her. Now he could feel his body giving into to the physical and mental exhaustion he went through that night, and before he knew it his eyes closed. It wasn’t before he felt muffling sounds and something moving under him that he rose awake. He wakes up to see Geet panting and huffing, covered in sweat as her nails dug deep into the bedsheets, scrunching them with all her might. Suddenly, her body jolts up, her head springing up as she howls in agony.

Maan immediately holds her hand and tries to wake her up. “Geet wake up! Please baby wake up. It’s just a nightmare. It’s okay. Your okay. I’m here, Im not going to let anything hurt you. Geet!”

But it was of no use. She was lost entirely somewhere else, Maan not  sure if his words even reached her. The Doctor and nurse start rushing in, and advise Maan to leave.

“GEET!” Maan yells out in one last futile attempt for her to hear him and get through to her.

Geet suddenly freezes, her eyes momentarily opening as she glanced over to Maan.  Maan’s world momentarily stops as he looks over to her with eyes filled with so much yearn to protect her.

She opens her mouth to say something, but only mumbles could be heard as she struggled to speak. Maan holds her hand tighter trying to ease her pain, but only to find himself lose her again. She slips back to unconsciousness as a tear cascades down her closed eyelids.

“No Geet. Wake up please. Geeeeeet!” Maan shook her by her shoulders, but it was of no use.

“Mr.Khurana, please let us do our job! Please leave.”

Maan angrily bursts out of the room, his eyes immediately falling onto Geet’s father. Before he could even realize it himself, he was charging down toward him. He raises his hand against him, but something stopped him midway, while Mr.Handa looked up at Maan with fear and confusion clearly visible in his eyes.

“How dare you call yourself her father! How could you not protect her, jawab do mujhe! I said jawab doh!” Maan spit out, his fists holding Mr.Handa by his collar.

“You have no right to throw such accusations at me. I did all that I could! She is my daughter and I love her Mr.Khurana, now let me go before I get security involved”.

” Maan!  Let him go please. Geet is going to be okay. I promise, she will open her eyes. Please beta.”

It was only the sound of her voice that could have the power to calm him down. He lets Mr.Handa go and looks straight at his daadi. She comes and hugs him tight and at that moment he lost it. He stopped fighting and let the tears fall down. Never in his whole life did he feel so helpless. He was a man who got whatever he wanted in a blink of an eye, but for the first time he couldn’t do anything but helplessly watch her tremble in agony. He was so hopelessly in love with a woman so fragile and broken inside, it scared him. For the first time Maan Singh Khurana was scared. The fact that he may lose her to her demons scared him. The fact that his love may not be enough to save her scared him. The fact that he may have pushed her off the brink, frightened him.It was just all becoming so much.

“Bas beta. Everything is going to be okay. She isn’t going to leave you anytime soon, I promise.”

Maan quickly wipes his tears and breaks out of the hug. His eyes falling on his mother and father. They were all here.

” We are here for you Maan. Himmat rakh beta, sab theek ho jayega.” His mother tried to console him.

“Maan, I know you are going through a hard time. But that was not the way to treat Mr.Handa. ” His father’s voice was stern, while his eyes were warm with understanding of what he was going through.

“My apologies Mr. Handa. It was a moment of weakness, I just couldn’t see her like that. I’m sorry.”

“Apology accepted. I’m happy to see she has someone in her life that loves her as much as you, but don’t forget she is my daughter and I love her just as much.” His eyes brimmed with tears, as he chocked back against the pain or guilt, or maybe it was both.

“Don’t worry, I believe you. Geet was and will always be your favorite daughter hain na Mr. Handa?” Armaan taunted, walking in right at that moment.

“Armaan, your anger is justified, but now is not the time. I shall talk to you privately please don’t do this.” Mr. Handa looked at him with eyes that was trying to ask him for forgiveness.

“Don’t worry. I’m here only for Geet, just like I always have been.”

“That’s good to know.” He weakly smiles.

Just then the Doctor comes out of Geet’s room and everybody’s  attention falls on him.

“How is she doctor?” Maan rushes to his side.

“Well, her vitals look good and hopefully she will open her eyes in a few hours. She is going to be just fine Mr. Khurana, she is a strong girl.”

“That she is” Both Maan and Armaan say at the same time.


Dev walks over and glances over at Geet through the glass window. A small smile crept onto his lips knowing that she would open her eyes any second. And the first thing he would do is apologize and let her know about his feelings. Which she already knew about, but it was time for her to hear what he had to say. His eyes fall onto Maan who was patiently waiting beside her. It didn’t bother him that he was  competing against his big brother, because after what Maan made her go through, he no longer has a reason to believe that Maan’s love for her is more worthy than his. He rips his gaze away and goes to sit down. May the best man win, is what it had finally come down to.

Before Dev could sit down, Maan comes bursting out the door. The look he had on his face was as if he had gotten his heart ripped right out of his chest. Fear immediately gripped Dev’s heart, watching his brother nearly fall to the ground.

“Bro! What happened. Bro please you’re scaring me!”

“I lost her Dev. I lost her” Maan closes his eyes, wincing in pain.

“No. Your lying. Aisa nahi hosakta!” Dev immediately rushes into Geet’s room.

“Geet.” Dev says breathing a sigh of relief.

He takes a step forward toward her, when she flinches back. “Geet I –“

“Kaun ho tum! Stay…stay away from me! I said stay away.”

Dev froze as the nurses and doctor poured into the room.

“Let go of me. Bachao mujhe. Bachao!”

Maan’s blankly stared into space,  hearing her screams,  reality not just wanting to set in.


Maan sat quietly in a corner of the Doctor’s office while Armaan and Mr.Handa spoke to the Doctor.

“We can’t quite figure out what triggered her to lose her memory. Yes, she did get hit quite hard on the head, but the impact was not that hard for her to lose her memory.”

“So what could of possibly brought this on doctor? ” asked Mr.Handa.

” When Mrs.Handa was yelping and screeching in pain, it was like  she was trapped somewhere inside her mind. And when she momentarily gained consciousness, she couldn’t even speak no matter how hard she tried. I feel her amnesia, is as a result of a phycological defense mechanism. Her brain is trying to protect her from all the emotional trauma, and by doing so repressed her memories. Or it could just be because of the impact she got on her from the accident. At this point it’s really hard to say.”

Maan winced in pain, the guilt hitting him from all corners.

“Is her amnesia permanent?” Armaan asked almost to happy to Maan’s liking.

” This is a very complicated case and depends on the patient. I do think that there could be certain things to trigger her memory, but I would advice against it considering the risk it can put her in. Keep her away from any stress as possible. She is in a fragile state of mind. But If you don’t mind me asking, what has Mrs.Handa been through? Her file doesn’t disclose any such sort of trauma.”

The room falls silent.

“That’s because its Geet Handa we are talking about. She won’t leave a trace behind herself. I’m for one am happy that she lost her memory. It’s her new chance at rebuilding herself, without the baggage and scars of her past weighing her down. Some people just don’t get that lucky and have to carry the burden of the past with them.” Armaan exclaimed.

“It’s easier said that done Mr.Armaan. Not knowing who you are, and getting thrown into a life with a daily routine is not so easy.”

“She has me for that.” Maan interrupts, in a voice more commanding than just merely stating the obvious.

“Get her papers ready, I am getting her discharged at this moment.” Maan mutters sternly walking straight out the room.

Mr.Handa immediately comes after Maan. “I’m her father Maan. I am going to make the decisions here when it comes to her.”

Maan freezes in place. Turning around with such an intense glare that for a fraction of a second a person would want to wish death upon themselves. He steadily walks toward Mr.Handa, coming face to face to him.

“Don’t make me use my power and find out what really happened to Geet. I assure you, you will end up in jail. As far as Geet is concerned, she doesn’t consider you as her father, so I will be making the decisions here Mr.Handa.”

“How bloody dare you threaten me! You may have forgotten, but you are not the only one with power around here. I am Mohinderlaal Handa and Geet is my daughter! You can’t even build a case against me even if you wished” He chuckled in distaste.

“Armaan show the man the papers.” A deadly smirk played on Maan’s lips.

“Gladly, the honor is mine.” Armaan grins handing him the papers.

Geet’s step mother comes out, tears streaming down her eyes.

Mr.Handa quickly snatches the papers and looks at it.

“Nahi…She wouldn’t do this to me. Nahi…Aisa nahi hosakta.” The papers slip from his mere fingers.

“What have you done that your daughter would do this to you! Jawab doh mujhe!” Paami wailed, holding him by the collar of his shirt.

“She told me she never blamed me for what happened…I don’t believe any of this. Sab baqwaas hai!” He yelled ripping the papers, as a tear escapes from his eyes.

“She played you…hid the resentment she had for you in her heart only to fulfill her revenge of many. She has everything under her name, and also legally severed having any ties with you.  She wanted to tell you and gift you on this very same day. Can you guess what day today is!” Armaan uttered, unleashing his pent up anger that he kept inside for all these years.

“Mrs. Rano Handa aur Muskaan Handa ki 10th death anniversary mubarak hai aapko!” A tear threatens to spill from his burning fury eyes.

Mr.Handa reaches for his chest, as pain immediately stroke up his body, before collapsing on the ground.


Mohinderlaal passed away, as a result of a cardiac arrest. Armaan didn’t have one ounce of guilt in him. He just looked on amused at the irony of life. Out of all the days, he passes away on this day. Out of all the days, Geet loses her memory on this day. The day she buried Geetangalie with her mother and sister and got reborn as Geet. He puts a hand through his hair in frustration at the game god continuously played with Geet on this very damn day. Today, here she was yet again, starting a new beginning.

“Kamal karte ho Babaji” an empty chuckle escapes from his throat at the cruel twist of events.

“As far as anybody is concerned, Mohinderlaal passed away seeing Geet’s condition, which gave him a heart attack. That’s all the press needs to know. “

Hearing Maan speak on the phone, brought Armaan back to the present.

“and Geet? What do we tell her?” Armaan asked.

“Just exactly that.”

“I think we should think about how we want to go about this. Are we going to help her become Geetangali or Geet?” Armaan  hesitantly asked.

“Geetangali aye?” A small smile played on Maan’s lips, realization hitting that’s the part of herself she has buried inside herself.

“Both. We are going to expose her to both and let her see what she likes.”

“I like that idea. But where is she going to be staying?”

“Trust me, I got everything covered. It’s going to be the life every college girl wants at her age.” Maan winks at Armaan, not being able to hide the happiness inside him.

Just because Geet doesn’t remember who he is, doesn’t mean she won’t be able to fall in love with him once again. And this time it should be easier, considering the fact she won’t have any walls around her heart. Maan walks over to Geet’s room, and just watched her as the Doctor tried to explain the situation that took place with her. Tears falling down her eyes, realizing her father had passed away. ” You are not alone Geet. I’m going to protect you from your past. You are going to live the life you always deserved to have. Cheers to you paagli and your new beginning.  Oh and to our new love story” he smiles.


Geets intro to her new life and first new encounter with Maan 😉

Merry Christmas everyone! Decided to come with a little christmas present and update. Everything that took place in this chapter happens for a reason. Don’t worry, I’m not going to leave bits and pieces of the story hanging with no answers. Geet’s past will come back to haunt her, it’s far from over. But till then, Maan and Geet can finally get to know each other and enjoy this new journey of theirs.



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