I See Right Through You- Chapter:32


“Close yet so far 

Resting her head on the wall, she stared blankly out the window of her hospital room. Trails of dried tears were visible on her face. Nothing made any sense…nothing. She had waken up not realizing who she is let alone anyone else. But that wasn’t the worst part. The worst part was not having anybody to show her who she is. She found out she had a father, who was now no more because of her. She wondered how unfortunate of a person she must have been before to be so. . . alone.

Suddenly there was a knock against her door snapping her out of her thoughts.

“Come in,” she weakly mutters still in the same position.

“Special delivery for Miss Handa.” She chirped with so much energy and enthusiasm that made Geet to look her way.

” Oh boy this is going to be fun. ” Geet looked on stunned as a woman in vibrant clothes and puffy curly hair brought in a rack of clothing inside the room with her.  Her positive aura and smile making somewhere inside Geet jealous.

“Oh my where are my manners. I fondly go by Pindy Queen, and will be your personal assistant from now on Miss G. I hope you don’t mind me calling you Miss G. I just find it so much more sexy and elegant.”

“Who sent you to me?” Geet quipped, quite observantly catching on to the fact that she said she would be her personal assistant from now on, which meant she wasn’t before. Thus meaning, someone else had to hire her and send her to Geet.

“uhh..umm..well ..you did Miss G. . .before all this happened.” Her voice trails off to a soft whisper as she brings the gaze of her eyes down.

However, Geet couldn’t explain to herself why she felt Pindy was not telling the exact truth? She brushes her gut feeling aside and thought why would the poor girl lie, it was she who lost her memory, not her.

“I see.” Geet tries to put on a smile.

“The Doctor gave me the okay and said you can be discharged. So I thought to help kick off your spirits and day with an amazing outfit.”

“Any one will do.” Geet says solemnly, not in the mood to be chirped about an outfit. The question of whether she would be ecstatic about clothes before rose inside her mind.

To Geet’s surprise she comes towards her and rests her hands on Geet’s hand.

“I know this is a very hard time for you Miss G. A lot of questions of who you are and why this happened to you must be swarming in your head. But Miss G, you can either sit and let life pass you by or you can get up and show life whose boss. I may have never met you before but if anybody knew one thing about the Miss Geet Handa it was how she took life head on. You oozed with confidence and a classy persona. You had this very unique style of getting whatever you wanted it, because of the strong will you carried with your walk.”

Geet looked on to her trying to paint the image of herself as the girl Pindy Queen described. Was she really like that once because all she felt right now was lost and for some reason broken. For some for-lone reason she couldn’t  shake off the feeling that her heart was aching. . .possibly broken.

“And you are not alone either as much as it may feel right now. You did and still do have special people in your life at this moment. My instructions were to get you dressed and get you to meet those special people right now. Of course if only you are ready to take life head on and surpass above the curveball that life has thrown as you.”

“Are you sure you are just my personal assistant. It feels you know me more than I know myself?”

She chuckles. “Let’s just say I do research on my employers before working for them.”

“Wow, where is this place you did research on me, maybe I should check it out .” Geet genuinely smiles back at her.

“Not place…who? And honey I know for a fact you will be checking him out,” Pindy Queen winks right at Geet, whirling a lot of new questions inside her.

HimWas all that stood out and vibrated through Geet’s core.

 “Is there something else I should know . . .that you are not telling me ?” She asks hesitantly, her heart starting to beat rapidly. The same heart that seconds ago felt broken.

“Now what fun would it be if I spoiled all the fun and told you everything. This is your journey, find it all out yourself. Of course as your loyal personal assistant I will be on the wings, occasionally nudging you to the right path like I am right now. So now no more questions and come here and choose your outfit.”

Geet couldn’t explain the restlessness that suddenly grew inside her heart. A small place of hope finally finding a place inside her heart. Whoever that him person was she wanted to know who he was. She wanted to meet the person that sounded like he knew her more than she knew herself at the moment. If this person was in fact someone special why wasn’t he here right now. Why wasn’t he here when she opened her eyes.

“Miss G. . hello Miss G.” Pindy Queen waved her hand in front of Geet’s eyes.

“huh..yes.” Geet snapped out of her thoughts.

“He is waiting…I mean people …your friends are waiting.” Pindy Queen fought back against her grin.

Geet walks toward the rack, her fingers sliding through one outfit after another. Most of the outfits had one thing in common in that they were designer western clothing. They were beautiful nonetheless, but so far none managed to win her heart over. Suddenly Geet’s fingers stood still. This piece of outfit was different, quiet different, managing to grab Geet’s eye. She takes the outfit out of the rack to get a good look at it.

“Oh my lord. How did that thing get in there. My apologies Miss G, it must of gotten in there by mistake.”

“Mistake? It’s perfect.” Geet utters her eyes taking in the beauty of the green salwar kameez in her hands.

 “Are you sure? That’s not your usual style.” Pindy Queen quipped with displease, but inside she was on cloud nine. She chose Maan’s gift after all.

“Well like you said, it’s my new journey right. Won’t hurt to spice up and change the style now would it.”

“I guess not Miss G. I will leave you to change.” A smile forms on Pindy’s lips as she leaves the room.

Suddenly a card falls somewhere from the salwar kameez. Geet perplexed, picks it up and reads the note inside.

If you see this note, it means you ended up choosing my gift. See, just like I had told you before “I see right through you.” Anyways, I would like to thank you for accepting my gift. That definitely warms a special place in my heart.. you have no idea how much paagli.  Because of the cruel twist of events as much as I want to feel you in my arms and tell you who I am and what you mean to me, I can’t. I guess I will have to remain deprived from hearing those three special words from your lips for a little while longer. But I promise you it won’t be for too long. I will be a part of this new journey of yours paagli. I will be so close to you, yet so far. Your brain may not have any memories of me or us, but your heart does. If my presence awakens something in your heart, then I’ll know in your heart you still love me and have forgiven me. If not then no point in me coming into your new life as your lover. I came into your life to show you who you really are, and I am going to still stay and do the same. Let’s just see if you end up falling for me and admit it this time paagli. I look really forward  to seeing you tonight.

From your one and only,

Secret Admirer

A silent tear drips from her eyes and falls right onto the card. Her hands were trembling, while her heart frantically beating hard against her chest.  This was him.  She didn’t know what to feel, how to feel. Should she be angry at him for deciding to play this game like a coward instead of just coming out and showing himself to her. Or should she be happy as he is respecting her space. From the sounds of it he must have broken her heart otherwise why else would he be talking about forgiveness and cruel twist of events.

She read and reread his letter over and over again, more questions rising in her head each time. Suddenly there was a knock on her door. “Miss G, are you dressed? Your car has arrived at the front entrance.”

“Just a minute, will be right there Pindy.”

Geet quickly wipes aways and composes herself as Pindy Queen’s words rang through her ears. If anybody knew one thing about the Miss Geet Handa it was how she took life head on. You oozed with confidence and a classy persona. You had this very unique style of getting whatever you wanted it, because of the strong will you carried with your walk.

” Theek hai mera Secret Admirer, I accept your challenge. Let’s see what your all about.” Her eyes glistened with dangerous determinedness. One would doubt for a second that Geet was back, but guess somethings are just inborn.


“Are you ready Miss G?” Pindy asks Geet as they stood right before a flat, which was apparently hers. She was still getting used to the idea of being filthy rich.

Geet takes in a deep breath. “As I will ever be PQ.”

Pindy Queen smiles as she hears her new nickname.Boy, was Geet thankful for PQ briefing her in about whose who in the car. At least now she had a little bit of an idea of what her friends were like. A part of her still wondering which of one of the guys could be him.

“This is your key. Go for it!”

Geet takes the key from PQ’s hand and opens the door. Well, for a welcome back home party it sure looked to quiet and dark.

Before she could take a couple of steps inside the flat, the lights flickered on and everybody blurted out, “WELCOME HOME GEET!”

Geet flinchs from the shock of getting scared, also feeling like an idiot for not realizing everybody was going to surprise her. Two girls come rushing toward Geet, but stop themselves standing right in front of her, fighting back against their tears. She knew they wanted to hug her but were hesitant, so she makes the move and hugs both of them together. Geet had recognized them as Meera and Pinky due to the pictures PQ showed her in the car.

They couldn’t control themselves and break down in her arms. “You scared us have to death you kamini!” Pinky muffles through her tears. “We have a little fight and you decide to leave us forever. Aisa koi karta hai kya! ” Meera sobs.

It was only couple hours ago that Geet thought she was lost and alone. A few tears fall from her own eyes, realizing how wrong she was. She was surrounded by great friends, but it pained her that she didn’t remember any of them.

“I’m sorry.” Geet touches her ears with her hands.

“Can I have my hug and crying session now?”

Pinky and Meera let go of Geet recognizing the voice behind them. Geet eyes enlarge from the shock of finding Vicky bending down on his knees, his hands holding his ears, while tears trailed down his cheeks.

“I’m sorry Geet. . .I’m just so sorry.” He chokes from the guilt eating him up from inside, lowering his gaze. For the horrible things he said to her to being involved with giving her a taste of her own medicine at the club. . .just everything.

“Hey now. I was told you were the fun and naughty friend and I’m sure this is not the Vicky I knew.” Geet bends down and lowers his hands from his ears.

“I’m sorry Geet.” Vicky envelopes her in a huge bear hug taking Geet by surprise. Why did he feel so guilty and apologizing? Was he..him? Her secret admirer? Then again he could be feeling guilty for also being in the fight that Meera was talking about before her accident. She brushes her thoughts aside and comforts him.

“I forgive you…now come on show me the naughty side your known for.”

He wipes his tears and chuckles. “Oh just you wait…the night is still young,” he grabs her from her legs and spins her around in a circle.

“Oh my God. Vicky! ” Geet giggled her heart out. ” Put me down you badmaash!”

“You asked for it sweetheart.” He winks right at her, making her flush pink a little. He was definitely a charmer and not to mention good looking.

“Can I have my turn now.”

Geet turns around and her eyes catches his. He steadily approaches her and takes her into a huge hug, lifting her feet off the ground.

“I missed you.” He whispers to her, running a hand through her hair.

Geet genuinely smiles. “You are Dev right? My college best-friend?”

Hearing the word best-friend somehow  just dampers Dev’s spirits. He thought he finally got the chance to be much more. Something he would fully attend to succeed in.

“Yeah, that would be me,” Dev forces on a smile.

Just then someone does a nervous laugh, awkward yet cute at the same time.

Geet immediately turns around and mutters, “Adi! Am i right?”

“That would be me Ma’am..I mean…Geet.” He laughs again to which Geet just giggles.

“Was I that scary to you before that you called me Ma’am.” Geet feigns to get angry just to pull Adi’s leg.

“Nahi Geet madam..I mean Geet ma’am…GEET” he accidently yells out frustratedly.

Geet just bursts into a fit of laughter. Her laughter even shocking her as it reached her ears. She was…happy. She felt like home.

“I am just playing with you yaar. Lighten up!” Geet nudges him lightheartedly.

That’s when Geet’s eyes falls on his form, who was non-chalantly leaning against the wall and watching her with a sexy smile playing loosely across his lips.

Geet legs start walking toward him before she could even realize it herself and now there she stood right before his eyes.

“So. . .I here your the guy who knows all my dark and deep secrets?” Geet mutters challengingly moving one of her eyebrows up.

For a second  there, shock coursed through Armaan’s veins, losing his smile.

Geet couldn’t keep a straight face any longer and starts laughing. “Arreh you are my childhood best-friend naah …meaning you know things that I don’t even know about myself…not fair!” She playfully frowns.

Suddenly Geet’s own words rang through her ears…you know things that I don’t even know about myself…not fair. Could he be him?

“I’m sorry.”

He’s sorry too Geet thought to herself, increasing her suspicion even more.

“I should of been there. I wouldn’t of let anything happen to you!”

“From what I’m been told I’m sure I was a stubborn ass and said I didn’t need you. Confident and strong willed is what I have been told are my biggest qualities.” Geet chuckles.

“Whoever told you that must know you very well.” Armaan smiles.

“So I have been told.” Geet intently watches him.

God this was harder than she had figured. Why did she have to have so many close guy friends she internally grunts. She scrutinizes the room, taking in all four guys, trying to read them.

“Since most of you screwed up and apologizing to me. Let’s put your friendship and loyalty to the test…shall we.”

Adi does his signature nervous laugh.

“Shoot baby …I ain’t afraid of a challenge.” A playful smirks played on Vicky’s lips.

Why do I feel you’re up to no good as usual.” Dev grins.

“I know what that devilish twinkle in your eyes mean kamini. She wants to play truth or dare. Not just any truth or dare, her version, her questions, her own rules.” Armaan chuckles, shaking his head at the same time.

Geet’s breath hitches. Her mouth falling open a bit as she stared at this man, also known as her childhood best friend.

“You know me that well that you can read my eyes?” Geet asks still aghast.

See, just like I had told you before “I see right through you. 

The words of her secret admirer flashed before her eyes as she  looked on at Armaan.

“What are childhood bestfriends for. Like you said I know your darkest and deepest secrets, so play nice with me…Warna ?” Armaan playfully teases her. His heart dancing in happiness seeing her smile, laugh, and playful. How he missed this side of Geet.

Geet grabs the champagne bottle on the dinning table and says, “Bad move! You shouldn’t have threatened me, god can’t even save you now.”

Armaan just laughs it off. “Guys, sit around the table and so we can get this over with.”

“So what exactly are your rules?” Dev asks, making sure to sit right next to Geet.

“I ask a question, and whoever it falls on must answer the question truthfully, otherwise they will have to perform a dare.”

“I shall sit this one out..I got some work to attend to.” PQ hesitantly tries to get out of the game.

“Oh no you don’t. All of you, sit!”

“Alright shoot away Geet. What’s your first question. Make it a fun question now…let’s have some fun.” Vicky slides his hands together in glee.

“You are going to regret you ever said that Vicky, you idiot.” Armaan chuckles.

“I’m getting curious…shoot the question Geet.” Meera asks impatiently.

“Are you secretly in love with me?”

“KYA!” Everybody yelled together at the same time.

“Oh this is definitely going to be fun! Why is everybody so scared huh? God help the person who this bottle falls on.” Geet kisses the bottle and spins it.

Everybody tried not to look worried or tense, realizing Geet’s eyes were on them. Inside, they were praying for a miracle to happen.

The bottle begins to slow down, sliding passed Vicky, slowing down at Dev, and then it stops.

The bottle stops between Dev and Armaan, pointing straight at the window.  To her shock there was someone sitting outside their window playing a guitar.

“You got to be kidding me.” Geet whispers in shock.

“A game is a game Geet.” Armaan chuckles. “You know what you have to do” Armaan gives a hi-five to Vicky.

“Bloody hell. I hate you universe.” Geet angrily gets up and strides toward the window, while her friends lose it and laugh.

Geet opens the window and just when she was about to ask the question she loses her tongue, losing herself to the beauty that stood a few feet away. Her eyes took him in from top to bottom, lingering longer than necessary around his chiseled abs. As if you could blame her, he was shirtless and in ripped jeans.

“Pauk pauk” Vicky mimics the noise of a chicken, angering Geet.

“Hey !” Geet yells to get his attention.

The guy stills, shooting the gaze of his eyes right at her, taking away Geet’s breath.

“Are you secretly in love with me?”

Kill me now…just kill me now! Geet thought to herself.

“As long as you are secretly in love with me.” He flashes his sexy crooked smile.

Geet flushes crimson red, not really sure if was blush or embarrassment. Laughter erupts from Geet’s apartment, her friends losing themselves seeing Geet’s helplessness.

“I get it now..playing truth or dare are we?” He chuckles, his sexy baritone voice vibrating through Geet’s core.

“Something like that.” Geet hesitantly blurts out, trying to escape the awkward situation.

“You made me confess and now your breaking my heart…sach mein you’re a beautiful monster.”  He grins, biting his lip, and strumming his guitar.

Now Geet was blushing for sure. He was quite charming.

“and you are?”

“oyye hoyye aren’t we acting neighborly now. I’m Maan.”

“I’m Geetangalie, but I go by Geet. and err sorry about disturbing you.”

“You can disturb me anytime Miss Geetangalie.” He winks right at Geet, before jumping inside his flat, and closing the window.

Geet aghast with what just happened turns around to find her friends shocked and grinning at her like fools.

“Don’t even start” Geet threatens to each one of them.

“Fine, I won’t say anything.” Armaan says looking to Vicky. But both of them start cracking up like immature idiots.

“You guys are such jerks!” Geet starts chasing both of them around the house, while everyone else laughed on except for Dev.

He wasn’t happy with the turn of events. Of course he was in on the plan of Maan playing the neighbor/secret admiror. But that doesn’t mean he approved of it. He needed to think of his own game plan, that to without anybody suspecting him.

Maan watched her from the terrace, and smiles seeing her happy. Though he wished he was there with her right now, he was quite content for now.

Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed this chapter…a lighthearted chapter after a long time and more to come 😉 Geet is starting her new journey and you can see despite losing her memory she is still way happier than she was before. And to be honest, I’m in love with this Maan in this story. He could of easily come into her life and said who he was, but he didn’t. But the past of Geet may have been forgotten but it still lingers and shall come back to haunt her…but till then I’m going to have fun writing Geet’s new journey and I hope you enjoy to.

Likes and comments appreciated! <33


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