I see right Through You- Chapter 33


“Beginning of a new kind of relationship

It had become 2 in the morning, and yet here Geet was still fooling around and surrounded by her friends as they watched some scary movie that was playing on T.V.  She really didn’t find the movie scary, more boring than scary actually. So she took the opportunity and glanced over to her friends, appreciating the moment. She smiles to herself seeing Meera grab and hide behind Vicky’s arm, while Pinky did the same with Adi as the scary climax of the movie came. There was definitely some feelings brewing between each pair, they just didn’t know it yet she thought to herself. Then Geet’s eyes move on to Dev, who to her surprise was fast asleep causing Geet to giggle. He had his mouth wide open and was sleeping on Armaan’s shoulder, and that’s when Geet’s body stills. Armaan was staring at her with such intensity that it made Geet feel conscious about herself for a second. Again, Geet’s suspicion of Armaan being him got spiked. The way he was staring at her was breaking all childhood best friend codes, but Geet decided to play along just in case he was him.

“You know if it’s a staring competition you want to play I am not the type to back down.” Geet whispers playfully as she peers closer to his face, careful not to disturb Dev.

“Ohhh..I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to stare. It’s just it’s been a while .I missed you more than you will ever know…Geetangalie.” He pauses studying her face. It’s seems ages since he was able to bring that name to his lips and it wouldn’t make Geet’s body coil and tense.

“More than I will ever know huh? You say that as if I was gone for like 10 years or something…I was just gone for like two days.”

“To me it does feel like 10 years actually…before you were to busy battling the world Miss Geetangalie Handa..now you actually have time for you know…me.” He winks, a huge smile forming on his lips before he turns his gaze back to watching the movie, leaving Geet perplexed and alone to struggle with all kinds of pieces of the puzzle thrown at her today.

What did he mean by battling the world? Was he just teasing or was there some hidden indirect truth behind his words? Geet excuses herself and heads out to her bedroom. Sadly, even her bedroom felt alien to her, it didn’t feel like home when she had no memory making this room. Yeah it was so nice to have friends that welcomed you with such warmth, but the truth was that she had no memory and had no idea who she was, not now nor back when to the time Armaan was referring to. What were her interests, her dislikes, her goals, her dreams? Was she a naughty kid? What were the mistakes she made that has made the 25-year-old that she is today? Who was her first love if she had any? Her first kiss? Most importantly who was the guy who loves her? Did  she ever love him? Where is he right now? Is he in her living room or somewhere farther away? Is he thinking about her right now?

All these questions swam around Geet’s mind as her body laid across her bed, her eyes staring at the ceiling. She gets up immediately needing some fresh air therefore opens up the window. Her body stills taking in the sight in front of her. She momentarily moves her eyes away, feeling wrong for letting her eyes feast on what it did. If she didn’t know one thing about herself, now she sure as hell knew one thing and that was she was weak when it came to men who had a body of a greek god. Her eyes went back on his shirtless toned form. Left, right, up kick , round kick, Geet watched him mercilessly slice the air with his moves without taking a breath. A part of her felt like he was angry, real angry at himself maybe even at the world. The other part of Geet wanted to join him, also wanting to release all the built up emotions she had inside. Suddenly, he slices the wooden table in front of him with such a roar ripping from his throat, it made Geet yelp from the sudden fright.

She immediately shuts her mouth with her hand and slips her body to the side,away from the window. She was breathing heavily, while her heart beated frantically against her chest. She counted up to a minute in her head and thought it was finally safe to look out the window. She hesitantly peeks her head out of the window, seeing him not there she finally takes a breath of relief.

“You know it’s very unladylike to spy on people, then again I can’t say I blame your ladylike hormones with the show I just gave you.”

Geet’s relief was short-lived as the very next second Maan comes with a playful smirk playing on his lips in the middle of buttoning up the bottom third button of his shirt, leaving the rest unbuttoned on purpose of course.

Geet opens her mouth to say something, but then just keeps it shut.

“Go ahead, say it. I can tell you’re the type of girl who has a very smart mouth.”

“acha..is that so.” Geet challengingly raises an eyebrow, putting one of her feet on the window and peers in. “And what exactly gives that away to you about me.”

“The fact that you didn’t blush or get embarrassed and run away from me. You stopped yourself from saying something because you were shamelessly caught in the act of stripping me with your eyes Miss Geetangalie. Which if I may add, I feel so violated but in the good kind of way,” he winks.

Geet couldn’t help herself but laugh and shake her head at the same time. “Your definitely something then aren’t you..I’m actually jealous.” Geet loses her smile.

“Jealous..a beautiful girl like you and jealous? Don’t kid yourself…you don’t look like the type to get jealous.”

“And that’s exactly why I’m jealous of you. You know more about me than myself at the moment.”

With her little confession, it hit Maan hard and pained him real deep to see her so lost about herself. It took every ounce of his body not to jump over the gap and air between them and take her into a hug.

“Can I ask you something?” Geet asks Maan, snapping him out of his thoughts.

“Shoot pretty lady” he smiles.

“You look like the type of guy who has dated quite a lot of girls. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mean it in a bad way. I mean how else would you be able to figure out how I am just by looking at me. So I was just wondering…did you date a girl like me before? If so, what was she like?”

Maan stood frozen as her innocent questions came like slaps to his face. “I’ll answer all these questions if you answer a question for me in return?” Maan asks hiding back the pain in his voice.

Geet silently nods in approval.

“Well for starters if I may add I am not a player nor have I dated many girls. I actually haven’t ever really went on a date.”

Maan watched Geet hide the shock on her face, which he found quite amusing. If only she knew.

“And no before you get any funny ideas. I am not gay, and am very attracted to beautiful woman. In particular women who check me out through their bedroom window.” Maan watches Geet’s cheeks turn bright pink. He would be lying if he said that he wasn’t enjoying himself or happy to see that still had such an effect on her.

“Let’s just say the kind of girl I fell head over heals for wasn’t your typical kind of girl. Believe it or not she broke the headlights of my car with her HEELS..yes you heard that right and that to because my car accidentally went through a puddle and made her dress dirty.” Maan couldn’t help but smile as the memory played in front of his eyes.

“She is definitely something,” Geet chuckles. “just like you..guess you guys are meant to be.” Geet genuinely smiles.

“I like to believe that…that we are always meant to be. But like I said she wasn’t your typical kind of girl. It was like she was so consumed with and busy battling the world and her demons.”

Geet silently gasps. Armaan’s words playing back inside her mind. To me it does feel like 10 years actually…before you were to busy battling the world Miss Geetangalie Handa.

“There wasn’t any room in her life for me, but I made space, except screwed up big time in the process.” Maan confesses, springing Geet out of her thoughts.

“That’s why you are so angry at yourself..even at the world. I noticed the fire burning in you from within as you did your flying kicks.”

A fine smile pulled along his lips to which Geet’s eyes strayed along much longer than necessary. “I suppose you dated quite a few guys…otherwise how would you know that about me.”

“I sounded like that.” Geet covers her face in her hands.

Maan chuckles, “well you sounded much more cuter when you innocently asked. Sorry I wasn’t much help trying to answer your question, but if I could be selfish one more time in this lifetime would you still let me ask  you that question of mine?”

“You may, but before you do let me just tell you that you sound like an amazing guy. The girl you fell for did not realize what she had in front of her. She probably exhausted every way to push you away, to crush you. It’s not that she did not have any room in her life for you, she probably was scared to give you any room. She probably thought she didn’t deserve you. You may have screwed up, but I don’t think she gave you any other option. So don’t beat yourself up. It’s not your fault neither is it her fault. It’s the circumstances of the situation, like you said…she has demons she is fighting against. I’m not going to ask who she is or where is …or even why you are talking to your neighbor at this time of the night instead of her, but just know that wherever she is there is a void inside her heart. She misses you too regardless of how angry she may be at you right now. If its meant to be then she will come around. Don’t give up on her or true love just yet Mr.Neighbor.” Geet shoots him a genuine smile, trying to comfort him.

Maan stood mum trying to keep his composure. How ironic the situation was? He was getting advice from a girl describing to him about the love of his love, when she herself is that very person. Something he really needed at the very moment, giving him enough strength to continue what he was doing. Being so close yet so far from her wasn’t exactly very easy.

“Umm..if you could give me a second.” Maan turns around and quickly wipes down his eyes, which were welling up in tears, immediately turning back around to Geet with a smile.

“You know, if I wasn’t so sweaty I would risk my life and jump over to your bedroom just so I could hug you.” He lightly chuckles.

“Awhh that’s sweet. I’m glad I could help you. In a way you actually helped me, so thank you and I mean that.”

“That’s hard to believe. Enlighten me please.”

“Well not to sound like a bitch, but finding out about your situation I feel a lot more luckier all of a sudden for losing my memory. I have been so preoccupied with losing my happy moments like my childhood memories and even who I am, but the truth is I can always create more memories and can figure out who I am. But  one thing I forgot to appreciate is that I lost the baggage, the pain, and memories of the wounds I once had as well. I’m sure nobody’s life is perfect and I had my fair share of pain as well. Looking at you even if you know who you are, the memories you had is what is holding you back from moving on or even enjoying yourself. But me I  don’t know who I am, but I don’t have no pain holding me back. I can start fresh with a clean slate, literally. So thank you Maan. I really needed this..I’m glad I ran into you tonight.”

“The feeling is mutual Miss Geetangalie.” Maan flashes his signature smile, the kind of smile that jump started a girl’s heart  back to life.

“See you tomorrow night then?” Geet asks surprising Maan.

“tomorrow night?”

“Yeah..it can be our own little tradition to come out in random times of the night and just catch up with each other. I can tell you about my day and you can tell me about yours.  I can give you advice that you are totally rebounding and that new girl you see in office tomorrow is not a wise decision to take.” Geet teases, happy with herself that she was able to make Maan laugh.

“and you know you can give me advice about this secret admirer I have. This is totally going to be the best neighbor  relationship this world is going to ever see if you ask me.” Geet giggles.

“secret admirer?!” Maan over exaggerates his gasp. “Because of being labelled for having the best neighbor relationship I suddenly feel very very protective and possessive.” Maan teases back.

“yeah I don’t know if I should be happy or angry at him, but we can save that discussion for another night. I’m suddenly feeling like a very bad guest/host, so I’m going to go tend to the friends in my living room. But before I go you wanted to have your last selfish moment and ask me a question remember..so shoot Pretty boy” Geet grins, throwing the same lines he had at her.

“I see what you did there” Maan grins even wider. “But you see, you already answered my question so I’m going to save my last selfish moment for another time.”

“Oh did I, lucky you then. Well now I can say Goodnight Mr.Neightbor.”

“Goodnight Miss Geetangalie. Sweet dreams of your secret admirer.” He winks before walking shutting the window, leaving Geet with a smile, while she shook her head at the same time.

She suddenly felt so much better, like she had taken a ton of weight of her chest. She looked back at Maan’s window and smiled even wider. This was going to be the best neighborly bond relationship this world was ever going to see indeed.

Hey guys. I’m finally here with an update. To be honest, this has been my most hectic semester in college of my life. The only reason I found time to update was because my college got canceled due to the snow storm, which I wanted to use to study for my midterms next week, but decided I needed to update. I don’t want to stop updating and put everything on hold, so I ask you to be patient with me. I shall update whenever I get time. Sometimes on the weekend I do get time but I am so stressed from college that I need to spend time out of the house and chill. Even if I try I can’t formulate a sentence for my stories because I am so mentally exhausted. I hope you guys understand and still support me. I love you guys loads ❤ 

p.s: excuse any mistakes will proofread when I wake up in the morning and Happy Valentines Day!

Likes and comments appreciated as always ^__^


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