Floating letters

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Here I stood, the very brink and edge of the cliff panting with every fiber in my being screaming in thirst. A new kind of thirst so foreign to me.  My heart was beating like a humming-bird held in the hand frantic to escape, pumping oxygen frantically across my veins trying to quench my body’s thirst. Alas, if only oxygen was the answer. The body south of my navel immediately recoiled and tensed, whining and pleading in need. I bring my hands up and watched them quiver. A smile played across my lips as a small chuckle managed to escape from my dry throat. My way of telling my body I knew what it wanted.

“I’m in Love!” I screamed in a state of complete euphoria.

“I am in love with him!” I yelled to the vast open air yet again, smiling as I heard it echo itself to oblivion.

I was thirsty, so thirsty. Thirsty for the warmth of his breath to fan the side of my face, the husky scent of his body to make me forget my name, and to get caged against the heat of his body. I looked below the cliff wondering why it was called falling in love when I felt myself flying high above the skies.

Here I stand, the very brink and edge of the cliff, my face marked by trails of dried tears, my body numb. My throat and chest were cinched up, forming a hot burning tunnel leading directly to my aching heart. The blood drained from my battered and shattered heart. The gaze of my eyes falls down the cliff, finally having an understanding why it was called falling in love.

Your heart falls and roles under his control, his spell.

Your body falls underneath his body.

Your head falls smacking against the hard ground, spinning round and round,

jumbled and confused replaces him as your main source of happiness.

All it would take is one step, one jump, and I would fall off this cliff, mirroring what it’s like to fall and be in love. Or I could show him what it’s like to fly in love, high above the skies.

I let the colorful balloon slip from my fingers, each carrying away an inscribed note with a memory of him.

“I loved you, and a part of me always will, but I choose to stand my ground. Since you won’t fly with me in love, I won’t fall without you. I choose to love you, but let you go,” I whisper defiantly, watching the balloons fly away.

“Goodbye,” I mutter softly, turning around and walking away, knowing one day I will find the good in the goodbye.

At some point you just have to realize that some people can stay in your heart, but not in your life.

Hey there guys! I decided to come with a one page piece of a story. Just all around me it feels like it’s breakup season, and I wanted to express through my writing just to take a deep breath and let go. No use of holding on to be honest. You have to find the strength to let go, and in a way set yourself free. There is no use in deluding yourself with hope of holding on when you know its not worth it or is a lost cause. Do yourself a favor and let go. I’m not asking you to forget him or stop loving him or her, but to let go.  I promise…I guarantee it 100% that down the road you will see it was the right decision to take.

P.S: This is dedicated to you HJ …I love you babe, just hang in there ❤

Likes and comments appreciated ❤ If i don’t reply back to ur comment because I am busy, be rest assured I do read them ^_^