I See Right Through You- Chapter 34


“Heart time bomb”

He just stared at the moon. Every single word she said replayed in his head.

You may, but before you do let me just tell you that you sound like an amazing guy. The girl you fell for did not realize what she had in front of her. She probably exhausted every way to push you away, to crush you. It’s not that she did not have any room in her life for you, she probably was scared to give you any room. She probably thought she didn’t deserve you. You may have screwed up, but I don’t think she gave you any other option. So don’t beat yourself up. It’s not your fault neither is it her fault. It’s the circumstances of the situation, like you said…she has demons she is fighting against. I’m not going to ask who she is or where is …or even why you are talking to your neighbor at this time of the night instead of her, but just know that wherever she is there is a void inside her heart. She misses you too regardless of how angry she may be at you right now. If its meant to be then she will come around. Don’t give up on her or true love just yet Mr.Neighbor.

Suddenly every doubt he had in his mind whether he was doing the right thing or not seemed clear. If the circumstances of the situation is at fault, then he is going to fight against those circumstances, even if it meant he had to pretend for a while who he truly was to her. If he was going to be honest then no, he had no idea where he was going with this plan of his or what he was even thinking when he came up with this plan. All he knew is that he didn’t mean to push her to the point of breaking point. All he wanted was to set her free. But he didn’t know. He didn’t know what the costs and consequences of setting her free were. Maybe it was that she didn’t have any room for him in her heart. Maybe it was that she was scared to give him any room. Maybe it was that she didn’t feel worthy for his love. But the biggest reason of all was that she didn’t want to feel. If she let herself feel love, then that meant she had to feel pain and that’s why she created a whole new persona for herself of a beautiful monster.

“Have you ever built a wall around your heart to keep all the pain away, even if it came at the cost of not letting love in?

His fingers tense and hold the metal railing of the balcony remembering her plea to Dev as she tried to run from him. It pained him deep, real deep to see her in so much pain and anguish. Any other person would think he is out of his mind, but YES! Yes, he was in love with a woman that was a walking time bomb, and her heart was the bomb. He already cut the wrong wire trying to diffuse her bomb and set her free causing her to lose her memories. God gave him another chance, and this time he would make sure he cut the right wire by winning her heart before time runs out and she get regains her memories. Otherwise if he fails and doesn’t win her heart before the possibility of her regaining her memories, the beautiful monster will come to surface and bury him and herself with the fire of the explosion that is her self-destruction. Suddenly the battlefield just became so much more dangerous, which meant no more time for feeling guilty. He was going to wake up tomorrow morning and work his deadly Maan Singh Khurana charm. He was going to make her feel his love. And it was going to be enough. It had to be.


It was a bright new day. The sun was stretching its rays even more today, right through Geet’s bedroom. She winced under the Sun’s gaze, frowning. Suddenly, her face relaxes, someone blocking the sun’s ray from falling on her face.  “Wake up. . paagli. I miss you!” She felt a hot husky whisper fan the side of her ear, before feeling warm lips come into contact with her neck. After a few seconds of all this sinking in, her eyes flutter awake, her body plunging her up.

She touches the side of her neck, glimpsing here and there. It was a dream, yet felt so damn real. She stands up and heads to the bathroom, splashing cold water over her face, still panting from the dream. She holds the edges of the sink, looking at her reflection in the mirror. Was this a sign? Did her subconscious know and remember something she doesn’t? Was it trying to tell her something? Geet takes a deep breath and then exhales slowly.  She was going to get to the bottom of this. She was going to smoke her secret admirer out. But for now she going to get ready for her first day back into college. She wasn’t going to lie, she was nervous. But now, she had a newfound confidence to tackle down each obstacle that stood in her way as a result of losing her memory. Her thoughts immediately rewinds to last night’s talk with Mr.Sexy Neighbor.   A smile pulls on her lips, grateful to him for more reasons than he may ever know.


Maan hears her lock the bathroom door and the sound of water running. He finally uses the opportunity to come out of under the bed. He breathes a sigh of relief, knowing what he did was a huge risk, but he just couldn’t help himself. He grazes his lips with his finger, relishing in the small moment of sneaking in a kiss from the side of her neck. God did he miss her lips, but even that small contact was bliss. He knew after this she was definately thinking about getting to the bottom of this and finding out who her secret admirer is, to which Maan couldn’t help but grin. He wasn’t going to play easy nor was he going to give in any time soon.

“Pssst! Maan get your ass out of her room before she sees you!” Maan snaps out of his thoughts hearing Meera’s voice and leaves Geet’s room.

He picks up Meera and spins her around, Meera having to hold her screams, which were of more of shock.

Vicky and Dev just stare at each other with mouth wide open, gaping at their brother practically acting like well…Vicky.

“Thank you,” he mutters with a huge smile plastered on his face as he puts Meera down.

“uhh..your welcome. What were you doing in there anyway? You could of screwed things up!” Meera punches his shoulder.

“Messing with her poor head of course.” Armaan slams the refrigerator door shut, enjoying his piece of cake.

“Is that all you got Khurana. You are going to have to step up your game if you want to win her heart now,” Armaan teases.

“You don’t worry about that..I already won her heart once. I can do it again.”

“Isn’t someone overconfident?” Dev chuckles. “Don’t forget it’s Geet we are talking about.”

“Trust me. I know who I am dealing with.” Maan jibes with confidence.

“Anyways, it’s her first day back to college. She is no longer my secretary. I’ve spoken with the dean of the college and the professors. They are aware of her situation and are willing to still allow her to graduate, but she has a lot to catch up on.”

“Don’t worry bro. I’ll help her with her studies, like I usually do.” Dev holds back a smile, so no one could get suspicious.

“Pinky and Adi, you can continue your internships at Khurana Constructions, as with the rest of the interns. Don’t be late.”

“you got it.” Pinky and Adi say at the same time.

“Pindy, her father is being put to rest today. Go with her and then take her to meet her new empire, The Handa empire. I’ll take over things from there.”

“You got it Boss!” Pindy smiles.


Here she was, in front of her college building with an unexplainable restlessness inside her heart that she puts aside, and strides in with confidence ready to take on anything and everything. Her gang of friends follow from behind protectively and happy with the attitude they saw Geet take with every step. This was the Geet they knew and the college knew very well and feared, which made them happy as hopefully no one would realize she didn’t have her memories and take advantage of the situation.

A guy with his back against the wall sees Geet walking toward him, taking his chance he whistles. ” Missed you babes. New look I like it,” he grins peering really close to her face.

Geet just stared at him, hiding the shock she was experiencing. Did this guy really just whistle at her? Boy did she get the urge to smash the teeth that he was showcasing as he grinned at her.

Geet’s friends froze. Meera giving the “oh fuck” look at Dev and Vicky. Vicky glared his eyes hinting that she should keep quite, because one wrong move and this guy could spill or even hint something to Geet about her usual ways. All they could do is pray nothing of such sort would happen.

“well aren’t you something. I’m sure if you were important I would have been filled in sweetheart.Now please move your face away from mine before I decide to get physical.” She says with a smile, that was of course forced.

Passer-byers chuckled while Geet’s friend’s breathed a sigh of relief. She may have forgotten her memories, but she was still her strong self.

“So bitchy and uptight. God I missed you. I’ll see you later” he winks and walks away leaving Geet even more stunned with his words. Wait what did he just say to her? Did this guy have no self-respect? What the hell did he think she was?

A scream of pain brought Geet out of her thoughts. She finds the guy squirming on the ground to her shock.

“What the hell dude! What is your problem!” The poor guy yelled from the ground.

The other guy turns around and Geet gets another surprise. Well wasn’t today just a day full of surprises.

“Haven’t you heard, I’m the new bodyguard.”

Geet looked at her friends, who were just as clueless as she was.

“Think twice before coming up to Miss Geet Handa’s face again or you might not just have a face to show her!” He sneered.

Geet felt like she was going to faint. What the hell was happening? Why were all the students looking at her weird. Like as if they had fear in their eyes. She would set Armaan straight later. This was just overboard! She did not need a freaking bodyguard for god sakes.

“Well with all this commotion, one would know Miss Geet Handa has made her presence very welcome .”

Geet turns around and sees a guy probably in his early fifties in a suit looking straight at her. She was praying inside that, that wasn’t the person she thought he was.

“Mr. Malhotra, I apologize. Geet was just going to class.” Armaan comes to Geet’s defense.

Crap he was the dean. Well so much for making a good impression on her first day back. But in her defense she didn’t even do anything. She gives a glare at Armaan. Who the hell did he think of himself! Oh yeah, how could she forget her bodyguard and this whole time she thought he was her child best friend. Boy did not having any memories suck right now!

“Right. Miss Geet a word in my office please. Then you can join everybody in class.”

Geet nodes and follows behind him.


“Miss Geet , you know even with your memories gone, you haven’t changed one bit. Guess one shouldn’t hold high hopes.”

“Excuse me?” Geet felt appalled. Did he just attack her character?

“I know who you are. A person like you can’t change. You and your little boyfriend. God I don’t know what he sees in you. If i weren’t for him I wouldn’t have to bend so much more rules for you. I have bended enough. Graduation is two weeks away and yet here you are shamelessly trying to get it without even trying.”

Geet reddens, and was about to open her mouth when he interrupts. “No please. I know who you are. You are Miss Geet Handa, well I’m done dancing around your authority. This isn’t your playground, this is a very prestige college. I may have allowed you to come back, on your boyfriend’s request, but I doubt you can ever see that degree. You have to study and work for it and let’s just say that’s not exactly your cup of tea.”

She held back the tears trying to form in her eyes. Never did she feel so crushed and insulted. The man in front of her knew she had no memories, yet felt privileged to take advantage of her situation and insult her. Well not on her watch.

“No you are wrong Mr.Malhotra. You have no idea who I am, neither do I. But we both are surely about to find out aren’t we?” Geet hisses, watching fear replacing the happiness and satisfaction in his eyes. Geet wasn’t happy, only one thing ran through her mind. What did she ever do to him? And was she really who she just described her as? It didn’t matter, no guy this insensitive deserved to be the dean and so called mentor of students.

“You can’t hurt me, not anymore Miss Geet Handa. I’ve got respect, something you don’t have, at least not inside the walls of  this college.” He chuckles.

Ripples of shock rocked through Geet’s core. No she was refusing to believe anything that came out of this guy’s mouth. He was just trying to take advantage and paint an ugly image of herself for his sweet revenge. Pinky’s words raced through her mind. I may have never met you before but if anybody knew one thing about the Miss Geet Handa it was how she took life head on. You oozed with confidence and a classy persona. You had this very unique style of getting whatever you wanted it, because of the strong will you carried with your walk.

“Let’s play a game of hot and cold shall we?” she says testing the sound of her voice. She wasn’t going to let this bastard in front of her break her.

“I don’t know what I did to you, but right now I have a pretty good guess. It’s not my name that made you dance around my authority it was what I knew about you. And now that that is gone, you are trying to get rid of me because I can’t remember to hold it against you. Am I getting hotter? “

The fear and shock written over his face spoke for itself.

“Well guess what! I don’t know what the Geet you knew would do to you right now in a situation like this, but I certainly know what this Geet will do right now. “

“Like I said you can’t hurt me anymore,” a tear threatened to spill from his eyes, melting Geet’s anger. What the hell did she do to this guy?

“I’m walking away from this college. I don’t need your degree. In case you haven’t heard, I just inherited the Handa empire. Oh and in case you talk to my boyfriend also, tell him I’m smoking him out!” She slams the door open and rushes out to find her all her friends outside the door eavesdropping.

Armaan, Dev, and Vicky all rush to deal with Mr.Malhotra, but Geet blocks their way.

“Don’t you dare. This is my battle and I can handle myself.” Geet glares down at them.

“and I don’t need a bodyguard” she spit out looking at Armaan.

“Go to class, I’ll see you guys later.” She walks away, only for Armaan to follow her as he called out to her.

“well well look at here. First day back and you already got men chasing after you. God, Geet just how do you do it?” Naintara blocks Geet’s way, smirking.

“Don’t tell me you missed me too?” Geet says sarcastically. This day was just getting old.

“Geet don’t waste your breathe. Let’s get out of here.” Armaan butts in trying to save the situation before it got ugly.  Whose damn idea was it for Geet to come back to college, because it was plain stupid.

“Well well, you are her bodyguard now, how interesting. Words travel fast you see. It’s a shame, she degraded you to that. A handsome man like you deserves better.” She runs her finger down his face, only for him to grab her hand and push her against the wall with his body.

“Is that person you” Armaan grins.

“Only if you want it to be.” Naintara giggles.

Geet couldn’t believe her eyes, and just walks out of the college. This place was not a college, but a mental asylum and if she stayed any longer she might just as well lose her mind. The tears rolling down her cheeks, were the first sign of it.


“She what? Omg! Where is she now? ” Maan ran his hand through his hair in frustration as he spoke on the phone with Pindy Queen.

“No point in going now. Her father already got cremated. Why are you letting me know now that she disappeared? Go find her! I am not paying you for nothing!” Maan hangs up, wanting to break his phone.

“Geet where are you? This is not supposed to be happening like this. You were supposed to get a fresh start not fed hints about your past.” Maan talked with himself.

“DAMN!” he slams his fist against his desk.


Geet was aimlessly walking, with no direction. All she could think about were his words and how he feared her.

“Geet wait up!”

Geet stops in her tracks to find Dev breathless, having run after her.

“You want to talk about what happened?” He asks, placing his hand softly against her shoulder for comfort.

“Not unless you want to tell me who I was?” She softly bites back.

He sighs, running a hand through his hair. “Geet everything happens for a reason. Sometimes things come as blessing in disguise. Come on let’s sit down.” He entwines his fingers with her hand taking her by surprise and takes her to sit down on a nearby bench.

“What do you mean by that?” She asked looking straight into his eyes, a man who claims to be her best friend in college. Maybe he would enlighten her with some truth she hoped.

“Your memories were your enemy Geet. It held you prisoner for such a long time. You pushed people away from yourself to protect your heart from ever getting hurt again. For the longest time, I watched you party and drink your heart away, as if putting on this mask that you were the happiest and strongest person on this planet and nothing could break you down. But you were in pain. I tried to help you ease your pain, to get you to open up, but you pushed me away. I watched you from a distance, giving you your space or you threatened to walk away from me forever. I don’t know who hurt you, but I’m glad your free. You are finally free Geet…from yourself.”

I didn’t even notice when tears had escaped and trailed down my cheeks. I was crying for the girl that Dev described. A girl who felt so helpless and lonely. A girl that was supposed to be…me.

Dev wiped my tears away and shook his head saying, “You are Geet Handa! You know what that means? Men worshipped you and women envied and wanted to be you. You didn’t show any weakness. You still are that same person, just free from your demons. I didn’t want the shadow of who you were to fall on you and open your wounds. That is why none of us want to talk about the past. This is your chance to move forward. To start letting people in…to let me in.” He squeezed her hand hard, glaring deep inside her eyes.

At that moment she knew that he meant more than just a friend to this man. She felt angry at the Geet that she used to be for hurting him and pushing him away, but she couldn’t shake off the feeling that she might have not seen him the way he saw her. He said she was hurt and pushed people away. Her thoughts immediately go back to the letter that received from her secret admirer at the hospital. Was she hurt by him?

“Geet say something,” Dev whispers bringing her out of her thoughts.

I look at him feeling so much gratitude for having such a friend in my life. “Thank you.” I smile.

“There is so much I want to tell you, but when the time comes.” He kisses my forehead and despite wanting to she felt nothing with his touch.

No matter how she wanted to feel for the man who supported her in her darkest times, she felt nothing. One thing was clear that he was not her secret admirer because she could see the hope in his eyes that maybe there could be something between them in the future.

“Dev, I can see you have feelings for me, but I don’t remember anything nor feel anything. I don’t want you to get your hopes up. I don’t want to hurt you more than I already have.”

“Sweetheart, I have loved you this long with no expectations from you. But don’t take that hope from me. It’s all I have left…please .”A tear falls straight down his eyes.

I gasp seeing his pain. “I won’t,” Geet whispers, and instantly she could feel Dev inch closer to her face, while she stood frozen.

Just then Dev’s cellphone rings, breaking the silence in the air. Geet moves her face away embarrassed. She didn’t want to kiss him, but at the same time couldn’t get herself to move seeing the pain he was in all because of her.

“I found her. Don’t worry she is fine.” He smiles warmly at Geet, all the while Geet wondering who she was talking too.

He hangs up when she could clearly see the guy on the other end sounding very worried and almost screaming.

Who was he, and why was he so worried about me ! Geet thought to herself.

Right when she wanted to ask Dev he interrupts her. “Let’s go. Now that you have walked away from college, not that you even needed the degree. Your empire awaits you Miss Handa” He grins, standing up placing his hand out to her.

She giggles taking his hand and gets inside the car to go see how her Empire awaits for her. She looks out the window the whole time, letting Dev’s information about herself sink in. She had mixed feelings and suddenly more unanswered questions than before. She was all the more determined to find out who her mysterious lover was. Was he the reason she became who she used to be? Did his love ruin her? But isn’t love supposed to be your savior? Was he her savior ? Did she want to find him?

The answer was YES!  Even if there was pain involved, she needed to fill the emptiness that she felt inside her heart since the moment she woke up inside that hospital. It was better to feel something, than feel nothing at all. Even if he did ruin her, she would welcome the pain with the fact that maybe what she felt was real love. If its meant to be this is not how her story will end. She would make sure of it.

Dev could sense her lost inside her thoughts, but he was happy with himself. He had won a little piece of her heart and was going to make sure he won the rest of it too. He didn’t feel guilty, he loved her before Maan came into the picture. He couldn’t sit back and watch him lose Geet to Maan again. This time he would win her over! God was giving him a second chance that Maan lost.


Geet takes her first step inside her Empire that awaited for her only to find herself colliding with a hard and heaving chest.

Hi my lovely readers ❤ I missed you all! I know its been a year since I disappeared. I’m trying to get into the flow of things. Can’t promise regular updates, but I am trying to at least come back with updates. I know there was not much of Maaneet in this update, but you can pretty much guess there will be from the pre-cap. This chapter was important as it shows the players in the field of who wants to win over Geet’s heart, and her coming to terms with everything around her. She wants to know who her secret admirer is and will step up her game! Let the fun begin 😛



I see right Through You- Chapter 33


“Beginning of a new kind of relationship

It had become 2 in the morning, and yet here Geet was still fooling around and surrounded by her friends as they watched some scary movie that was playing on T.V.  She really didn’t find the movie scary, more boring than scary actually. So she took the opportunity and glanced over to her friends, appreciating the moment. She smiles to herself seeing Meera grab and hide behind Vicky’s arm, while Pinky did the same with Adi as the scary climax of the movie came. There was definitely some feelings brewing between each pair, they just didn’t know it yet she thought to herself. Then Geet’s eyes move on to Dev, who to her surprise was fast asleep causing Geet to giggle. He had his mouth wide open and was sleeping on Armaan’s shoulder, and that’s when Geet’s body stills. Armaan was staring at her with such intensity that it made Geet feel conscious about herself for a second. Again, Geet’s suspicion of Armaan being him got spiked. The way he was staring at her was breaking all childhood best friend codes, but Geet decided to play along just in case he was him.

“You know if it’s a staring competition you want to play I am not the type to back down.” Geet whispers playfully as she peers closer to his face, careful not to disturb Dev.

“Ohhh..I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to stare. It’s just it’s been a while .I missed you more than you will ever know…Geetangalie.” He pauses studying her face. It’s seems ages since he was able to bring that name to his lips and it wouldn’t make Geet’s body coil and tense.

“More than I will ever know huh? You say that as if I was gone for like 10 years or something…I was just gone for like two days.”

“To me it does feel like 10 years actually…before you were to busy battling the world Miss Geetangalie Handa..now you actually have time for you know…me.” He winks, a huge smile forming on his lips before he turns his gaze back to watching the movie, leaving Geet perplexed and alone to struggle with all kinds of pieces of the puzzle thrown at her today.

What did he mean by battling the world? Was he just teasing or was there some hidden indirect truth behind his words? Geet excuses herself and heads out to her bedroom. Sadly, even her bedroom felt alien to her, it didn’t feel like home when she had no memory making this room. Yeah it was so nice to have friends that welcomed you with such warmth, but the truth was that she had no memory and had no idea who she was, not now nor back when to the time Armaan was referring to. What were her interests, her dislikes, her goals, her dreams? Was she a naughty kid? What were the mistakes she made that has made the 25-year-old that she is today? Who was her first love if she had any? Her first kiss? Most importantly who was the guy who loves her? Did  she ever love him? Where is he right now? Is he in her living room or somewhere farther away? Is he thinking about her right now?

All these questions swam around Geet’s mind as her body laid across her bed, her eyes staring at the ceiling. She gets up immediately needing some fresh air therefore opens up the window. Her body stills taking in the sight in front of her. She momentarily moves her eyes away, feeling wrong for letting her eyes feast on what it did. If she didn’t know one thing about herself, now she sure as hell knew one thing and that was she was weak when it came to men who had a body of a greek god. Her eyes went back on his shirtless toned form. Left, right, up kick , round kick, Geet watched him mercilessly slice the air with his moves without taking a breath. A part of her felt like he was angry, real angry at himself maybe even at the world. The other part of Geet wanted to join him, also wanting to release all the built up emotions she had inside. Suddenly, he slices the wooden table in front of him with such a roar ripping from his throat, it made Geet yelp from the sudden fright.

She immediately shuts her mouth with her hand and slips her body to the side,away from the window. She was breathing heavily, while her heart beated frantically against her chest. She counted up to a minute in her head and thought it was finally safe to look out the window. She hesitantly peeks her head out of the window, seeing him not there she finally takes a breath of relief.

“You know it’s very unladylike to spy on people, then again I can’t say I blame your ladylike hormones with the show I just gave you.”

Geet’s relief was short-lived as the very next second Maan comes with a playful smirk playing on his lips in the middle of buttoning up the bottom third button of his shirt, leaving the rest unbuttoned on purpose of course.

Geet opens her mouth to say something, but then just keeps it shut.

“Go ahead, say it. I can tell you’re the type of girl who has a very smart mouth.”

“acha..is that so.” Geet challengingly raises an eyebrow, putting one of her feet on the window and peers in. “And what exactly gives that away to you about me.”

“The fact that you didn’t blush or get embarrassed and run away from me. You stopped yourself from saying something because you were shamelessly caught in the act of stripping me with your eyes Miss Geetangalie. Which if I may add, I feel so violated but in the good kind of way,” he winks.

Geet couldn’t help herself but laugh and shake her head at the same time. “Your definitely something then aren’t you..I’m actually jealous.” Geet loses her smile.

“Jealous..a beautiful girl like you and jealous? Don’t kid yourself…you don’t look like the type to get jealous.”

“And that’s exactly why I’m jealous of you. You know more about me than myself at the moment.”

With her little confession, it hit Maan hard and pained him real deep to see her so lost about herself. It took every ounce of his body not to jump over the gap and air between them and take her into a hug.

“Can I ask you something?” Geet asks Maan, snapping him out of his thoughts.

“Shoot pretty lady” he smiles.

“You look like the type of guy who has dated quite a lot of girls. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mean it in a bad way. I mean how else would you be able to figure out how I am just by looking at me. So I was just wondering…did you date a girl like me before? If so, what was she like?”

Maan stood frozen as her innocent questions came like slaps to his face. “I’ll answer all these questions if you answer a question for me in return?” Maan asks hiding back the pain in his voice.

Geet silently nods in approval.

“Well for starters if I may add I am not a player nor have I dated many girls. I actually haven’t ever really went on a date.”

Maan watched Geet hide the shock on her face, which he found quite amusing. If only she knew.

“And no before you get any funny ideas. I am not gay, and am very attracted to beautiful woman. In particular women who check me out through their bedroom window.” Maan watches Geet’s cheeks turn bright pink. He would be lying if he said that he wasn’t enjoying himself or happy to see that still had such an effect on her.

“Let’s just say the kind of girl I fell head over heals for wasn’t your typical kind of girl. Believe it or not she broke the headlights of my car with her HEELS..yes you heard that right and that to because my car accidentally went through a puddle and made her dress dirty.” Maan couldn’t help but smile as the memory played in front of his eyes.

“She is definitely something,” Geet chuckles. “just like you..guess you guys are meant to be.” Geet genuinely smiles.

“I like to believe that…that we are always meant to be. But like I said she wasn’t your typical kind of girl. It was like she was so consumed with and busy battling the world and her demons.”

Geet silently gasps. Armaan’s words playing back inside her mind. To me it does feel like 10 years actually…before you were to busy battling the world Miss Geetangalie Handa.

“There wasn’t any room in her life for me, but I made space, except screwed up big time in the process.” Maan confesses, springing Geet out of her thoughts.

“That’s why you are so angry at yourself..even at the world. I noticed the fire burning in you from within as you did your flying kicks.”

A fine smile pulled along his lips to which Geet’s eyes strayed along much longer than necessary. “I suppose you dated quite a few guys…otherwise how would you know that about me.”

“I sounded like that.” Geet covers her face in her hands.

Maan chuckles, “well you sounded much more cuter when you innocently asked. Sorry I wasn’t much help trying to answer your question, but if I could be selfish one more time in this lifetime would you still let me ask  you that question of mine?”

“You may, but before you do let me just tell you that you sound like an amazing guy. The girl you fell for did not realize what she had in front of her. She probably exhausted every way to push you away, to crush you. It’s not that she did not have any room in her life for you, she probably was scared to give you any room. She probably thought she didn’t deserve you. You may have screwed up, but I don’t think she gave you any other option. So don’t beat yourself up. It’s not your fault neither is it her fault. It’s the circumstances of the situation, like you said…she has demons she is fighting against. I’m not going to ask who she is or where is …or even why you are talking to your neighbor at this time of the night instead of her, but just know that wherever she is there is a void inside her heart. She misses you too regardless of how angry she may be at you right now. If its meant to be then she will come around. Don’t give up on her or true love just yet Mr.Neighbor.” Geet shoots him a genuine smile, trying to comfort him.

Maan stood mum trying to keep his composure. How ironic the situation was? He was getting advice from a girl describing to him about the love of his love, when she herself is that very person. Something he really needed at the very moment, giving him enough strength to continue what he was doing. Being so close yet so far from her wasn’t exactly very easy.

“Umm..if you could give me a second.” Maan turns around and quickly wipes down his eyes, which were welling up in tears, immediately turning back around to Geet with a smile.

“You know, if I wasn’t so sweaty I would risk my life and jump over to your bedroom just so I could hug you.” He lightly chuckles.

“Awhh that’s sweet. I’m glad I could help you. In a way you actually helped me, so thank you and I mean that.”

“That’s hard to believe. Enlighten me please.”

“Well not to sound like a bitch, but finding out about your situation I feel a lot more luckier all of a sudden for losing my memory. I have been so preoccupied with losing my happy moments like my childhood memories and even who I am, but the truth is I can always create more memories and can figure out who I am. But  one thing I forgot to appreciate is that I lost the baggage, the pain, and memories of the wounds I once had as well. I’m sure nobody’s life is perfect and I had my fair share of pain as well. Looking at you even if you know who you are, the memories you had is what is holding you back from moving on or even enjoying yourself. But me I  don’t know who I am, but I don’t have no pain holding me back. I can start fresh with a clean slate, literally. So thank you Maan. I really needed this..I’m glad I ran into you tonight.”

“The feeling is mutual Miss Geetangalie.” Maan flashes his signature smile, the kind of smile that jump started a girl’s heart  back to life.

“See you tomorrow night then?” Geet asks surprising Maan.

“tomorrow night?”

“Yeah..it can be our own little tradition to come out in random times of the night and just catch up with each other. I can tell you about my day and you can tell me about yours.  I can give you advice that you are totally rebounding and that new girl you see in office tomorrow is not a wise decision to take.” Geet teases, happy with herself that she was able to make Maan laugh.

“and you know you can give me advice about this secret admirer I have. This is totally going to be the best neighbor  relationship this world is going to ever see if you ask me.” Geet giggles.

“secret admirer?!” Maan over exaggerates his gasp. “Because of being labelled for having the best neighbor relationship I suddenly feel very very protective and possessive.” Maan teases back.

“yeah I don’t know if I should be happy or angry at him, but we can save that discussion for another night. I’m suddenly feeling like a very bad guest/host, so I’m going to go tend to the friends in my living room. But before I go you wanted to have your last selfish moment and ask me a question remember..so shoot Pretty boy” Geet grins, throwing the same lines he had at her.

“I see what you did there” Maan grins even wider. “But you see, you already answered my question so I’m going to save my last selfish moment for another time.”

“Oh did I, lucky you then. Well now I can say Goodnight Mr.Neightbor.”

“Goodnight Miss Geetangalie. Sweet dreams of your secret admirer.” He winks before walking shutting the window, leaving Geet with a smile, while she shook her head at the same time.

She suddenly felt so much better, like she had taken a ton of weight of her chest. She looked back at Maan’s window and smiled even wider. This was going to be the best neighborly bond relationship this world was ever going to see indeed.

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I See Right Through You- Chapter:32


“Close yet so far 

Resting her head on the wall, she stared blankly out the window of her hospital room. Trails of dried tears were visible on her face. Nothing made any sense…nothing. She had waken up not realizing who she is let alone anyone else. But that wasn’t the worst part. The worst part was not having anybody to show her who she is. She found out she had a father, who was now no more because of her. She wondered how unfortunate of a person she must have been before to be so. . . alone.

Suddenly there was a knock against her door snapping her out of her thoughts.

“Come in,” she weakly mutters still in the same position.

“Special delivery for Miss Handa.” She chirped with so much energy and enthusiasm that made Geet to look her way.

” Oh boy this is going to be fun. ” Geet looked on stunned as a woman in vibrant clothes and puffy curly hair brought in a rack of clothing inside the room with her.  Her positive aura and smile making somewhere inside Geet jealous.

“Oh my where are my manners. I fondly go by Pindy Queen, and will be your personal assistant from now on Miss G. I hope you don’t mind me calling you Miss G. I just find it so much more sexy and elegant.”

“Who sent you to me?” Geet quipped, quite observantly catching on to the fact that she said she would be her personal assistant from now on, which meant she wasn’t before. Thus meaning, someone else had to hire her and send her to Geet.

“uhh..umm..well ..you did Miss G. . .before all this happened.” Her voice trails off to a soft whisper as she brings the gaze of her eyes down.

However, Geet couldn’t explain to herself why she felt Pindy was not telling the exact truth? She brushes her gut feeling aside and thought why would the poor girl lie, it was she who lost her memory, not her.

“I see.” Geet tries to put on a smile.

“The Doctor gave me the okay and said you can be discharged. So I thought to help kick off your spirits and day with an amazing outfit.”

“Any one will do.” Geet says solemnly, not in the mood to be chirped about an outfit. The question of whether she would be ecstatic about clothes before rose inside her mind.

To Geet’s surprise she comes towards her and rests her hands on Geet’s hand.

“I know this is a very hard time for you Miss G. A lot of questions of who you are and why this happened to you must be swarming in your head. But Miss G, you can either sit and let life pass you by or you can get up and show life whose boss. I may have never met you before but if anybody knew one thing about the Miss Geet Handa it was how she took life head on. You oozed with confidence and a classy persona. You had this very unique style of getting whatever you wanted it, because of the strong will you carried with your walk.”

Geet looked on to her trying to paint the image of herself as the girl Pindy Queen described. Was she really like that once because all she felt right now was lost and for some reason broken. For some for-lone reason she couldn’t  shake off the feeling that her heart was aching. . .possibly broken.

“And you are not alone either as much as it may feel right now. You did and still do have special people in your life at this moment. My instructions were to get you dressed and get you to meet those special people right now. Of course if only you are ready to take life head on and surpass above the curveball that life has thrown as you.”

“Are you sure you are just my personal assistant. It feels you know me more than I know myself?”

She chuckles. “Let’s just say I do research on my employers before working for them.”

“Wow, where is this place you did research on me, maybe I should check it out .” Geet genuinely smiles back at her.

“Not place…who? And honey I know for a fact you will be checking him out,” Pindy Queen winks right at Geet, whirling a lot of new questions inside her.

HimWas all that stood out and vibrated through Geet’s core.

 “Is there something else I should know . . .that you are not telling me ?” She asks hesitantly, her heart starting to beat rapidly. The same heart that seconds ago felt broken.

“Now what fun would it be if I spoiled all the fun and told you everything. This is your journey, find it all out yourself. Of course as your loyal personal assistant I will be on the wings, occasionally nudging you to the right path like I am right now. So now no more questions and come here and choose your outfit.”

Geet couldn’t explain the restlessness that suddenly grew inside her heart. A small place of hope finally finding a place inside her heart. Whoever that him person was she wanted to know who he was. She wanted to meet the person that sounded like he knew her more than she knew herself at the moment. If this person was in fact someone special why wasn’t he here right now. Why wasn’t he here when she opened her eyes.

“Miss G. . hello Miss G.” Pindy Queen waved her hand in front of Geet’s eyes.

“huh..yes.” Geet snapped out of her thoughts.

“He is waiting…I mean people …your friends are waiting.” Pindy Queen fought back against her grin.

Geet walks toward the rack, her fingers sliding through one outfit after another. Most of the outfits had one thing in common in that they were designer western clothing. They were beautiful nonetheless, but so far none managed to win her heart over. Suddenly Geet’s fingers stood still. This piece of outfit was different, quiet different, managing to grab Geet’s eye. She takes the outfit out of the rack to get a good look at it.

“Oh my lord. How did that thing get in there. My apologies Miss G, it must of gotten in there by mistake.”

“Mistake? It’s perfect.” Geet utters her eyes taking in the beauty of the green salwar kameez in her hands.

 “Are you sure? That’s not your usual style.” Pindy Queen quipped with displease, but inside she was on cloud nine. She chose Maan’s gift after all.

“Well like you said, it’s my new journey right. Won’t hurt to spice up and change the style now would it.”

“I guess not Miss G. I will leave you to change.” A smile forms on Pindy’s lips as she leaves the room.

Suddenly a card falls somewhere from the salwar kameez. Geet perplexed, picks it up and reads the note inside.

If you see this note, it means you ended up choosing my gift. See, just like I had told you before “I see right through you.” Anyways, I would like to thank you for accepting my gift. That definitely warms a special place in my heart.. you have no idea how much paagli.  Because of the cruel twist of events as much as I want to feel you in my arms and tell you who I am and what you mean to me, I can’t. I guess I will have to remain deprived from hearing those three special words from your lips for a little while longer. But I promise you it won’t be for too long. I will be a part of this new journey of yours paagli. I will be so close to you, yet so far. Your brain may not have any memories of me or us, but your heart does. If my presence awakens something in your heart, then I’ll know in your heart you still love me and have forgiven me. If not then no point in me coming into your new life as your lover. I came into your life to show you who you really are, and I am going to still stay and do the same. Let’s just see if you end up falling for me and admit it this time paagli. I look really forward  to seeing you tonight.

From your one and only,

Secret Admirer

A silent tear drips from her eyes and falls right onto the card. Her hands were trembling, while her heart frantically beating hard against her chest.  This was him.  She didn’t know what to feel, how to feel. Should she be angry at him for deciding to play this game like a coward instead of just coming out and showing himself to her. Or should she be happy as he is respecting her space. From the sounds of it he must have broken her heart otherwise why else would he be talking about forgiveness and cruel twist of events.

She read and reread his letter over and over again, more questions rising in her head each time. Suddenly there was a knock on her door. “Miss G, are you dressed? Your car has arrived at the front entrance.”

“Just a minute, will be right there Pindy.”

Geet quickly wipes aways and composes herself as Pindy Queen’s words rang through her ears. If anybody knew one thing about the Miss Geet Handa it was how she took life head on. You oozed with confidence and a classy persona. You had this very unique style of getting whatever you wanted it, because of the strong will you carried with your walk.

” Theek hai mera Secret Admirer, I accept your challenge. Let’s see what your all about.” Her eyes glistened with dangerous determinedness. One would doubt for a second that Geet was back, but guess somethings are just inborn.


“Are you ready Miss G?” Pindy asks Geet as they stood right before a flat, which was apparently hers. She was still getting used to the idea of being filthy rich.

Geet takes in a deep breath. “As I will ever be PQ.”

Pindy Queen smiles as she hears her new nickname.Boy, was Geet thankful for PQ briefing her in about whose who in the car. At least now she had a little bit of an idea of what her friends were like. A part of her still wondering which of one of the guys could be him.

“This is your key. Go for it!”

Geet takes the key from PQ’s hand and opens the door. Well, for a welcome back home party it sure looked to quiet and dark.

Before she could take a couple of steps inside the flat, the lights flickered on and everybody blurted out, “WELCOME HOME GEET!”

Geet flinchs from the shock of getting scared, also feeling like an idiot for not realizing everybody was going to surprise her. Two girls come rushing toward Geet, but stop themselves standing right in front of her, fighting back against their tears. She knew they wanted to hug her but were hesitant, so she makes the move and hugs both of them together. Geet had recognized them as Meera and Pinky due to the pictures PQ showed her in the car.

They couldn’t control themselves and break down in her arms. “You scared us have to death you kamini!” Pinky muffles through her tears. “We have a little fight and you decide to leave us forever. Aisa koi karta hai kya! ” Meera sobs.

It was only couple hours ago that Geet thought she was lost and alone. A few tears fall from her own eyes, realizing how wrong she was. She was surrounded by great friends, but it pained her that she didn’t remember any of them.

“I’m sorry.” Geet touches her ears with her hands.

“Can I have my hug and crying session now?”

Pinky and Meera let go of Geet recognizing the voice behind them. Geet eyes enlarge from the shock of finding Vicky bending down on his knees, his hands holding his ears, while tears trailed down his cheeks.

“I’m sorry Geet. . .I’m just so sorry.” He chokes from the guilt eating him up from inside, lowering his gaze. For the horrible things he said to her to being involved with giving her a taste of her own medicine at the club. . .just everything.

“Hey now. I was told you were the fun and naughty friend and I’m sure this is not the Vicky I knew.” Geet bends down and lowers his hands from his ears.

“I’m sorry Geet.” Vicky envelopes her in a huge bear hug taking Geet by surprise. Why did he feel so guilty and apologizing? Was he..him? Her secret admirer? Then again he could be feeling guilty for also being in the fight that Meera was talking about before her accident. She brushes her thoughts aside and comforts him.

“I forgive you…now come on show me the naughty side your known for.”

He wipes his tears and chuckles. “Oh just you wait…the night is still young,” he grabs her from her legs and spins her around in a circle.

“Oh my God. Vicky! ” Geet giggled her heart out. ” Put me down you badmaash!”

“You asked for it sweetheart.” He winks right at her, making her flush pink a little. He was definitely a charmer and not to mention good looking.

“Can I have my turn now.”

Geet turns around and her eyes catches his. He steadily approaches her and takes her into a huge hug, lifting her feet off the ground.

“I missed you.” He whispers to her, running a hand through her hair.

Geet genuinely smiles. “You are Dev right? My college best-friend?”

Hearing the word best-friend somehow  just dampers Dev’s spirits. He thought he finally got the chance to be much more. Something he would fully attend to succeed in.

“Yeah, that would be me,” Dev forces on a smile.

Just then someone does a nervous laugh, awkward yet cute at the same time.

Geet immediately turns around and mutters, “Adi! Am i right?”

“That would be me Ma’am..I mean…Geet.” He laughs again to which Geet just giggles.

“Was I that scary to you before that you called me Ma’am.” Geet feigns to get angry just to pull Adi’s leg.

“Nahi Geet madam..I mean Geet ma’am…GEET” he accidently yells out frustratedly.

Geet just bursts into a fit of laughter. Her laughter even shocking her as it reached her ears. She was…happy. She felt like home.

“I am just playing with you yaar. Lighten up!” Geet nudges him lightheartedly.

That’s when Geet’s eyes falls on his form, who was non-chalantly leaning against the wall and watching her with a sexy smile playing loosely across his lips.

Geet legs start walking toward him before she could even realize it herself and now there she stood right before his eyes.

“So. . .I here your the guy who knows all my dark and deep secrets?” Geet mutters challengingly moving one of her eyebrows up.

For a second  there, shock coursed through Armaan’s veins, losing his smile.

Geet couldn’t keep a straight face any longer and starts laughing. “Arreh you are my childhood best-friend naah …meaning you know things that I don’t even know about myself…not fair!” She playfully frowns.

Suddenly Geet’s own words rang through her ears…you know things that I don’t even know about myself…not fair. Could he be him?

“I’m sorry.”

He’s sorry too Geet thought to herself, increasing her suspicion even more.

“I should of been there. I wouldn’t of let anything happen to you!”

“From what I’m been told I’m sure I was a stubborn ass and said I didn’t need you. Confident and strong willed is what I have been told are my biggest qualities.” Geet chuckles.

“Whoever told you that must know you very well.” Armaan smiles.

“So I have been told.” Geet intently watches him.

God this was harder than she had figured. Why did she have to have so many close guy friends she internally grunts. She scrutinizes the room, taking in all four guys, trying to read them.

“Since most of you screwed up and apologizing to me. Let’s put your friendship and loyalty to the test…shall we.”

Adi does his signature nervous laugh.

“Shoot baby …I ain’t afraid of a challenge.” A playful smirks played on Vicky’s lips.

Why do I feel you’re up to no good as usual.” Dev grins.

“I know what that devilish twinkle in your eyes mean kamini. She wants to play truth or dare. Not just any truth or dare, her version, her questions, her own rules.” Armaan chuckles, shaking his head at the same time.

Geet’s breath hitches. Her mouth falling open a bit as she stared at this man, also known as her childhood best friend.

“You know me that well that you can read my eyes?” Geet asks still aghast.

See, just like I had told you before “I see right through you. 

The words of her secret admirer flashed before her eyes as she  looked on at Armaan.

“What are childhood bestfriends for. Like you said I know your darkest and deepest secrets, so play nice with me…Warna ?” Armaan playfully teases her. His heart dancing in happiness seeing her smile, laugh, and playful. How he missed this side of Geet.

Geet grabs the champagne bottle on the dinning table and says, “Bad move! You shouldn’t have threatened me, god can’t even save you now.”

Armaan just laughs it off. “Guys, sit around the table and so we can get this over with.”

“So what exactly are your rules?” Dev asks, making sure to sit right next to Geet.

“I ask a question, and whoever it falls on must answer the question truthfully, otherwise they will have to perform a dare.”

“I shall sit this one out..I got some work to attend to.” PQ hesitantly tries to get out of the game.

“Oh no you don’t. All of you, sit!”

“Alright shoot away Geet. What’s your first question. Make it a fun question now…let’s have some fun.” Vicky slides his hands together in glee.

“You are going to regret you ever said that Vicky, you idiot.” Armaan chuckles.

“I’m getting curious…shoot the question Geet.” Meera asks impatiently.

“Are you secretly in love with me?”

“KYA!” Everybody yelled together at the same time.

“Oh this is definitely going to be fun! Why is everybody so scared huh? God help the person who this bottle falls on.” Geet kisses the bottle and spins it.

Everybody tried not to look worried or tense, realizing Geet’s eyes were on them. Inside, they were praying for a miracle to happen.

The bottle begins to slow down, sliding passed Vicky, slowing down at Dev, and then it stops.

The bottle stops between Dev and Armaan, pointing straight at the window.  To her shock there was someone sitting outside their window playing a guitar.

“You got to be kidding me.” Geet whispers in shock.

“A game is a game Geet.” Armaan chuckles. “You know what you have to do” Armaan gives a hi-five to Vicky.

“Bloody hell. I hate you universe.” Geet angrily gets up and strides toward the window, while her friends lose it and laugh.

Geet opens the window and just when she was about to ask the question she loses her tongue, losing herself to the beauty that stood a few feet away. Her eyes took him in from top to bottom, lingering longer than necessary around his chiseled abs. As if you could blame her, he was shirtless and in ripped jeans.

“Pauk pauk” Vicky mimics the noise of a chicken, angering Geet.

“Hey !” Geet yells to get his attention.

The guy stills, shooting the gaze of his eyes right at her, taking away Geet’s breath.

“Are you secretly in love with me?”

Kill me now…just kill me now! Geet thought to herself.

“As long as you are secretly in love with me.” He flashes his sexy crooked smile.

Geet flushes crimson red, not really sure if was blush or embarrassment. Laughter erupts from Geet’s apartment, her friends losing themselves seeing Geet’s helplessness.

“I get it now..playing truth or dare are we?” He chuckles, his sexy baritone voice vibrating through Geet’s core.

“Something like that.” Geet hesitantly blurts out, trying to escape the awkward situation.

“You made me confess and now your breaking my heart…sach mein you’re a beautiful monster.”  He grins, biting his lip, and strumming his guitar.

Now Geet was blushing for sure. He was quite charming.

“and you are?”

“oyye hoyye aren’t we acting neighborly now. I’m Maan.”

“I’m Geetangalie, but I go by Geet. and err sorry about disturbing you.”

“You can disturb me anytime Miss Geetangalie.” He winks right at Geet, before jumping inside his flat, and closing the window.

Geet aghast with what just happened turns around to find her friends shocked and grinning at her like fools.

“Don’t even start” Geet threatens to each one of them.

“Fine, I won’t say anything.” Armaan says looking to Vicky. But both of them start cracking up like immature idiots.

“You guys are such jerks!” Geet starts chasing both of them around the house, while everyone else laughed on except for Dev.

He wasn’t happy with the turn of events. Of course he was in on the plan of Maan playing the neighbor/secret admiror. But that doesn’t mean he approved of it. He needed to think of his own game plan, that to without anybody suspecting him.

Maan watched her from the terrace, and smiles seeing her happy. Though he wished he was there with her right now, he was quite content for now.

Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed this chapter…a lighthearted chapter after a long time and more to come 😉 Geet is starting her new journey and you can see despite losing her memory she is still way happier than she was before. And to be honest, I’m in love with this Maan in this story. He could of easily come into her life and said who he was, but he didn’t. But the past of Geet may have been forgotten but it still lingers and shall come back to haunt her…but till then I’m going to have fun writing Geet’s new journey and I hope you enjoy to.

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I see right through you-Chapter 31


“The Irony called Life 

It was four in the morning, where Maan serenely slept beside Geet.  She had gotten out of the surgery room and was no longer in critical condition. Maan came to her side, and just looked at her. Now he could feel his body giving into to the physical and mental exhaustion he went through that night, and before he knew it his eyes closed. It wasn’t before he felt muffling sounds and something moving under him that he rose awake. He wakes up to see Geet panting and huffing, covered in sweat as her nails dug deep into the bedsheets, scrunching them with all her might. Suddenly, her body jolts up, her head springing up as she howls in agony.

Maan immediately holds her hand and tries to wake her up. “Geet wake up! Please baby wake up. It’s just a nightmare. It’s okay. Your okay. I’m here, Im not going to let anything hurt you. Geet!”

But it was of no use. She was lost entirely somewhere else, Maan not  sure if his words even reached her. The Doctor and nurse start rushing in, and advise Maan to leave.

“GEET!” Maan yells out in one last futile attempt for her to hear him and get through to her.

Geet suddenly freezes, her eyes momentarily opening as she glanced over to Maan.  Maan’s world momentarily stops as he looks over to her with eyes filled with so much yearn to protect her.

She opens her mouth to say something, but only mumbles could be heard as she struggled to speak. Maan holds her hand tighter trying to ease her pain, but only to find himself lose her again. She slips back to unconsciousness as a tear cascades down her closed eyelids.

“No Geet. Wake up please. Geeeeeet!” Maan shook her by her shoulders, but it was of no use.

“Mr.Khurana, please let us do our job! Please leave.”

Maan angrily bursts out of the room, his eyes immediately falling onto Geet’s father. Before he could even realize it himself, he was charging down toward him. He raises his hand against him, but something stopped him midway, while Mr.Handa looked up at Maan with fear and confusion clearly visible in his eyes.

“How dare you call yourself her father! How could you not protect her, jawab do mujhe! I said jawab doh!” Maan spit out, his fists holding Mr.Handa by his collar.

“You have no right to throw such accusations at me. I did all that I could! She is my daughter and I love her Mr.Khurana, now let me go before I get security involved”.

” Maan!  Let him go please. Geet is going to be okay. I promise, she will open her eyes. Please beta.”

It was only the sound of her voice that could have the power to calm him down. He lets Mr.Handa go and looks straight at his daadi. She comes and hugs him tight and at that moment he lost it. He stopped fighting and let the tears fall down. Never in his whole life did he feel so helpless. He was a man who got whatever he wanted in a blink of an eye, but for the first time he couldn’t do anything but helplessly watch her tremble in agony. He was so hopelessly in love with a woman so fragile and broken inside, it scared him. For the first time Maan Singh Khurana was scared. The fact that he may lose her to her demons scared him. The fact that his love may not be enough to save her scared him. The fact that he may have pushed her off the brink, frightened him.It was just all becoming so much.

“Bas beta. Everything is going to be okay. She isn’t going to leave you anytime soon, I promise.”

Maan quickly wipes his tears and breaks out of the hug. His eyes falling on his mother and father. They were all here.

” We are here for you Maan. Himmat rakh beta, sab theek ho jayega.” His mother tried to console him.

“Maan, I know you are going through a hard time. But that was not the way to treat Mr.Handa. ” His father’s voice was stern, while his eyes were warm with understanding of what he was going through.

“My apologies Mr. Handa. It was a moment of weakness, I just couldn’t see her like that. I’m sorry.”

“Apology accepted. I’m happy to see she has someone in her life that loves her as much as you, but don’t forget she is my daughter and I love her just as much.” His eyes brimmed with tears, as he chocked back against the pain or guilt, or maybe it was both.

“Don’t worry, I believe you. Geet was and will always be your favorite daughter hain na Mr. Handa?” Armaan taunted, walking in right at that moment.

“Armaan, your anger is justified, but now is not the time. I shall talk to you privately please don’t do this.” Mr. Handa looked at him with eyes that was trying to ask him for forgiveness.

“Don’t worry. I’m here only for Geet, just like I always have been.”

“That’s good to know.” He weakly smiles.

Just then the Doctor comes out of Geet’s room and everybody’s  attention falls on him.

“How is she doctor?” Maan rushes to his side.

“Well, her vitals look good and hopefully she will open her eyes in a few hours. She is going to be just fine Mr. Khurana, she is a strong girl.”

“That she is” Both Maan and Armaan say at the same time.


Dev walks over and glances over at Geet through the glass window. A small smile crept onto his lips knowing that she would open her eyes any second. And the first thing he would do is apologize and let her know about his feelings. Which she already knew about, but it was time for her to hear what he had to say. His eyes fall onto Maan who was patiently waiting beside her. It didn’t bother him that he was  competing against his big brother, because after what Maan made her go through, he no longer has a reason to believe that Maan’s love for her is more worthy than his. He rips his gaze away and goes to sit down. May the best man win, is what it had finally come down to.

Before Dev could sit down, Maan comes bursting out the door. The look he had on his face was as if he had gotten his heart ripped right out of his chest. Fear immediately gripped Dev’s heart, watching his brother nearly fall to the ground.

“Bro! What happened. Bro please you’re scaring me!”

“I lost her Dev. I lost her” Maan closes his eyes, wincing in pain.

“No. Your lying. Aisa nahi hosakta!” Dev immediately rushes into Geet’s room.

“Geet.” Dev says breathing a sigh of relief.

He takes a step forward toward her, when she flinches back. “Geet I –“

“Kaun ho tum! Stay…stay away from me! I said stay away.”

Dev froze as the nurses and doctor poured into the room.

“Let go of me. Bachao mujhe. Bachao!”

Maan’s blankly stared into space,  hearing her screams,  reality not just wanting to set in.


Maan sat quietly in a corner of the Doctor’s office while Armaan and Mr.Handa spoke to the Doctor.

“We can’t quite figure out what triggered her to lose her memory. Yes, she did get hit quite hard on the head, but the impact was not that hard for her to lose her memory.”

“So what could of possibly brought this on doctor? ” asked Mr.Handa.

” When Mrs.Handa was yelping and screeching in pain, it was like  she was trapped somewhere inside her mind. And when she momentarily gained consciousness, she couldn’t even speak no matter how hard she tried. I feel her amnesia, is as a result of a phycological defense mechanism. Her brain is trying to protect her from all the emotional trauma, and by doing so repressed her memories. Or it could just be because of the impact she got on her from the accident. At this point it’s really hard to say.”

Maan winced in pain, the guilt hitting him from all corners.

“Is her amnesia permanent?” Armaan asked almost to happy to Maan’s liking.

” This is a very complicated case and depends on the patient. I do think that there could be certain things to trigger her memory, but I would advice against it considering the risk it can put her in. Keep her away from any stress as possible. She is in a fragile state of mind. But If you don’t mind me asking, what has Mrs.Handa been through? Her file doesn’t disclose any such sort of trauma.”

The room falls silent.

“That’s because its Geet Handa we are talking about. She won’t leave a trace behind herself. I’m for one am happy that she lost her memory. It’s her new chance at rebuilding herself, without the baggage and scars of her past weighing her down. Some people just don’t get that lucky and have to carry the burden of the past with them.” Armaan exclaimed.

“It’s easier said that done Mr.Armaan. Not knowing who you are, and getting thrown into a life with a daily routine is not so easy.”

“She has me for that.” Maan interrupts, in a voice more commanding than just merely stating the obvious.

“Get her papers ready, I am getting her discharged at this moment.” Maan mutters sternly walking straight out the room.

Mr.Handa immediately comes after Maan. “I’m her father Maan. I am going to make the decisions here when it comes to her.”

Maan freezes in place. Turning around with such an intense glare that for a fraction of a second a person would want to wish death upon themselves. He steadily walks toward Mr.Handa, coming face to face to him.

“Don’t make me use my power and find out what really happened to Geet. I assure you, you will end up in jail. As far as Geet is concerned, she doesn’t consider you as her father, so I will be making the decisions here Mr.Handa.”

“How bloody dare you threaten me! You may have forgotten, but you are not the only one with power around here. I am Mohinderlaal Handa and Geet is my daughter! You can’t even build a case against me even if you wished” He chuckled in distaste.

“Armaan show the man the papers.” A deadly smirk played on Maan’s lips.

“Gladly, the honor is mine.” Armaan grins handing him the papers.

Geet’s step mother comes out, tears streaming down her eyes.

Mr.Handa quickly snatches the papers and looks at it.

“Nahi…She wouldn’t do this to me. Nahi…Aisa nahi hosakta.” The papers slip from his mere fingers.

“What have you done that your daughter would do this to you! Jawab doh mujhe!” Paami wailed, holding him by the collar of his shirt.

“She told me she never blamed me for what happened…I don’t believe any of this. Sab baqwaas hai!” He yelled ripping the papers, as a tear escapes from his eyes.

“She played you…hid the resentment she had for you in her heart only to fulfill her revenge of many. She has everything under her name, and also legally severed having any ties with you.  She wanted to tell you and gift you on this very same day. Can you guess what day today is!” Armaan uttered, unleashing his pent up anger that he kept inside for all these years.

“Mrs. Rano Handa aur Muskaan Handa ki 10th death anniversary mubarak hai aapko!” A tear threatens to spill from his burning fury eyes.

Mr.Handa reaches for his chest, as pain immediately stroke up his body, before collapsing on the ground.


Mohinderlaal passed away, as a result of a cardiac arrest. Armaan didn’t have one ounce of guilt in him. He just looked on amused at the irony of life. Out of all the days, he passes away on this day. Out of all the days, Geet loses her memory on this day. The day she buried Geetangalie with her mother and sister and got reborn as Geet. He puts a hand through his hair in frustration at the game god continuously played with Geet on this very damn day. Today, here she was yet again, starting a new beginning.

“Kamal karte ho Babaji” an empty chuckle escapes from his throat at the cruel twist of events.

“As far as anybody is concerned, Mohinderlaal passed away seeing Geet’s condition, which gave him a heart attack. That’s all the press needs to know. “

Hearing Maan speak on the phone, brought Armaan back to the present.

“and Geet? What do we tell her?” Armaan asked.

“Just exactly that.”

“I think we should think about how we want to go about this. Are we going to help her become Geetangali or Geet?” Armaan  hesitantly asked.

“Geetangali aye?” A small smile played on Maan’s lips, realization hitting that’s the part of herself she has buried inside herself.

“Both. We are going to expose her to both and let her see what she likes.”

“I like that idea. But where is she going to be staying?”

“Trust me, I got everything covered. It’s going to be the life every college girl wants at her age.” Maan winks at Armaan, not being able to hide the happiness inside him.

Just because Geet doesn’t remember who he is, doesn’t mean she won’t be able to fall in love with him once again. And this time it should be easier, considering the fact she won’t have any walls around her heart. Maan walks over to Geet’s room, and just watched her as the Doctor tried to explain the situation that took place with her. Tears falling down her eyes, realizing her father had passed away. ” You are not alone Geet. I’m going to protect you from your past. You are going to live the life you always deserved to have. Cheers to you paagli and your new beginning.  Oh and to our new love story” he smiles.


Geets intro to her new life and first new encounter with Maan 😉

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I see right through you-Chapter 30


“ Don’t tear me down 

There was a fifteen year old girl, all her hair braided onto one side of her neck. She was wearing a white salwar kameez and looked like a pure innocent dove as she danced with arms wide open among the rain drops that fell from the sky.  She had a huge smile on her face that reached all the way up to her eyes, glowing and more radiant than usual. “I am in Love” she yelled. “I love him, I just love him!”she screamed at the top of her lungs as she came to a stop from dancing.

Geet slams the glass down, shattering it to pieces, as if shattering the memories that just wouldn’t stop plaguing her. She shoots a glance to the bartender, who was already making her another drink, in fact her fifth drink.

“This time ..make it stronger will ya ..or..or your fired!” She threatened, grabbing the bar counter feeling a little tipsy to catch her balance.

“I’m..I’m so sorry Ma’am. I will do as you say.”

“Well look at what we got here. Can you guess boys?” Geet didn’t bother paying any heed and  continued to wait for her drink.

“Drinking your pain away I see. Why don’t we go somewhere like old times, and I make you forget by moaning my name. ” He snickers right below her ear in a voice that was now familiar, as he slid his hand down her thigh.

She immediately elbows him in his crotch causing him to bend down, where she takes the opportunity and slams his head against the bar counter.  “Dare you touch me again Sameer! I will have you chopped to pieces and then feed you to the dogs! Now in case it wasn’t subtle enough last time, this means fuck off. ”  She shoves him to his gang of friends, and turns to walk away.

Suddenly she felt a strong grip around her shoulder, thrashing her to the ground. “Who do you think you are you filthy piece of cunt huh!”

He grabs her by the hair, while she yelps in pain, trying to fight him off! “What are you going to do to me now! You are going to feed me to the dogs” He laughs menacingly. “I will show you what it means to be dogs. Take her boys, lets show her tonight how dogs taste like!”

She bites his hand  and starts to make a run toward the security, when she remembered she fired them an hour ago. Neither staff nor people cared a shit about what was happening and continued to drink their booze and dance away. Suddenly a surge of emotions rip through her body, buckling her body to the ground and making it hard to breath.  She tried to move, tried to make a sound for help, tried to breath, but nothing came out.  Tears rolled down her eyes as Sameer and his gang made their way toward her. Her body started to squirm as the memories started to lash through her. She could hear screams, her own screams. She could feel them inside her, using her one by one like she was some toy endlessly throughout the night. She held her stomach, as the gutwrenching pain starting to hit through from all corners. She could feel her body giving up…to lose hope. She could see a man closing in on her, but by that point she let go and was tired of fighting. She let her eyes close and succumb to the darkness.


“Doctor, how much longer! Why isn’t she waking up already?”

“Calm down, Dev. Let the Doctor do his job.

“SHUT UP! Just shut up Maan.” Dev roared in anger.

“DEV!” Vicky yelled giving him the look to remind him now was not the time, especially with the Doctor right there.

“She may be a monster, but you are no less brother. You are no less!” Dev fights back the tears looking at Geet’s state and walks out, while Maan continued to just look out the window.

“She had a panic attack, she will be waking up any second. She needs complete rest for the next 24 hours. And please save her from any stress and commotion until tomorrow at least.”

“Thank you doctor. Will do just as you say. Let me show you out,” Vicky says leaving the room with the doctor.

Geet opens her eyes in  a frantic, trying to understand where she was and what was going on, when her eyes fell on his form.

Maan had his arms crossed, with a stern face, still looking out the window.

“I see your finally awake.” His voice was cold and stern.

“How…how did I get here?Did you..s..save me?” Geet tried to ask, fighting with every ounce in her body from showing her vulnerability as now her scars and wounds were gashed open.

“You got a panic attack. Guess now we are even.”

“What..I don’t understand?”

Maan finally turns around, steadily walks over to her and sternly mutters, ” Well since you were going to accuse me of rape, I figured you should get a taste of what that might be like Miss Geet Handa. So yes, it was all staged by me.”

Shock rippled through Geet’s bones, her world coming to a stop. A tear cascades down her eyes, which she wipes away immediately as she got up. But the sudden rush that she got up caused her eyes to momentarily black out, however Maan comes and helps steady her in place.

“Stay away from me!” Geet shrieked pushing him away.

(Listen to this song plz as you read along the rest of the chapter)

I’m dying to catch my breath
Oh why don’t i ever learn?
I’ve lost all my trust,
though I’ve surely tried to turn it around

She opens the hotel door and rushes out the door as if her life depended on it. You are not worth the fight anymore, his words echoed mercilessly inside her. She looked down upon her hands, feeling the streams of tears spill down her face.

Can you still see the heart of mine?
All my agony fades away
when you hold me in your embrace

It was over. Everything was over. The walls and locks she had around her heart was now broken and everything just came reeling in.

Don’t tear me down for all I need
Make my heart a better place
Give me something I can believe
Don’t tear me down
You’ve opened the door now, don’t let it close

Vicky was walking down the hallway back to the room, when he saw Geet in the state that she was, running.

“Geet!” He calls out to her, somewhere in him guilty for the things he had said to her earlier.

But she didn’t stop, she ran down the stairs and through the lobby, where Dev was pacing, filled with guilt and worry.

“Geet”, a soft whisper slips from Dev’s lips, seeing her shattered state. He knew they had gone to far.

She doesn’t even bother looking his way as she passes him, but Dev couldn’t take it and grabs her wrist.

“Stop Geet. Just here me out please. I beg you, just listen to me.”

“Have you ever felt to resort to revenge to save yourself from the darkness that surrounded you? To give a new meaning and reason for your existence, since all the goodness that was in your heart was stripped away from you?” She mutters lifelessly.

“Have you ever built a wall around your heart to keep all the pain away, even if it came at the cost of not letting love in?” A sob rips from her throat.

Dev opened his mouth to say something, but he couldn’t. He didn’t have the answers to her questions.

“Jawab doh mujhe” She screamed as the searing pain enveloped her heart.

Just then Maan and Vicky made there way down to the lobby. Geet shoves Dev’s hand off her.

“Mubarak ho Mr.Maan Singh Khurana. You tore me down. Aap jeet gaye.” She runs out the hotel entrance, without one glance back trying to find a place to escape the suffocating agony.

I’m here on the edge again
I wish I could let it go
I know that I’m only one step away
from turning it around

If only Maan knew the consequences of what he had done.

She only reached as far as to the street, drenched in pouring rain, where she finally stopped fighting the pain, lifting up her face to the skies and letting an agonizing scream rip from her dry throat.

Don’t tear it down, what’s left of me
Save me from my fear
Don’t tear me down

Here she was again, helpless, vulnerable, and broken at the hands of love. The mask she used to hold herself together was now torn off her. She no longer had the strength to put herself back together.


Geet recognized his voice, but not even that was enough to save her. A car honked, but it was too late. It already made impact with Geet’s body, thrashing her lifeless body into the air. Despite it all she had a smile on her lips.

Sounds of sirens followed suit.


Dhak …….dhak…………………………dhak………..

“We are loosing her fast Doctor!”

“Get the operation room ready, we need to operate on her now!”

Everything became silenced in front of his eyes as the paramedics took her away in the gurney, while Dev and Vicky  tried to be with here, but got stopped in their tracks. All that flashed before his eyes was the look on her face as the car hit her. His hands shook, stained with pure redness of her blood. He just wanted to set her free, but not like this. A tear escapes his eyes, her smile haunting him. His eyes stung with rage and guilt as he stormed down toward the operation room.

Vicky sees this and holds him back. “No bhai..you can’t go in there! ” He pushes him back and bangs on the door, looking through the small glass circle where she laid lifeless on the bed as the paramedics worked to safe her life.

“STOP SMILING!” He gritted his teeth, trying to control the rage and pain coursing through his veins.

“I am supposed to win, not you! Dare you smile you coward! You can’t leave me! You are going to come back and fight with me you hear me. This is cheating! I won’t let you cheat me Miss Geet Handa.” He bangs his fist on the door again, ripping his gaze away from her.

“Please paagli. I will let you win, just don’t leave please. Don’t leave me.” Maan pleads his body sliding down the door, hitting the ground.

Just then Geet’s father and step mother come barging in.

“Where is my daughter! What did you do to her you! What did you do?” He angrily grabs Maan by his collar. Maan neither able to meet his eyes, nor bothered to defend himself.

Vicky managed to get him off Maan exclaiming, “It wasn’t Maan’s fault. She got hit by a car.”

“Did she throw herself in front of the car?” Geet’s step mom asked with concern.

“What bullshit! My daughter would never do suicide! That’s my girl in there fighting for her life..have some respect! I can’t lose her to…I just can’t .”

Something caught Maan’s attention. “Why would you think she could ever do such a thing Mrs.Handa? Has she ever tried to take her life before? What do you know that we don’t!” Maan’s voice got louder and more stern than he wanted to come out, but he couldn’t control it.

“All I know is that that girl is hiding behind a fake smile. She is holding so much pain inside her heart, and as her step mom I tried to connect with her. I tried to take some of her pain away but she never gave me the chance.”

“KHURANA!” Someone roared with pure fury.

Before Maan could even turn around to see who it was he received a blow to the face.

“You bastard!” Armaan punched Maan again, shoving him against the wall.

“I told you not to give up on her! I trusted you with her!” He held Maan by the collar of his shirt, and yet again he didn’t bother to defend himself. He took the hits with pleasure.

“Armaan, is that you?” Mohinderlal stood stunned.

Armaan let go of Maan and walks over to him, pure hatred visible in his eyes. “Trust me, if it weren’t for Muskaan and Geet, I wouldn’t have left you alive you coward of a father! Are you going to watch this daughter of yours die right before your eyes too ..chi!”

Armaan walks away, leaving him embarrassed with eyes welling up in tears. Everybody else stood shocked with many questions arising in their heads, but knew it was not the time to ask questions.

“Show me where she is Maan. I need to see her.” Armaan sternly told Maan.


Armaan looks at Geet and couldn’t control the sobs. Maan holds his shoulder for comfort.

“you know don’t you.” Maan whispers.

“I told you to not give up on her. Her sister couldn’t save her. I couldn’t save her. But I knew you could. You make her heart beat again. You make all her pain fade away.” Armaan mutters as he looked at Geet.

“What did you mean back there? What did her father do? How did she lose her mother and sister?What has she gone through that has made her like this?”

“You managed to tear her walls didn’t you? I’m assuming since that’s the only reason why she could be in the hospital right now. I’m sure your answers somehow lies there. Or you could wait for the person herself to open up her heart and scars to you. That’s of course if you win her heart. She is one stubborn ass to win over, you are going to have to work for it khurana. No more games, no more battles. Just sweep her off her feet and take her pain away.”

“Thank you Armaan.”

“I am not doing it for you, I am doing it for her.”

“I was thanking you for keeping her alive all this time. There is no way she could of had the strength to keep going without you for support.”

Armaan chuckles. “It’s in fact the other way around. She was my strength to keep going, she found her strength in something darker.”

“and what is that?” Maan asked perplexed.

“Revenge and Guilt, it’s the recipe for self-destruction.”

Maan stood numb, already building with rage for the people who made her like this.

“Do me a favor and call me when she opens her eyes. And she WILL open her eyes. I need to take care of the media and press for now.”

Maan nods his head and tries to let everything soak in.

“I saw through you Geet and it got me this far. You got no choice but to come back because now you have to see through me. You are going to have to see through my eyes that hold nothing but love for you, and I vow the day that you do it will melt all the revenge and guilt away. Mark my words Geet, you will see.” Maan thought to himself as he looked on at Geet, making a promise to her.


Will Geet open her eyes, but at what cost?

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I see right through you-Chapter 29


“ Checkmate

Classes were over and evening came along.  It was quite late with most people having already left or leaving for home, however Geet enters Maan’s office and closes the door behind herself. Maan hears the click of the door and smirks. He turns around with one spin in the chair he was sitting in.

“I know why you are back,” Geet says calmly, but glares right at him.

“Oh do you now?” Maan smirks, leaning back against his chair, clearly amused.

“Yes I do. You are  back for revenge.” Maan rolls his eyes.

“And here I thought we were both making progress. I have no intention in going back to square one with you Miss Geet Handa. I have told you more than once that I am not here for revenge”.

He gets up from his chair and starts to approach her.” Why don’t you stop lying and admit to yourself the real reason for why I am here. Come on paagli, I know you know.”

Geet pushes him away before he got any closer. “ Please! Stay away from me. I won’t fall for you or for your game! So spare yourself the consequences and just leave Maan. Leave!”

She pauses staring at him with her big brown eyes. “Leave from my life Maan. Somewhere far away so neither my shadow nor thought ever falls upon you.”

Maan grabs her as she tries to leave. “Are you trying to save me from yourself  or save yourself by running away for the love you have for me?”

Geets breath hitches.

“Stop making my words and intentions sound so innocent.  I won’t spare you. I am just giving you one last warning and chance to stop this game you are playing or else I will puncture your heart and fill your body with so much pain that you will not know which part to hold to stop the pain.”

“So now you care? You care if I get hurt or not? Why Babes?” Maan whispers near her ear.

“You are slipping through the cracks Geet.  Be careful sweetheart before you confess right here and right now that you are in love with me.”

“MAAN!” she screams with enraged eyes looking at him.

“Screaming doesn’t change the truth that you are trying to run. It’s quite pathetic actually.  Stop being a coward Miss Geet Handa,” he scoffs, enraging Geet even more.

“I am not a coward and believe me you are such a fool for giving me more reasons to crush you.” Maan couldn’t help but chuckle in response.

“You are the biggest coward I have come across Miss Geet Handa! Hiding behind this confident, but ruthless heartbreaker image. What? You never thought you would get caught sweetheart?” He tsks, shaking his head.

He closes in on her, but when Geet tries to push him away yet again, he grabs her hand and pulls her even closer.  “Let me let you on a little secret . . . I . . . see. . . right. . . through. . .you,” he huskily whispers at the edge of her ear so slowly and treacherously, searing through her soul. Ripples of fear mixed with rage and pleasure running down her spine chilling her to the bone.

“Even if you had 4 eyes you would never be able to see or understand Geet Handa.  So move the black Patch of blindness over your eyes and the sooner you realize who you are messing with the better it will be for you”, she raves gritting her teeth, trying to break free from his hold.

But Maan was going to have none of it. He shoves her up against the wall. “Again trying to warn me.  You really care for me don’t you? Always have been, even when you broke my heart the first time, you still spared me.” He stared deep into her with his warm and hooded eyes, but Geet didn’t let the effect he had on her win over her.

“Looks like I need to take you down memory lane! I didn’t just play with your heart, but with your own brother’s heart as well. I shattered both your hearts and you are saying I spared you?” she rolls her eyes in disbelief.

” Why didn’t you sleep with me?” Maan asked calmly, but his face was serious.

“What?” Geet’s eyes immediately shoot up at him.

“ Answer the question Geet! Why didn’t you sleep with me? You said so yourself you spared me that night for not sleeping with me.  It’s your signature move for breaking people’s hearts, but instead you decide to break my heart in a different way. Why?” He inches closer to face, giving her minimal space to move, so she had no where else to look but at his eyes.

” The answer is obvious. I don’t think I need to say it,” she whispered through her staggering breaths, clearly effected by how close he was to her.

“That’s not the answer to my question Geet.” Maan whispers brushing his lips down her cheek, stopping right near her lips, Geet sucking in her breath in response.” Be a good girl and tell me the reason or else.”

“Because I didn’t want you in me! I hate you Maan! ” She grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and pushed him away.

“I had rather to enjoy myself by seeing your heart get crushed as I crushed my lips onto your own brother!  If I slept with you, you would have gained more pleasure and I only wanted to see you hurt and broken!” She continued to seethe in anger, a tear escaping from all the rage inside her.

Maan laughed , enraging Geet more.

“You think this is amusing? By God and other man in your position would shut up and leave with some dignity, but here you are upset that I didn’t give you what is was like to get a taste of me. I knew you were that desperate, but never knew this MUCH!”

“This laugh is for the lame excuse you are giving me and yes I found it quite amusing. Such a good seductress, but on top of that even better LIAR! Wah Geet! The country and government don’t know what they are missing. You could have made such a HOT SPY, using your beauty, seductress and manipulative lying skills to your benefit. You know for a second I fell for your little lie, but then one glimpse into your eyes and your lie fell apart.”

“The government” She scoffs.

“I can buy the government right now if I wish too! The government is nothing, but a bunch of corrupt bastards.”

“And you!” She points her finger at him! “I don’t give a damn if you believe me or not, but drop this bullshit that you can see through me. You are not some super human even if your name is Maan Singh Khurana.

He starts to loosen and take out his tie.  Then he reaches for the buttons of his shirt, while Geet’s eyes enlarge.

“What the hell are you doing,” she turns around covering her eyes as he took off his shirt.

“ I love it when you act innocent with me” he runs his index finger down the small of her back, Geet shivering in defeat.  He then abruptly turns her around wrapping his arms around her waist and bringing her closer to him.  “You are not some super human either Geet.  Try as hard as you may, but I know you want me. I know you are fighting the urge. I can see right through you.  I don’t know why you are, but I can always find out later. Right now, I just want you Geet”, he growls planting a kiss at the nape of her neck.

“Stop fighting yourself for once paagli.” He places his hand against her heart.

” I can feel your heart beat.  I want to feel your heartbeat running through me Geet,” Maan huskily murmurs and before he knew it Maan felt something wet against his hand.

He looks up to see his a trail of tears making its way down Geet’s cheek.

“No matter what it is you think.  I am not that kind of girl to blink and give my heart away.  Stop trying to steal my heart away.” She whispers, as her chest heaved up and down for air.

“But you got me dreaming like a fool that I could steal your heart away.” Maan  moves her up against the desk, pushing all the things aside. He lays Geet onto it slowly, and kissing her tears away.

Geet  moves her face to the side driving her nails inside her hand as his lips hover over her lips. “ I want to take all your pain away Geet . . . Please let me.” He peers right inside her eyes, through her soul.

“Stop stealing my heart away” she murmurs, but  crushes her lips against him in defeat.

Things between them starting to heat up instantly, with Maan doing most of the work. Maan had already slipped off his shirt and was in the process of getting Geet’s shirt off when Dev accidentally walks into the room on them.

“Omg!I’m…I’m sorry!” He turns around immediately.

Geet pushes Maan off her and tries to make a run for it, but slips on her own two feet.  Dev catches her and tries to steady her in place, but his eyes falls on the love marks on her body and the trail of tears in her eyes. He couldn’t help his heart from filling with pain and guilt.  Dev looks at his brother in anger, he hated being involved in this.  Maan break’s Dev’s train of thought when he yells out in pure rage, “ DAMN IT! HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF KNOCKING!”

With that note Geet stumbles on her feet and leaves closing the door behind her.  She needed to breathe, her heart was still pounding and the taste of his lips still lingered on her lips.  She finally releases her fingernails that she had dug into her skin, the reason for her tears and then slyly wipes the tears away, walking away with an evil grin on her face.

Meanwhile in Maan’s office Maan was still fuming.

“Get out Dev now!” he throws an office supply at him.

Dev looks at his brother with accusing eyes before walking out. Maan runs a hand through his hair and takes in a huge breath before also heading out. When he knew the coast was clear, he walks up to Dev and whispers,” Well done Dev. Perfect timing.” Maan smiles at him.

“Your smiling and happy about this?  You don’t see her tears! I am beginning to think this is more about revenge than love!” He huffs in anger!

“DEV!” Maan grew furious with such an accusation!

” You are such a fool.  Those tears were fake.”

“You could have totally avoided this nasty game, but you went along with it? Why bro? Why!”

“Because I changed the game.  She will have a lot to think about tonight and I know she won’t do it.  She loves me Dev and her words gave it all away tonight.” Maan held up his head in confidence.

“I am sorry Dev.  I know this must be hard for you.” Dev just stays silent.  He didn’t know what else to do or  say except walk away. He was suffocating in there to think what the girl he loves and his brother were doing.

Maan puts his shirt back on, but his mind was lost in the moments that took place a few moments ago.  The way their bodies touched, the way their lips moved, and everything else just felt so right.  Maybe this started as a game, but they both slipped from their façade and became just Maan and Geet.  Their words were from the heart and his heart was telling him that Geet wouldn’t do it.  She loved him!


“Did you get it?” Geet speaks to her cellphone as she sat in her car.

“Yes I did!” The guy over the phone answers back.

“Good! Before you do anything, I want to see it first and then when I give you the signal you can go ahead with the rest of the plan.”

“Whatever you say Boss.” Geet cuts the call.

“You are bringing out the worse side of me Maan. You should of stayed clear of me when you had a chance.” She  murmurs staring out her window at the direction of his office.


Geet comes into Maan’s office early in the morning, where Maan was expecting her. He envelops her in a hug from behind, scaring her in the process.

“Should we start where we left off” he huskily whispers, snaking his arms around her and pulling her close.

Geet shoves him away, causing him to stumble onto his desk!

“Mr. Maan Singh Khurana! Hands off me, before I make a big scene!” Geet exclaims furious as ever!

“I had given you countless warnings, but you didn’t listen. So for what Is about to happen next is totally on you!”

“Now tumhare paas sirf doh options hai” she says sitting on his chair.

“Option number one! Leave this college and get out of my life forever with the dignity and reputation that you have.  If it means moving out of this country or planet then go ahead DO IT! But this is the last time I want to see your face.” She forces on a fake smile.

“Option number 2: Leave this college and PLANET, because once this front cover of the newspaper gets printed tomorrow, not you nor your family will have any IZZAT remaining!”

“Checkmate partner!” Geet throws the newspaper at him.

Maan stood there stunned.  He didn’t even look at the newspaper as he knew what was in there.  He took that risk! He took the risk of going on with this nasty game of her’s even though he saw the guy plant a camera inside his office yesterday. But he trusted her! Trusted his love on her! He had some hope that she wouldn’t stoop so low and put her izzat on risk, if all this time she was playing the role of an innocent girl in front of father to protect it.

Even through the deadly silence Geet could picturize the sound of Maan’s heart breaking. The way his eyes never left her to even look at the newspaper made it even worse on her.

“I will give you till tonight to think about it, but hurry cuz the clock is ticking Mr. Maan Singh Khurana.”  She turns around, not having to face his accusing and questions eyes. She didn’t need to be reminded of what type of person she was.

Geet grabs her purse and heads toward the door to leave. She glances back one last time, and saw he hadn’t even moved an inch. “I know you will make the right decision. It was nice meeting you Mr.Maan Singh Khurana. Geet Handa will not try to remember you.”

“Good bye darling.” Geet murmurs, tearing her eyes away from him and walks out the door.

The sound of glass shattering and screams of anguish could be heard as Geet was half way down the hallway. She started to walk faster, clicking on the button of the elevator repeatedly, more than necessary so it could open faster.

The elevator door opens and to her surprise she finds her friends, Meera, Pinky, Adi, Vicky, and Dev, all giving her disgusting and disappointed looks. 


“Don’t even bother explaining Geet.” Meera turns her face away.

“You think this is over don’t you? Well then your feeling of winning be DAMNED Geet! You have no idea what you have done! You –” Vicky gets pulled back by Dev before he did anything he would regret!

“Get off me Dev!” He shoves Dev to the side of the elevator, while Geet put on a poker face, cold and heartless, just like Geet Handa is known for.

Vicky comes toward her and looks straight at her, “No self-worth, no self-respect, you are nothing but a piece of furniture for the dogs that think your something special Miss Geet Handa. But I bet you already knew that. However know one more thing. You will pay the price for breaking both my brother’s hearts, especially Maan’s! Mark my words Geet, never will you live a happy life. You will crave and pine for love, but you will die a lonely sad women and will be remembered as the–“

“BAS,” a voice roars through everyone’s ears, but rocked and trembled only one person’s heart.

She dared to shoot her eyes toward him. Even as the cold hearted and strong Geet Handa that she was now, Geet would never have thought that there would come a time in her life that she would wish death upon herself yet again. However, Maan Singh Khurana standing in his powerful and god-like persona had done the damage to her and the heart she thought she never had to make Geet wish death upon herself in this very moment. She couldn’t even lower her eyes in shame, and instead took the suffering of watching him take every step he took towards her with eyes that only reflected the girl that Vicky had just described, slowly cracking through every lock and chain around Geet’s heart. She saw the revolt and disgust in his eyes, making her feel cheap, making her feel like trash in her very own eyes. Her body that was numb to emotions, was now feeling every thrash and whip of pain, guilt, regret, disgust, horror, and lots more as he finally stood right before her eyes. However, she was skilled, and didn’t let him see one ounce of any emotion, except coldness and bitchiness on her face.

Maan raises his hand with the newspaper and slowly rips it apart in front of her own eyes. “Checkmate” he says throwing the pieces of paper in the air.

Geet’s eyes only remained on the blood running down the palm of his hand. Her hand flinches toward his wound, but she fought back against the urge with every fiber in her body. She knew she had no right.

“Your not worth the fight anymore!” He utters harshly, giving the last push needed to break through all the barriers around Geet’s heart.

“I am glad you finally realized,” Geet utters in the same tone as his.

They both turn away from each other at the same, both fighting back the tears that threatened to fall any second, and walk away in there separate ways.


Neither did Geet nor Maan come unscathed out of this game. Now they have to face the consequences and what fate has in store, for both Maan and Geet. (Middle climax of the story)

What was on that Newspaper will be clarified on the next chapter. You can expect an even more intense chapter, with a lot going to happen and change/rock the course of maaneet. I hope you enjoyed, regardless that the chapter didn’t end on a happy note. Would love to hear what is going through your mind right now. Likes and commented appreciated ❤

I see right through you-Chapter 28


“Taking the pledge to set both of us free”

The sun peeked in through the windows of every house, shining bright, waking up everybody to its warm fuzzy feeling. But for some reason the day didn’t feel like it would be beautiful and bright. A dark cloudy forlorn feeling felt masked behind the bright sky. However Geet and Maan both got out of bed ignoring the restlessness and anxiousness in their hearts that was trying to warn them. Both taking a pledge before getting ready for what the day had to offer, good or bad, they would play all their final cards and strive to come out as the winner.


Maan reaches college a little early than usual. He had a lot on his mind, and didn’t know which one to tackle first. He was walking toward the entrance of the college when a loud roaring engine revs through the air. Maan turns around to find a guy in a motorcycle spinning in a circle around him before coming to a stop.

Maan scoffs his head to the side and then looks back at him. He had to admit, the guy had some nerve to challenge him, the MSK, like that. Students started to crowd around them to see what all the commotion was about, while Maan waited for him to take his helmet off so he could see the face behind this so called big shot.

He removes his helmet, and runs his hand through his sleek black hair, making his way toward Maan, while the grin on Maan’s face disappeared and shock replaced it.Everybody gasps recognizing him.

“Hey, I -“

Maan loses his cool and punches him across his face. “Tumhara himmat kaisi hui!” Maan seethed.

The guy holds his jaw, but couldn’t help from smiling, enraging Maan even more.

“Oh your a dead man now!” Maan charges toward him, but Dev and Vicky hold him back.

“Nahi bhai. Don’t make a big scene. Control yourself”, Vicky tries to explain to Maan.

“Why is Geet so lucky. She not only has Maan head over heels for her, but now this new guy t0o” , a girl in the crowd whines.

“Bahut pyaar karte ho usse. You really really love her. I got the answer I came for,” he says with an even bigger smile.

“That’s right. She may have ran away with you Armaan, but she loves me, samjhe tum!”

Armaan chuckles, very amused at the fact that he thought he loved Geet. Well he did, as a friend of course.

“So since you get the girl, do me a favor and don’t give up on that love, don’t give up on her Maan please.” He had concern written all over his face, melting Maan’s anger a little bit.

He turns around to leave, grabbing his helmet. But before putting it on he turns to Maan and says, “Oh and one last thing Mr. Possessive. I am the childhood best friend, not her lover. So if you do hurt her and she decides to spare you, which I highly doubt, I am going to come after you and repay the punch you gave me,” Armaan grins placing the helmet over his head.

However Geet had just pulled over and saw the blood on Armaan’s lips before he put his helmet on and sped away.

“Such a lucky bitch,” another girl says in jealousy who leaves not wanting to here about her boy woes.

Slowly everybody scatters away seeing Geet walk toward them in anger.

“What was Armaan doing here? And why was his lip bleeding” she says in a frantic haste.

“Mere samne tumhari liye pyaar izhaar kar raha ta! Of course I would punch him. You should be happy I left him alive,” he sneers and starts to walk away from her.

“What!” Geet yelps in utter disbelief.

“You heard me! And also left a little message for me, which I can’t disclose to you sorry darling. Now if you don’t mind I don’t want to be late for class.”

“Maan!” Geet yells, yanking him back by his arm, “Don’t play smart with me and tell me what message he left you”, she says in a cold demeanor, but she made the mistake of peering straight into his eyes.

Maan slams her against the hallway wall,” Kyun? Tumhe dar lagta hai.” His voice  dangerously husky and lips temptingly too close to hers.

 She narrows her eyes gritting her teeth hissing, “Uff! We have been over this-“

Maan grabs her by the arm, turns the knob of a closet, and throws her inside, following after her. It was a dark, yet she could feel his eyes pouring into her. She sharply gasps feeling his icy, yet tantalizing hands encircle around her waist. His body pressed her firmly against the wall, feeling his warm breath on her neck as he whisperes, “Yeah i know that your not scared of anything , but woh kya hai na sweetheart I dare to disagree .”

“Sshh”, Maan whispers leaning toward her face, his rough stubble gently scraping against her cheek, before Geet could try to fight back.

“These days a lot of things are starting to scare you, starting from your heart that you thought you didn’t have!” He whispers sliding his lusicious lips and hot breath near her ear, almost nipping it with his teeth.

A soft moan defyingly escapes her lips. Not believing her ears or her body she  pushes him away, hastily finds the knob of the door, and twists it open. But before she could escape to her freedom his hand caught hers and with one tug she gets whirled  into his chest, molding against his body. His smoldering and spicy scent traveling up her nose as her lips presses against the nape of his neck, tainting her lips with unquenched desire.

He slams her back against the door with his body, entwining his fingers with hers, spreading her arms out  and pinning them against the door.

 “Only cowards run away, but your Geet Handa. You are not scared of anyone, but yourself. You are scared of your heart. .  I can feel it.” He huskily whispers bringing his hovering lips down her neck, finding the base of her neck, and planting a chaste kiss. Geet shamelessly moans louder as his touch broke through her, her head moving back in response to give him more room.

“You respond so well to my touch” he growls.

“Stop.Please.You.Don’t.Understand.What.You.Are.Doing”, Geet pleads through her staggering and uneven breathes. Desperation and anger clearly visible in her tone.

“Sshh paagli!” He hushes her finally freeing her hands, and pulling her chin upwards towards his thirsty lips with his index finger.

“Stop talking and just listen for once,” he rasps, releasing her chin and trailing his fingers down her throat.  Geet digs her nails fiercely inside the palms of her fists, trying to fight against the muscles in her body that clenched hard.

She let’s out a rasping uneven breathe as he slows down his speed and trails his finger slowly along her exposed collarbone.She didn’t want to feel this way, neither could she fight against him or herself.

Reaching the edge of her collarbone, he slowly moves downward, toward her heart, and stops.

“Dhak Dhak ..Dhak Dhak”, he whimpers near her face.

“Do you hear that. Your heart’s starting to beat again.”

“Dhak dhak…Dhak dhak” he growls running butterfly kisses down her neck.

“Dhak dhak sirf aur sirf mere liye” he groans, planting a lingering kiss right on her heart.

“I said STOP IT.” She gave a low moan of despair, holding him by the collar of his shirt and slamming him to the opposite wall.

She fought back against her brewing tears, she wanted to feel angry. She was angry, but her voice just sounded so desperate, as if in need. In need of his touch, his warmth,  his– love.

“I won’t STOP! Not until you admit to yourself that your scared,” he raved angrily, fisting his hand in her hair, pulling her back, and cupping the back of her head, forcing her to crush her lips against his.

She protested, tried to push him away, dug her nails into his skin trying to pry him off, then suddenly stops. She was responding back, moving in sync with his lips, and increasing the fervor. It wasn’t lust, it was need. 

If it wasn’t for the demand for air, neither would cease in their actions in drinking the madness out of each other.

“Tumhe dar lagta hai tum apni jazbaat ko kaabo nahi kar paaogi.” His lips traveled down to her shoulder, Geet letting out a maddening sigh, wanting his lips back to where they belonged.

She pulls him back, letting his tongue into her mouth, claiming and possessing her. It wasn’t enough she needed more.  Her hands knot into his hair, pulling it, hard. He groans, a low sexy sound in the back of his throat that rings through Geet. His hand slowly moves down her body to the top of her thigh, his fingers digging into her flesh through her skirt, feelings of more exhilarating pleasure than pain seeps into her core.

“Tumhe dar lagta hai Miss Geet Handa agar main pata chal gaya tumhari dark secret ki barre mein toh . . .”

Geet’s eyes snap awake, pulling away from Maan.

“Tumhe kya hoga paagli” he smirks, huskily whispering into her ear, nipping it one last time before walking out the closet ,leaving her to ponder with the ravenous flames of the fire of the dangerous game they were playing.

The reality and pain of what transpired between them buckled her, making her legs limp. Her body slowly slides down the door to the ground as the lingering feelings of his kiss still remained itched in her.

Tears started to cascade down her eyes before she could fight against them. An exasperated sob rips from her throat, which she tries to hold back with her hand. Her hands were shaking, with the frightening possibility of truth that laid behind Maan’s words. However there was a more scarier truth, that was certain.

“Dhusht Danav! Only one thing scares me now! Kyun samajhte kyun nahi ki mein kis hadtak ghir sakti hoon, soch kar bhi mujhe dar lagta hai. Main Geet Handa hoon …Geet Handa! Aur aakhiri jeet hamesha meri ki hoti hai, sorry sweetheart.” She wipes her tears aways and gets ready to play, dirty!

When a girl has lost everything then there is no fear because she has nothing to lose, not even herself.  There is no limit to falling low, because in her eyes that self-worth and reason to be good was lost a long time ago.


(Same one from the previous chapter…sorry couldn’t fit that into this chapter..but here is a new one)

“ I had given you countless warnings, but you didn’t listen. So for what Is about to happen next is totally on you!”

“Now tumhare paas sirf doh options hai” she sits on his chair with a wicked gleaming smile.

Okay this took me a very long time to write, because i really wanted you guys to feel the depth of maaneet’s love for one another. This may seem as lust, but it goes beyond that. I emphasized need , which i will elaborate more on in the future chapters. What is that need that draws Geet to Maan..do any of you know?

Well as you guys can see both are playing all their cards and want to come out as winner. But i just wanted you to see in this chapter that whatever happens in this game, both Maan and Geet have validating reasons behind wanting to come out as winner. For Geet it’s more than denial, it’s PAIN. For Maan it’s more than ego, it’s LOVE, and always has been.

Geet has something big and bad planned, but Maan has her where he wants her to be…can you guess who will win? More importantly who do you want the winner to be?

Also there are two climax’s in this FF, a middle and final climax. So hold on tight for the ride as the middle climax is not to far away.

Anyways I hope I was able to make you feel the depth of maaneet’s love in this update. I would appreciate if you comment and hit the like button for me to get the impression that you did understand 🙂


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