ToXic LoVe: Chapter 1


Be careful love is thy poison that no one should dare play with!
Those who play with fire get their skin burned that eventually heals,
But those who play with poison get toxic in their blood!
This special poison gets T O X I C   L O V E pumping in their blood F O R E V E R!
The innocent turn deceitful!
The cold-shielded heart gets punctured and melts!
Promises get broken!
Scars left open!
Beware! Love is thy poison, thy T O X I C,
That once touched in order to tame a D E V I L,
Your own blood gets D I R T Y,
A path where there is N O   T U R N I N G   B A C K!
I close my eyes and dive,
Into the toxicity that is you!
You are poisonous,
Steadily killing me.
I’m addicted,
I need to have it!
The slow slow death,
The toxicity that is you!
Taking the pledge to ruin,
Don’t dare touch thy poison!
Those who try to  E N T R A P  their prey using the name of L O V E
end up getting S H A C K L E D  themselves!


“Fairytale Time “

She was dancing and swaying with the rain as it trinkled down from the clouds . Her smile and giggles glistening the dark loomy night with so much brightness that it hurt. She cups her hands then slightly blows against the rain drops, her simple innocent acts setting his body flaming with burning desire. He tries moving the gaze of his eyes away, something the Devil in him would never do, yet he had lost his will. His intense gaze was on her taking in her intoxicating form and relishing in her ecstasy. She was wearing white and as her clothes soaked in the water droplets, hugging on her body even tighter giving more prominence to her slim figure and curves.

She continued to play with the rain as she spun around, the sparks of innocence in her eyes still the same and as captivating from the very first day he had laid his eyes on her. She flutters her eyes open feeling this intense gaze on her back, burning her from with in.

She knew whom it was before she even turns around. However, he didn’t even give her a chance to fully turn around, as she was already pinned against the balcony’s brick wall, caging her inside his arms. Every cell and fiber of her skin that he placed his lips against were getting electrocuted with pleasurable sensations, making them surrender in defeat by screaming his name in sheer desire. His lips moves up her exposed arm and finally reached the nape of her neck. He just stayed there nibbling against her neck, before slowly moving higher hovering and lingering around her lips, making her moan in ways she never knew could be even possible.

I close my eyes and dive,
Into the toxicity that is you!
You are poisonous,
Steadily killing me.
I’m addicted,
I need to have it!
The slow slow death,
The toxicity that is you!

He lets go of her lips, both breathless trying to catch each other’s breaths. Not even the rain could extinguish the fire that was burning within them. He lifts her inside his arms and carries her inside, not yet ready to let the flames of their burning desire to die out.

And like every beautiful fairytale, it always starts like this.


In a small town the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and the butterflies were dancing with the dry breeze. The kids were playing in their yards as the summer air swept them off their feet ever so softly and warmly. The fragrance of summer love filled the air and homes, yet there was one sleeping princess who was missing out on everything related to summer’s joys.

She was curled under her duvet, with one of her smooth silky legs sticking out from the right side of the bed and an arm sticking out from the left side of the bed. She had a sweet smile on her face as she continued to float in her cloud of dreams. She could feel his presence. There was that same familiar ting of mysteriousness in the air, which sent a chill down her spine every time. This time she would make sure to see his face. She found herself walking across fresh roses on a ground full of sand. She didn’t know where she was going ,everything else was pitch black. She looked left and right, looking for that mysterious person. She finally sees a dim light, and there stood the shadow of mysterious guy. The Greek God carved out body of his made her suck in her breath sharply in awe. She starts to run toward the light. . .toward him, but it was as if she was not even moving. All of a sudden her surrounding changes and a bright sun light shines over them. She squints her eyes from the bright light, trying to seize the opportunity to see his face, but it looked like destiny had other plans.

He starts to walk away from her. She starts to call out to him, ” Wait. . . stop. Who are you?”

He stops, slightly turning his head to the side, ” Come on. Let’s go Geet. You gave me your promise remember” he says with such strong yearning before walking away into the light. Geet only able to catch his crooked smile before she feels herself drowning.

“Geet ! Let’s go! You gave me your promise remember! GEET!”, Pinky screamed still splashing water on her face.

“What a crazy dream”, Geet murmurs to herself, but Pinky continues to splash water on her face.

“OMG PINKY! Stop splashing water on me”, Geet yells standing up and moving her strands of wet hair away from her face.

“Hayyye I want to get splashed with water at the Beach! But no! Miss Sleeping Beauty is waiting for her Prince Charming to kiss her awake”, Pinky mocks.

“Ufff Pinky main love shab believe nahi karti. It’s just filmy and in fairytales. It’s all an entertainment package for young people”, Geet says getting up to freshen up.

“You know when girls like you fall in love then it becomes an epic love story”.

” Ayyye hayyye it looks like you have already fallen for someone that suddenly you’re speaking so fondly of love. Kaun hain woh hmmm?” Geet teases.

“Nahi yaar. Aise kuch nahi hai”, Pinky says turning around trying to hide the blush that was spreading across  her cheeks.

Geet giggles , ” I will meet you downstairs. Finally I know why you are being so stubborn about going to beach. Now don’t blame me if we get late “.

“Don’t you dare. It’s a beautiful summer day. Summer love is in the air and I will make sure you land into some hot guy’s muscular arms”, Pinky winks and heads downstairs.

The mere mention of a hot guy sent her images of the guy in her dreams right before her eyes. His chiseled abs, his baritone voice calling out to her. Come on let’s go Geet. You gave me your promise remember?

“what promise”, Geet unknowingly mutters to herself deep in thought.

 Geet smacks her head “Main bhi na. I am becoming restless for no reason. Whatever Pinky was saying to me, the dream made that guy say it back. If pinky yelled a bit louder than the guys face would of turned to Pinky too”, she chuckles and brushes it aside as she heads to the bathroom.


Meanwhile at the Khurana Mansion, slashing of the air could be heard. Every kick, every punch, every flip, was slicing the air on FIRE! He had left his window open, letting the cool frisky breeze try to calm the internal fire that never seems to want to die out. Instead the intensity has just increased through out the years! As he turns around and does a round kick, his eyes fall on his Daadi and he stops in place.

“I brought you to California for a reason” her voice was low.

” To keep me from destroying the lives of those precious so called innocent girls of India?”, he scoffs chuckling, breaking the wooden table in a blink of an eye. Not even a sigh or an uff escaping from him.

“Till when will you harbor so much hatred inside you! You don’t think I know what you do? What a reputation you have built for yourself!”

He cocks his head to the side, his crooked smile playing on his lips. ” Ufff my dear darling daadi. You think I try to hide what a Devil of a grandson you have. It’s you who refuses to see”.

“You are not my grandson. I don’t know where he has gone! But I promise you I will bring him back one way or another”, she lifts her head up high confidently.

“Mujhe shaadi nahi karna Daadi, especially to your favorite traditional type of girls! Let me put a full stop to your plan right here and now!”

All of a sudden Maan hears a hunk.

“That’s my cue. Bye daadi! Don’t wait up, I will be late”, Maan says with a straight face nonchalantly walking out.

Daadi just shakes her head. “Main bhi dhekti hoon”.


Pinky and Geet were in the car with Geet driving. Pinky plugs her iPod into the car and a song starts to play.

Mere khwabon mein jo aye
Ake mujhe chhed jaye
Usse kaho kabhi samne to aye

Geet gasps sharply immediately turning it off.

” Hey! I like that song”, Pinky whines and turns it back on.

Kaisa hai, kaun hai woh, jane kahan hai
Jiske liye mere honthon pe haan hai
Apna hai ya begaana hai vo
Sach hai ya koi afsana hai vo
Dekhe ghoor ghoor ke yunhi door door se
Usse kaho meri nend na churaye

 Geet turns it off again and Pinky was about to protest when she hears Geet lowly self talk with herself, ” Keep on taunting me Universe! Babaji I know you are planning something. Let me tell you don’t even waste your time. It’s not going to work”.

 Pinky holds in her laugh, ” Oh so that’s why you don’t like the song. Someone has been visiting you in your dreams and you haven’t told me?”, Pinky gasps in shock.

“Katti. . . don’t talk to me”, she says feigning anger and munching on a bag of chips.Just then they arrive and Geet parks the car.

“Pinky. Come on Pinky. It’s only been like a couple of nights. I don’t know who he is. Believe me if I knew I would have told him to get lost”, Geet tries convincing Pinky.


” Fine then no need for me to describe how hot he was now. You stay in the car. I am going to enjoy myself”, Geet says getting out of the car.

“What!”, Pinky utters in shock with chips still in her mouth and enlarged eyes.

“Did you just call someone hot? OMG where do you think you’re going missy. I want to know every detail”, Pinky squeals in excitememnt quickly taking her bag and following Geet.

“I didn’t see his face”.

” Don’t tell me you saw something else. . . since when did you get so naughty”, Pinky raises an eyebrow as she pulls Geet’s leg.

“Omg shut up Pinky. Main aise vaise larki nahi hoon. Yes I admit he was hot, and I bet that hotness gets to his head. What does he think of himself sneaking into my dreams and making me chase after him. Sexy my foot! I don’t care! He can show his dhakdhak Greek God like of a body and those delicious kissable lips of his crooked smile to someone else. He doesn’t affect me”, Geet cocks up her head in pride and confidence as she lays the blanket on the sand and sits under the umbrella taking out her book to read.  But she wasn’t finished out venting out her frustration or was it some new found brewing feelings for this mysterious guy?

“And how dare he not answer my question. Instead he replies to me for the first time in his sexy baritone voice of his. Come on Geet. Let’s go. You gave me your promise remember”, she mocks his tone!

“What Promise! Uff I just hate him! What does he think of himself! He is taking my sleep away. Actually why am I picking on his sexy ass I should be picking on yours. It’s all your fault pinky. He was saying the same lines you were! What was the need to scream to wake me up? Didn’t you know I was dreaming! Forget it. I am just going to enjoy reading my book under the sun”, she roughly opens her book and starts to read.

Pinky stood there like a statue, with her jaw dropped in shock. Her head felt like it was spinning, and she stumbled a little in trance of what she just heard her best friend confess to! Could Geet hear herself and what she was saying? It didn’t sound like she hated him. It was the complete OPPOSITE! She felt really attracted to this sexy mysterious guy. Something Geet never openly admits too, especially like this!

“Meri taraf ghoor-ghoor kar kyun dekh rahe ho. Go for your precious swim you woke me up for”.

” Damn Geet. The air of summer love is really getting to you. Stop beating me up for it and as soon as you bump into this sexy mysterious guy of yours, make sure to introduce me to him” she winks walking away.  Pinky didn’t even look back at her. She knew she added more fuel to the fire. But it was the first time Geet was strongly feeling something for someone once again and since she doesn’t believe in love she is taking it out as anger and frustration.

“Geet ki babaji let Geet come face to face with her mysterious man. Please!”, She internally prays before heading off to change to delve into what summer had to offer.


An hour had passed and Geet was still reading her book. Geet could hear some chuckling of laughter. She looks behind her and sees white American girls in their bikinis looking at her weirdly and laughing at her at the same time cheering on for their shirtless muscular boyfriends playing volleyball.

She straightens her dupatta and looks back to her book, controlling herself from going into sherni mode. But that’s when her eyes fall on Pinky about two hundred feet away walking with fingers entwined with someone towards the pier.

Geet was really curious in knowing who this secret lover of hers was. Putting the book aside she gets up and sneakily goes toward them. She gets closer and giggles seeing her best friend blush. She turns her head to get a better view of the guy, and she thought he was cute. What Geet didn’t know was what was about to take place.

“PINKY” Geet screams as she loses her balance and fell off the railing of the pier.

“GEET”, Pinky screams running towards her, while the white girls and their boyfriends laughed their heads off.

” Hel . . .Help”, Geet screams waddling and struggling as the water went inside her lungs.

“Adi. . .Adi please help her! She can’t swim. Please!” Pinky screams. All of a sudden those girls and guys who were laughing become quiet.

“Shit”, one of the girls said.  That’s when pinky eyes fell on the volleyball right next to wear Geet fell off! But she had no time to react after no longer hearing Geet’s screams and body sink down.

“GEET”, Pinky yells, but Adi held her back.

“Let go of me. I have to save her. LET ME GO!” she tries pushing Adi away from her to save her best friend, but Adi just held her back. She falls on the ground sobbing.

“Oh my God”, many girls gasp at the same time.

Pinky stands up to find Geet getting plunged out of the water in some guy’s arms.

She smiles and wipes her tears looking at Adi and then back to Geet’s savior. All of a sudden Geet’s words from earlier start to echo inside her head. “His dhakdhak Greek God like of a body “she looks over to Geet’s savior whose body was perfectly carved out like a Greek God.

 “and those delicious kissable lips of his crooked smile”, Pinky giggles out of happiness knowing that soon his lips would be on her sleeping beauty of her best friend to save her.

 She starts to run towards them. The guy carries Geet out of the water and lightly puts her against the sand. He was going to get up to leave to Pinky’s surprise when Adi held him back.

“Save her dude. She needs air”, looking straight into his eyes telling him that he had to do this. It was the right thing to do.

He slowly bends down pinches her nose and breathes into her mouth. He snaps back a little as once his lips touches her, electrifying sensations zips right through him, his heart beating a little faster as if rejoicing. He quickly brushes it aside and breathes into her, before pushing against her chest.

Her whole body was reacting to his touch. She felt alive. Slowly the water splutters out of her mouth. She coughs and took in deep breaths as her chest heaved up and down. Her heart was beating frantically and she felt scared to open up her eyes, not knowing to whose eyes she would open them too. She flutters her eyes open and finds her staring at a pair of warm yet dark brooding eyes, unknowingly sending a chill down her body.

Take your damn ball!”, Pinky kicks the volleyball aiming it at the girls who kicked it at Geet, which made her lose her balance and fall into the water.

But the girls duck and the ball ends up hitting Geet’s savior’s back making him tumble more over against Geet. His lips fell right under the edge of her lips, jolting Geet’s heart right out of her chest with the sudden contact.

 “oops”, Pinky giggles at first but then shuts herself up seeing him get up and glare at her.

He moves that glare to Adi, who was gulping in fear now. Before Geet could register what was happening, he just walks away as she looked on. The crowd that had gathered around went back to enjoying their day like nothing ever happened. Geet just laid there confused and just a little out of place at the moment.

“oh Geet I am so glad you are okay. Gosh the first thing I am gonna do is teach you how to swim! I didn’t bring you out here to give me a heart attack”, Pinky says hugging Geet, whose words barely reaches her ears as her attention was on the mysterious guy who saved her.

She watched him as he grabs his surfboard to go surfing when suddenly the white girls stop him. She moves the gaze of her eyes away from his, as if she was getting affected. Her heart and mind momentarily fighting with one another, but she doesn’t succumb and looks back toward him. The girls at their flirtatious best drag him to the volleyball court, convincing him to play a new game with them.

“Hello . . .Geet. . .I am talking to you”, Pinky waves her hand in front of Geet’s face to snap her out of her trance.

“huh. .. oh. . .umm .. I’m sorry. . thanks for saving me”, Geet hesitantly mutters.

 ” Geet did you also hit your head? I wasn’t the one who saved you. It was that hunk you have been staring since the second you have gained consciousness” she giggles.

 ” woh . . woh mein . . .i just drowned pinky. . .cut me some slack”, she retorts back.

 “I am just joking yaar. But jokes apart I think you should at least thank him. I seriously thought I lost you today” she squeezes her hand genuinely.

“I am okay Pinky, not going anywhere any time soon. Someone has to be here and watch your crazy ass from getting into trouble. . . oh wait I forgot you are replacing me with this cute guy. Why hello there. I’m Geet. Your girlfriend’s best friend”, she says winking at him before making a run for her life.

” Geet ki bachi!!” Pinky yells making a dash toward her!

Adi was left dumbfounded for a moment and did his nervous and awkward laugh, while innocent bystanders looked at him weirdly. He clears his throat. What just happened? Dang this girl is not at all innocent, as she seems! She was calling Pinky crazy than what was she? He smacks himself in the head. Who was he to make a comparison, after all of course he would be a little biased toward Pinky. He blushes as he thought to himself.

“GEET! You Kamini!”, she yells out still chasing after Geet who was busy laughing and running from her best friend.

“What. . .he is cute! Even if he is dressed a little nerdy, but that’s what makes him cute. Why don’t you introduce me to him? I am no threat to you, after all I am your best friend”, Geet tries to say with a straight face, but then blurts out laughing again, her musical laugh filling the air, making heartbeats skip toward her direction. Not knowing that a pair of devilish eyes was following her.

“Oh come on Maan”, Adi yells out, seeing him miss the volleyball.

“huh”, snapping out of his trance.

“I thought you were better than that. . .guess not”, he continues to taunt his best friend from the sideline.

 His fingers were unknowingly turning into fists. He was getting distracted. He tries to ignore it and serves the ball. Yet again only the sound of her laugh and the chimes of her payal were reaching his ears, making him miss the ball once again.Everything about her was making him angry, fueling a monster within him. Just when he was about to go get the ball, something small yet warm collides into him. They fall together on the sand with Geet crashing down on top, her lips falling on the nape of his neck, jolting him this time with the sudden contact.

 “Thank you. . .i mean sorry. . woh actually . . .thank u also”, she says with speed fumbling with her own words as she got up.

Just when she was about to clarify what she meant, he grabs her wrist pulls her closes and pins her hand back!

“Chup! Bilkul Chup!”

“Mujhse takrana tumhara shock hai ya tum jaan booch kar mere peeche padhe ho!”

 ” woh. . woh. ..mein”, but then she gets cut off by him!

“Ek line toh tum theekse bhol nahi paati. . . Apne Zindige tum jheete kaise ho? Aur woh bi America!”

Mein tumhe baata ti hoon”, he clenches his hold around her even harder and brings her closer, lips millimeters away!

You get herself hitched to a rich handsome bachelor like me and use your so-called innocence to trap them! Sorry sweetheart try this trick on some other fool! I ain’t interested in your boring looks”, shoving her away from him.

Geet was usually a sherni in situations where it called for her to defend herself, but for the first time she had lost her tongue. The courage, the guts, the feistiness all vanished into thin air and instead tears were brewing in its place!

Oh for god’s sake. Here comes the waterfall! If you get caught then spring a few fake tears, and you will have their heart in your hand! That’s what you thought didn’t you!

“Why else would you come to the beach dressed like this. A plain faded salwar suit, messy curly hair ,no make up, and these ugly chashmesh”, he mocks brutally eyeing her up to down with a distasteful expression on his face.

 “and on top of that not even know how to swim? I see no other reason for such a traditional reserved and insecure type of girl like you to be here other than trap a guy”, he scoffs arrogantly just when Geet thought there was no more insults left for him to throw at her.

“Listen you arrogant harami! You… dhusht dhanav! Do you know who she –“,pinky gets cut off seeing him raise his finger!

Adi, before I lose my temper take your girlfriend and her pathetic of a friend away from here will you!” Maan utters coldly.

” She got washed up to the shore of the wrong country. This is California sweetheart” a white blond American girl mocks.

 Pinky was ready to pounce on that skinny bitch, but to everyone’s surprise Geet holds her back and shakes her head for a “no”, both walking away.

“She doesn’t understand English. Stop wasting your time”, another one of them mocks in English with an Indian accent putting everyone in a fit of laughter, but Maan wasn’t amused. His eyes follows her as she walks away. What, did he honestly expect her to stand up for herself? He sneered at his own thought.

” Come on babes! Cool down. Even though you look so sexy when you’re angry, I don’t want you to ruin your mood for that villager” one of the white girls flirts.

Maan grabs the white girl’s hand and brings her closer, ” Why don’t you fix my mood”, eyeing her lips.


” Pinky listen –” Adi calls out.

“Don’t Pinky me! You coward of a mouse! Is this how you back up your girlfriend!” Pinky huffs in anger.

 ” Pinky trust me he is a very powerful man! Don’t mess with him please! Take Geet away from here. It’s for the best”, he says with concern in his eyes. Pinky wanted to protest back if only they all knew who Geet was then she would see how they dared to make fun of her. However, Pinky decided to let it go seeing the concern in Adi’s eyes. That arrogant harami looked like the devil, while her Geet was an angel. She looks over to Geet who was still numb staring into space as to what just happened.

Pinky grabs Geet’s hand and drags her away. She looks behind herself and sees him practically devouring the girl’s face, something breaking inside her!


How interesting the world is, when you pull the strings! Geet gets up from remembering their first encounter and looks beside herself. There laid a bare-chested arrogant harami innocently sleeping next to her. The rest of his body was covered with a white sheet. Did she just call him innocent? She chokes on her own thought. Who would believe that just moments they were making love, after all she is the same innocent girl whose character he had raised a finger on once upon a time. She touched upon the most dangerous of all poisons to lure her prey! She gets up from the bed putting her clothes back on. She didn’t even worry about making a noise, because he was drugged!

She smiles mischievously grabbing the papers he unknowingly signed and made her escape.

“What a screwed up fairytale,” she sneers as she glances back at him one last time.

If only she knew she had toxic love running through her veins. The toxic love of the DEVIL!


ToXic LoVe: Chapter 2


“Masked “

If only she knew she had toxic love running through her veins. The toxic love of the DEVIL!

Pinky brings Geet home, whom seem lost somewhere in her thoughts. Pinky couldn’t help but eat herself up with worry, waiting for Geet to at least break down in tears. In front of that arrogant harami her eyes were getting moist, but not one single tear spilled. She thought maybe in front of him she wanted to remain strong, but no matter how long the drive home she didn’t cry. Pinky knew her scars must of gotten cut open for sure, yet she remained quiet like nothing happened.

“Okay Geet I can’t take this silence anymore. Just cry please. . .for my sake or I might just burst into tears”!

“Cry because of what? For that complete stranger? You must be kidding?” Geet laughs it off.

“I could care less of what he thought of me. If you ask me I think the poor guy needs help as he is suffering from a bipolar disorder. If he hates girls like me so then why save me? I never knew a devil had a good side did you?”, Geet nonchalantly asks Pinky as she walks around in the kitchen, making a quick turkey sandwich for both of them.

” Are you sure you aren’t the one with a bipolar disorder? Why didn’t you make him eat his words then? You were like a silent kabootar in front of him, but right now you’re smack talking him. Don’t tell me he affects you?”, she gasps in shock.

” I mean in the beginning I was rooting for you two as a couple, but I take it back! He is a pain in the you know what”!

Geet laughs again, ” How many times do I have to tell you I plan to remain single thank you very much, but now and then I will be up for some casual flings. Why I also want to enjoy the entertainment that comes with LOVE”, she says putting emphasis on the word love and winking at her, pushing her plate of sandwich toward her.

“You know what that’s it! Are you the right Geet I brought home? Since when are you into flings missy”, Pinky suspiciously eyes Geet.

“Since now. I told you love is just an entertainment package, and the summer is still young. Maybe I can get myself a hot summer fling and make all the white gori’s jealous”, she giggles taking a bite from her sandwich.

Pinky was gaping at her with shock and a jaw dropped open, not believing what she was hearing.

” Which reminds me, I bet I would find that hot guy of my dreams in Pari’s yacht party tonight. I heard the theme was like a Masquerade Ball. We should go”!

“Someone catch me. . . I think I am about to faint”, Pinky feigns dizziness.

“Oh come on. Stop being such a drama queen!

Pinky: Why don’t you stop acting like a whole different person, and start acting like the Geet I know. You don’t even like Pari! The last time I checked you were enemies. I am not sure we are even invited!

” I am Geetangali Williams, people may not recognize me with this new look of mine, but I am sure the name will make the security guard’s tiny hearts tremble and we will be added as the number one V.I.P guest list”, she smirks.

“Are you sure you don’t want to cry? I think it would be easier to cry than go with this crazy plan of yours”.

“Stop being such a party pooper I am fine and plus you should be happy I am listening to the advice you gave me in the morning. I don’t think such a time will come again. Seriously you should think about it”, Geet sports her puppy dog face.

Pinky tries not to fall for it, but she just couldn’t ignore that puppy dogface. Maybe Geet was right. All this time Pinky was asking for Geet to loosen up and now that Geet is, she is the one that is holding her back.

“Oh what the heck. Let’s do it! But we better open that sad special huge closet of yours that has been waiting for you to open it for over two years now”!

“You go ahead I will join you in a bit! Take out any outfit your heart desires”.

“Oh hell no! We are going in together. I will need someone to catch me when I open that closet of paradise”!

Geet chuckles, ” Okay let’s go”.


“I can’t believe you made me wear this DRESS! I could have worn that simple sari. I mean it’s not like anybody is going to notice who I am with this mask on. Ughh I am gonna kill you Pinky”, Geet fumes!

” Oh shut up! You look so damn sexy and no I am not a lesbo. I have a boyfriend thank you very much so stop whining! Besides I am helping you find the guy of your dreams in this party. Who wouldn’t be floored seeing you in this red dress! Don’t tell me you were just going to let this beautiful dress rot in that closet forever?”

Geet just stayed quiet.

“Come on Geet. I thought –“

 “We are here. Let’s go”, Geet says cutting Pinky off. Pinky knew she didn’t want to talk about it and though best to let it go.

 As they walk toward the yacht, the security guard stops them, “Hold it their ladies. Name please?”

“I am bored. Let me have some fun with this guy”, Geet giggles softly as she whispers to Pinky.

Pinky tries to stifle her giggles. “Go for it, but don’t give the poor guy a heart attack now”.

 ” Excuse me? Do you know who I am?”, Geet starts to approach him seductively.

She slowly drives her manicured finger up his arm toward the collar of his shirt, not once removing her flirtatious glisten in her eyes as she purposely bit her lip.

Pinky wanted to burst out laughing. OMFG! What was she doing to the poor guy! For a second there the guard forgot his name, let alone know this mysterious Hot girl’s name.

 ” I’m . . .I’m so sorry madam. But with the mask on I can’t recognize you. If you don’t mind could you tell me your name?” the guard asked politely still mesmerized by the sexy being in front of him.

” Hawww!” her mouth drops open. ” You don’t recognize the number one guest of this party! How dare you! There goes your job”, she feigns rage.

 “I’m . . .I’m so sorry madam, but the number one guest is M–“

 “Maan singh Khurana. Sorry sweetheart, but the number one guest is me”, a voice behind them interrupts and says with full pride.

 Geet’s heart sunk hearing that familiar voice causing her to freeze in place. Pinky not only recognized his voice but also his name, but was praying to her God that Geet wouldn’t notice.

“And you Mr. Security Guard. . .such a wimp you are behind this huge muscular body of yours. Check her ID instead of letting her flirt her way inside. She is not even following the dress code”, he scoffs before walking away inside the Yacht.

 Geet turns around and just sees the side of his face and mask as he walks in. That familiar voice, that same attitude–it couldn’t be him, could it?

 The security guard clears his throat, ” Look woman! I need this job, so please get lost. Let alone being the number one guest how could you even be invited and not know that the dress code is white and black not red!”

 Geet would of still continued with her fun, but at the moment she was lost inside her thoughts so she just shows her ID and gets it over with it.

 “Oh my God. I am so sorry ma’am I didn’t even recognize you. I am putting you at the top of the list right now! There must have been some misunderstanding. I will fix it right away”, the security hesitates trying to save his job.

 But Geet doesn’t respond back to him so he quickly talks into his walky talky trying to get things cleared and arranged.

 “Ummm Geet you were right. I shouldn’t have made you wear this dress. Let’s go back. I don’t want people to make fun of you. Let’s go back home. Sorry for ruining your night”, she says trying to find an excuse to get her out of here, but for some reason Geet’s fate kept on making her bump into him.

 “There is no need. Ma’am I will make sure no one utters a single word. Go in with no worries”.

 Pinky felt like punching the security guard in his guts! Now how was she going to keep her away from this party?

“I am not sure that is such a good idea. I don’t want people to know I am here. I just came to enjoy with my friends. Let them make fun of me, I don’t mind”, Geet reiterates. “Let’s go inside pinky”.

 “Shit” the security guard mutters under his breath. Now he was sure he was going to get fired.

” Hey Geet, I am going to go to the bathroom, you go ahead I will be right down there”.

“You sure? I can wait for you”, Geet says politely.

” No I don’t want to hold you up. Till I come you can get our drinks”, Pinky forces on a smile.

“okay see you downstairs then”.

Pinky walks away quickly to the bathroom. She had to think fast of a plan to get Geet away from here or that arrogant harami away from her!

All of a sudden the lights get really dimmed and a white spotlight gets shunned onto the stairs. Many people start to complain but then all of a sudden they stop as their breaths get stuck in their throats. The men’s hearts were beating hard against their dates, and even the girls started to feel jealous as a girl almost in a princess like dress with a mask on her face stood up the stairs.

“What the shit”, Geet murmurs to herself seeing the spotlight shine on her.

 That’s when reality dawns on her. She almost curses the security guard for spilling the beans of her identity. But before she could turn around and leave unnoticed she hears,”Hey sexy if you come down those stairs I won’t reveal your true identity” he says in his sexy baritone voice flashing his heart skipping crooked smile as he stole the microphone from the DJ.

“Oooh”, the woots, cheering, and whistles starts to fill the room.

Geet’s breath hitches hearing that same familiar voice. What mind game was her heart playing with her?

She moves the gaze of her eyes here and there down toward the crowd trying to look for him in the dark.

“Come on what are you waiting for now my Sexy Dare Devil? I know your little secret, unless you doubt me?”, he chuckles in sexy hoarse voice, which was driving Geet crazy. Who did think he was? And did he just call her Sexy Dare Devil? The nerve of this guy!

“Come on. . .try me!”

Geet clenches her teeth, the ego of this guy ringing all over inside her head.

She screams, “SECURITY”. The guy from earlier came rushing down. She whispers something in his ear before slowly descending down the stairs with a little naughty smile playing on her lips. As she came closer to view, heartbeats were running away toward her direction. “Dayummm” the guys’ jaws dropped seeing her illuminating beauty. From her brown hazel eyes covered behind her black lacy mask, to her red cherry juicy lips and soft wavy hair, which fell on one side of her red strapless dress. The guys continued to gawk at her beauty, while the girls continued to fume in jealousy.

“OMG that’s a Mishty designer dress!”

“I own her entire collection. . how can this bitch own this and not me!”

“Forget about the dress for now, and worry about the desperate bitch wearing it! She is not following the dress code only to get attention” the women mocked trying to hide their insecurity and jealousy.

But all the men ignored them, as if they even heard what they said. There eyes and thoughts were on someone else.

“Oooh she called security! Come on my Sexy Red Dare Devil. I won’t bite!”again flashing his crooked smile right on cue as Geet faces him with the spotlight falling on both of them.

Geet leg’s almost failed on her. That same baritone voice, crooked smile, and muscular body that could be seen through his drool worthy designer “Mishty” suit he wore. It couldn’t be, could it? The same guy in her dream?

“All I ask for is one dance and your secret is safe with me Miss Dare Devil”, he extends his hand like a gentleman.

Geet places her hand in his, but in a blink of an eye she tugs on his hand and brings him real close and naughtily whispers, “Sorry Mr. Handsome, but your not my type”.

“You got no dirty secret on me, so don’t even try”, she says driving her manicured red nail down his cheek before giving him a soft shove and walking away.

“Oh burn!”, the guys taunted.

He suddenly grabs her wrist and pulls her back. She twirls right inside his hard chest.

Geet enraged tries to shove him away, but he grabs both her wrists and pulls her back and real close with one arm spread as if they were dancing.

“I don’t usually ask, consider yourself lucky”, he says driving his hand around her from the back, as the tune starts to play.

Geet shivers feeling the chillness of his body, but it was pleasant in a way. She instantly rested her head backward against him. He responds by dipping his head and inhaling her scent, which were surprisingly overtaking his senses. All Geet could see was his intense eyes, as if devilish staring down inside her soul, possessing her from with in. The music starts and she didn’t know who she lost herself to, the music or him?

By the time Pinky comes down with Adi, who she had called up to get Maan out of here, they were too late. They were dancing so close and passionately, everybody was in awestruck of them, even Pinky.

Her whole body felt like liquid. She didn’t know how she was on her feet, there was something about his touch and eyes that was intoxicating her. She came down the stairs with a plan, but now he was the one controlling her like a puppet as they swayed together with the music. She succumbs to him as he dips his head, nuzzling the sensitive hollow of her neck, shooting ripples of chilly quivering sensations through her whole core.

She closes her eyes before she slipped into a point of no return! She flutters her eyes open coming back to reality, but finds herself looking deep inside his eyes, a part of her wishing his mask could have covered his eyes too.

“Be careful now Miss Dare Devil, you are falling for me! I thought I wasn’t your type”, he says smirking, eyeing her lips.

She was still dazzled by him, his words not totally getting registered inside her.

He gives her buttox a tight squeeze shocking her out of her wits as he whispers “your welcome”, leaving a Geet with large eyes of shock to fend for herself.

” How in the world do these two always land in each other’s arms in such a big crowd! Ughh Adi you go to Maan, and make sure he keeps his hands of Geet. I will go to Geet” Pinky blurts out, tensed with the circumstances of the situation.

Adi nods and heads over to Maan.

“You didn’t even wait for me and started dancing with some stranger. Not fair Geet”, Pinky whines.

Geet’s fingers where clenched into fists with the guts of this guy. Everything from the beginning of her day’s bumpy encounter started to play back in her mind, from the guy to the beach to the guy in this Masquerade party.

His words, “Be careful now Miss Dare Devil, you are falling for me! I thought I wasn’t your type” finally dawning on her.

She didn’t even realize when her numb legs starta to move toward his direction, leaving Pinky behind. He was sitting at the bar getting a drink. She charges down toward him throwing the glass in his hand away.

“What the'”, before Maan could even finish his sentence, her warm lips crushes against his lips.

He was indeed taken aback, but after all this was his sexy Dare Devil. He starts to take the lead wrapping her leg around his waste, bringing her closer. He doesn’t even wait and enters her mouth with his tongue, tasting every inch of it he could.

Adi turns around in shock, not sure what else to do. By the time Pinky arrives, she almost fainted seeing what was going on between the two.  Why, Why, WHY! Why did it have to be Maan! Why did Geet have to choose him as her fling! She could already see the fireworks that would explode after these two took off their masks!

” You tell me to keep Maan’s hands off Geet, but couldn’t you keep Geet’s hands off Maan”, he does his awkward nervous laugh.

“Shut up”, she whines not knowing what to do. How was she going to save Geet from the grave she was digging herself in.

Adi drags Pinky ” There is nothing you can do right now. So let’s go and just give them privacy”.

“The question is not whether you are my type, but whether I am your type”, she pants trying to catch her breath as she naughtily bites his lower lip.

“mmm you taste so good, your exactly quite my type”, he slams his lips back onto hers as Geet giggles.

“Hold on there Mr.Handsome”.

“give me your most expensive bottle of wine. This one is on me”, She says eyeing Maan.

“Ooohhh so you’re a loaded Daredevil. What else do I don’t know about you”, he snakes his arms around her waste, nibbling the nape of her neck from the back, driving his hand lower down her thigh.

” I thought you new my little secret or was that just you trying to hit on me?”,Geet says getting the bottle from the bartender.

“You’re a party crasher. Flirting your way into the party and wearing this sexy red dress to draw attention. But honestly I could care less. You look and taste just like the cherry on top of a cake”, he huskily whispers driving his finger up her sensuous back, making Geet surrender to his chilly touch.

“Oh really? Well than if you don’t mind sharing me then we should go somewhere private” she points at the guys who sneakily looked at her without there dates noticing.

“Your Maan Singh Khurana’s girl, they won’t dare sneak a glance at you” he says with pride, getting up and giving that look to the guys which showed Geet was his, and only HIS!

“So your name is Maan singh Khurana.Hmmm Never heard of you” she cheekily utters.

“Oh really that’s probably because I am the most successful and hottest Business man of India and your to busy being in the arms of these blue eyed blond boys”, he says shoving her a little away as if hurt by her remark of not knowing who he was.

“Oh come on sweetheart. That’s why I chose you tonight. . . I have a good eye for my fellow countrymen”, hitting his glass of wine lightly, ” cheers”.

“Cheers”, Maan says drinking the glass in one gulp while his eyes still stayed on her.

At first Geet raises an eyebrow, but then gulps down her drink as well.

They both start to laugh. Maan’s heart skipped a beat hearing that same laugh. He looks at her eyes, Maan swearing that he saw a hint of that innocence from earlier today.

He brushes if aside chuckling at his own thought as he poured another drink for each other.

Geet noticed and asks, “What’s so funny Mr. Handsome?”.

“oh nothing. Your laugh just reminded me of someone”.

He thought he was crazy. No way could that village type girl be this sexy mysterious bombshell.

“How honest of you, but I don’t see how that’s funny unless she is someone special”, Geet mocks.

“If I say she is someone special would that make you jealous”, he pulls the bar stool she was sitting on closer, and stares right into her eyes.

She starts to laugh, again giving his heart a jumpstart. What game was his mind playing with him!

“Trust me the last thing you need me to worry about is me being jealous of that special girl of yours” she says taking a sip out of her drink.

” She isn’t special. She is no one actually”, trying to control the irritation in his voice from springing out.

“Oh yeah then why is she on your mind when a girl like me is in front of you. I’m hurt now Mr. Handsome”, she feigns sadness.

That hit him hard somewhere but he brushes it aside, ” like I said. Your laugh is very similar to her’s”.

“That sounds really sweet and I thought you were the type that wouldn’t have any attachments to girls he is with. Maybe I should end whatever is between us right now. I don’t like guys who are clingy”, she emphasis the last word.

This time Maan laughs, “You know we are very similar in taste. I don’t like clingy girls either. Now if you don’t mind I would rather talk less and get right to the action part, you know since that’s what a businessman like me does”, he smirks moving the gaze of his eyes to her lips.

“Spoke like a true businessman”, wrapping both her hands around his head with the bottle of wine still in her hand.

She giggles as he drags her to the dance floor. There bodies swayed with the music, as they drank the night away. She was grinding her body against his, his closeness intoxicating her all the more. The effects of the alcohol were already affecting her thought process. All she could process was his touch making her feel good in a lot of places.

Suddenly she turned her head, their gazes meet and get locked. Maan’s heart was beating more than ever. Geet didn’t know if she was breathing or not, but she was just searching for herself in his eyes.

Before she knew it she was cornered to a dark yet quiet corner of the Yacht, caged inside his arms.

” I really want to unmask you”, His lips hovered over her lips as he wrapped his arms around her slim waist and pulled her in closer, gluing her to him.

But with the little control she still had of her surroundings she replies, “Where is the fun in that if you unmask me? I won’t be as mysterious, and you wouldn’t want me so bad as you do right now”, she naughtily whispers, biting the edge of his ear, making the monster in him roar in desire.

“I want to unmask your whole body tonight”, he hisses before devouring her lips and relinquishing your mouthwatering scent.

He breaks away for her to breath, but he just hungrily attacked her neck.

“I am all yours, but not here”, she says panting, but at the same time bringing him closer.

Geet didn’t even feel when Maan lifted her away in his arms. Her eyes were closing in on her. Everything looked so hazy and fuzzy. All she could feel was his closeness and touch, which gave her a sense of comfort and safeness.

Maan didn’t know where he was going. He was also squinting his eyes awake, trying to conquer over the alcohol that was taking over his senses. He was wobbling from wall to wall with Geet in his arms, trying to find a room. He could feel this cool frisky breeze against his body as well as Geet inching closer to his body in response.

How did he get outside he thought. He squints his eyes trying to get a better focus of where he was. Suddenly he stumbles and falls, but their fall didn’t hurt that much. They fell on something rather soft and squishy. Maan felt his hand hitting on something, but he couldn’t muster the strength to see what it was. Both Maan and Geet could feel and see a bit of each other before their eyes closed on them.

As they fell asleep in each other’s arms, they slowly floated away into the ocean on the boat they had fell on.

ToXic LoVe: Chapter 3


“Twist of Fate “

As they fell asleep in each other’s arms, they slowly floated away into the ocean on the boat they had fell on.

Next morning Maan kept on squinting as a strong light kept on falling on his face.

“Daadi stop it. Close the curtains and let me sleep, its so early” he says turning trying to get away from the annoying sun rays. Once he turns a familiar scent filled his nostrils. Unknowingly a smile starts to play on his lips as he nuzzled closer entangling his fingers with hers and murmering, “My sexy Daredevil”. Geet giggled a little in her sleep and Maan smiled yet again hearing her musical voice. But that it when it actually hit him. He immediately opened his eyes and looked around. He sees his sexy Daredevil sleeping soundly on the side of his arm, but the real shocker came with seeing the blue sky, sand, and ocean waves crashing.

“Shit” Maan gets up in a haste, Geet’s head crashing on the boat hard.

“Owww” Geet whined.

“Stop hitting me. I don’t want to go to the beach today. Let me sleep” she says getting back up and trying to get back on her bed with eyes closed.

“Why does my mattress feel so weird and grainy, your the worst best friend ever. I am gonna kill you when I get up” she yelled.

“Would you SHUT UP! This is not your bedroom. . .we are freaking STANDED on an island” he fumed running a hand through his black sleek hair.

He took a deep breath and exhales. Why was he taking his anger out on her? Her innocent talks was driving him insane, enraging the monster in him, but he clearly remembered last night and what took place between them and in no way was she innocent.

Hearing that familiar voice and rage Geet sprung herself awake. “B A B A J I” she screams her lungs out seeing just the waters of the blue sea in front of her.

“Chup!” he silences her with his index finger on her lips, as he pulled her by her arm the moment she shrieked irritatingly.

“Bhilkul Chup” he whispers again sternly, but all Geet could fathom was the sensations his finger was vibrating through her lips.

Maan shoves her a little away, and turns around pacing back and forth trying to figure out to get out of this mess. Suddenly an idea hits him and he takes out his phone from his pocket, but sees it was out of charge.

“Damn” he throws his phone to the side of his boat.

Suddenly the gaze of his eyes through his mask dangerously falls on Geet.

He starts to approach her like a predator toward his prey, “Give me your phone”. He didn’t even wait and starts to search her in places, which were out of line.

Geet’s hand instinctively rises to slap him red across his face, but the Devil that he was knows his women.

He quickly grabs her hand mid air and pulls her close, real close. He snakes the fingers of his right hand up her spine, making her insides melt and unfurl defiantly. His right hand slowly travels to her hair. He sensuously slips his fingers into her locks roughly, which undeniable felt breath taking. He leans forward closer, his eyes, intense and unwavering, boring straight into hers. She held her breath as he inches close to her lips and hovers over them predatorily. He smirks seeing the spark of attraction and anticipation in his prey eyes. However, in a split second, Geet lets out a low hiss of pain as he roughly pulls her hair from her roots.

“Aayenda ye galati bhi mat karna” he jeers in his sexy baritone voice, made to seduce on the spot.

“I take and own what I like on the spot”, he hauntingly whispers as he slides his lips and nose up her cheek and near her ear.

“Samjhe tum . . meri sexy Dare Devil” he huskily whispers nipping the edge of her earlobe and letting out a small chuckle.

“Or do I have to make you understand my way” he dangerously gazes deep inside her eyes and then back down to her delicious plump lips.

“I don’t have my phone on me. I gave it to my secretary before walking to the party last night” Geet whispers as calmly as she could, controlling the venom of her voice as well as her sherni side from springing out and backfiring against her. She was in a vulnerable position to be calling the shots at the moment.

Maan slides his finger down her cheek toward her neck. Geet sharply gasps feeling him slowly and challengingly go lower,” don’t” she pleads through her eyes.

“Chor diya” he shoves her away.

Maan: Itna bhi bura nahi hoon ki tum pehli baar mujhse koi cheez maango aur mein tumhe na doon.

Geet body relaxes as she let’s out a quiet sigh. However a moment too soon, as she finds herself being pulled by her wrist and getting twirled back into his chest.

She grits her teeth, trying to control her anger from springing out. She composes herself and slowly moves the gaze of her eyes up to meet his dark brooding intoxicating eyes, “lekin agli baar mujhse koi ummeed mat rakhna warna tumhara chota sa dil toot jayega”.

He smirks seeing the fear glistening in her eyes to the quivering of her lips, but finally lets her go.

He turns around and suddenly his eyes fall on some land ahead. He quickly loosens his tie and throws it behind himself. It falls straight over Geet’s neck. Geet looks up and sees him practically stripping.

His jacket and shirt he just unbuttoned lay beside him. Geet’s eyes enlarge seeing his muscles flex as he took them off.

She quickly covers her eyes with her hands, seeing him reach for his black tee tank and rolling it off his Greek God like of a body. Still she saw his toned muscular body threw the cracks of her hands, not being able to resist the temptation.

She could feel her heart beat pounding against her chest. She rules it as the fear of him trying to take her izzaat.

Maan turns around at the same moment as he removes his masquerade mask, throwing it at Geet, making her catch it and forcing her to remove her hands from her eyes.

The second she moves the gaze of her eyes up, coming face to face with the devil in front of her, she got the wind knocked out of her. “Tum” a silent whispers escapes from her lips, as she stumbles back a little from the shock, hitting the edge of the boat and losing her balance.

Waiting to hit the cold waves of the sea, instead she felt him entwine his fingers with her hand and hold her from falling.

With one tug he pulls her close, his lips caressing the side of her cheek, ” I am a different kind of Devil. . .the one you can’t resist! Wait until you see the rest of me” he shamelessly winks at her, before launching himself into the war with a rope in his hand.

Geet falls on her knees, her legs failing on her. It was him all along.

The moment he saves her from the water.

The moment her eyes followed him when she gained consciousness.

The moment he falls more on her as Pinky misses and hits him with the volleyball.

The moment he humiliates her left right and center, for simply accidently bumping into him.

The moment he dances with her at the party.

The moment she made out with him, drank, and dirty danced with him.

And the moment he claimed to own her.

All the moments flashed before her eyes, her whole being getting ripped as forbidden TOXIC feelings cut and slashed open through the closed doors of her heart.

Her fingers started to curl and scrunch his mask that lay in her hands, suppressing the anger pumping in her veins. She moves the gaze of her eyes from his mask toward him, intently watching him swim with the rope around his body, pulling the boat to shore.

Tears were brewing in her eyes, but she kept silent and just continued to stare at him.


” You slipped sleeping pills in their drinks and now you don’t know where they went?” Adi yelled in shock.

“I was trying to save my Best Friend! I won’t let Maan ruin her”, Pinky retorted back!

“I don’t think Maan is the real threat here. Take a look at your so-called innocent friend”.

“Don’t you dare raise a finger on her character its because of you filthy perverted men that she is such a lost soul”, Pinky huffed not being able to handle hearing her best friend’s character character keep on getting insulted.

“She was all over Maan last night and you call that a lost soul? More like a desperate gold-digger”,Adi rolls his eyes!

Pinky scoffs, and then narrows her eyes as she walked up closer to Adi. She had enough of her best friend taking in insult after insult. She wasn’t going to pretend for her anymore.

“If you ask me, Maan looks like the Gold digger standing next to the one and only Geetangali Williams”, her eyes glinted with Pride as she took her best friend’s name.

” She is who” Adi steps back a little in shock.

“How can that be? She looked so. . . ‘

” Ordinary”, Pinky finishes his sentence.

 “Yeah. . way less glamorous. So not like her. I barely recognized her. Didn’t she disappear and run off with an Indian man she fell in love with on her trip to India a couple years ago”.

” If only. That’s what we made the media think to leave her alone. If there is one thing I regret doing in my life, it is sending her to India that summer” Pinky turns around, her voice trails down to only a soft whisper.

“Pinky ma’am we searched this whole yacht, no sign of Geet Madam, except that one escape boat is missing”, Armaan the head security leader of Geet informed Pinky, bringing her thoughts back from the past to the present.

“What! I want the security team searching from the air and water. Dispatch the helicopters and motorboats now. I want you to search every inch of this sea. I want her found before nightfall. She has to be found before Brij notices she is gone. Is that clear” she ordered loud and clear.

“Yes Ma’am. I won’t leave one stone unturned to find her”.

“You told me you were a secretary, but you left out the part that you are the secretary of one of the most beautiful and powerful woman on the planet on our first date Pinky” Adi whispers still taken aback.

” I’m her best friend before anything else. Now if i remember your best friend is lost too. .send your men to find him. The more the numbers the faster they will get found”.


Maan springs out of the water, running his wet jet black hair back with his hand, his muscles oozing out of his biceps. Sunrays bounced off his body, feeling ashamed of not being nearly as flaming hot as this man popping out of the sea. Water so sensuously yet tortuously dripped and slid down the road map of his toned carved abs. Turning his face to the side, one could catch a view of his dark brooding and unwavering eyes above his perfect M shaped lips. He fully turns around, but sees the boat empty. Turning his head around in a circle, he finds his sexy daredevil walking with the empty alcohol bottle they had drunk from the previous night. Here he was giving a sexy view of his body and there she was walking away from it. Well that’s certainly a first for someone like Maan singh Khurana. Suddenly she earns Maan’s attention back by breaking the alcohol bottle on a rock. Maan watches her lean down and pick up a sharp big piece of glass, using it to cut her dress. ” already pleasing me I see” He watches with an amused grin, nonchalantly leaning against the boat as she worked magic on her dress, or used to be dress. Now it looked like a skirt with a sleeveless tank, boy did she know her thing with fabric.

Suddenly Geet could feel fingers wrapping around her exposed navel. She abruptly turns around, pinning the sharp piece of glass right near the nape of his neck.

“Dare to touch me again and I will slice you”, she hisses through her lips at the edge of his chin from behind him.

“If you’re the devil, I am the Dare Devil as I was rightly named by yours truly! Oh and yes I dare to do a lot of things to the DEVIL” she purrs challenging him with the spark in her eyes oozing out through her black lacy mask as she presses pressure on the blade, letting some blood squeeze out of his neck.

She drags the tip of the glass dangerously down to his heart and immediately stops. She could hear and feel his heart beat quicken. She inhales sharply, taken by surprise to a land and time far far away.

“Next time it will go all the way through, trust me on that”. She walks away without one glance back, tossing his mask right back at him, leaving a Devil with a hurt ego as his eyes watched her slim figure walk away from him. She really didn’t know who she was messing with or did she? He would just have to show her. His jaw clenched, lips in a straight line, and eyes going to predator mode as he watched her walk away from him.


Geet left abruptly for a reason. She just could no longer constrain her bottled up emotions inside her. This was a cruel twist of fate. The universe mocking her, taunting her! She started to run, knowing that she was away from Maan’s sight. She ran as fast as she could, wanting the earth to swallow her and make her disappear. She finally comes to a stop as her feet splash into the water. She blankly looks out to the grand vast blue sea, toxic memories flooding through her mind, consuming and overpowering her. Her emotions and breath were clumped at the end of her throat, making it hard to breathe, as it tries to rip from her throat looking for escape.

“AAAHHH”, Geet lets out a cry. Her legs fail on her. She instantly comes crashing down on her knees against the small ripples of water, letting all the bottled emotion rip from her throat, from her soul.


That cry, although very faint from the distance, startled Maan. His heart was growing anxious and restless. His thoughts immediately wonder off to her. Was she okay? Worry was starting to creep its way into his heart. Why did he feel he was responsible? Why did that cry feel so familiar? He throws the logs of wood he was carrying and starts to run. Where to he had no idea, but he had to just know she was okay.


It was almost sun set, and here he was still searching for her, starving, physically exhausted, and worried sick for her. Frustrated he slams his fist against the trunk of a tree, his knuckles cracking from the pain, but not once did he flinch. A coconut falls loose and rolls down the ground, but suddenly stops. Maan moves the gaze of his eyes, suddenly freezing in place.

“Tum”, he breathes a sigh of relief to see she was okay.

But that lasted for only a couple seconds before he started to walk over to her like he was going to eat her for dinner. Yes he was that flaming angry.

“stay away from me. I am warning you”, Geet says trying to decipher what was on his mind and why he was so angry.

“I still have my weapon”, she threatens holding tight against the sharp piece of glass as her back collides to the trunk of a tree.

But not once did Maan remove his deadly glare from her, intimidating her. She tries to leave from the left, but he blocks her with his right muscular arm. She tries to leave from the other side, but yet again he blocks her with his left arm. Here she was caged inside his arms, where not even for one second did he remove his killer deadly gaze from her.

“jaane dijiye mujhe Mister Devil”, she gathers up the courage and looks straight in his eyes with the same attitude and intensity.

“Tum apne apko samajte kya ho”, he starts his blast a millisecond after she opens her mouth.

“Tumhare maan mein jo ayega woh tum karogi aur mein karre roke dekhta rahoonga” he hisses, his eyes enlarging and glaring down more on her.

“I don’t understand what you are saying. Slow down a little–“

Maan hastily covers her mouth with his hand harshly.

“Kuch mat bolo! Tumhe iss kaanch ke tukde se mujhe iss tarah dhamka ke mujhse kuch bhi kehne ka haq kho diya hain. Jab chaha kiss kar diya. . aur jab chaha dhamki de di agar dobara choone ki koshish ki tho . . Asal mein tum aurton ko samjhane ki koshish nahi karni chahiye..kyunki tum sab giri hui ho.. samjhi”?

Geet had heard about enough. Her hindi was not that great, especially when someone speaks at bullet speed, but she could pick out what was important, and she heard enough! She tries to struggle out of his hold, tries to say something, but his hand wouldn’t let her. He wasn’t finished talking and venting out his anger.

“Maybe I should say it in plain English for you to understand! Who are you to make me worry and run after you like a crazy worried lover'”, Maan stops short in shock, realizing what choice of words slipped from his mouth.

Geet uses the opportunity to struggle out and break free from his hard hold, throwing his arm off to the side. She brings the shard of glass in her hand up to defend herself against him, when he angrily grabs it mid air.

His eyes were blazing furiously towards her, his fingers tightening around the shard of glass with more force and pressure.

“Let go! Let got of it MAAN”, she yelped in worry seeing blood drip down. Not realizing that in that same moment he would let go and smear his blood filled hand over her maang.


She gasps sharply in shock, her world stopping for a good few seconds.

He slides his finger down her cheek, pinning her chin up and bringing her lips closer to his, whispering, ” Your mine now. I can do as I wish. Touch you wherever I WANT! I told you not to mess with the Devil in me! Don’t say I didn’t warn you”.

Still in shock, she moves her hand shakily up to her maang. A part of her refusing to believe he would stoop so low, even for a Devil.

She winces in anguish feeling the wet liquid against her fingers.

“You had already proven to me a long time ago that you were a Devil, but now let’s see if you are a man to live up to the marriage you just did with the masked woman you met last night”.

Maan looked on quiet and perplexed, not sure exactly where the confidence and strength shining in her eyes came from or what she really meant behind those words.

“Go ahead since you did the honor of marrying me against my will, you will also have the honor of removing my mask and seeing who you just got married to. Don’t say I didn’t warn you” she mocked, using his own words against him.

Maan raises his hand, rather slowly, which didn’t go unnoticed by Geet.

“You should be scared Mister Devil” she scoffs, putting up a strong image in front of him. She had already done her crying earlier. There was no room for feeling broken. She was going to fight back as hard and impossible that may seem to sound.

Maan had heard enough, and hastily reaches for her mask. He removes it slowly downward, first revealing her forehead, then her perfectly beautiful arched eyebrows to her big brown eyes. . .

“THUD!” The sound of the mask hitting the hard ground echoed loudly through the rather silent moment as realization soaked in. The mask had slipped from his very fingers, dropping to the ground as he stepped back in an utter state of shock.

“Nice to see you too again Mr. Stranger, but don’t worry I won’t let you have the honor of being my husband. I don’t believe in these traditional Indian baqwas anyway. I threw them away with the same stuff I threw you out with”.

“Get out of my face Mishty”, Maan utters coldly, still trying to register what he just did and with whom.

” It’s Miss Williams to you and if I knew it would be that easy for you to keep your hands to yourself I would of showed you my face earlier. Oh wait I did yesterday on the beach. Nice try hiding the fact that you didn’t recognize me, but we both know how well you know my body with or without clothes” she taunts him, smoldering her words with the very pain he had inflicted on her a long time ago, before turning to walk away.

“One more thing before I leave. I may be half Indian, but I still know a pretty good chunk of hindi to know that running after me like a crazy worried lover is the wrong English translation of what you said in hindi, but I am sure you knew that” she smirks throwing his devilish smile right back at him before turning around to leave.

Suddenly Maan grabs her wrist and slams her back against the tree, crushing her with his chest.

“Nothing changes the fact that I am capable of anything. I am the Devil remember! And since you have experienced that first hand, don’t test me! Don’t make me prove you wrong once again Mishty. . because this time you won’t even have the strength to put back together the broken pieces of your heart” he rages out to her, boring his brooding eyes and holding her captive with not only his eyes but by her shoulders harder than necessary, clenching her close.

One question remained, what was the source that was fueling his anger when he was the one who broke her heart? How come he is the one that gets to be angry when it should be the other way around!

There was no time for Geet to find out the answer to that question, because all that was registering inside her was how close he was to her in the heat of the moment. He was too close, dangerously close, this time with no barriers of a mask, staring deep into her eyes, as she holds his anxious, burning gaze for a moment or maybe it was forever.

Eventually, her attention falls upon his delicately sculptured mouth. She was paralyzed with a strange, unfamiliar need. The need and yearn to be kissed at that very moment never seemed to ache so much before. She wanted to be kissed, wanted to feel his mouth on her. Her eyes close in response to her insatiable thirst.

I close my eyes and dive,
Into the toxicity that is you!
You are poisonous,
Steadily killing me.
I’m addicted,
I need to have it!
The slow slow death,
The toxicity that is you!

Maan could feel the same electrifying and magnetic pull between them. He had seen that look in Geet’s eyes before, almost making him feel guilty, and he knew what would come next. He wanted to pull away, before it was too late. Desire explodes like the fireworks of Fourth of July the millisecond Maan hungrily slams his lips against her’s.

Geet kisses him back, matching his fervor, her hands knotting in his hair, pulling it, hard. He groans, a low sexy sound in the back of his throat that rings through Geet. His hand slowly moves down her body to the top of her thigh, his fingers digging into her flesh through her skirt, feelings of more exhilarating pleasure than pain seeps into her core. She moans into his mouth, giving his tongue an opening.

And how could the Devil in him not take full advantage? His tongue immediately, but expertly explores and tastes all the corners of her mouth. Geet decides to join him by stroking his tongue with hers as if in a slow sensual dance. They stood there for what seemed like eternity, losing themselves in each other. Geet enjoyed every bit of being pinned against his rough hungry hold with his hips restraining her, when suddenly she felt his erection against her stomach.

Only one thing ran through her heart to her brain, “He wants me” she breaks free, eyes lighting up brighter than a little kid getting the exact gift they wanted for Christmas.

But alas, it was short lived, “I hate you. With all my heart I hate you”, she fights back the heavy lump of emotion building in her throat and coldly blurts it out looking straight into his eyes, as if looking for an answer.

“You can add that to the long list of other meaningless kisses that has transpired between us” she lowly mutters getting the answer she needed, pushing his hands off him and turning to walk away.

“Mishty”, he calls out to her lovingly just like he always once did, making Geet freeze as the toxic sensations make the cells in her body surrender in defeat.

ToXic LoVe: Chapter 4


“Undying Fire”

“Mishty”, he calls out to her lovingly just like he always once did, making Geet freeze as the toxic sensations make the cells in her body surrender in defeat.

“It’s Miss WILLIAMS,” she hisses turning around once she had composed herself in the same moment Maan slams a cocoanut into a rock, snapping it half.

“You have wasted quite a lot of energy on me, you should eat up Miss Williams”,he offers calmly to her.

Geet could have sworn she saw a trace of a grin on his face, but she was honestly famished to start another fight with him.

She takes it in a huff and goes sits down against the trunk of the tree. She tips the coconut and starts to drink from it. She didn’t realize how hungry she was until she had quenched every last drop of the coconut, some coconut juice even spilling and rolling down her chin.

Maan watched her with a little surprise, but amused eyes, a little grin playing on the corner of his lips.

“Don’t be so selfish. Let me in as to what is so funny”, Geet blurts out, twitching her nose, as she puts the coconut down.

Maan let’s out a small sigh, before getting up and walking over to her. He leans down, gently wiping the coconut juice below her lip and chin. Her skin tingling as his thumb traced over her lower lip. The awkward realization hits Geet, and she was looking everywhere except at him.

“Here. .i have had enough. You can have the rest of mine”, Maan offers avoiding eye contact.

” No thanks. I don’t want anymore. You can stop the nice act, doesn’t suit the Devil. You are making a mockery of him”.

“Look Mishty'”, Geet shoots him a deadly glare. “I mean Miss Williams. There is only one way we can get through this till our rescue teams finally find us. Why they are taking so long, I will deal with them later. But I know you hate me or you just love to make out with me . .” he bites his lip from trying not to grin.

Geet smacks his arm. “Ouch just let me finish woman! Only 20 minutes after the wedding and she it beating me up. If I remember correctly I was all ready to have our SR, but you ruined the mood so don’t blame me. . it’s not to late though” he smirks inching closer to her lips.

Geet was ready to chop him up, her eyes enlarging with the nerve of him. She grabs him by his collar, ” Teri toh”.

“Teri toh”, he repeats, raising an eyebrow, grabbing her wrists that were holding him by his collar.

He tugs her close with one pull, “This is just crazy Mishty” He runs his nose along her jaw line running his hands up from the grainy sand up to her smooth legs to the core of her spine.

“If you don’t steer clear from me, then there won’t be any hope in us left” He closes his eyes as if in defeat, placing a chastising kiss at the nape of her neck.

“you will expect more and I wont be able to give that to you so– “

“You honestly think I could love you after what you did to me? After the things you put me through?”, Geet cuts him off looking straight deep into his unwavering eyes.

“It turns out falling for the devil turns you into a devil” she naughtily bites her lip as she fixes her position and sits on his lap, wrapping her legs around his hips.

“So if you ask me, you should steer clear from me because I know all your tricks while you know nothing of the new Mrs. Devil”, she seductively whispers, driving her nails up his chiseled abs, feeling his stomach curl in with her torturous touch.

He lets out a soft groan, “Mishty”.

“Yes”, she leans closer to his face, bringing his chin up with her index finger.

“I am still the one with no heart”, he gives her a quick yet slow blistering kiss.

“So I guess I will always win” he softly whispers, with a small grin playing on the corner of his lips as he breaks away from her.

“Now if your Mrs.Devil act is over we should get going. The sun is setting and we should get back to where the boat is and build a little campsite for the night”, he immediately stands up.

Geet nodes, getting up, and both start to walk side by side rather quietly. There minds using the quiet moment to register everything. Still felt surreal, a trick of the heart, or maybe a dream? Could fate be this cruel? Maan sneakily glances at her from the corner of his eyes. Even meeting after a gap of 2 years, didn’t serve justice to them. The flames of their toxic attraction were still burning like wildfire between their bodies. Just when Maan looks away from her, it was Geet’s turn to sneak a glance at him. However, neither could deny the wounds and scars that were undeniable proofs of what broke them apart. So many questions swimming in Geet’s eyes. . . So many answers the Devil refuses to hear.

“ahh”, Geet yelps a little too late, as both of them fall against the cold shivery waves of the sea.

It happened so fast. One second she was falling and the next second her head falls right against his chest.

“Ta-DUM Ta-Dum-Ta-DUM”, his heart pounded against her ear, a heart he said he didn’t have.

She moves her head up slowly, meeting his eyes, and a part of her wished she hadn’t. It was like she was hooked, spell bounded by his captivating brooding eyes. He was looking down at her, his gaze hooded, his eyes darkening, both of them completely oblivious to the fact that they were in cold chilly ripples of water. Not to forget to mention Geet’s stinging sensation on her foot was the least of her concern at the moment.

Geet finally lets go of the breath she didn’t even realize she was holding, her hormones racing.

“Mishty”, he huskily whispers moving his hand toward her cheek. His words do what they always did to her, flame her blood, and quicken her pulse.

Her breathing alters the second his hand touches her wet cheek, moving some loose strands of her hair and gently placing them behind her ear. Her skin tingling in every place his fingers traced. The setting couldn’t be anymore romantic with the sun setting and both of them lost in the sea of each other’s eyes.

Maan leans closer to seal the gap between their lips, “I’m ..I’m’s-s-so s-so-rrr-y. .I tr-r-ipp-ed” she shivered moving the gaze of her eyes down, trying to save her self from slipping to a point of no return.

Maan snaps out of his trance. “It’s okay. . come on. Lets get you out of this cold water” he slips his arms around her out and carries her out of the water. He mentally kicks himself in the gut. What was wrong with him? Why couldn’t he get a grip of himself! “Stay away from her Maan! It’s over! You sought to that yourself remember” he mentally screams at himself.

“arreh wah, The Devil being protective over his special girl? Kya baat hai” a voice zipped through him, mocking him.

“She is not special” he yells.

“what” Geet asks confused by his sudden burst.

“huh. .nothing. We are here” he quickly puts her down.

“I’m . .I’m going to get some wood for the fire” he leaves immediately, not waiting for an answer.

Geet just curls herself into a ball, trying to keep warm, her eyes lingering on him as his shadow fades into the trees.


“What do you mean you haven’t found them yet” Pinky yelled as she spoke on the phone with Armaan.

“I don’t care just find them FAST”, Pinky hangs up exasperated.

“Pinky calm down. Everything is going to be okay. At least they have each other. We will find them” Adi comforted Pinky, who was a wreck with worry.

“Brij is flying from Hollywood back home in just a few hours. What am I going to tell him once he notices his younger sister is not home? Not only is she not home she is missing! He will make everyone’s life hell if he finds out, especially Geet’s”.

” Don’t worry. We will figure something out” he hugs pinky trying to ease her worry.


After a long while Geet decides to go look for Maan herself. She was freezing to death waiting for him.

The second she got up, she squirms back to the ground, hissing in pain. Before she could fall Maan catches her.

“You just love falling into my arms don’t you? It seems old habits do die hard”, he grins putting her back on her feet.

“If only that night I had fallen in the arms of a true Hero, like Dev, instead of the arms of the villain. Maybe then I would have been living in my Prince’s castle right now instead of being stranded here with you”,Geet grins even bigger, turning around trying to hide her pain from Maan as she sat down and tried to get a glimpse of burning sensation on her foot.

Maan abruptly turns her around by her leg.

“Pretty and innocent girls like you always fall for the bad guy”, he hoarsely whispers as he looks and lightly blows on the small gash on the bottom of her foot, making Geet’s insides unfurl and melt.

“I consumed you, Flamed your blood,” he moves the gaze of his eyes up, and looks straight at her, as if puncturing into her soul.

“you didn’t even know who I was, but that didn’t even stop you. In fact it invited you more in” , he wraps the handkerchief he took out of his trousers tightly around her foot.

“Dev was never a choice. .it was always me”, he get’s up and throws his jacket to her.

” Your freezing. Wear it. It will take some time till I can get the fire started”, Maan nonchalantly utters as he bends down rubbing two rocks together, to spark the fire.

Geet just continued to look at him, silently. She watched him try to make the fire, analyzing every inch of his move, simply waiting. She lets out a small sigh, tearing the gaze of her away from him and looking out to the sea. Maan looks at her from the corner of her eyes, to find her bending down next to him. She takes the rocks from his hands without making any eye contact. She blankly looks at the rocks in her hands, ” kamal ka devil ho aap”.

“One second you pour salt on my wounds, and the next second your trying to mend to those wounds”.

“I am no doctor, but it seems you are suffering from love bipolar. But don’t worry, just like I made you Maan Singh Khurana, just like my money made you Maan singh khurana. . .Both my money and I will be here for you to get you through this” ,flames of fire abruptly burst open, as if on cue.

Geet puts the rocks aside, and looks straight at Maan, “But for now, have a good night Mr.Stranger. It’s good to know at least one thing that is not fake about you is that you live up to each name you have for yourself”, she shoves his jacket back into his arms.

She walks over to the other side of the fire and lays her head down against her arm. She let the warmth and crackling sound of the fire burning be her lullaby, until her eyes became heavy and sleep consumed her.

Maan watched her intently through the flames of the fire, his mind traveling back to 2 years back.


“Omg I can’t believe I just set foot to India eeeks” Geet practically screamed in excitement through the phone.

“OUch my poor ear drums”, Pinky whined.

“I know you are excited and just want to go crazy. . maybe even run up and down the streets”, Pinky giggles.

” But don’t okay. It’s not safe to roam the streets at this time of night, especially not in the dress that you are wearing”.

“Oh come on Pinky. What’s wrong with my dress? It’s elegant and classy, just like the woman I am. Why, are you worried I may run away with the first man that purposely bumps into me?” Geet teases.

” Haha very funny. We both know blond, blue-eyed boys are your type, so don’t even try. I may be your best friend, but I am also your secretary, which you practically emotionally blackmailed into not letting any security and bodyguards accompany you. Brij will kill me if he finds out! We already lied to him that you are going to India for a business trip. Thank God he is busy shooting for his movie until you come back”.

“Hey it’s not a lie. This is both a vacation and business trip. Maybe the Indian culture will inspire me for my next project”.

” Alright alright. Have fun, you deserve it. Your driver is waiting for you. I will talk to you later. Muahh! Goodnight”, Pinky quickly hangs up the phone before Geet got a chance to say anything.

“What ? Driver?! Pinky that was not part of the plan! Hello? Pinky. .” Geet hangs up, irritatedly.

“Would it kill for someone to just let me live as a normal Indian civilian for just a few days” she rambled as she put her cell phone back in her bag.

It only took that small moment of taking her eyes off where she was walking to change her whole world. She collides against something hard, sending her twirling. She closed her eyes expecting to hit the hard cold ground when two pair of strong arms grabbed her by her waist as she held on to his neck for her dear life. It all happened so fast, one second she’s falling, and in the next second she is his arms, holding her tightly against his chest. With eyes still closed, she inhales his vital scent, which for some strange feeling felt familiar. Feeling intoxicated, she inhales deeply and dares to open her eyes. “Oh my” her breath now captive inside he throat. Her eyes trailing down his eyes, nose, down his stubble and to his perfectly sculptured M shaped lips.

“Watch where your going”, his baritone voice reverberates through her core.

He places her on her feet and walks away. Geet’s eyes follow and lingers a bit longer, watching him walk away.

“Geet Madam”, a voice calls out.

She turns around. “Hello Madam, I am your driver, Karan. The car is waiting out for you. Let me take your bags”.

Geet immediately turns back, her eyes searching for that stranger, but he was nowhere to be found. She gives up and turns back to Karan, “Here you go. Thank you, Karan” she smiles walking out with him to the car.

Maan comes out of the pillar he hid behind, and watched her completely flustered and dazzled form leave. Her beautiful big brown eyes haunting him as she walks out the door.


Maan comes out of his flashback. He gets up and walks over to Geet who was serenely sleeping against her own arm. He places his jacket over her, tucking her in.

He get’s up to leave, but takes one last glance at her. ” Love is for fools. Goodnight Mishty”,  he whispers before walking back to the other side of the fire and lying down on his arm, waiting for sleep to consume him as he stared as the flames of the fire, which seemed to be the mirror image of the fire burning inside him for many years now.

ToXic LoVe: Chapter 5


“No Return Policy to Stolen Hearts”

Morning arrives, with the sun stretching it’s blazing hot sun rays. Maan opens his eyes sleepily, but jolts up when he sees the fire out and Geet not there. “Mi—” he stops himself hearing a humming sound from the distance.

He quietly follows it, the humming sound getting louder the more he got closer to it. He immediately freezes with the sight in front of him. He closes his eyes, fighting with the sinful urge, temptation, and desire exploding within him.

“Oooh ooooh ooh” she continued to hum in her musical voice, seducing him.

He opens his eyes, surrendering in defeat and hides behind a tree letting himself get lost in her beauty. Geet was just below the waterfall, letting the water pour sensuously over her. She was lost in her own world, humming away. She was stretching her hands, and touching her body all over, wiping the sand and dirt off her body.

Maan inhales sharply, trying to tear his gaze away from her serene beauty, but he was paralyzed, spell bounded against his will. Her clothes were sticking to her body, showing her every curve, “la laaa laa” she hummed.

“Oh sweet lord”, he turns around placing his head against the trunk of the tree, eyes closed and hands turning to fists, trying to resist the urge. Something the Devil in him never did, but one cannot help but wonder, what secret lay behind the special rights he seems to give to his Mishty? Her toxic electric pull overpowers his defeated heart and body making his mind travel back in time once again.


It was a bright sunny day on the Goa beach. A sexy toned body was taking his morning jog. A pair of hazel majestic eyes flashes before him haunting him in daylight as it did the whole night since he saw her.  The electrical pleasurable shock that jolted through his body the moment she slammed into him at the airport, jump-starts his heart all over again. He continues to jog faster, shirtless as he was sweat glistened over his beautifully carved body, sunrays reflecting off him making him all the more beautiful. He swept breaths and killed hearts as he ran passed women in their bikinis. However this morning, he was to busy channeling against his own ravenous demons, in order to let his ego have some fun with the women. The memory of her pink luscious lips inches away from his own flashes right before his eyes, sending a rush of toxic waves down his body, his tense muscles clenching scrumptiously. He was now running so fast, his lungs were hurting and pounding for air. The smell of her mouthwatering scent still lingered near him, kicking his carnal hunger for her on overdrive. His body screaming for a break, for air, but he fought against it increasing his speed to the point he trips over his own two feet, falling face forward against the sand.

He just lies there, his head against the sand with eyes closed, not bothering to move as his body heaved up and down for air. His lungs throbbed and muscles pricked as he laid there, his demons grinning with victory.

He finally opens his fatigued eyes, to find his breath held captive inside his throat. He was left in awe, held prisoner against his will, his gaze locked on the anklet around her foot. He sucks in a sharp breath, his gaze slowly moving up higher to her sexy slender smooth legs while his demons growled in sheer desire. He tilts his head back to move his gaze higher, when she bends down extending her hand, “ Need a hand”, her voice soft, yet sultry.

“Thanks, but no thanks”, he gathers himself together, standing up before her in all his sexy glory.

“huh”, she twists her lips, as she curls her fingers and hand back, clearly offended.

“sorry I offered”, she bit back.

“That’s not the only thing you should be sorry about”.  She gasps silently at his audacity, as he referred to her accidently bumping into him the night before at the airport. Never did she experience a guy turning an eye away from her, but this guy went way passed that by lashing out with attitude on her.

“Try not to make it a habit”, he ushered coldly, exerting the intensity of his brooding eyes, as he closed in toward her face.

All Geet could feel was the electric pull she felt by his magnetic hold his brooding gaze had on her. He moves away from her without one glance back, “Don’t pride yourself into thinking I was even interested”, she challengingly threw back at him, making him freeze in place.

“Your not my type anyway. . I think I will stick to my American boys”, she coed in her sultry voice, that could turn any man hard right on the spot.

She nudges against his broad shoulder slightly, as she walks passed him, letting him feast on how she was no less, after all she was Geetangali Williams. She hadn’t ever felt so rejected in her life, and she didn’t like it. Foreign men always fell at her feet, so what made this guy any better? Oh whom was she kidding? This guy was a breed of his own, put foreign men to shame. He was beyond beautiful, the kind of guy that made a woman want to rip his shirt open and watch the buttons scatter along with her inhibitions. Oh my, Geet shocks herself with her naughty thoughts.  She couldn’t even explain it to herself. She never felt so damn attracted to a guy before, not many men caught her attention to be worthy of it. This hot stranger proved he was not worthy of her attention at all, yet she had to admit his attitude and arrogance only pulled her in closer. He was Toxic.

But she did feel insulted, as if he was too good for her. Maybe it was true, but she didn’t want to give him the benefit of the doubt. She blushes at the thought of what she was going to do. Pinky will certainly get a kick out of this.  Pinky always complained how she was so lucky that her innocent beauty alone was enough to bowl any man over. But for the first time that wasn’t enough. There is no harm in indulging in some naughtiness once in a while Geet justified to herself, and heads over to the nearest Beach Shower.

She slowly takes off her silky beach dress, showcasing the red bikini she had under. She then runs a hand through her hair, letting her wavy hair fall to the small of her back. Turning the knob, she lets the water sprinkle over her body. She sways her hands seductively down her body, feigning to be washing her body. Maan knew exactly what she was doing, but couldn’t tear his gaze away from her. She turns around, moving her hair to one side, and letting him get a view of her sexy back. Maan almost chocked on his own saliva, his eyes looked here and there, fighting the sinful urge, but they froze right back on her. She was. . beautiful.

Geet catches him staring and smiles to herself seeing him coming towards her. She pretends she doesn’t even see him coming. But it was so hard. The look he was giving as he approaches her, should be illegal. Geet snaps of his spell, bringing the gaze of her eyes down , as he neared her.  She bit her lip, her face flushing pink, as he came to stand in front of her.

“Try this trick on some other fool, as I’m simply not interested, but I bet he is”, Maan pushes some hot headed shirtless duffer who just about to pass them right into Geet.

“Have fun”, he shamelessly winks at her, walking off.

“Why hello there. His loss my gain”, the guy touches her inappropriately.

She kicks him in the groin and shoves him away, “Assholes” she cursed under her breath, her eyes still drawn and lingering over the sexy stranger walking away.. She was furious, and she had every right to be, so then why was she still staring at him.

Maan smirks almost in a loving manner at her cute and feisty antics. He had predicted as such from her, didn’t even have to turn around to prove it to himself. He knew.


Before Maan knew it, he is falling into the water.

“PERV”, Geet blurts outs as she pushes him into the water, letting him squabble in the water.

“You are one insane woman” Maan laughs, bringing his face out of the water and running a hand through his jet black wet hair.

“You are laughing and enjoying this”, Geet gaped at him with amusement and astonishment.

“After the show I got to see, not even you could ruin my blissful cloud 9 moment”, he flashes his heart skipping crooked smile at her, letting himself fall and float over the water.

“Unbelievable! I went through all this hard work and labor to find some food for us and while I am cleaning myself up you take the opportunity to – ”

“watch my Sexy Dare Devil give me pleasure. . well then yes. . . I guess I did. Why don’t tell me this time you were really taking a shower and not planning to seduce me like in Goa?” he implores winking at her.

“haawwww. . noooo,” she starts throwing the bananas she had found for themselves to eat right at him, trying to hide her flushed face at the memory of their encounter in Goa.

“Oh shit”, Maan ducked right in time.

“hahaha you missed—”, Maan gets cut off as another banana came flying toward his head.

This time Geet laughs, “You were saying” and throws another banana at him, but he doesn’t move and was sinking down into the water.

Worry shoots right through her body. “MAAN”, she screams immediately jumping inside the water.

“No. .no . .MAAN wake up. . MAAN”, she was on the verge of crying as she shook his body.

“You have to kiss me and I will miraculously come back to life”, he whispers with only one eye open, then immediately closes it, waiting for his kiss.

“Go to hell!”, she shoves his head back into the water and walks off.

“Mishty”, he calls out as he holds her back by her wrist.

“choro mujhe”, she yells, struggling to break free from him, without showing any eye contact.

“Nahi chorunga toh?”, he pulls her into his arms.

“ Mishty. . look at me. I said look at me”!

“No! I said let me go! I hate you”, she yanked and tugged to break free.

“Chup bilkul chup”, he rages, holding both of her arms behind her back.

“Stop being such a drama queen! It was a joke!”, he hisses bringing her chin up, and forcing her to look straight at him.

That’s when a tear cascades down her eye.

“Mishty”, Maan whispers with both surprise and concern in his voice, his anger vanishing.

“ It was just a joke. A banana can’t kill me. Come on don’t ruin the mood”.

“You really are the devil”, another tear crawls down her eyes.

“ Just let me go. Please. . .”, she pleads.

Maan let’s her go, confused and shocked.

“I thought you hated me. Anybody in your place would want me dead. Heck, with your kind of power, they would of already done it and gotten away with it!”

“huh . .just forget it. You’re the devil. You wouldn’t understand anyway”, she wipes her tears away and walks out of the water, leaving Maan shocked and bewildered out of his mind.


A few moments later, Geet was watching the waves crash with each other. Blankly throwing pebbles and watching them skid against the water.

Maan comes and sits right beside her.

“You still love me you paagal larki”, he utters coldly throwing a pebble alongside her.

“you wish”, Geet sneers.

“ I wish you didn’t”, he scoffs harshly.

“Well I don’t. Now leave me alone or so help me I will go to devil mode”, she snarls, her eyes dangerously flashing, glaring deep into his eyes.

He pulls her in with a jerk. His hand clutched her wrist tightly, pulling her close, lips inches away.  He could tell that it hurt her, her large brown eyes winced and a whimper escaped through her lips, as if he gave a damn.

“oh really”, his voice was dangerously husky and tempting.

“Nice try my sexy dare devil, if only I could believe you”, he growls brushing his lips against hers.

Though her body was filling with outrage, her body defies her as soon as he touches her. She remains immobilized as his toxic lips traced up the line of her jaw, up to her ear.

“Get off me”, she composes her emotions and shoves his face away from her.

Maan fists his hand in her hair, pulling her back, and cupping the back of her head, forcing her to crush her lips against his.

She protested, tried to push him away, dug her nails into his skin trying to pry him off. It was all of no use, he was too strong.  She even wondered if he even felt her futile attempts. He penetrates her mouth, slipping in his tongue. At that point, she stopped struggling. She let him aggressively assault her lips.

The sound of the helicopter came to her rescue.

“That should remind you who you are in love with”, he chuckles, flashing his devilish smirk as he releases her lips, panting.

He shoves her to the side, standing up, and fixing his shirt, which was being wrestled by his sexy dare devil a couple seconds ago.

Geet laid on the ground, her eyes glaring dangerously, watching him walk away from her unashamed with a head held high. She fought back the tears of rage and pain, erupting and shooting through her veins.

The helicopter descends down, with Pinky and Adi immediately coming out. Even from above both had seen Maan and Geet’s intimate moment.

“Finally, took you long enough”, Maan chides and heads inside the helicopter.

But Pinky dared to block his way. She signals with her big angry eyes to look behind himself.

Maan rolls his eyes and turns around to meet with a punch right against his jaw. The world stood still, watching the great Maan Singh Khurana get punched.

Adi looked to the right and then to the left continuously, his jaw dropped in shock. Completely blown away with what he just witnessed. Maan stood frozen holding his jaw with his hand.

“Himmat hai toh meri taraf dhek”, Geet huffs, her eyes burning with toxic fury.

To Geet’s surprise Maan not only comes closer, but also dares to glare his brooding eyes straight at her.

“Finish what you have to say already, I have seen enough of you to last me 7 lifetimes and would like to get back to my life”, he spit out angrily.

“Jao! Mein kaun hoon, tumhe rokne ka, tera biwi!” she snarls, gritting her teeth.

“ oh teri. . How could I forget. . Mein to sach much tumhari biwi hoon ”, she feigns sarcastically in a sweet innocent voice.

“someone catch me” Pinky practically faints into Adi’s arms.

“Joh bhi hoon mein tumhari, before you leave do give me a farewell gift and shove this devil image up your ass, because all you are is a COWARD” she hisses, deadly venom springing from her voice.

“You even had me fooled all this time”, she grabs him by the collar of his shirt.

“Merely three little words. Only eight damn letters! But you couldn’t say it. Not 2 years back, not even now”, her voice cracks on her as the pain overshadows her anger.

“ Haan! Main abhi bi tumse pyaar karti hoon!Aur hamesha kiliye karte rahoongi Mister DEVIL” she yelled, pulling and crushing his shirt into a ball in her fist.

“Because you are my FIRST LOVE! And nothing you can do will change that fact, no matter how much you try to push me away. . Samjhe tum Mister Devil!”, she shoves him away distastefully, turning toward the helicopter.

She stops, turning her head to the right.

“You lost Mister DEVIL. Leave and don’t ever look back, because I don’t ever plan on returning your precious heart that I stole from you”.

She turns to leave. Armaan opens the door for Geet and gives her a hand, helping her get inside.

“ So it was you. You better disappear, or I assure you I will see to it that you do” Pinky glares at him.

“Arrogant harami”, she scoffs under her breath, and heads inside the helicopter.

“ Pinky inform Rajesh to come fetch us. Maan won’t be flying in this helicopter. He has done enough damage” Adi says in a low voice.

“ You sure you will be okay staying with. .him”, Pinky asks.

“ yeah we got a lot to talk about anyway. See you soon okay”.

“ Alright. Bye”, Pinky forces on a smile before getting inside the helicopter.

The helicopter flies away, but Maan still remained immobile, like a statue. He couldn’t see passed red. He was filling with so much fury at the moment that he could destroy anything that came in his way.

Adi’s eyes falls on something sparkly in the sand. He bends down and realizes it’s an anklet.

“Isn’t this the anklet you —” Maan signals him with his finger to not say another word.

He moves passed Adi, before he could say anything else. He walks all the way into the crashing wave, but not even that was enough to extinguish the internal fire burning within him, suffocating him whole.

He closes his blood shot eyes, lonely embracing the gut wrenching pain, which never seized to reprehend him.

“Aaaaaaaaahh”, the roar of anger ripped out of his dry throat with arms trembling with rage.

Adi felt so helpless, watching his bestfriend scream his heart out to the sky, to the universe. “Tum aur tumhari pyaar unko devil banaya. . .Geet! Tu kya jaanti”, he whispers, staring at her anklet.

Pre-cap #1:

Pinky and Geet have a little fight.

“If you think this is the phase. . then maybe you never really knew me Pinky. The phase was when I let the media think I disappeared, became anti-social, changed my dress style and lived in disguise.. . and for WHO? For a coward who didn’t even want to find me to begin with?” she scoffs.

“ Toh theek hai . . I guess it’s time for me to come out of hiding”.

Pre-cap #2:

Maan was rubbing his fingers around his drink of scotch, as his eyes watched the anklet that lay on the counter. Suddenly the glass shatters between his fingers, anger pulsating through his veins.  What will the Devil do, leave like Geet said?


If you have to read this one more time, do so, and pay attention to every single word and detail. There should be one thing that should really stand out to you, and make you question how that could even be possible? Maybe giving you a hint into what really is going on between Maaneet. If you have to read the first flashback I gave about how they met, which was in the previous chapter, do so. It might help.

I think I will be giving one more big flashback in the next chapter, which will reveal how Maaneet become close and then seperated. But that’s just one piece of the puzzle to this toxic love that run in both Maan and Geet’s blood.

I know people are confused about Geet’s character, as she was innocent and in a salwar suit in the beach in California, but she is so different and bold now and in Goa. The next chapter will reveal why that is so. The precap gives a little hint to it. Just give me some time to build the story and all the confusion will be cleared. The story will definitely take a different turn from here on out and move the story forward a little. 

One thing I will reveal is that Adi knows who Geet is. Knew from the very first day in the Beach that Maan and Geet knew each other  , just hid it from Pinky and Geet. 

Plz do comment. I need to go how you guys liking the story. Kind of in a rush so please do excuse any mistakes.

I hope you guys like this blog as well. Not fully completely made the blog, but will slowly organize everything on here.



ToXic LoVe: Chapter 6


“Kismat ka Khel”

Geet angrily pours herself a drink of vodka, her gaze intently looking out the helicopter window.

Pinky stood there waiting for her to look at her, or at least start somewhere with an explanation. What the heck happened? How did her life turn so upside down after that day on the beach? A part of her felt guilty for forcing her to come to the beach that day, otherwise she wouldn’t be in such a mess right now.

“That’s it! Now I know why you stood silent that day on the beach. You didn’t say anything back, you continued to play with the pretense of not recognizing each other”, Pinky breaks the silence, trying to put the pieces of their toxic love relationship together since Geet wasn’t doing the honors.

“ Pinky please. I don’t want to talk about him. Those who are from the past, stay in the past”, she chugs her drink of vodka down in one gulp.

“ Is that why you are drinking the pain of your past away? To forget”, Pinky lightly pats her leg, in order to comfort her and let her know she was here.

“ Pinky stay out of this”, Geet harshly removes her hand and pours more vodka in her glass.

Pinky hurt with her dejection blasts back,“ No you listen to me! You just declared to him this morning that you love him, and now you don’t even want to talk to me about it? So much for being best friends yaar”!

“It’s best for you if you forget what you saw this morning. It’s between me and him. Don’t even think about telling Brij about all this. I will deal with that load of your job myself”, Geet yet again gulps down her glass.

“Oh and there is my cue”, Geet says jumping out of the helicopter as soon as it landed, leaving behind a dumfounded Pinky to fend for herself. It was the very first time Geet treated her more like a secretary than her best friend.

“Oh no you don’t! Geet wait! You have a lot of answers to give me! Geet!” Pinky shouts trying to catch up to her.

But she didn’t stop. She popped herself on a motorcycle, her hands slipping around Armaan’s chest. “You will get your answers once I get mine.” She signals for Armaan to go.

Pinky hastily grabs Geet by her upper arm. “This is not the Geet I brought back from the beach two days ago. You have become a whole different person ever since you ran into Maan. Now I would really appreciate it if you could let your best friend know what the hell is going on. .with you. . .with him”,Pinky tries to control herself from losing her cool.

“Answer me Geet. This crazy phase you are going through is not funny, and I am tired of being worried sick about you when you run off, oh and hide the fact that you are married from your own best friend! What…when? Talk to me damn it Geet”!

“If you think this is the phase, then maybe you never really knew me Pinky. The phase was when I let the media think I disappeared, became anti-social, changed my dress style and lived in disguise… and for WHO? For a coward who didn’t even want to find me to begin with”, she scoffs.

“ Toh theek hai . . I guess it’s time for Angie Williams to come out of hiding. I will text you the specifics soon. Ciao darling”, Geet gives her a light kiss on the cheek, before giving the signal and speeding away with Armaan.

Pinky stood frozen as she watched her leave with her top bodyguard, Armaan. Her words rang and plays back inside Pinky’s head, clouding her judgment of whether she should be happy or sad. She had waited for 2 years for this moment, but now something just felt off and fishy.

“Be it Angie or Geet, you already lost yourself once. Just follow your heart and you will find yourself Geetangalie Williams”, Pinky mumbles to herself lost in thought.


A couple hours later, it was almost three in the afternoon, when an angry young man jumps out of his helicopter.

“Maan listen to me—”

“Adi! Just do as I say. Get my private jet ready. I will be leaving right as soon as I tell Daadi”, Maan cuts Adi off.

“I won’t let you walk away from her for the third time Maan. You two are meant to be, and this time I won’t help you escape from your fate”, Adi whispers to himself, while his gaze followed Maan heading into his mansion.

He took the opportunity to take out his phone and dials a number.


“Thank you for calling me. I knew something like this would definitely happen. Don’t worry I have called for back up.  Things will happen the way I want it to this time. But yes you are right, I don’t know why God has blessed me with such stubborn grandsons”, Daadima hangs up.

Maan stops inside his tracks only hearing the part where she was complaining to God.

“Daadi”, he says in a low voice.

She turns around almost runs toward him with tears in her eyes, but then stops, turning her head angrily to the side.

“I’m sorry for worrying you. I got held up with some things, and that’s also why I am going back to India right now”.

“Kya ? If you leave, then I won’t ever talk to you! You are supposed to win me over so I can then forgive you for almost giving me a heart attack with your disappearance, but no! You don’t care about me, who am I to you hain na? Go, what are you waiting for. Thank you for gracing me with your appearance and letting me know. You did me an honor Mr. Maan Singh Khurana”, she says sarcastically.

Maan immediately throws his arms around his Daadi, fighting back the emotions building up in the back of his throat. He just needed someone to hug him and comfort him at the moment.

“Arreh beta…I was just being my usual drama queen. Why are you taking it seriously? If you really need to go, then I won’t stop you beta”.

“Thank you daadi”, Maan weakly smiles, bends down and touches her feet.

“But before you go, let me tell you life is not going to keep on giving you chances Maan. If life is giving you second or third chance, don’t turn your back from it. It will eventually get tired of giving you chances, and will not waste a second in giving it to someone else, while you can do nothing but watch and try to continue being this devil that you let other’s presume you are”.

An empty chuckle escapes from his lips. He turns around to face his Daadi, “ Till my last breath, life is always going to give me chances, because it’s the reason I am the Devil that I am today. Life pities all the hearts that I have shredded and broken, it’s not even sorry for me. I don’t even want it to be sorry for me, and I wish it would stop trying to do an ehsaan on me with these so called chances of theirs they keep throwing at me! Why take my life from me, then sugar coat it with these so called second chances? Ab toh zindagi neh mujhe devil banaya diya hai, isi liye ab main apni akhri saas tak devil rahoonga. Nah main ab tak zindagi se koi shikayat ki hai, aur na zindagi ka paas mujhse shikayaat karne ka haq hai”.

With that said he leaves without one glance back.

“Mein jaanti hoon ki zindagi tumhari gunigaar hai, lekin iss bar main tumhe majboor karoongi ka tum woh zindagi ka moqaa loh. Iss baar tum Geet se chal kay nahi ja saktay, Maan”


It was only a few minutes that his private jet had taken off, but yet here the Devil was rubbing his fingers around his drink of scotch, his intent gaze burning through the anklet that silently laid on the bar counter. His eyes were locked on the silver heart shaped charm that was the center piece of the anklet. His stomach immediately somersaulted with a rush of toxic feelings, but he didn’t flinch. His eyes continued to stare at the heart. His other free hand slowly starts to move and reach out to the heart on the anklet, as the memories of the past couple of days replaying inside his head, and ending with the words of their last encounter.

“Joh bhi hoon mein tumhari, before you leave do give me a farewell gift and shove this devil image up your ass, because all you are is a COWARD”

You even had me fooled this time…

Merely three little words. Only eight damn letters! But you couldn’t say it. Not 2 years back, not even now.

Because you are my FIRST LOVE! And nothing you can do will change that fact, no matter how much you try to push me away. . Samjhe tum Mister Devil!

You lost Mister DEVIL. Leave and don’t ever look back, because I don’t ever plan on returning your precious heart that I stole from you”

Suddenly his glass drink shatters between his fingers, as anger pulsated through his veins. He recoils the fingers of his other hand that was touching the heart back immediately, “NAhiiii” he growls in sheer devilish anger masking the pain.

“You don’t know shit Mishty! You don’t know anything! You are fooling yourself, and won’t succeed in making me one with you”, he trembled with toxic fury, and spoke to the anklet, oblivious to the fact that he was digging a piece of glass deep into his palm.

“Maan”, Adi screamed as he ran to his aid.

“You are seriously losing it yaar. Go and change from these bloody clothes and get a grip of yourself”, Adi takes out the shard of glass, ties a piece of cloth around his wound and pushes him toward the direction to go and change.

Maan numbly complies. He reaches the bathroom and splashes cold water over his face. He looks up, his eyes falling on his reflection. Adi was right, he was losing it. But he was going as far away from her as possible now, and everything would go back to normal like she never existed and this time he would make sure fate did not make history repeat itself! He puts on a pair of jeans and was in the process of wearing his white shirt when he heard a loud bang against the door.

He opens it immediately and gets thrown with a huge bag.

“What the hell Adi, what is this?”

“It’s a parachute bag, the plane is having some engine failure. Come on, don’t worry about your damn shirt. Leave it open! It doesn’t matter. Oh god, if it bother’s you so much wear this black tie lazily over your neck” Adi throws a tie around his neck, and then drags him near the jet’s door.

“You go first. I will be right after you with the pilot. GOOOOO”, Adi yells not letting Maan register what was happening. Everything was happening so fast.

In the next thirty seconds Maan found himself dropping mid- air. He pulls on the parachute, and slowly starts descending on what looked like a platform and stage set up on a beach.

“Presenting the muse of Mishty designs”, Maan heard through the loud speakers, but there was no time to think but fall, and that’s what happened.

Everyone gasped in shock, with the man that fell from the sky. Maan thankfully had fallen on his feet, but when he looks up, he feels a hundred pair of eyes staring at him.

“Oh great! Sirf yeh baaqi thi! Where have I landed myself into? Guess you are just going to have to go with it Maan” he thinks to himself and unclasps the parachute off himself.

He runs his hand through his sleek jet-black hair, then starts to walk down the ramp.

And just on cue, Pinky screams, “Mr. Maan Singh Khurana” in more of shock, which the DJ took as the signal to blast the music.

Ek baar nahi yeh dil sau baar hai toota

Par shauq mohabbat ka ab tak na


Muskurate huey chehre

Chhupaye hain raaz gehre

Yahaan toh har chehra hai jhootha


Allah duhai hai, phir bewafaai hai

Mushqil rihaai hai, haan tere pyar mein

Allah duhai hai, phir bewafaai hai

Mushqil rihaai hai, haan tere pyar mein

Haan tere pyar mein

He reeked of confidence and arrogance as he walked the ramp, and of course raw sexiness. He looked like he was a Greek God fallen from the sky, with his dark denim jeans, white short sleeved unbuttoned shirt showcasing his chiseled abs, and a black tie that loosely hung from his neck.

He reaches the end of the ramp, poses, and shamelessly winks, the crowd of Americans roaring with applause, cheer, and hyperventilation.

“And now the diva behind this beautiful collection, returning after 2 year hiatus, Miss Angie William’s” ,Maan hears Pinky announce as he turns around to walk back, his heart nearly skipping a beat.

“Adi you sly bastard”, he angrily blurted in his head, but the anger melted the second he saw Geet step out in her black dress, which was backless to the small of her back.

“Accompanied by a special guest of hers who flew over from India, the dashing and irresistible Dev Singh Khurana”.

The smile and color from Maan’s face quickly disappeared as he sees Dev walk out from behind her, criss cross their arms together and walk the ramp. His heart sank, his eyes waiting for her  eyes to fall on his betrayed full of questioning eyes. But she never looks and ignores his existence completely, while his stepbrother smirks and winks right into his peripheral view as they pass him.

Confetti falls from the air, with Dev gracing her with a huge bouquet of red flowers,  his wounded hand tightening into a fist, while he could do nothing but watch.


“Hello big brother”, Dev flashes the Khurana brother famous lazy smirk.

“You stay away from her you here me”, Maan instantly grabs him by his collar.

“tsk tsk”, Dev hisses with a sly grin, instantly holding and pushing his arm back, “ Or what big brother? You’re going to kill me” He challenged as he chuckled.

“Devil junior is here, and I think I have the right to brag and say I had a great role model to look up to at home. So don’t mind if I do have some fun with your girl. Cheers Big Brother”, he winks chiming his drink of wine into Maan’s glass, while he stood dangerously fuming.

Finally i am here with an update! *Holds ears* Sorry sorry sorry! 

But Uh-oh ….Khurana brothers in one place…uff! *Zee fans herself*  I know I had promised a flashback which would reveal what happened between Maan and Geet, but change of plans. I will reveal it don’t worry, in due time and the right moment. There is a lot happening and I like to reveal everything slowly. But do let me know how you like how the story is shaping? Do you like the mysteriousness that lies in the Devil in Maan? Who likes Daadima? Cuz i love her, especially in this update. There is so many secrets each character has. It is like the movie Race, you don’t know who you should trust, who is on your side and who is not. But i did feel like the lyrics, “Allah duhai hai, phir bewafai hai, Mushkil rihaai hai, haan tere pyaar mein” totally expresses our Devil! 

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p.s : Ignore mistakes in a rush!

ToXic LoVe: Chapter 7


“Kis mod pe hai laayi Aashiqui”

It was like his whole world came to a stand still, everything in slow motion, just to slice his heart with deeper thrusts. The crazy crowd was roaring with cheers, but to him it all looked like they were mocking him. Laughing at him, at the devil.

Pinky walks up to him and was about to tell him off when Maan raises a finger, stopping her before she could even start.

“I was just leaving”, He rips his gaze away from them and looks straight at her.

Pinky silently gasps, losing her tongue. The agonizing pain, the yearning, the obsession, the suffocating jealousy, the livid rage, and most importantly the unrequited love …she saw it all in the arrogant harami’s eyes.

“Ladies and Gentleman, to the most beautiful woman in the world, that makes men kneel in awe”, Dev bends down on one knee like a gentleman.

“Glad to have you back Miss Angie”, he kisses her lightly on her hand.

Geet blushes and smiles. That was the flirtatious and crazy Dev she knew.

“I speak for everyone right?” Dev yells out to the crowd.

“YES”, the crowd roars back.

“Well then the treat is on me in a matter of minutes the welcome back party will be held right here. Party hard and enjoy”.

“Shall we”, Dev warmly smiles at Geet, holding out his hand to her.

She smiles and takes his hand whispering, “I should of known you would find an excuse to throw a party. You haven’t changed a bit”, she giggles.

“I wish I could say the same about you”, Dev lowly mutters looking straight into her eyes.

The smile instantly vanishes from her face; she fidgets and looks away from him, walking the rest of the ramp back in silence. She forces on a smile and blows a kiss to the crowd before going backstage.

Pinky was intently watching her this whole time before Geet headed backstage. She turns back to say something to Maan, but to her dismay he was already half way through the crowd, leaving.

“You both are engulfing each other to ashes. Yeh kaise pyaar hai?” She mutters to herself, right then and there taking a vow to find out herself.

She grabs her walkie talkie. “Armaan there is an emergency. Don’t let anyone leave the premises you here me. Surround the place with security NOW!”

“What’s going on Ma’am?” Armaan questions back.

“Just do as I say damn it! Don’t let the man who is about to walk passed you leave!”

Armaan looks up and sees the same man that Geet had punched in the deserted island. Orders were orders, and so had to be followed.

“Hold it their mister, you can’t go anywhere!”, he immediately holds him back by the shoulder.

Armaan suddenly feels an unexpected blow to his jaw, falling to the ground. “Watch me”, he huffed in utter fury, taking all his anger out on poor Armaan.

Many gasp in utter shock while a few woman found it sexy.

“Oh he is one of those bad boys”, a woman naughtily smiles.

More security pour in, but he gives them a deadly glare and they all stop in place. He ignores everything and everyone and turns to leave.

“You gonna leave without saying goodbye?”

Hearing her voice he freezes in place, his muscles clenching as he fought the urge to sweep her off her feet, and elope away.

“Oh come on Mr. Bad Boy, now that you have honorably graced my event from the sky, and walked my ramp in your utter sexy glory, you might as well stay for the after party. If your lucky, I may even sign you as my new model right now…that is of course if you get lucky”. She starts to slowly and gracefully walks towards him.

“What do you think? Are you feeling lucky today”, she coos in her sultry voice stopping inches from his face, looking into his deep dark eyes.

Geet pauses momentarily, letting the crowd, the world; see this moment with their very own eyes.  This time they stood opposite of each other, and not together! This time she showed him his place, and that place did not reside in her heart. This time she stood in front of him as Miss Angie Williams, independent and beautiful as ever and not Geet Williams, some broken hearted lover. This time the tables were turned on the Devil himself.

Geet saw the many questions swimming in his eyes, but she paid no heed.

“Enjoy yourself Mr. Bad Boy”, she smiles handing him a cocktail.

“He is all yours”, Geet chimes to the American woman who called him a Bad Boy, loud and clear enough for him to hear.

While the woman’s eyes glistened with happiness, Geet walks over to Dev and whispers, “I am going to need a moment to myself. I will freshen up and then join you”.

“As you wish”, Dev smiles back at her.

“Everybody let’s get back to the party shall we? There is nothing left here to see”, his eyes shot daggers to Maan.

The American woman attracted to Maan walks up to him and was about to whisper something in his ear, when Maan immediately blurts out, “ I am not interested, don’t even bother darling”, leaving her and walking straight towards the bar.

She twists her lips and scoffs a little from his audacity, while her friends laughed at her.

“Oh shut up. The night is not over. He won’t be able to resist me for long” she grins mischievously.


Maan was at the bar counter drinking his heart out. For the first time in his life he saw hatred burning in her big brown eyes, hatred for him.

Isn’t that what he wanted? Isn’t that what he deserved?

He pours himself another drink and brings it up to his lips to drink when his eyes fell upon the person walking over to him.

“Hello big brother”, Dev flashes the Khurana brother famous lazy smirk.

“You stay away from her you here me”, Maan instantly grabs him by his collar, losing every ounce of self-control.

“tsk tsk”, Dev hisses with a sly grin, instantly holding and pushing his arm back, “ Or what big brother? You’re going to kill me?” He challenged, chuckling at his state.

“Devil junior is here, and I think I have the right to brag and say I had a great role model to look up to at home. So don’t mind if I do have some fun with your girl. Cheers Big Brother”, he winks chiming his drink of wine into Maan’s glass.

“My touch is toxic. I have infected her with my love so deep, it runs in her blood. She loves me! Always has always will little brother. You don’t stand a chance”, he yells in pure fury, the alcohol in his system crumbling the walls he built around his devil of a heart, bit by bit and piece by piece.

Dev stops in place and turns around. “Are you telling me or reassuring yourself?” He shakes his head in disbelief, chuckling.

“The things you have done in the name of love, even if I try I can’t even fall that low. Maybe at one point you knew what love was. Every single breath you took was laced with love, but now last time I checked you turned yourself into a Devil and made your own definition of love. Toxic love is what you call it now? Wah!” Dev starts to clap, mockingly.

“And now you know why I don’t feel sorry for you! You destroyed your love with your own bare hands. Turned it to toxic, when it was pure love. Ran away like the coward you really are and till this day hide it behind this so-called devil image you have for yourself. You could have still had her.  But you have run out of chances Big Bro. It’s too late for you, and the perfect time for me to make my move”.

“ I will find a cure to her toxic love for you, let me set your mind at peace right now. So now go ahead and enjoy your life as a Devil, because I sure as hell will enjoy my life with your girl”, he hurls coldly, with words that cut like a knife.

He staggers back at the impact his little brother spew merciless words at him which mixed with the effect of alcohol, making him have to hold on to the wall for support.

Just at that moment, Geet enters, making her way toward him. His heart felt like it was bleeding, not beating as she approached him, looking like a beautiful innocent goddess, even if her dress was revealing. As he continued to stare at her somehow she saw her in a white sari approaching him.  He blinks and realizes it was just a flashback.

“Would you do me the honor of dancing with me?” She looks over to Maan.

“Dev?” she turns her head swiftly and asks him.

“Why it will be my pleasure Angie”, he kisses her hand and smiles.

Maan watches her entwine her finger with his and drag him to the dance floor.

Life will eventually get tired of giving you chances, and will not waste a second in giving it to someone else, while you can do nothing but watch and try to continue being this devil that you let other’s presume you are”, Daadima’s words rang through his ears.

Even though the sound of his heart and soul shredding into pieces terrorized him loudly and clearly, he still intently watches her twirl into his arms, giggling, and smiling.

A sweet smile starts to form on his lips as his mind took him back in time.


Nightfall had arrived and he was drinking at the bar counter in an outdoor cafe, by himself yet he was not alone. There was someone there with him, in his thoughts. He was thinking about her, replaying their encounter in the airport and the beach this morning over and over again, while taking sips from his beer bottle.

“A hot guy in denim jeans and black Armaani shirt, with a few opened up buttons and rolled up sleeves, looking like a Greek God is sitting alone and drinking. I rather accept the fact that your gay, instead of accepting the fact that your having girl trouble”

“Why you interested?” he asks first then turns to look at the girl.

In a blink of an eye, he got the wind knocked out of his body. Her hair was pulled to one side, showcasing her sexy back. She wore a white sari, and though he couldn’t see her face, his heart recognized her.

“Maybe, if only your lucky. Are you feeling lucky tonight Mr. Stranger”, she bites her lip trying to hold back herself from blushing.

But Maan laid immobilized lost in her eyes.

“Are you like checking me out” she raises an eyebrow.

“If you get lucky” he smirks using some of her own words against her.

“Very funny. I put a lot of work into this look. The least you can do is be nice and compliment me”, she pushes him lightly against his shoulder.

“One drink for the lady please”, Maan asks the bartender.

“I don’t accept drinks from strangers” she bit back, but Maan could see the happiness glistening in her eyes.

Maan chuckles. “Your something, you know that. I think I might start liking you”.

“Oh no. That’s to bad. I like guys who play hard to get”.

“Oh really”, he hands over her drink, trying hard to hold back his grin.

“Absolutely. I like a challenge. Usually it’s guys who are after me”, she smiles naughtily.

The thought of other guys’ eye balling her, made him feel weird, made him feel angry. She reaches to take her drink, but unknowingly grabs it with his fingers around it. For just an instant the heat of his hand scorched her. He must have felt it as well, that tingling sensation that raced up your arm from the point of contact, making your pulse jump.

“Thank” She fumbles with her words, clearly affected and enamored by this deep and sexy mysterious stranger.

There was some attraction and hold in his touch that her body immediately melted and surrendered to. The thing that even surprised her was that she didn’t mind.

“You know it’s my first time here in India, and I don’t really know anybody or the place. Do you want to have some fun tonight…you know like hang out?” She breaks the ice and asks genuinely.

“You want to have fun with a stranger? You sure about that? You never know, I may have added something extra in that drink of yours”.

She giggles, “Oh I highly doubt that you did. As if you need it”, she blurts out without thinking and stops herself short it, dropping her eyes shyly.

“ Well look at what we have here, isn’t somebody smitten by me? Now why do I find that hot? I think your craziness is rubbing off on me.” He flashes his lazy crooked smile at her, which held the power to make anybody’s heart skip a beat.

He finishes his drink in one gulp. “Okay let’s go”, he says getting up from his seat.

“I don’t what we can get much done with you in this sari”, a husky chuckle rips from his throat.

“But I think we can manage” he smiles.

She bites her lip, and Maan could sense that there was something amiss. “What is it? Something wrong?”

“Actually I wore this sari for a reason. I was planning on crashing a wedding party that is being held on the beach nearby”.

Maan starts to cough up his drink in utter disbelief. “Your idea of fun is to go crash an Indian wedding? Wow. I’m impressed Miss America”, he grins.

“Are you mocking me now Mr.Stranger?” She raises an eyebrow and twists her lips.

“I wouldn’t dare”, Maan feigns fear on his face, then winks right at her.

She bursts into laughter, while Maan just gazes at her and couldn’t help but smile.

“You know I ain’t that traditional. I just never been to an Indian wedding before, and well I want to see what it’s all about”.

“Okay you asked for it. I hope your ready for the best night of your life”, he instantly lifts her off her feet and carries her in his arms.

“Oh my god” she squeals, but then bursts into laughter as they reached outside.

“May I ask what you are doing Mr.Stranger?” she giggles.

“Oh just nothing, carrying a beautiful woman in my arms. Nothing new” he smirks, but doesn’t look at her direction.

“Excuse me” she gasps.

“Your excused sweetheart”, he leans closer to her face, his sweet breath fanning against her face, making her toes curl at the tingling sensation.

She snaps out of his trance, and in a stern voice says, “Put me down. Put me down now Mister or else—”

“Fine. You asked for it”, he cuts her off and drops her.

“Haaaw”, she gasps in utter disbelief by his nerve.

“You jerk. You just wait”, she starts to run after him.

But Maan was to fast for her. Yet she was stubborn and didn’t give up. She takes off her chappals and throws both of them right at him the same moment he turns around to look at her, causing him to fall in laughter.

The moment he opens up his eyes he sees her running towards him with incredible speed, and before he knew she slams herself and falls onto him. They roll together against the sand a few times before coming to a stop with Geet on top.

“Take it back or else I will woman-handle you”, she lightly pulls his face closer to her, by pulling on the collar of his shirt.

“You are one crazy woman”, Maan laughs, but then swiftly moves his body, with him being on top.

“Oh yeah and how do you plan do that”, he smiles crookedly, pinning her wrists against the sand, and entrapping her underneath his body.

She struggles to break free at first, but then gives up in defeat, feeling him way to close. The way he was looking at her, made her motionless.

“Strangers shouldn’t look at a girl like this. It’s illegal”, she whispers lost in his deep eyes.

“Oh and looking like an angel is legal?”He whispers back.

She could feel her face burning up, and in response she lowers her eyes.

“Oh now she innocently blushes, but just a few minutes ago attacked me like a jungli billi”, he teases.

“Shut up”, she pushes him lightly trying to stand up.

“Hey at least wait for me”.

“ummm I don’t feel like it”, she sticks out her tongue and walks away from him.

“She is completely crazy” he chuckles, running after her.

“Oh God, such tight security. How are we going to crash the wedding now?” Geet asks pouting at Maan.

“Watch and learn from the master”, he winks at her and grabs her hand.

They walk straight into the entrance and the guards even greeted him.  Geet surprised whispers in his ear, “Either you are some hot shot or this is ur wedding”.

“and I just brought my bride” he says wrapping his arm around her waist and tugs her close to his chest.

“Wh..what”, Geet stutters taken aback.

Maan bursts into laughter, “You should of seen the look on our face. I was just kidding”.

“Laugh. Keep on laughing” Geet starts to hit him, lovingly though.

“My my! Look at what we have here” a voice interrupts them. Geet stops her playful assault on Maan, and feeling embarrassed brings her hands to herself.

“Aren’t you going to introduce me to your beautiful date big brother” Dev asks.

“This is Dev, my little brother. Dev this is” he pauses momentarily.

Geet knew she hadn’t told him her name yet. She opens her mouth to say something.

“Mishty. This is Mishty”, Maan says beating her to it.

“It’s actually Geetangalie, but you can call me Geet. It’s nice meeting you Dev”, she sticks her hand out for a handshake.

Dev grabs her hand and places a kiss on it. “The pleasure is all mine” he smiles.

Geet smiles back while Maan rolls his eyes.

“Annie, the bride, as well as our sister will be so happy to see you here. You two lovebirds go enjoy yourselves now” Dev winks and walks away.

“Oh god. Umm I apoligize on behalf of my brother. He is very flirty and a naughty type of guy. Doesn’t even leave his brother’s girl alone kameena”, Maan utters clearly irritated while Geet just stared at him.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Your girl huh,” she whispers near his ear, making Maan’s heart skip a beat.

“If you get lucky,” Maan says lightly pushing her and walking away.

“Oh I think I am, as I have been honored with the nickname Mishty,” Geet thinks to herself, flying on cloud 9.

She snaps out of her trance and notices he was gone. She starts to look for him here and there, but he was no where to be found. Before she knew it she starts to here loud beats of a dhol. The people scattered away and she saw it was him playing it as he approached her. She giggles and blushes. Maan hands over the dhol to a guy and tells him to play it, while he nudges against Geet’s body with his shoulder, doing the bangra.

Geet shakes her head and hand for a no, as she had no idea how to do the bangra.

“Miss Geetangalie Williams, you may be half American, but your heart is full Indian. I know you can do it,” he huskily whispers into her ear.

Geet sucks in her breath in a pleasant shock. He knew who she was, well who didn’t.

She nodes her head, closes her eyes for a few seconds, before opening them and losing herself to the beat of the music.

Maan joins her, and starts to do the bangra around her, smiling with her.

Dev brings Daadima and shows her how her oldest grandson was enjoying himself and smiling after such a long time.

Suddenly Maan picks his mishty up and spins her around, while she laughs her musical laugh, playing the strings of Maan’s heart, and she held on to his kneck, staring deep into his eyes.


Applause erupts for Dev and Geet through the crowd once there dance was over, snapping Maan back from his flashback.

Geet could feel his intense gaze on her. She looks over to him momentarily, but then looks the other way.

“No wonder you’re not interested in me. Why don’t you dance with me to put some fuel in the fire of this game”, the same American woman from earlier asks with a mischievous grin.

Maan grabs her hand and twirls her three times until they reached the dance floor then dips her in a dramatic sexy pose, her hair almost touching the floor.

“Let’s bring some life to this party. Dj hit it”. He smirks looking up and straight into Geet’s direction.

The Devil was ready to play, and his eyes glistened with the intensity and possessiveness that could burst the whole place in to the flames of his hell fire.


He snakes the fingers of his right hand up her spine, making her insides melt and unfurl defiantly. His right hand slowly travels to her hair; sensuously slipping his fingers into her locks roughly, making her look straight into his eyes.

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