CoMinG SoOn (Check it out)

“Unquenched Thirst”

It has been raining for…well i lost count of how many days! I have never seen so much rain in my life, so I couldn’t help but let my mind wonder as i walked through the rain dropping my umbrella.

And well see for yourself the end result above. The banner for my upcoming story “Unquenched Thirst”…I would be lying if i said i knew for which jodi i will be writing for…maybe because when i got inspired there was no specific jodi face that popped into my head. Maybe it’s time i make my own characters…who knows…I really don’t know right now. I am just gonna go with the flow. I am not gonna update this until i have all the parts written for you guys, but just thought to let u guys know! Will keep you guys updated if you all are interested =)


7 thoughts on “CoMinG SoOn (Check it out)

  1. monikaseth says:

    wow amazing waiting

  2. punam2712 says:

    sounds good, but would love to read on maaneet only

  3. khwaishfan says:

    hmm sounds interestin….pls continue! waiting…..:)

  4. dia0n says:

    looking forward

  5. sabijama says:

    Wow hmmmm sounds so interesting
    Looking forward to read
    I used to be regular reader in IF
    & my name in IF mitzi11
    Really miss reading ur ff

  6. anamikasb says:

    My darling Zee ❤ its been a decade since your last update !!!!
    where are you babe ? missing you girl … come back soon . Missing your updates so much 😢

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