Index: Maaneet FF’s

Since I can’t seem to find the time at all to re-upload  my  Fan-fictions that i completed on IF or that i am continuing on my blog, I decided the least i could do for now is give you the link to the read them on IF.

Link:  Two Broken Hearts falling in Love

Status: Completed (in IF)


See how two broken hearts start to learn how to fall in love again, not with other people but with themselves.  Who can relate more with each other? They both have had they hearts broken by someone, and both deal with their past in different ways. When they meet its like the end of the world, but slowly they see they have a deep connection a deep relation that is slowly sewing the broken pieces of their hearts back together. 


Link: I See Right Through you  

Status: Ongoing (Chapters 1-26 on IF, and the rest continued on this blog )

 When two people both rich with huge attitudes come face-to-face then what is there to expect? Two people who think their names are enough for people to bow down to them, that keep encountering each other through fate, let alone fighting there is nothing else you can expect from them. And their names are “Geet Handa” and “Maan Singh Khurana.” Although let me warn there is more than meets the eye. Geet Handa who may seem as very simple and innocent is not really so or is she? She doesn’t believe in love and has a past that has influenced the person she is now. Maan singh Khurana doesn’t believe in love either, but once it happens he can’t run away from it and neither can Geet. Join the fun and bumpy journey of these two similar yet different people and see what fate has in store for them.



4 thoughts on “Index: Maaneet FF’s

  1. Damini says:

    OMG girl! I started liking Maneet more after reading all your FFs, OSs, and SSs! Your one talented writer and every story is just perf! Love ya! ❤

    • mrszsk says:

      Awwwh! Love you damini ❤
      People like u keep me going! And to be honest I feel so honored to hear u like maaneet more after reading my stories *eeks*

  2. amy says:

    Good work i like ur ffs ss and oss with all my heart:-)

  3. mishty2 says:

    i wanna read ur work all of it but i m held up with studiies but i will read once i get some free time

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