Maaneet Os’s

LinkI Hate You (On Blog)

Status: Completed

You galz are probably confused out of your minds with the banner…Maan and Geet are practically leaning for a kiss, so then how does the title ” I hate you” fit..
Believe me you will get a happy shock when you read this…this hate, is it really hate? It’s a different and deeper kind of love, which you will only understand if you read it.

LinkA Goodbye Kiss Vs. An Eternal Kiss

Status: Completed

Love can make a person to go to any extent.  Geet is in such a position where she has no choice and gives a goodbye kiss to Maan. But he doesn’t want a Goodbye kiss.  He wants something else, and he will make sure he gets it.  Read to see who will win? 

LinkKeep your Friends Close, but your Enemy Closer

Status: Completed

This is an different kind of OS on three hopeless friends in love with the same guy, and who else other than the irresistible Maan Singh Khurana.  Each one of the girls either calls him MK, DHAK DHAK, or Maan Singh Khurana gi.
 By the nicknames you should of have guessed by now who these girls are. 
 Now you all know one person can get the Maan Singh Khurana’.so read along to see who wins Maan Singh Khurana’s heartWink!

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