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Since I can’t seem to find the time at all to re-upload  my Short Story that i completed on IF or that i am continuing on my blog, I decided the least i could do for now is give you the link to the read them on IF.

LinkLove is Blind (in IF)

Status: Completed

Love is a dreadful game that plays with everyone’s life. Sometimes one’s love for someone is so strong that they can go to any lengths for that person good or bad. Whatever pain they give to you, you blindly take it. Your love for that person is so strong that nothing else matters…nothing else! Geet has that love in Dev, but Dev has changed and treats Geet as if she is worthless.  Maan comes into Geet’s life through fate and will eventually fall in love with her, a married women, but at the same time will try to get her out of the mess that she is in. Except will geet be able to move on or accept Maan? Tag along Maan and Geet’s journey of love and pain to find out.

Toxic Love

Link: ToXic LoVe

(On Blog-Once you clink on the link scroll all the way down and read from chapter one )

Status: Completed

Be careful love is thy poison that no one should dare play with!
Those who play with fire get their skin burned that eventually heals,
But those who play with poison get toxic in their blood!
This special poison gets T O X I C   L O V E pumping in their blood F O R E V E R!
The innocent turn deceitful!
The cold-shielded heart gets punctured and melts!
Promises get broken!
Scars left open!
Beware! Love is thy poison, thy T O X I C,
That once touched in order to tame a D E V I L,
Your own blood gets D I R T Y,
A path where there is N O   T U R N I N G   B A C K!
I close my eyes and dive,
Into the toxicity that is you!
You are poisonous,
Steadily killing me.
I’m addicted,
I need to have it!
The slow slow death,
The toxicity that is you!
Taking the pledge to ruin,
Don’t dare touch thy poison!
Those who try to  E N T R A P  their prey using the name of L O V E
end up getting S H A C K L E D  themselves!

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