Index: Rishbala FF’s


“A Love Forbidden In Heaven and HeLL”

~:: T r a i l e r ::~

Credit: Lyla Khan

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~:: P r o l o g u e  ::~


One look into your predatory eyes,

My heart kneels and complies!

I knew you were a devil from the very first day,

But I wasn’t strong enough to stay away! 


Like a moth, I’m drawn into your devilish flame,

Throwing your chains, my heart and body you tame!

Instead of escaping, I tightened the chains,

So deep I bound myself, now my life and soul he drains! 


My only sin was to love a damned Devil insanely,

Now watch me break free challengingly!

Till my last breath I will fight to set myself free,

If not I will die willingly chained to you, but shall take you with me!

RK(The devil)

The moment my eyes caught yours, I knew our story would enchain.

Told as a forewarned story of taking the Devil’s name in vain.

Under the Devil’s radar you shall fall,

Under my spell you shall thrall!

Holding your heart captive with my chains I will,

While you quiver under my touch and throw the key away with your own freewill.

I will make you take my name again; it’s only fair,

But this time in a low moan of surrender and despair!

Our love story is forbidden in heaven and hell,

Your mistaken if you think it will be over with a challenging farewell.

Where ever you are, wherever you go,

Just remember the chains of the Devil will always follow!

You are my angel,

But I will always be your damned Devil.


Welcome to a dark ,intense, and passionate love story between a devil and his angel! If you seek for love just remember one thing. People have their own love to give, not our kind! So be careful what you wish for, you may fall in love with a DEVIL!


4 thoughts on “Index: Rishbala FF’s

  1. Noisey Girl says:

    super dear …..eager to read more

  2. Shambhvi says:

    It’s superb!!!
    Can u pls send me the link of its chapter 2? I’m not able to find it anywhere

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