Message (August 5th) – 200 FB page likes AIL update special ;)

Just saw I crossed 200 likes on my Facebook page and it feels AMAZING ^__^ I just can’t express my feelings right now, and so I will do it through the way i am good at. You guys an expect an update of Accidentally in love 😛 I can already hear u guys screaming hahaha. I know I had said i would update once my blog reached a certain milestone…well guess i could make an exception since my FB page also reached a milestone 😉

I am way beyond shocked with the response this new SS has gotten. If the response and demand continues to be this high than I might turn it into an FF. I have no problem with adding a twist at the end to make it longer.Though I was keen on making this a funny drama free story, but i don’t know i am starting to fall in love with the concept…might not be ready to say goodbye just yet .Anyways let me know if that’s what u guys want. I will keep everything in mind including what u guys have to say about this before making a decision  🙂

Lastly a big wala THANK YOU for getting me where i am now! Love you guys so much! Muahhh ❤


Leave a comment here ..u know u want to :P

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